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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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maggie up in hoh tellng kaysar that james is screwed...hes going to be voted off...somthing about maggie and all the votes..(couldnt hear that part too well sarah is whispering)

Kaysar what noone is supporting james>?!

Sarah yeah they supported him while he was standing there. Theya re already ralling the troops for maggie.

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ivette racheal cappy and maggie all in the bathroom trying to figure out the votes and how they will go. Sarah upstairs in HOH with kaysar trying to tell him that james is screwed and hes going home. its a numbers game and james doesnt have the numbers. Sarah just said james in gone its not even a question anymore.

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ohhboy ivette going off in a rampage about how people who are shit getting ahead of people that have a big heart...shes sick of it..(whine bitch and moan) James said what are you complaing about your not up on the block...lol...

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Kaysar and Sarah in the HOH

Sarah says that James was mad because he trusted Kaysar

Kaysar asks if she thinks that he messed this up.

Someone knocked on the door..Its James

Kaysar askes how he is doing

James says he is doing terrible

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james up in hoh with kaysar sarah left...james is pissed that he got played by eric...hes saying eric doesnt mean shit to him. eric is going to be compainging agaist me..I told ivettte and beau about eric and maggie.

K: did they believe you?

J: I think so.

K: sarah just told me hes trying to presude them. ralling the troops. ivette going for POV take maggie off and cant vote ivette off. If you can win..

J: this is what im talking about yesterday you said i was safe shook hands. but that was yesterday....Well now im going to have to play the game dirty with eric and them.

J: i think your choice for noms was a bad choice.

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James tells kaysar that if eric gets veto he'll take maggie off

james tells kays that Ivette hates him(kays) more than anyone in this house

Major guilt being laid right now..

Kaysar says that Eric is rallying the troops against James.

Kaysar says Ivette wants the veto that way kay cant nom. her and james can go. (something like that)

Kay says he needs to figure out a way for James to win.

James says K told him he was safe. He told him there was no way to guarantee his safety if he went up. James says maybe I have to get dirty.

Apparently Sarah told K that Eric is already rallying ppl against james.

James says he thinks this is a really bad choice.

K says he was put in pos. where if he attacks his own.... says it was hard decision

J says that k didnt put up ivette and Beau like he said he would

K says his point was to expose that "ass" (eric) down stairs.

James says he has Beau playing for him.

K says he(beau)is a liar...

Kaysar is just thinking out loud.. what if he gets veto takes J off puts I up.

J-Rachel knows Im a good competitor, they know I'm smarter than them.

J- his strategy is his honor and his family (eric)

J says he is going downstairs so no one gets suspicious

J suggests that K gets veto takes J off puts Eric up.

J says you got lots to think about... has ass to cover..

After James leaves Kaysar says "SHIT UGHH".. Turns on the spy cam... then paces.

Feed changes to James downstairs talking to Beau... James tells Beau he needs him! James tells beau that eric is already campaigning against him.

Beau says that James has his vote already...

James says he is going full force on the veto competition..

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James is telling Janelle that if he wins POV he wants Kaysar to put Eric up.

Janelle is saying that K and Eric have a deal

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He is telling Janelle that Eric is "trying to rally" the troops for Maggie.

If they pull Maggie off than put up Eric up anyway. Janelle is saying thaey don't have enough votes to evict Eric

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James goes to BedR. talks to Sarah ..

Sarah says that Eric is saying that just b/c he and maggie are in the same field it doesnt mean they are together

S says that E said that he wants ivette to get veto..

James walks into the gold room starts talking to Janelle

James says he is going full force for Veto.

Janelle says right

James says that breaking up E and M would be smarter than getting rid of himself

J tells Jan that he is trying to rally against James...

J says that if he gets veto he wants eric going up not Ivette..

J says eric is already trying to get ivette to compete with maggie

Jan says she thought that james was with eric.

(sorry for sp. errors and abbreviations... typing so fast)

J tells Jan about the connection with E and M about the car that eric and maggie were talking about... Kaysar caught them (E and M) talking earlier

James tells Jan that if Eric goes up that they will have his vote (to get eric out)

James says that Eric is lying the most.. putting all his alliance on his family.. Blah blah, he has to go home to his family still.

Jan says to let them fight.. if they dont know if eric and M dont know each other its better that way

Janelle says she would love it for Eric to go up..

James says that they may have the votes to get eric out.

James says eric was with him before now he is selling him out.

James says he doesnt want ne one knowing that he likes kaysar

James says eric wants maggie safe.. E is trying to rally ivette to fight for Maggie.

James says that Kays is considering putting eric up but doesnt know if he'd have votes to get Eric out...

Janelle says "hell yeah id vote him out" meaning Eric

Janelle says she will go talk to kaysar about it now

feeds switch to howie and Kay in HOH

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Janelle is telling Howie and Kaysar "its going beautifully" and James is already causing problems

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Now that they exposed Eric they are now talking about saving James and evicting Eric. They think they have enough votes. James has no choice but to trust them. Laughing happily!!!

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janelle howie and kaysar in hoh like kids on christmas morning...they are excited their plan is working.....ripping the team apart.....they are planning on taking james off in pov and putting up eric... they are giddy with happiness...

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Howie say lets get james and tell him to if we help save him the he will help us "shoot them down one by one"

Janelle couldn't find James

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Janelle is saying Eric "eyeing her" everytime she walks out the door.

Janelle is saying "this is working out better than expected"

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They need one more vote. Kaysar say "Jennifer"

Janelle says "no way"

Kaysar says she's so "sleazy" all laugh!! [me too]

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Kaysar really believes srah and James are not a couple..Janelle..."really"

He thinks that's the twist.He's working alone "unless he's a damn good liar"

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Janelle says how can the cult not know about the pairs "do they think we are walking idiots here"

Someone knocks on HOH door

"oh god" it's April!!!

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6:22pm BBT

Ivette walking on treadmill talking to Eric

Sarah sitting in gym crying and talking to Eric and Ivette

Sarah saying she just doesn't know what to do. She has always had someone to talk to and now she doesn't.

Eric is saying you have to decide whether you want to be loyal. He says that is how he is. Loyalty comes first

Ivette says she goes with her gut instinct which is loyalty. Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty BLAH BLAH BLAH

Eric says something about "frankie would tell you the same damn thing"

Who is Frankie???

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Guest Shockalot

Sarah, Ivette and Cappy in the Workout Room.

Sarah is in tears.. she doesnt know what to do and she is crying that she thought she was strong but never had to be alone.. she is upset..

Cappy lets Sarah know how life works. He straightens her right out. Says she is allowed to talk to someone.. heck, Even HE talks to Julie or BB when he needs to.

Eric demands Ivette look him in the eye (while she is treadmilling) IVETTE.. You will NEVER find anyone more Loyal than you and ME.

You and Me are that way .. we are LOYAL and when we make deals its a deal! We are Loyal!

.. oh and Sarah too....

Cappy goes on to lay down how this game works, what will need to be done and how life is!

Ivette agrees she will be strong and fight.

Cappy lays down more facts of life and they agree they are very loyal people who fight and want to win. In this game AND in life!

At this point they seem to have forgotten all about Sarah who is sobbing by herself in the corner.

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