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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

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Ivette is telling kaysar that she does not owe janelle anything due to how she was treated earlier in the game.

I: as soon as ashleah left this house, mike and janelle completely trashed her. when you see the tapes.. you'll see who talked about who.

K: that is why i came up to you and apologized for what happened. i don't have a problem with you ivette.

I: i think you want to be in this game.. i'm telling you i'd be willing to put myself up there as a pawn.. in return, you can get a lot of promises for not being put up..

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Ivette is telling kaysar that she would be more then happy to be put up as a pawn with janelle..

I: mike was making people very upset last night that he got called the DR for what he did. there is more weeks in this house for everyone, but this is my last week in the house, so be it... there is bigger battles in this house.

ivette is going on about the relationship between kaysar and herself.. how things are for the better now..

Kaysar: this is a very difficult choice.. i'm very happy you came up here. because i mean, i respect every single person in this house. i mean i just want to let you know that i respect you even more for coming up here. With that said i want to give everyone the opportunity to talk.

ivette: desperation calls for desperate measures.. i want you to understand i'm not desperate..

K: this entire conversation has been based on respect, you've told me what you are thinking and i respect that.

ivette is telling him as her being the pawn if she was to win veto, she would leave it as is.

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Ivette is blabbing on with kaysar about how much people hate janelle.. how she really hopes he takes her up on the "pawn" offer. Ivette is telling kaysar he was not going to be up on the block this week..

*kaysar and ivette hug*

she leaves the room.. big brother calls kaysar to the DR

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Eric and James talking in BedRoom... Ivette joins the conversation and tells james and eric the conversation between her and Kaysar.. sarah is also there.

all 4 of them are talking about the "pawn"

Eric: did you sell him the way i told you to sell the idea.

Ivette: yes..

She continues to tell them the details of the conversation.

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Ivette reporting to Eric and James

E: Did you sell it like I told you to?

I: Yes

E: What did you say?

I: I told him Janelle would sell you down the river in a second! You're defending two people who voted against you. Don't do things out of desparation. Now Janelle's hanging out with you after being all over Michael. I said, If I know you you want to stay in this game and you don't want to upset this house cause you are still part of it.

Telling E and J everything, and adding things she didn't say.

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E: You think he bought it?

J and I: I think so

E: It would be poetic justice for that bitch to think she was safe this week and for him to put her up!

I: You can't tell him what I told you! Sarah! You can't tell him what I told you!

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Eric is praising ivette for the things she said to kaysar.. Beau joins the conversation.

wow they are really bonding together to get janelle out of the house and pull a fast one on kaysar..

Eric: do you think he bought it?

James: i think so

Eric: that bitch feels like she is safe right now, can you imagine how she would feel.

Eric: you guys have to go up to kaysar and make him see this, make him do it.

Ivette: you can't tell kaysar what i told you guys.. sarah you can't tell him.

ivette is telling sarah what to say to kaysar next to get him to buy their idea. racheal joins conversation..

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Ivette to James, Eric, Sarah: I don't want to tell people what to do. (LOL!) I came to this house to play a game, not to be around people like Janelle.

James: Everyone is lying to him, he has a week left regardless. (they're going to screw him of course)

I: I told him by me saving you, you could still put me up. I respect you.

Someone farted and now they are all laughing.

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Everyone leaves in a hurry.. james and sarah are left alone to talk..

James: you have to lie your ass off.. about us not being a couple.. kaysar asked me if i was with you.. he is as smart as i am.. you have to tell him you where called 5 days prior to coming to the show.. you have to lie.. lie your ass off..

Sarah: ok.....

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James whispering to Sarah:

You HAVE to deny! He knows about us! He's as smart as I am and he's figured it out. You have to lie like you've never lied before. You and I don't know each other!

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I and J playing foosball

I: Don't hate the player hate the game Michael! Don't hate the player hate the game. (She called James Michael)

I: Watch me now hey! (singing)

J: Ivette! Stop singing you bitch.

I: You can say you got whooped by a girl!

More boring banter between J and I, getting very competitive lots of cursing.

Finally, Ivette whispers: I can't believe Howie said put you up.

Sarah: What if he puts one of us up?

Eric: Just......

I and J yell GAME OVER! E quits talking to S and goes to play against J.

E and J playing foosball

E: I think he might buy it. The more I think about it the more I think he might buy it.

J whispers something about Howie and Rachel, I didn't hear it all.

Game now on, foosball, with interspersed talking, but not much.

James: Yep

Back to game and yelling.

Switch to Sarah and Eric in chairs outside.

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Eric and Rachael talking..

rachael: what if kaysar stirs things up?

Eric: then he's fucked next week.

R: he's going to do what he wants to do.

James wrecked the conversation... eric went to play foosball with james.

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April in the HOH with Kaysar.

A: I've never had anything wrong to say about you. I feel that other people that would be better for strategic reasons. I hope and pray you make a decision based on how you feel. You know Michael doesn't like me.

K: It wouldn't be fair for me to make my decisions based on Michael. That's what everyones been talking to me about.

BB: Beau, go to the DR

K: In the end I don't want to make a decision that's going to make me be put up next week.

A: I wouldn't have put you up this week if I had gotten it. I would have put up Janelle absolutely. I know Janelle backstabbed me.

She's making out like she saved Janelle this week. Damn, how did they all save Janelle?

A: I'll make a deal with you that if I win HOH next week I won't put you up. You and I have always gotten along. I don't have a problem with you and I don't think you have a problem with me.

K: I keep it a game relationship because of what happened with Mike and Janelle

A: I'm a very honest person, I'm not going to say I thought Mike was a great guy. He said something to me about people making him look like a sexual predator. I never heard that till Mike told me. He licked up and down Rachel, kissed me, bit my neck. I was a stronger woman who confronted him with it. I told Janelle and she said the same things I did about how he was weird. Then she went to him and was mugging down with him. I'm just so confused cause if I say something I'm not going to go out of my way to prove the opposite. She said bad things about him and the night Ashlea left, she was over on the hammock talking trash about her! She was trying to get everyone to vote you off when you and Ashlea was on block. I told you I wasn't going to vote you off, and I'll stick to my word. Strategically I know you'll do whatever you do. It's not about the money to me I just want to enjoy the experience. I can look you in the eye and say I would not have put you up if I had won HOH this week.

She's really on a monologue (sp?) here.

A: I don't know who I would've done as the pawn, but I wouldn't have used you because you've already been up there once and I think everyone needs to experience that feeling of holy crap I could be the next one to go. Janelle's a good player and she's smart. If I'm looking at it right the first week everyone wanted Ashlea out, but Janelle was trying to tell everyone to vote you out instead of Ashlea out. Kaysar, Janelle has now lost Mike and Ashlea, in this game the smartest one has been her and she has worked over several people.

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Kaysar and April go in the HOH room..

Kaysar: ok april, let's hear it.

April: i have to start from the beginning.. she's talking about the start of the game.. and the promises they made in the start.. the only thing that could hurt me in this, is that i didn't like mike.. and you are friends with him.

April: i thought he did things that where wrong.. i am a married woman, yes i'll hug someone, whatever.. i hope and pray that you are a good person.. i never had any issues with you.. i've never said anything bad about me. i feel that i'm a weak link in this game.

Kaysar: it's not fair to make my choices based on mike, because he made bad choices on his own.. people have been talking to me about "mike"... it's in the back of my mind, it's not the main issue. so it's like i just want to see where people stand in terms of the game. in the end i don't want to hurt my chances next week.

April: it's only 1 week for you.. if i would have won, i wouldn't have put you up.. i would have put up.. i like that person.. but it would have been the best for me..

Kaysar: who was the person..

April: i would have put up janelle... i know that janelle did back stab me.. i know she said things about me behind my back.. i told janelle the minute she backstabs me. the deal was off.

April: when you are in a game.. you have to trust people. i wouldn't have put you up.. i'll sit here and make a bet with you. if i win hoh next week i will not put you up..

April is blabbing to kaysar about they do not have a problem with each other.. she's never done him wrong.. blah blah blah..

Kaysar: i keep this a game relationship.. i didn't get involved in the gossip and other crap.

April: i'm a very honest person.. i liked mike at the beginning.. but not as the days went on..

april is telling kaysar about what mike said and did.. sexual things he did in the house while being there.. she is telling kaysar that she is the stonger person and she stood up for herself and her marriage..

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April is telling kaysar that when he was on the block.. janelle was trying to confuse the other houseguest's and make them believe everyone wants to vote out kaysar instead of ashleah..

april believes that janelle is one of the strongest players.. april told kaysar that janelle is trying to work him now.. to get farther in the game.

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2 feeds on April's monologue, damn she's long winded. Saying the same things over and over and over. Janelle is a backstabber, Janelle this, Janelle that.

A: we were never going to vote you out Kaysar. I never heard anyone say you were going. No one was ever going to vote you out. Janelle is working every angle.

1 feed on empty coffee table, 1 on empty kitchen

Every single HG so far has taken credit for Kaysar still being in the house. April working it hard and said if Janelle had her way he would have already been gone.

A: Trust me, Mike HAD to have been the only one who could have voted for you to leave. Who else would it have been. It was Mike. Mike would never tell me who he voted for. (get a clue! I can't wait to see their faces next week when they find out, if they do, that K and M are partners!)

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April continues to bad mouth janelle and make her look bad to kaysar..

April: you saw janelle and ashleah working it. there was serveral times that janelle would come up to everyone and saying we need to get the guys out first.. not the girls..

april is telling kaysar why racheal put him up for nominating the first week and how racheal asked everyone who would be best to put up..

lies lies lies... man april is going nuts... she keeps repeating herself.

April: i will put my hand on a bible just to prove to you i'm not lying.

Once again she goes on about why she doesn't like mike...

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