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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest StillMissWILL

Howie - so far you (kaysar) have made the best decisions.

Kay - I am trying to make a point that they made me for a fool. They should not have tried to make me an outcast. I wanted to make a point.

Howie - dont underestimate anyone in this house

Kay - I am going to think 3 steps ahead of them. I am always thinking. They never thought that Janelle and I could get along cuz she campaigned against me last week cuz she was trying to save her friend. They never thought you and I would get along cuz you stole my carpet and tried to steal my carpet and use it in the toilet. We have things in common and we get along and trust each other and that is the main thing.

Howie - we are going to fight them directly and indirectly. 3 days ago they were walking around talking about --- DAMNNNNNNN FISH

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BB: Ivette to DR

Kaysar to H and Jan: I don't want us to underestimate them. I don't want to do the same thing they did to us. I want to stay 2 steps ahead of them. I'm here with the beautiful blonde and the dumb jock (all laugh) but it works! They are so scared.

Howie talking about how they had it all planned out, the sheep, then fish.


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Switch to James and Sarah whispering.

James: If he fucking puts me up I will vote him out next week.

S: No you can't tell him I told you, he wants us to win! They all told him to put us up!

J: Who's they?

S: Eric, Ivette, all of them.

J: Oh, ok. Good. Thank you.

(must leave for a while, have fun people and hope someone is still here listening in)

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2:20(trying to get caught up here)

E/I/A/B/S on the patio

E: and now she has an alliance with a couple people

A: a couple?

E: open your freaking eyes!

A: oh oh... I forgot...

Howie walks up, with a peanut butter shake mixture...

dirty water tastes good to a starving man!

Eric/Howie realize they missed the MLB Allstar game... Eric decides Boston is in first by a half game... his son is keeping track for him everyday

Howie, April both thought mayonnaise had one N... Howie reminds them they almost got credit for Rachel and Brocoli, until BB did a replay

Beau/Howie on the patio

B: what's your feeling on James? very competitive...

H: very competitive... but... ummm, I don't know, obviously he's Eric's right hand man...

B: if he was up, would you vote him out?

H: depends who he's up against?

B: what about me? K said I'm safe, but...

H: would you want him out?

B: depends who he's up against, I'm getting concerned about Maggie, she's always asking for info, but doesn't come to the table with anything...

H: she's working for somebody... James is strong, he's strong, a threat for everybody... if he's up against you, I'd want to keep you... don't underestimate anyone in this game, 14 people from America are here for one reason... just because we've dropped some games... April wins tomorrow... simple spelling bee, (goes over the ones that messed up)... like Eric says, someone is going to step up... I couldn't eat clams, Jenny eats snakes... you want to say James is strong, or hypothetically April is weak... I had a good day shooting coconuts, can I come back again... like watching NBA, first qtr guy doesn't score, second he scores 12... you have a bad quarter, come back with a good one, that will happen here, everybody is strong, anyone that doesn't think that better watch up, someone is a pawn, then they get HOH and put you up... (Jenny walks by and Howie starts talking about her) except for Jenny, she's weak and can't do anything... she grows up in Texas eating snakes... lol

same time Sara is in HOH talking with Kaysar, can't hear that audio as well...

K: anybody can go up.. they don't know what I'm thinking, they don't trust me, I don't trust them... second I let them go, doesn't mean they will keep me safe... Eric got everyone to make him promises, because he doesn't feel safe.... I don't want to push people around and lead by fear...

S: everyone is scared of him... saying I made a promise to him... he is bringing morals into it, he loves his family, but is using it... every conversation he uses his family or kids...

K: I like the guy, but my advice to you, protect yourself... know that you are not safe... not with me, but there are others that are thinking of putting themself safe

S: why did they come to me talking about who is safe?

K: because I got HOH... they think you are a weaker player, and they are safe...

S: are they telling you to put me up? oh, my heart is going...

K: you can't think with emotions... I didn't want to be the one to tell you, I don't want to be the bad guy, just want you to know... be careful... use your head... there's a reason why I didn't get involved with that group...

[very hard to hear their conversation, other audio is louder]

S: let me know... I want to support you...

[hairdrying makes it impossible to hear now]

K: the reason you're put up, they are scared... 'we have to let someone go'

K: Beau/Ivette are stuck like this...

S: Rachel/Howie.... I'm not a team... were you and Michael a team? (yes) How am I not a team?

[hairdryer again.. arggggggh]

S: who is James with?

K: I thought he was with you?

S: Jan/Ashlea... I'm not with James... they aren't going to put... who is James with?

K: you're telling me right now you are not?

S: no

K: something wierd is going on...

[April starts drying her hair again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol]

April/Maggie are talking at the bathroom mirror, Kaysar/Sarah whispering

K: you don't know anybody....

S: no

K: ok, I believe you... what do you think about putting up James/Maggie, make sure she feels the pressure.. I'm trusting you, I know you've been tight...

A: I know my name could be there, easily...

K: I trust James... [April, quit digging so loudly in the drawer!]

K: Beau/Eric, that group, they said to put you and James up... a rumor went around, Beau told Eric...

K: I can't trust that group... if I turn on this group, they'll come after me, I was put in a position that I had to choose, I may have to put up James, but I want him to get off, but I need to know where you are with James... I'm thinking put up James/Maggie, Eric has been deceptive... don't say anything, reason I'm telling you, don't be emotional and spill it... be normal...

K: I was on the block the first week, second week two people I was close to... it's time to play the game... James has to fight for his life, I have no other choice.. if I try to go for Ivette or Beau...

S: (gives her thought, but can't hear it) it will call them out, and game over...

K: just hang tight, I want you to trust me, hang back, I hope with James being competitive.... this will create friction in that group...

S: it will cause fights

K: it's already causing fights, it's day one... you could be sitting me here playing me, but what else do I have, all I have is my trust.... know what I'm saying? You're going to put yourself in danger... know you have a player on this side... (sarah said something quiet again) don't talk to him, you aren't an issue, just stay quiet...


S: thank you for trusting me..

K: I trust you

S: you better not be playing me...

and sarah leaves

Howie/Jan come in immediately... [Maggie starts up the blowdryer]

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Beau, April, Sarah outside at smoking table talking.

B: this is your 4th fricken cigarette today

A: Maybe 5th, maybe 6th.

B: So you're smoking 2 a day?

A: thats how much i was gonna smoke? I never said that

B: yeah you did

A: bOBO! i'm gonna get some q-tips to clean out those ears

S: I thought you're not suppose to smoke heart girl.

A: I can smoke.. i just can't take caffeine, I was drinking caffeine.

S: I gotta go..

A: James is making up s***

B: I have no clue..

Feeds 1 and 2 goes to sleeping room.

Ivette, Eric, Maggie chit-chatting in the room.

Maggie: Something about getting choclate doughnuts everytime her and her brother come back from somewhere. And she will never forget that.

Eric: exactly, you'll NEVER forget those things.

Ivette: those are the good things

Eric: those are the things where I know my kids will remember in their lives

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--- Feeds 1 & 2

Jennifer, April, Sarah are talking in the bed room downstairs.


JEN: I'm just hungry cus I can't eat so much, my stomach has to get use to it, i'll get a headche for a day and a half, and i'll be fine.

JEN: this is the best week too, because I lose my appetite when I get my period.

APRIL: I eat like a horse on my period.

JEN: *yawns*

--- Feeds 3 & 4

Ivette: I have such a headche, i already took two advils.

Beau, James playing coasters.

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Getting ready for lockdown.

Maggie is going to get cookies and "snacks".

-- edit--

Howie is yelling all over the house REALLY loud because he beat cappy in coasters. (sorry, didn't pay attention to who he was playing with)

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Guest Soupy

Maggie is flipping out. She is in tears (or looks like she was and is trying to recover)

Eric looks like he's going to kill someone.

Kaysar and Janelle are in the HOH and K is almost in tears. He is upset that James is pissed at him and feels very bad about putting him up.

THey are watching them on the screen and K just said "The whole house is a mess" and J says "Well, we got what we wanted".

No worries. They'll get over it :P

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Guest Soupy

K is saying how sad it was and how emotions were crazy during the ceremony.

Hmmm...will be interesting to see tomorrow night!

K doesn't regret his decision because he used logic. But now his emotions are getting involved.

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cappy going to kaysar...says hey buddy its just a game...(trying to be the hero again like he wouldnt backstab him in a heartbeat?!) but hey if you want me to do POV with you I'll give you 100%. i have a deal to withhold you have my childrens name on it....Relax its just a game...blahblahblah. Just make sure you havea plan B for veto..

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