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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

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Eric, Beau, Ivette, April, Jenn at hammock.

E: I was just informed that he didn't physically know about this thing. I told him I couldn't do it. I made a deal with him. If I didn't make that deal with Kaysar I would be on that block right now.

Jenn: He's pissed, you made that deal with Kaysar first.

April and all whispering, can't hear all. Ivette wants to take Cappy away for a sec.

E: If James stays I guarantee we are all in trouble. Including you. I'm telling you that right now.

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back to sarah and janelle in gold room sarah says this was the stupidest idea(referring to bb summer of secerts) we all already figured it out and its only what week three...you can hear allison and al slapping their forheads going D'OH :lol:

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HOH K and Rach

K; I'm sure you know what's going on right now.

R: Big move.

K: I just want you to know this is not something from just one day, I've been making moves and putting pieces together. I was planning on taking myself fro mthe block and causing turmoil and removing people that were playing dirty. Those people as you may know are Eric Maggie Ivette Beau and Jennifer April. Now the reason why I picked you is I noticed you have integrity. This goes way beyond the money and today's HOH and everything. I know everything going on in this house. I know all the groups. I know who's planning what and who's doing what. I'm putting myself out there now because you have to put yourself out there. Remember when I talked to you about relationships and putting yourself out there. I'm putting myself out there. I know you and Howie are together. Mike and I were together. Janelle lost Ashlea. I don't know if I can completely trust James. He wouldn't put himself out there about Sarah, that's his girlfriend. Here's the thing. I want to make this a level playing field. I don't want to abuse the power. I want to put things out in the open and make this transparent so you can trust me. This is the deal., We are going to fight like hell tomorrow to get james off cause he finally came clean. Here's the deal. It's going to be you and Howie. James and Sarah. Me and Janelle. Final six.

R: James and Sarah know?

K: Yes. I want to cause turmoil.

R: Here comes Jennifer.

K: Wait. She wanted to talk to me but she changedd her mind.

K: Listen I set things up and now they're turning back.

R: I'm sure they're all mad at me know cause I'm up here.

K: YOu don't need to tell me what's going on you don't need to tell me where you stand. I want you to know all this.

R: So sarah and James knows. I just want to make sure all parties involved know so I can.

K: They know. I'm meeting with James tonight. Up until know he's been very trustworthy. Here's the thing, Howie doesn't know that I know you know each other. I told Howie that once I turned this upside down things would be exposed.

Damn, feed locked.

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Ok, K and R still talking.

K: Maggie's his partner and I wanted to expose him.

R: You need one more, counts.

K: If he comes off I put Eric up.

R: We aren't going to be discussing this in the open.

K: No.

R: I knew there was something about you. I knew it. I knew it. And like I said I liked Mike

K: He was cheated.

R: I knew. You are very wise. I'm sure my name is mud outside right now, but I knew what was going on.

K: I didn't want to put you in this position until I knew we could protect you.

R: Ok.

K: YOu did a phenomenal job with you and Howie, by the way. That was the hard one. Have a good one!

R: Alright. You too.

THey leave HOH.

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Kaysar and Jenn in HOH now.

Jenn: I wanted you to know that she's asking Iv.

K: Who do you want to go?

J: James. I like to respect the HOH and I think that's who you want to go so I hope that works out.

Kaysar working her hard.

K: Right, I'm for James too.

Jenn: Well, everyone's going for James. He's going unless he can win it and take himself off. Everyone's set.

K: Good. Everyone's nervous?

Jenn: Yes, everyone thinks it's going to be chess but that's never that obvious. Everyone is going to respect you more for throwing this knife into the game.

K: Just be careful, we have this know but what happens.

J: Well if it's you and me in the end I want you gone, haha, but until then. I loved this twist, I was praying for it.

K: I thought you were with the safe group.

J: Doesn't matter I didn't trust them! I trust me.

They leave.

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Eric Maggie Sarah April out in the backyard talking about nothing in particular. Sarah says she'll know how to spell cauliflower, from now on.

Switch to HOH with Howie Kaysar Janelle.

K: They think you guys made me do it and I'm the weak link.

J: Perfect.

H: Oh yeah! They are going to build up this hatred of me and then one of them's going off!

K: They all think James is still going out. Jenn comes up and I said seems like you guys were nervous.


K: She's like, what if James get's the veto. I said, I know I'm nervous too, what if James does get the veto we are all screwed.

All Laughing.

BB: Maggie come to DR

K: Now we've got that out of the way Howie, I knew all along you and Rachel knew each other. The reason I put James up is because he wouldn't come clean. He finally did. This is the deal know james is a clean player and I wanted to be sure I could trust him. This is the final step. Me you James Sarah are going to be playing against two of their weakest players. We are going to take them all out. Then you and Rachel, Me and Janelle, James and Sarah are final six.

H: Good plan

Jan: Final plan. So how do you know Rachel ex girlfriend?

H: How do you know I know her, laughs, no. I set her up with one of my friends. She's just a friend of mine. She's about two hours drive from Chicago.

Jan and Howie talking about Chicago,.

Jan: Anyway, so we have to get him off the block.

H: Have too. See you two opened me up to this. Everything just made sense to me. You and Ashlea started it and I knew all of it.

Now talking about how they knew who was with who.

(sorry, must go. Can someone take over for a minute?)

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{There is no way I can go to bed now!!}

Kaysar just told Howie that he talked to Rachel and knows they are together.. Janelle askes questions about is she your girlfriend, blah blah blah...How do you know each other...

They are very happy about their genius plan.

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Ok, still in HOH Jan Kay Howie still celebrating discussing strategy.

K: All walls are gone we have to trust each other now.

H: One last thing, we saw that clic and knew we had to break it up. Don't think for a minute they won't do the same.

K: Exactly, we have to watch out for each other.

H: I'm winning HOH next week if I have to eat through the walls!

On first 2 feeds, other 2 feeds on empty Kitchen and living room.

H: I said a long time ago, I think we are playing a great games in terms of identity, I said to Rachel. We split up the teams and we bowled a strike at em!

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