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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Kaysar has to nominate tomorrow. Kaysar says he is very drained..

Food comp first.. Nom's second.. then the next day is Veto.

j: so what do you think?

h: there is a method to why you are hoh.. they give you a day to put people up on the block.

k: right

k: this is a freaking hard decision.

k: it doesn't come as a suprise that you guys are safe

h: not at all.

Kaysar and howie are talking about the final question for the HOH comp..

Howie is rubbing Jan's back.

h: what do you think the first choice should be.. maggie and james?

k: i'm not sure..

h: he's not going to turn on us, he's going to be there to eliminate us

j: they are already there to put us up on the block

h: if you didn't win today kaysar, you would be on the block

h: i've been so mad the last couple of days.. i really wanted hoh

J: do you think eric feels safe

k: he is

h: he's nervous

k: he would probably love it if we got james out.

h: if he went now.. but you have to cause that tension with maggie and such.

h: you want to cause fear in them. when they where happy sitting there on vacation.. laying in the sun.

howie is talking about what he said to jen earlier about her vacation being over.

k: what if i start setting up deals.. with like april and jen

h: if you can trust them, then start making deals

h: yes you are flighting for us. but you are also fighting for yourself

h: porpose a deal.

k: they expect me to put up, ivette or maggie..

k: i should make a deal that they can't put any of us up

once again they are talking about mike... blah blah blah...

j: what would racheal do next week if she won hoh, would she put any of us up

K: i talked to racheal she doesn't want it

j: she know's she is safe

h:i didn't want to win HOH first, then i wanted it because i was mad

h: hopefully me or you (jan) get it

k: if we can earn her trust (racheal) we are good

k: after i found out about maggie and eric, i think racheal is netural but i think maggie is playing rachael.

kaysar: i think those are the groups.. let's get rid of them.


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it's a good thing i'm a night hawk...

Howie and jan are talking about how they where both told they only had a week or two left.

k: i'll tell you guys, hoh is not easy

h: it's power. you look like the bad guy, you are just putting them up. the house is voting on who goes.

k: what if james get's off.. he's going to come after us

j: he is already after us.

k: f**k

h: who is eric going to use veto for, maggie or james

j: maggie, i tell you maggie

k: he wont compete in the veto.

j: eric will just get people to keep maggie in

Howie is joking around "maggie, james, you both are evicted from the big brother house hold, get your bags and get the f**k out"

That would be the twist.. lol... both jan and kaysar are laughing

h: i dont want this title.. but the last few days that everyone has been walking around, i feel like an outsider.. i wanted hoh. you made my dreams come true for me kaysar.. i lost but you got i.

k: it couldn't have happened any better.

They are making fun of beau for saying he was going to get get HOH, but he got booted on the first question.

They are talking about the comp question's and answers.

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K: this one was for michael.

h: he's probably pissed now that it happened after he left

k: if this happened last week, we'd all be here together

j: i wish that happened..

Howie is mocking jan for being all mushy with mike and how now she is playing the game stronger. howie is joking around with jan " you better not get emotional attached to me"

j: why would the rest of the house care if i was close to mike

k: it flaw's your character

j: why would it flaw my character?

h: why would they not like you. they are jealous of your looks

j: why would it be a judge of flawn and character.. it's not fair

h: there is no difference in here then in highschool, they are jealous

k: you told april that mike was weird.

j: i never said that about mike

k: that is what she said about you

j: i did say that, but then i went and told mike

k: april said you stabbed her in the back

j: she was lying.. i went and told mike.

j: she did a lot more then back stab, she made up a huge lie.

janelle is making fun of april's small boobs and how april was jealous of how janelle looked in her black dress.

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Kaysar is telling janelle how jennifer was so nervous that ivette had to sleep with her because she was afraid of mike..

Now the 3 of them are making fun of jen and the fact she is a cheerleader and is almost 30..

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BBT 1:31 am - HOH room

Jan, Howie and Kaysar are still talking about who they are going to put on the block.

They all "like" james, however they feel he is a threat. Howie is very sure james is the smartest of all bb houseguest's.

k: i'm trying to find a way to use him

h: do you think he is going to leave sarah, maggie, eric

j: he's goin to go for who ever has the power

h: exactly, he'll go for who ever is HOH and make deals

h: if james is HOH right now, do you think he would put up sarah,maggie,eric,ivette,beau,april. do you think he would put up us YES.

h: is that a move that the house wants.. yes

h: i consider us stronger players then anyone eles.

h: do you honestly think james is worried about jenny or april taking him out of this house.. no

h: he's more concerned now with you in HOH

h: you need your wings to keep flying. you want to take away strong players and break them up

kayser and howie are talking to janelle about her looks. Howie is being flirty as always.

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Jan, kaysar and howie are talking about BB and how it is to easy to play this game. there has to be another twist they haven't figured out or don't know about yet.

Pairs, just can't be the only twist..

J: should i be nice to peole?

k and H: be nice to everyone.. wash your dishies.. be very nice.

Kaysar and howie are making fun of janelle for her final answer in the hoh comp.. they can't seem to figure out how she got 39.. she insist's she is bad with math and wasn't thinking straight.

They are now talking about the questions that was asked, which one was the best and which one was the hardest.

Janelle is telling them how she calls ivette lots of names. Kaysar tells her she need's to stop or at least be careful who she say's it around.

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1:46 am BBT - Conversation in the HOH room.

Howie, Jan and kaysar are talking about drugs. which state CA or FL has the higher drug usage rate.

Back to talks about Nominations.

k: maggie and ivette?

h: what do you think?

j: maggie comes off... we have to hope they don't use veto

j: wait, let's think this better. James will pick who to help in the comp?

h: he will pick eric, but he wont use it.

j: maggie will make sure she can get off the block.

h: if maggie and james are both up there, who is he going to use it on? he'll distroy a huge group.

j: i'm not worried about sarah coming after us.

k: i told eric he can't play for the veto

h: let him play, so it will create the tension.

h: it will wreck the game plan, it's what we want

h: yes, someone is leaving who is important..

h: can i use your crapper?

j: who is liked more then maggie, to ensure she leaves?

h: those are the two worse players to me right now

h: get her the hell out of the way

h: sarah sucks

j: yeah

h: they never win anything

j: yeah..

They are really considering putting up maggie and james, however they are trying to figure out who would go up in the event the POV is used. They talk a bit about putting up racheal as a pawn..

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Still talking in HOH room... 1:55 am BBT

Howie is really trying to push the maggie and james nomination.

Kaysar is talking about how beau said he wanted maggie to be put up and how other guest's in the house agree.

Kaysar is telling howie and jan everything the 3 houseguest's said while "pleading" their case to him earlier.

Kaysar is now telling jan that ivette want's kaysar to put jan up on the block and how ivette said she'll go up as the "pawn"

Janelle is pissed off by that...

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HOH Room....

Kaysar and Howie are talking to Janelle about her being nice to people, telling her she can't go around talking about people and making them mad at her, because she is going to need their votes one day.

J: why should i hang out with these people, they think i'm a horrible person.

k: you are getting to emotional..

H: don't let your emotions effect you janelle.

H: we feel good right now, but we don't know what is going to happen next week.

k: if we continue to be mean to them, they'll get closer.. but if we can make them hate each other, we'll be good.

j: ivette still hates me

H: be nice to ivette, do it for the sake of the game

j: i can't stand even standing by her..

h: if she doesn't smell bad, just do it

j: she does smell bad howie

h: you are in this house right now, play by the rules.

j: i like james and i like maggie.. put them up because they are strong players.

j: i hate april and ivette but i'm not saying put them up

h: i'm in love with the thought of putting up james and maggie up there, and having eric with POV and using it to save maggie..

K: what if i tell eric not to play, and the pressure of losing one person and he plays anyway but loses. someone eles wins.. uses veto, then i'll put up eric..

H: i see what you are saying now... if he doesn't win the VETO he is eligable for being put up on the block..

*laughs.. everyone is happy with this idea**

h: who does eric save? his partner in crime or his best bud?

k: oh man.

They are now talking about how first off they got the gold room, then the gym and now they are wondering what would be the treat for this week.

Jan is really wanting them to bring back mike.. that would be her ideal treat.

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2:21 am BBT HOH room

Howie and Kaysar are telling janelle to be more involved in the house. She need's to spend more time with the other houseguest's, she has to stop isolating herself.

j: i'm going to start being really nice to sarah.

K: why sarah?

j: because once james leaves, we will need her votes

h: it's only a matter of time before i win something.

k: the first week, eric wanted you out (to howie)

j: eric was so pouty.. in the first week.

h: i could care less. let's just win the game

k: i told you guys, us in the final 3, it's up to you guys next week to pull your weight.

j: we will

They start talking about bb4 and danielle again.. (they refer to her alot)

j: you don't think racheal would save maggie if we put her on the block

h: if rachael saves maggie then someone eles will go up.

h: we have to look at everything. James winning the veto.. Ivette, maggie.. Rachael getting maggie free.. anything can happen..

h: it's going to shake things up, james will not play good with pressure on his shoulders.

j: he is going to shit bricks

j: we have to tell maggie she is safe.

k: tell her she is safe, but she'l be on the block?

j: she's got our votes.. she's safe..

h: maggie know's that if she goes off the block ivette will go up.. we'll tell her that..

H: you are the man with the power.. i believe that is the best..

h: with maggie and james there.. where does eric go?

j: if he got the veto, eric would keep james on the block and safe maggie

j: if eric knew that maggie was safe he wouldn't use it

h: this is funny.. then eric can go up on the block

Howie, kaysar and janelle think that james and sarah are brother and sister.. lol

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j: did you tell james he was safe?

h: man, james is so nervous. he's stressed, you can see it in his face and his eyes.

j: he told me he was nervous today.

h: james said he was going up this week

k: if i put eric up it's a waste

h: don't get me wrong

k: maybe james is stressed because he know's i wont put up eric

h: the game has changed.. it's awsome.

j: i was mad when everyone was cheering for james to win the VETO

Talking about how the other HG's where cheering on only certain people in the VETO comp..

K: am i thinking to much of this?

h: it's understandable, no one has come off the block

Kaysar is talking about the Veto comp and weither it will be a mental or physical.

Howie is wondering what would have happened if james would have won HOH this week and where they would be right now.

Jan: we'd be in the gold room like always. plotting...

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BBT - 2:44 am - HOH ROOM

Jan, howie and kaysar are talking about the food comp... they are saying how it would be the good for them to join whatever team "james" is on for the food comp because he'll eat anything.

Kaysar is not sure it will be a team thing for the second time in a row. Howie continues to eat all of kaysar's goodie snacks big brother gave to him for winning HOH

Jan and kaysar are making fun of sarah and how she pays so much attention to the fish, she talks to them, names them. they are entertained by this talk.

Jan, howie and kaysar are all smiles and happy that they are in HOH.. it was the icing on the cake to them..

2:53 am... Finally jan and howie go to bed, they congratulate Kaysar and leave the room...

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3:00 am BBT

Jan and Howie go to GR

Jan get's changed under her blankets and start's to read her book

Howie is getting ready for bed.

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Guest Shockalot

Tric.. you save my weary fingers much transcribing I tells ya.

As seen above, the evening of Kaysar interviews went very well indeed. Kaysar interviewed the 'Insiders' one by one and did a pretty decent job of extracting as much information from each - then cross-referencing what they said against each other.

He took his findings to Janelle and Howie.

Between the three of them - Kaysar now very exhausted and visibly weakened mentally and physically.

Howie and Janelle gathered the findings and assembled them for Kaysar offering him the ideal plan.

Put up James and Maggie.

The rationale being that this will cause a major rift as the Insiders Leader (Cappy Eric) will be screwed.. who does he lobby for?

James his 'loyal' partner


Maggie his 'right hand man' (and secret real partner).

Howie is 'In Love with this Plan!'

They cant lose - Eric will have to pick someone to lobby for and no matter who - it will make a division.

This is Plan A - Nom James and Maggie (also two strongest players they deem).

Plan B - If Eric wins Veto he is screwed.. he Vetos either one and they turn on him.

So, even if veto is used - Kaysar puts up Ivette.

The overall story - Howie, Janelle and Kaysar have (for tonight) agreed that its James and Maggie on the Block.

Then sit back and let them fight amongst themselves.

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Guest Charoliney

Well done shockalot! Thanks for the commentary.

It will only depends on how Howie and Rachel plays out with Kaysar later.

It is best that Janelle (partner is out) and Kaysar (partner Micheal is out) to team up and go against the MAJORITY. 8)

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Guest Charoliney

Kaysar is busy unpacking his belongings in the HOH room. Arranging item where it should be... hmm... neat freak i guess.

Janelle is back in the Gold Room, she is reading the BIBLE (!!! - ???) getting to sleep soon.

Howie is in the toilet - night routine...

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Thanks shock, glad to help.. I wont be around tomorrow night.

BBT 3:16 am..

jan is reading.. howie is taking a shower.. and kaysar was looking at himself in the mirror with his new spiffy HOH housecoat..

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3:36 am BBT

Howie is brushing his teeth and doesn't appear to be all "there" while he is doing it.

Kaysar is doing his nightly prayer..

Jan is sleeping.

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3:45 am BBT

Kaysar goes to sleep with headphones playing music

Howie finally makes his way back to the GR to go to bed as well.

That's all she wrote... Good night. :)

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Guest Charoliney

hmm...back to the feeds.

Kaysar is up watching the spycam.

Rachel is taking a shower. Maggie is up but lying on the bed

Eric and Ivette is up also

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