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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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The houseguest's are talking about april and her condition..

they are saying how she has lost weight since being in the house and the amount of smokes she has had while in there. she has been chain smoking..

K: how long has she been in there

E: 20 25 mins so far

K: holy crap

k: i came down because howie was waiting for me

e: you do what you want, we'll let you know.

I: you still have to do your prayer and stuff

E: just do your thing.. we'll let you know.

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Howie helps Kaysar bring up some of his things to the HOH room.

11:53 BBT

k: did you want to talk to me about something?

H: what ever you want to do..

K: if you want to wait until everyone goes to sleep that is fine with me.

H: here comes beau.

H: are you putting me up?

K: no i'm not putting you up, are you serious?

H: i dont know.. *laughs*

K: they are trying to make me turn on janelle, they are saying she can't be trusted and that they want her gone. so..

H: that is kinda the senerio.. at the same time.. she and you and i are going to need the power of people.. let's say you get rid of her.. or you get put up.. where are your votes going to come from.. know what i mean..

howie is talking to kaysar about voting and he doesn't want kaysar to "clip" his own wings..

K: i'm telling you because i don't think i should put her up, me, u and her talked several nights.. about us going together.

H: do what you gotta do... we talked before about maggie and james.. we need to spread them out..

K: if we put maggie and james.. james isn't going to go because he's more popular then maggie.. then he'll come after me.

K: if i put up james do you think he'll leave

H: i would vote him out, janney will vote him out.. eric will vote for maggie..

k: why do you think that?

H: we know that they're together, we have no proof but we know..

K: that's only 3.. who eles..

H: what about beau...

k: i don't think beau likes maggie, i'm trying to get feedback

H: feedback? don't you think people are messing with you?

k: maggie is a strong player too..

H: maggie goes, eric and james will go.. they've been *silence*

K: do you think james will come after us?

H: what you did today was awsome.. look at the house.. you flipped the house.. everyone is so nervous about being put up.. look at all the stress..

howie said that sarah told him he only had a couple of weeks left in the game.. he is freaking out about sarah.. he's talking trash about him.

H: you have been feeling pressure since you've walked in this door

K: i see the angry in you

H: i didnt feel the pressure until recently.. they all looked at me.

Howie is talking about how the house has shifted since kaysar won HOH.. he is happy that everyone is freaking out.. it was exactly what they needed...

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He's reminding Kaysar how badly the cult has been treating them. Kaysar is trying to get Howie say he's with Rachel asking about what votes can he sway in their favor.

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Howie is pushing James but Kaysar is reluctant because the may not "have the votes".

Howie telling Kaysar get the strong players out of the way "break the clique" and get them "all mad and pissed off at each other"

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"Yvette is not a strong player "but she's a minipulator" and can "sway" votes according to Howie. as they weigh their options. Kaysar is thinking Maggie and Yvette.

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thanks shock... sometimes it can be hard with beau, ivette and april. they are speed talkers..

K: i think getting rid of maggie is a good idea, she and eric are together.

K: who do i put up against maggie.. without pissing people off

H: pissing people off? you should worry about the long run for us

K: what if.. i've had this weird realtionship with james.. like we're not close but we're like "what's up..

H: if you can get james to commit.. then keep him.

K: what choice do i have

H: you have a few choices.. get the strong players out.. spilt them up.. get them all pissed off.. get them to turn on each other. it's already changed and we haven't even done anything yet.. no one has been evicted yet.. no one has been put up yet and look at them..

H: you are happy one day, depressed another day.. look at me now, i'm happy.

h: we've gone over this before.. ivette is a strong person, they listen and follow her.

K: ivette?

H: people who aren't a direct threat...

they are talking about the cast of BB3 and what daneille did with having everyone doing her dirty work and how powerful that is.

k: so you think maggie and ivette

H: have you talked to janney yet

K: i've talked to her a little bit but not a lot

K: what do you think janney would say

k: i think april is out...

*kaysar goes to the spy cam** April is released from the DR

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A: I'm ALIVE!!!

K: What the hell happened to you!


----- can't hear lots of stuff.. their mics aren't on.

H: Want me to give you some foreplay? (to April)

H: Maybe you're just missing some action.. :lol:

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While howie and kaysar are listening to april's story.. janelle comes up the stairs..

J: want to play chess?

K: no...

all 3 of them on the top floor looking down.. howie is repeating.. my april.. oh my april...

Howie asked april if she would like some action tonight.

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Guest Shockalot

Ha.. Now Howie and Kaysar talk.

Its making me laugh so its hard to type but Howie is is being Howie.. "These guys are giving me this routine like we (Kays Janey and Him) are just trash to be flipped off.

"they act like they wanna get rid of us so they can play this game"

Kays "Who can I put up so I dont look too bad"

Howie "Who cares.. put up people to get them the hell outta this game and ensure our safety in this game!"

Kays "What choice do I have here?"

Howie "You got lots .. lets go through them"

Howie explains how they already made a change because instead of this scenario of a big group on vacation looking at them like 'those three' they need to make them fight and go at each other.

Howie seems to think Ivette is worth considering because like Danielle from BB4 - Ivette is indirectly powerful because she gets others to do her dirty work done.

Jedi Howie explains Ivette is like a Sith Lord who gets a Sith apprentice to do the work.

Kaysar proposes Maggie and Ivette?

The guys rush out and April is fine. GUYS IM FINE Says APril.

It was something like Central Venacular.. ??

Howie taunting 'his little April' from the balcony.

"April you want me to give you some action.. maybe your missing some action is all.. you want some foreplay.. "

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Ivette and beau go in the bathroom together.. in the stall and start talking... i couldnt hear what they where saying..


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Guest Shockalot

Our Resident Nurse at Mortys has clarified what we all heard - SVT.

SuperVentrical TachiaCardia

[sorry i think i got that screwed up again lol]]

It was SVT for sure and her rate was over 160 (which i guess is bad?)

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Kaysar and Jan in the HOH room. Telling her about all the crap people said about her. Kaysar said they "were a lot dumber" than he expected

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Asking Janelle if he could "use James to my advantage" Janelle said no and she said Howie feels the same way. He thinks he could convince James to save all three.

Jan says put Maggie and James to see Eric go and try to save Maggie it will "cause confusion in the group" and no one will trust Eric.

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Janelle and Kaysar in the HOH room.. 12:18 am BBT

k: everyone is trying to get you out. she might turn on you

J: oh god.. but they don't know we know about there things?

K: they are dumber then i had expected

Jan laughs

K: a lot of them don't know what's going on

j: what did april say?

K: she just want's to know she's safe

J: did you believe her... with what she said?

k: she told me that you voted to get me out

J: of course, because of ashleah, she is dumb

K: stuff like that..

J: what did racheal say

K: i didnt talk to her yet

J: what about maggie?

K: i haven't talked to her either yet

K: she was waiting all night

J: what did james say? did he say that you couldnt' trust me

K: partly, yeah, but i told him.. that's not the case.. that i trust you.. and not to try to convience me otherwise..

J: hmmm

K: i'm still trying to figure out how to use james for my advantage

K: do you think that is possible?

J: no...

K: howie really doesn't want james

J: i dont' really want james either.. i see him winning HOH next week and coming after us..

K: what if i could convience him not to do that

J: all 3 of us?

K: ok..damnit..

J: then you would have to protect racheal too.. howie would be pissed.

K: yeah..

J: i think that howie is right, the best thing to do to break them up.. would be to put maggie and james up.. to see eric flight for maggie. and make him upset that he would protect maggie and not james

K: james would go straight after me then

J: no, it would cause problems and confusing if james and eric go after each other..

K: damnit, how can i do this.. i already know i dont' have enough votes to put james up against maggie..

janelle is talking about the people who would vote to get james out and who would vote just to follow what eric wants..

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Janelle is trying to talk kaysar into putting james up on the block.. she doesn't trust him.. look how many "promises" he's broken so far..

K: what if we put maggie or ivette

J: ivette would be the one to go..

K: yeah but eric wouldn't know which one to flight to

J: he has to flight for maggie.. because they know each other

K: yeah but woudln't that show they are partners?

j: i don't see her winning any comps


j: i know april and jenny would vote to keep maggie in too.

k:what about eric

j: he is already in because he would save maggie

*door bell* Howie enters the room...

h: we finally strike back

k: i am deciding on how to do this

h: let's put our minds together and do it

h: people are coming up to me and saying kaysar is in a bad position

j: we'd be up on the block...

k: i don't know what to do.. is what i've been telling people

j: can i have a cookie

k: yeah

j: they are going to say anything for you to save their ass

h: all of sudden your hoh and they are your new best friend

j: they kicked mike out the door

k: i'm not buying half the stuff they are telling me.. i'm trying to figure this out and do the most damage but being smart with it.

k: i'm not expecting this to be the first or last set of household, i'm trying to set the next person up

j: eric had to set james up to win it.. so he could put me and howie up

h: if i could win next week, and jan the next week.. we'd clear this house out. but we have to make the most of our time here.

j: they took mike out..

h: we love mike, we miss him.. we're moving on

j: i'm not saying do it as a personal thing, for james not using the power of veto..

k: they didn't like each other from the get go (james,mike)

h: if they win the power of veto, another one of them will go up

j: they have close alliances... if eric uses it on maggie which he will

k: i told eric, stay out of it.. don't use veto..

h: he isn't going to use the veto..

j: against maggie?

h: he wont use it to protect her.. forget about it

H: he doesn't have the votes to get james out of the game

k: i've talked to a few people and they said "maggie:

j: who said this.. she's just working with eric who gives a shit

j i don't hate eric.. i dont, i did the first week

j: james is smarter then eric, he is the strongest player

j: maggies' not shaddy

h: you see jenny and april are they threat's in this game

j: they are annoying but not a threat..

k: damnit..

j: you have to remember if you left james in the game, what would happen

h: you got alot of people power in this house. if you really took them out.. i dont' fear any of them.. for Veto's or HOH's.. down the line.. this guy is right there *james*

we are due to win something... veto... hoh.. comps....

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Talk continues in the HOH room.. Janelle, kaysar, howie..

They are talking about who is a bigger threat in the game. who would swing what votes and what direction the game would go if who left first..

Howie keeps saying "you scared the living crap out of this house" and you haven't even done anything yet..

Howie is explaining how the house was acting this morning.. it was like a funeral home..

the 3 of them are trying to figure out if eric would vote for maggie or james.. his "best bud"

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Kaysar, jan and howie are now talking about eric and the fact he'll jump to which ever group has the HOH power to make him feel safe in the game..

they are discussing the power structure afterwards if they get rid of some of the people. which is the most damaging to them and others in the house.

once again they are talking about bb4 - Danielle situation.. with all the dirty work.. she had others do for her.

kaysar and jan are talking about rachael ( in front of howie) and they are saying they trust her but trying to figure out who she is paired with..

k: how can we get racheal on our side

j: she's nice

k: hopefully.. out of all of them, we are safe with racheal.. she seems like a simple person

h: i want you to create as much friction and tension to where no one feel's safe.. so they all start to flight.

howie is saying how james,eric and maggie would create the most tension in the house..

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12:37 am BBT - HOH room

J: what is the reason you can't but eric up?

K: i made a deal with him

h: eric doesn't pull that much around here.

j: he's, i've become nice to him but i don't trust him

h: it's a long game, what ever we do this week, next week.. we are going to be fearing for our life one day, then fine the next..

j: who would be next after maggie or james?

k: i don't know

k: who would be next? next week?

k: you mean if someone used the veto? who would go up next?

j: say james wins the power of veto and saves himself, who would go up?

k: i don't know....

h: who would they pawn up?

k: they want jenny to go, which serves no purpose

j: they came up here and said jenny need's to go?

k: no

Howie is talking about superheros.. we have to win next week.

h: let's say, we get james out and no one wanted to vote for him. then sarah wins hoh next week because no one saved james.. who would she go after..

j: eric and maggie.. maybe.

Howie continues to talk about james and sarah and what would happen if james was voted off.. how would she act.. who would she go after.. howie want's to create tension and break up the "pool" balls.

j: yeah....

j: but you still have ivette and janelle

h: you have your balls over by the hole, almost about to fall off, you don't waste your time on those, you get other other balls gone first.. ones far away from the hole.

h: if they are both on the block.. and one get's voted off. it doesn't create tension as much as you want.. you never put a pair on the block because we need to get the other pair to flight..

j: we have to get rid of eric and maggie first

k: who do we put up against eric

j: maggie?

k: i wanted to keep james so eric and him would go against each other

j: no.. they would come after us first before they would go after each other.

h: james is a threat.. a huge threat, he can play, he already said today "should i go pack my bags"

Howie keeps repeating that jan or him have to win next week...

kaysar told jan that both howie and himself have a deal with eric and can't put him on the block. the only person who can put up eric is janelle because she doesn't have an agreement with him..

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Kaysar admits to jan and howie that no one in the house is a friend to him. except the people who are in the room right now.

Jan and Howie both agree..

Howie is going through kaysar's goodie package..

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