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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest BigBroAddict

Kaysar calls Sarah to his room.

Sarah says, I dont feel like you're gonna put me up, are you?

Kaysar tells her she hasnt given him much reason to put her up but he is still thinking. He says there is a lot of tension and she keeps out of it. "It is going to be a tough decision."

Sarah tells him she is not coming up there to try and convince him not to put her up, but she hopes he wont.

Kaysar says "I want to be as fair and I dont wanna hurt anyone's feeling. I think you guys probably know, you have a good idea, which "selection" I will end up picking. I only had a few people in my corner supporting 'me."

Sarah: As far as I'm concerned, I never discluded you. It started when Ashela and Janelle separated from the group.

She talks about Michael who also separated. She tells him she never felt like she was discluded him.

Kaysar says he felt very much an outcast for "whatever reason." Kaysar seems to have no intentions of putting Sarah up but wants to gauge her. He asks who she thinks he should put up. She says she really cares about everyone and Kaysar agrees.

Jennifer please go to Diary Room.

Sarah says there are certain people that are a definate threat. "It's more like people I've noticed watching other people." Sarah does not pick people's brains (ya right) Sarah says "I dont feel like I have a strategy." (ya ummm right). She says "I know people have good strategies and read into what everyone says and thinks." (jist, not direct).

Sarah is afriad of Maggie's strategy and points out she rocks during competition.

Kaysar keeps playing with his hair.

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Guest BigBroAddict

Sarah says it is great Kay and Mike were friends. She misses the first days when Kay and her where hanging out. When he left to hang out with Mike she felt abandoned and felt she didnt want to hang with Michael. "I dont think he's a pervert"

Sarah: "It is no different how Howie or Cappy has done. He did it differently though." Sarah says she felt the same way about Howie. Her problem is that he would stare constantly but with Howie he just jokes and turns away and leaves.

Kay tells Sarah that he told Michael to knock it off. Sarah wondered why "He kept doing that...kept doing it!" Sarah doesnt think Michael was even aware he was acting strange. Sarah feels bad that they stopped hanging out because of Michael. She just didnt feel comfortable.

Kaysar realized that was why she stopped talking to him for a bit and he understood that it was a Michael problem and he does have hard feelings for her not hanging out with him.

11:22 BBT.

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Guest BigBroAddict

She tells Kaysar to put up Janelle to show he part of the house and show he is willing to go with house wishes.

(there was a lot more I had but my firefox shut and it got lost! oh well..that was the jist)

Sarah says she was scared when April got sick last night because she did not know if she would see her again. Kaysar agrees.

Kaysar says he does like everyone (even Ivette, Kay?). He says "He does not hold a grudge" (towards Ivette). He says he wants to play clean and with integrity. He is not gonna put people up because he got upset by them.

Sarah thinking....forming words..."It's like...There is something...I am scared to say things to people. There's people in here I cant...like...I was talking to April.um um um..cause...she reminds me of one of my sisters..I started to feel close to her. I was telling her what I was telling you that there is stuff going on here and things she cannot put together. "

Sarah says "I love Cappy but...this one time him and Maggie were sitting together and he jumped up saying she was just going to the bathroom."

Sarah seems to be gauging whether Kaysar knows the couples and it going to flat out say he observed it too.

S: Everymorning morning when he wakes up he wakes her up to work out together. I see things like and I'm like, what the heck. She sees people getting closer together. The "big group of us" is breaking up because people are separating.

Sarah talks about how she talks to April because they can bond over things. April says "Dont talk to me. You cant trust people. You cant trust me and talk to me."

Sarah was flabbergasted she told her that. She is getting a little chocked up. Sarah says "I feel everyone else is in the Summer of Secrets and I'm left out."

Kaysar: I know what's going on. I can't tell you. I figured it out on my own. It's probably bigger than you'll ever realize. You're...You cannot trust them. They have their own agenda.

Sarah beings to cry and becomes emotional. She feels stupid because she is not contributing. Sarah plays extremely stupid about the summer of secrets. "I feel like I cannot talk to anyone here. It's so hard...when April told me you cant trust me it was like a I lost my sister."

Kaysar: "Pull it together. This is a game and the game is being played behind your back. I think most people dont know whats going on. Just know there is something going on."

Sarah: "I am not stupid but I dont get what it is exactly going on."

She begins to talk about the Bro/Sis (mike/nakomis)

Sarah says "maybe Cappy and Maggie know each other!"

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Guest BigBroAddict

Sarah "Maybe this happened with some people but not with me. I am anywhere close to the vicinity to understanding."

Kaysar is not coming out with what he knows. Sarah feels upset she cannot trust anyone in the house. She says she cannot even trust April and that hurts so much because now she has nobody to trust.

Kaysar: I will tell you this much...


Kaysar: "You're not just seeing things with Cappy and Maggie, there IS something going on...possibly. I dont want you going around telling everyone, I am telling you in confidence. Just watch out for yourself."

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Guest BigBroAddict

Kaysar talks about James.

She quickly turns it talking about Ivette and how she second guesses everyone. She completely avoids talking about James and goes on to other House Guests.

Sarah: I love Eric and Maggie but I get bad vibes. I get bad vibes from Rachel.

11:46 BBT (Convo has been going on 30 minutes, FYI)

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Guest BigBroAddict

HG Lockdown is over.

Sarah talking about Rachel keeps sticking up for Howie and how that is something on her mind.

Kaysar says he thinks Rach is just amused by Howie.

Sarah: "A lot of things she says and does.....well she just overreacts. She is trying to fit in and so do I. "

K: She seems more relaxed around Howie and James and Eric. She gets along better with the guys...

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My feeds are getting stuck constantly.

11:45 BBT

Sarah and Kaysar in the HOH room

Sarah is explaining how she feels her alliances are crumbling. She keeps repeating that

it's "hard" and she feels that she is drowning... Mostly because April specifically told her

not to trust her. She appears to be reaching out to Kaysar and trying to reestablish some of the

repoire they had at the beginning of the game.

Kaysar: What about James? James is smart.

S: James is smart. I know he knows what he's doing.

K: Do you trust him?

S: He was somebody that I... I don't know.. it's teh same thing with Ivette. Ivette didn't

do anything to make me not trust her, but after that day now I'm second guessing everybody.

I feel like I"m just being one of those watchers...

Sarah then changes the direction of the conversation toward Eric and Maggie....and how she

gets bad vibes from them and Rachel. Sarah thinks that Rachel is "super fake," and only

gives one word answers, and laughs at Howie even when he's not funny. Sarah thinks that

Rachel might have a crush on Howie. LOL

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Sarah tells Kays that she definately thinks that Eric used putting up Micheal and Janelle up together to try to be the hero because he knew that one of them could possibly get HOH and send him out.

Kaysar says he doesn't trust 99% of the people on Sarah's side.

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Guest BigBroAddict

Sarah tells Kaysar that Janelle was gunning to get Kaysar out. She lied to Sarah saying "Oh the house changed it's mind, we want K out." But Sarah knew that nobody but her was wanting him out.

K: I know you have friends...your gruop is so sticky, you dont even know what you're into. I'm telling you this because I trust you. I hope you dont go down there and turn on me.

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Kaysar says sarahs group is so sticky they dont even know what they are into.

kaysar said he ISNT putting popularity.

sarah says kaysar wont put up eric because of the deal...kaysar says right

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Guest BigBroAddict

Cam switches to James and Eric. Eric asks if he thinks he (james) is going up?

James says no.

Eric is gonna get some coffee and go work out.

Cam 3/4 on empty dining room and kitche.

Cam 2 on workout room.

Eric is getting coffee now.

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Sarah to the DR.

Eric and James were whispering furiously and quiety. James says 'i know she will put my up if she gets it' (rachel???) then talk about rachel and howie birefly

(convo was fast and hushed)

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Guest BigBroAddict

The Spy Cam is...when did it get turned on...

Kaysar is in his HOH bathroom. Did not notice the spy cam is on.

Camera zooms in on the spy cam. Looks like a hallway.

HOH b-room "is disgustings and I want them to fix it"

Kaysar goes to other toilet and go #2....

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Guest HeartofDavid

Ok.. this is great... listening to Kaysar use the crapper! Just what I need first thing in the morning!

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Guest Befferz182

yea i heard that too, i thought i was just hearing things then i was like ewww gross.. maybe he clogged it and was trying to play it off like it was just broke haha

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Guest Befferz182

btw did anyone notice how he used the plunger in the hoh bathroom and did NOT wash his hands.. never know whats on those handles..

b4 i get in trouble..

rachael just got called to the DR and now K is talking to Maggie in the HOH room.. basically she doesnt want to talk much about anything.. but does say something about hearing things about her going up

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Maggie being confrontational:

M: People have told me you were putting me up

M: I would hope it would be strategic and not personal.

K: In no way would it be personal. People around here like you very much.

M: Are you thinking about it?

K: I am telling you what I am telling everyone else.

M: Don't tell me what you tell everyone else!

K: I was like listen, I don't want to seem like a bad guy, but who do you think?

M: Don't tell me anything you don't want to, that's not the point of me coming up here. I wish you could hear what is being said. It's shitty. It's bad right now.

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Rachel thinking recipes for pb&j.

eric looks real real mad sitting in the living room.

the mood does NOT seem too happy in the house

Eric says its good he set the pace to have people come up to talk to them.

Kaysar and Maggie in HoH sitting right in front of spyscreen.

Maggie says shes never talked to kaysar about the game before, why start now. Maggie says peopel have been comming to her telling her that she might get put up. Kaysar says it isnt personal, reiterates it again. Maggie says are you thinking about it? Kaysar says he has, but hasnt made up his mind.

Rachel to DR.

Kaysar doesnt wanna be the bad guy. Maggie is quiet. Maggie says dont tell me anything you dont want to. Maggie doesnt believe anything till the keys come out.

Kaysar says he has NOT made up his mind. He doesnt want feelings to be hurt. Maggie says a lot of crap is being talked about kaysar behind his back, she thinks people are trying to get others to turn on each other. Kaysar says everyone knows who he has and hasnt gotten along with. his decesion will be strategic and NOT personal. He keeps reiterating nothing he does is personal. Maggie says it will be hard. Kaysar says it's going to be VERY difficult, and he hopes...[trails off]...he wants to be as sincere as possible and doesnt want to be treated differently. Maggie jokes and says she a huge threat. Kaysar said you shined, rachel shined, howie, janelle, eric all shined. K says it's difficult. he doesnt wanna be on peoples bad sides. Maggie says he WILL be on someones bad side, doesnt matter what he does. K says it is a lot more difficult then he thought. Maggie says people will honor their words he thinks. Maggie says whether shes here next week or not, her feelings wont change of who she does and doesnt like. K says he warmed up toher will. He says he trusts her and rachel due to their neutrality. Maggie talks about gray and black and white. Maggie says 1/2 the people are probably telling you... K: nobody is telling me anything. Maggie says this was a blessing because she saw people act like they never have. Kaysar says all he has is his observations. Kaysar wants security for atleast a week or two .K: honestly, i have nothing against you, honestly. Maggie: honestly, until i hear it fro ur mouth, im studying the people who say it more then what they are saying. I feel like if you were gonna say something you willl say it when you ARENT in power, not when you are. M: it's ALL about the source, ive seen so much go wrong. all i can trust is what i hear in my OWN ears. M: all i can trust is what i see first hand. I'll be studying. K: I've never said anything bad abut you, nor will i ever, theres no need. i have respect for you. M; thanks. Kaysar; dont worry, i havent made up my mind. M: I dont want you to tell me, because i dont want people to ask me if i know and lie. M: lets not talk about the game to. M: I only know 3 people who i can not talk game with. M: when you're done with this, can we not talk about the game again? M: we're living the game. we dont need to talk it. M; the games been shoved up your butt? K: pretty much. K: I lost so much sleep....this wasnt an accident. M: thanks kays.

she exits.

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Jennifer is with Kaysar now.

Jennifer says James is being a poophead today as they go up the stairs.

J: are you unsure, or pretty sure?

K: I care about peoples opinions.

J: kaysars gonna do waht kaysars gonna do.

K; i do what i feel like doing. they thought i was nieve.

Kaysar says he has to base things BEFORE he had hoh.

K: it's hard. im not leaning. its a clean slate. anyone can go up, and people know that.

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K: in the end i know whats best for me. ive been calculating. i know whats going on . i know exactly.

J: nobody thinks ur stupid.

K: thing is, i know you come off as nice and friendly--you are-but you're playing to. your smart. you prob think i have reason to get rid of you. maybe i do. part of me thinks its not worth getting rid of you b/c i feel you might not trust me now. but i dont think u trust people your around. because i know they tried the first week.

J: i know whats going on. i know what they say about me.

K: it takes a lot of patience...to dig thru the mess.

K: lemme put it this way. mike was my friend still is, we (stuttered) go along...well. I do feel what you did was wrong...you jumped ship when you knew you were going down. but i do like you.

J: that has nothing to do with it. this is a game.

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