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July 23rd Live Feed Updates

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Guest brandee

Jan and Howie are talking in the room about Michael

Kaysar is listening to his CD in HoH (fyi it was Sweet Child of Mine...it was so loud I could hear it)

Eric is talking about POV and how it can't be too difficult b/c not everyone knows how to play chess (in kitchen to the rest of the sheep)

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Guest brandee

Eric is explaining ovulation to JEN and Jen is acting like she has absolutely no clue how the female body works

"Oh so you have to have sex BEFORE you start your period?!?"

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E is trying to tell Jen about the reproductive system is seems (jen looks like this is the first time anyone has ever tryed 2 explain this 2 her)lol (eric seems to think he knows everything!)

ewwwwwww E is telling us exactly when his mother conceived him in her menstrual cycle

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Guest brandee

Eric says that once sperm is ejaculated it goes at speeds at like "100 mph"

(ha, is this guy REALLY medically trained?!? It takes 8 hours and up for sperm to reach an egg DOOFUS!)

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Guest brandee

OMG houseguests get a new topic

The HGs are talking about menstrual cycles and sex drives (and ERIC is heading the topic...GAG)

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They are having menstrul talk and breakfast with Eric the expert.

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eric keeps referring things to her wife... they are talking about reproduction systems.

Eric: when my wife got pregnant, she spread her legs right away and we had Joseph (a boy)

Ivette: My period has been shortest in thsi house.

eric: stress.. when my wife was stress.. her period was really short

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Feed 1:

Maggie is worried sick that she's going to get evicted if she doesn't get veto. She said she's going to go go go for it.. and told Ivette to also.

Ivette tells Maggie don't worry, you will be safe, I wouldn't say that if I didn't know.

Ivette and Maggie thinks if Beau gets Veto, he won't use it.

Ivette also said if she gets veto she won't use it? (*not sure about this*)

Maggie still looks like shes worried.

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maggie talking to kaysar

M: James told me that howie came up with the idea

K: have talked to beau, eric etc and he doesn't know why maggies has been left out of the loop

M" does not fault k for not telling her that she was going up

M: James said he knew the day before

K: I told him (James) might be going up

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maggie does not feel like she got a great speech during nomination ceremony

K: I was really nervous - I nominated you guys for the same reason - your competitive nature

M: why wasn't some of the people who have won anything not put up instead of her - doesn't make sense - how do you justify that - makes me think you and rachel have some sort of agreemen

K: just a decision he made - not putting rachel up - i dont see difference between you two (m & R)

M: people say it is because of howie

M: if your point is to get james out then why did you put someone neutral up

K: everyone is voting for james

M: will you be telling james the same thing - that everyone is voting for maggie

K: if james gets off and comes after me then I am screwed

M: what if james wins pov

M: do you understand the state i am in today with pov - i can't ask anyone to take me off

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Guest brandee

Maggie in HOH with Kaysar

Mag: I gave myself all day to not say anything but I want you to know that I was really hurt. Not that i was nominated but that James knew he was going up but I didnt.

Kay: I asked around and asked everyone who I can put up without pissing them off and everyone says Maggie.

Mag: How is that fair? If that was the plan then couldn't you have told me?

Kay: I know you are safe

Mag: Anyone on the block is not safe. I have had a couple of people tell me it isnt the goal go get rid of you but still

Kay: Everyone knows the goal and it isn't to get rid of you

Mag: I don't fault you for not putting me up. You didn't really tell me and James said he knew the day before.

Kay: If he REALLY knew then do you think he would have been so pissed and shocked? Come on

Mag: SIGH, I also just so you know so that I am clean slate...I also felt like I didnt get a very good speech. It was "james you are really strong and blah blah blah and then Maggie you are too". It was like I wasn't even there

Kay: I was really nervous I didnt mean to roll over you.

Mag: If it were really that reason then why wasn't someone who has actually won put up? Like Rachel... it doesn't make sense, the logic doesn't make sense so how do you justify it? It makes me think that Rachel and you have some sort of an arguement.

Kay: Just b/c i didnt put up Rachel doesnt mean i have an agreement with her.

Mag: People are saying that it is b/c of Howie

Kay: People can say whatever the hell they want

Mag: True, could be lies

Kay: You and Rachel are simular players and extremely strong. I picked you.

Mag: What if James gets off this? He has had a day already knowing before he got nominated and got to go out and talk to people, seal deals and I didn't.

Kay: I didnt tell him, i told him it was a possibility, just as i told you

Mag: Are you tell James the same thing that you are telling me...that you guys have enough votes to get Maggie?

Kay: NO, i don't want James here

Mag: What if James gets off

Kay: He will come after me and I don't want him off so that is why we are going to work SO hard to get this veto.

Mag: Who are you picking? Howie?

Kay: probably

Mag: This is just shitty for me

Kay: It was a shitty thing for me too but this is what i ended up deciding. I didnt mean to hurt you

Mag: I am the only one upset for putting me up. No one else is upset that I am up b/c they aren't on the block. Im just conflicted and worried right now. You tell me everyone wants James out but it you mean that then why didn't you tell me? People tell me not to use the veto

Kay: Who is telling you not to use it?

Mag: Lots of people

Kay: Strange!

Mag: If i use it people will fault me in the master game b/c then I put everyone else at risk of being nominated. If i take myself off then they are all fearful and that screws me

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K: not an easy decision for me but in the end this is what i came up with - i dont know - i wasn't trying to hurt your feelings

M: i'm probably the only one that is upset - everyone else is happy it is not them - it worries me - i have such conflicint feelings right now because yo telling me everyone wants james out - i don't believe in pawns but yet i may be one - being told I better not use the pov if i get it

K: who is telling you not to use it

M: if everyone is saying james is out then whoever goes up should be safe - if i get it and use it then i am f**** if i use it

K: quite a situation

M: only a situation for me - you said you had the votes for james

K: beau, jennifer, voting for james

M: rachel -

K: she hasnt told me

K: when beau came up here he gave me 5 people - won't eric voet>

M: and there's no reason for them to lie to me

K: howie and jan want powerful player out

M: then why aren't they talking to me

M: when you were up on the block with ashlea and youwere up on the block and you knew everyone wanted ashlea out - what if you got the pov

K: i would have kept it the same - that is what eric told me to do

M: did someone lie to you about the votes - remember about the votes

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K: maggie whatever happens in this game don't take it personally - i have nothing against you

M: i think that is what makse it harder - you have nothing against me - if you needed a pawn you should picked someone who is negative to you

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K; it will all make sense eventually - i have nothing against you - i think you are awesome - dont want you to take it to heart - saw your face yesterday and you looked really hurt - my intention is not to hurt you - hope you wont hold it against me but if you do

M: i won't forget - when i was downstairs james told me howie told you who to put up - i was involved in this master plan -

the veto competion will begin in 60 minutes

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Guest brandee

Mag: you said you had the votes on your side to get James out

Kay: yes and beau told me, jen told me, not sure about rachel all the rest will vote James out

Kay: and Eric..you are fine

Mag: And there is no reason for them to lie to you?

Kay: howie and jan want out a strong player...they are the ones who suggested it.

Mag: then why arent either of them talking to me (jan and how)

Kay: dont know ive been in my room

Mag: sigh

Mag: if you had gotten POV the week you were up with ashlea would you have used it?

Kay: would have kept myself on the block b/c eric told me to as well as a few others

Mag: what about the person who voted to get you out

Kay: dont know who it was

Mag: next time if you get hoh please call me up here and let me know b/c what you have done has made me feel really shitty.

Kay: it happened to me too

Mag: james is probably being told he is safe

Kay: who is saying it

Mag: i dont know

Kay: well....

(Mag is just talking in circles)

Kay: it is up to you if you use POV if you get it

Mag: what this has taught me (being on block) is to stop playing as an individual and start playing as a team so i have backing

Kay: i dont really foresee you going b/c you havent done anything to anyone

Mag: Even if i didnt get anywhere at least i have talked to you. yesterday was too emotional for me to talk to you. If i end up going i dont want regret not having talked to you before i left. I dont want everyone to know what we talked about in this conversation with anyone else.

Kay: mag, whatever happens in this game, i dont want you to take it personally. i have nothing against you

Mag: that is what has made it harder b/c you dont have a reason to. if you had to use a "pawn" then why not use someone who has done you wrong, ya know? That is what made it personal.

Kay: i figured you might take it like that.

Mag: this is a game but our personalities do play a part. you took all personalities aside and just played it a game.. if i had a choice b/t ivet and april then i would have to weigh everything, game and personality, you know?

Kay: yea (bored look on his face)

Mag: Maybe i am just repeating myself but i just need you to understand

Kay: i didnt pick certain people b/c i didnt want them to think that it was a grudge.

Mag: so it was just to prove that it was all about game?

Kay: kinda

Mag: then tell me

Kay: it will make sense eventually. I like you and i don't want you to take it hard. i saw your face yesterday and you looked really hurt. my intention is not to hurt you and that is the honest truth. Eric was like buddy it is just a game and it is true mag. So, i dont know..i hope you dont hold it against me but if you do i dont blame you

Mag: i wont forget that you put me up, i mean... Another conflicting thing is James was saying Howie told Kay who to put up and im like WTF does Howie have against me?

Kay begins to interupt her and she shusshes him and says "hold on"

Mag: That made me feel shitty b/c he knew about it.


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Guest brandee

April knocks and Maggie screams COME IN (rude, as though it is her room)

April: I want to be hostess

Kay: ok

April leaves

Mag: that kinda sucks that she is like "i want to be host of your event" (chastising Aprils actions)

Mag: I was actually relieved you got Hoh and went in DR and said THANK GOD

Kay: you are taking this too personally

Mag: that is all i can do is take it personally. you have to look at it from my point of view. the only truth i know is what i feel, ya know SIGHHH

I feel better speaking my peace. i honestly thought i was safe.

Kay: i have not a single problem with you. you are listening to people and their nonsense.

mag: i feel better that you know how i feel b/c i dont want to exit this game and you not know how i feel. whatever happens and if i stay in this game i want to be able to tell you how i feel whether you like it or not.

Kay: that is fine, lots of people do and as long as you dont degrade or curse me out then that is fine. i have no problem with it as long as it is a sensable conversation.

mag: i never get irrational

Kay: im not saying you do, just was throwing it out

Mag: well i have to go and get ready to save myself

Kay: good luck

Mag: im not going to wish you good luck b/c i really dont want you to win (laughs but is serious)

Kay: i know

Maggie leaves HoH room and Kay follows her out. Kay is showing her a few chess moves at the board

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Guest somniac_mommy

Maggie to Kaysar: I have to go get ready to save myself... I'm not going to tell you good luck because I really don't want you to win.

She feels better telling him how she feels about him putting her up. She says she had no idea she was going to get picked. She questions K's sincerity about her being chosen for strategic reasons versus personal when the stronger people were not picked. He tells her he has nothing against her and it isn't personal.

Just a note: [she will see later that it was Eric who really put her in this position, because he made deals with everyone to not put him up, so of course with everyone figuring out they were partners, who else could they go after, but his sidekick!!]

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