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July 22nd Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Mike had to have been the person who voted to get you off..

A: who eles would have it been.. I've asked mike serveral times.. who he voted for, however he wouldn't tell me. it had to have been mike who voted for you.

K: don't know..

A: i don't think it was howie...

a: the people who voted for you to go.. mike left and janelle is still here.

K: what do you think i should do now? do you have a suggestion..

A: if i was in your shoes, i would put up janelle..

*howie, please go to the DR*

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K: What do you think I should do now?

A: If it was me I would put up Janelle.

BB: Howie please go to the diary room!

April goes off about Janelle again, same thing she's said over 100 times now. Kaysar looks like he's about to fall asleep and wishing this bitch would shut up already.

(Ok, she's putting me to sleep. I'm off to bed, have fun people)

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10:50 pm BBT - Conversation in HOH between April and Kaysar

april is telling kaysar you only have one week of HOH.. If he goes against the "people" and janelle stays this week.. it will be kaysar and janelle on the block next week..

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April is telling kaysar that janelle broke up with her BF in the DR...

Completely bashing her... about breaking up with her bf on national tv.. and how the next day she was making out with Mike...

the Janelle bashing continues....... april is talking and talking.

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Guest Charoliney

Can someone STOP April from yanking and yanking and bad mouthing Janelle...

Kaysar looks frustrated listening to April

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K: one thing i'll tell you.. i do like you...

A: do you feel like you want to put me up.

K: you were not one of the people i was going to put up.

A: the deal is. you and i have never had issues.. i respect you.. blah blah blah.. as a friend of friend... even if you are not putting me up... i really think she need's to go.. weither i'm here or not.. she wont win it...

K: it's not as easy like that.. i was never included in the beginning in the big group.. because of what happened.. my hands are tied.

A: make deals with the people..

K: if you guys wanted her out, why didn't you get her out.


More talks of janelle... blah blah blahh.

It would be more entertaining if she would stop repeating herself...

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April is telling kaysar now that mike is gone, janelle is going to "warm" up to howie and get comfy with him..

kaysar is telling april that janelle will not try to "hook" up with him or howie..

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damn april has been repeating the SAME THING over and over and over over!!!!

April (speaking as Janelle): "I have no friends anymore...."

April: "You know I don't hate you"

She's said that at least 4 times in this hour!!

kaysar looks really freakin bored and is repeating the same thing he has said before again!

ie. "I like you" "I like you too" "We have no problems"

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K: at this point.. i don't plan on putting you up.. but i have bigger things to deal with and figure out who i'm going to put on the block..

k: i'll be honest with you.. both sides are to blame. there was 2nd and 3rd degree talking and the message changed.. (mike situation)

april: i didn't see him hit the wall.. i was telling everyone that they can't make things up or make them worse..

K: What does that say about that person..

A: i know, but i wont meantion that name..

K: i know there are people in this house, on your end that are causing problems and are now being honest. i feel i can trust you..

A: if i win HOH next week.. and she doesn't go up this week.. i'll put her up.

K: can you see why i would much rather have you put her up.

A: if i don't win hoh, and you don't put her up, next week they will put her and you up.

K: i'm not part of the bigger group

A: i don't want to be a part of the group... i dont know. i don't know.

A: another thing you have to look up.. if you put a couple people up that are troublemakers, one will not go and the other will make everyone go against you.

A: i would make some deals.. the people you are worried about is the ones you have to make some deals with. do what you feel is right..

A: i hope what i've said today, doesn't go outside the room..

K: it wont.. you told me things in confidence.. i'm sure everything you have told me, you have already told janelle.

A: make the right choice.. i know you will.. you choice is based on how long you want to be here.. that isn't coming from me..

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11:12 pm BBT

*Racheal, please go to the DR*

April tells kaysar she misses her husband.. kaysar looks extremely bored..

Kaysar and April hug.. she leaves...

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Kayser just said this is really hard, because the more I talk to everyone individually, the more I see the "genuity" (honesty?) of them (LMAO - I haven't seen such crap in a long time!)

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11:19 BBT

Now Beau is in the HOH room, says his mood changed this morning because he feels like some of his friends in the house betrayed him. He prayed about it last night for God to clear his head.

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Beau is the next person to enter the HOH..

11:14 BBT

k: what is going on?

B: what are you thinking

K: my brain is like mush right now.. as much as i wanted hoh.. it's alot. the more people come and sit with me one on one.. it gives me the chance to know them better.. i really do like everyone and it makes me like people more. i can't vote someone off because i dislike them

B: you have to do what's best for you.. in the game.. you have to play it the way you believe is the right choice.. once you start making it personal it starts to get ugly. backstabbing.. it's not the way anyone should play the game.. conversations we've had i've been honest with you.

Beau is telling kaysar how much he likes mike and how he want's to be friends when he get's out. How him an ivette have talked and only met 3 weeks ago and have a great bond.. as well beau and april.

B: i was mad this morning because a lot of things i saw in her, really pissed me off.. (janelle) last night when i went to bed i prayed.. i want to know if i'm suppose to trust certain people.. blah blah blah..

Beau is talking about how he couldnt sleep last night.. how he was stressed out.. why things are done in the game.. what he saw.. certain people are users.. how some people have already back stabbed him..

he continues to talk about the people in the house..

B: a few days ago.. i got upset because mike was a friend of mine.. janelle clearly asked me what i thought about mike.. i told her he's a great guy.. he's not my type.. janelle asked beau if the things the other HG's where saying about mike was true.. 2 days later she's like Sucking face with mike.. who know's maybe she was telling mike what i was saying about mike..

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Beau is telling kaysar all about the game, how he makes his friends wisely.. the fact the entire world is watching right now and he doesn't want people to think he's a back stabber..

K: i understand what you are saying.. i played the netural role because i had no choice, i wasn't in the "group" it's going to be a hard choice.. i don't know what i'm going to do.. I understand clearly. YOu where there when i got upset.

B: i was so floored when you got up and told people to stop what they where doing. mike hasn't done anything wrong to me.. i'm going to respect him. i'm not going to back stab him..

*howie rings on the doorbell*

K: give me a second..

H: ok..

B: the house as a whole is under the certain agreement.

K: that one vote was me.. (mike)

B: yeah i know that.

K: part of the reason was.. if it was me in his shoes.. i don't agree with some of the things he did.. i didnt want mike to leave with no votes.. i wanted him to feel like at least he had one friend.. it was crushing.. i hope no one holds that against me.

B: yeah.. i wont.

k: i see what you are saying when it comes to janelle

B: don't take it as bashing janelle.

k: i know it takes a lot to come here and speak the truth.

K: it may seem like a very clear cut choice for you guys, i'm in a different situation, that is why i dont know what to do.. i hope everyone here accepts my choice.. i feel this week wasn't a good idea for me to win HOH

B: this week if you didn't get HOH, you wouldn't have been the one leaving.

K: i'm put in a weird position. you know! It's weird, i don't know if i can... i don't think i can be the one to put her up..

B: i dont' know what i would do if i was in your position.. i didn't want to be in your shoes, i would have been the one who had to put her up.. i told her how it was.. blah blah blah...

K: yeah.

Beau continues to tell kaysar how he doesn't know what it would be like to be in kaysar's shoes.. he threw the comp this afternoon she he wouldn't have to.

K: i'm on the other side of the fence..

B: she is a strong player.. i would just go with people who are challenges to you or threats to you.. at least sports wise and such..

K: is that your only suggestion... do you think someone eles should be up.

k: who eles should i put up?

B: maggie doesn't sit right with me..

beau is telling kaysar the "story" between april and him and what happened with maggie.. at 2 am in the morning. beau and april where talking in the bed room and they thought maggie was sleeping and while they where talking maggie said "what's going on, what happened"

Beau thinks that maggie is getting others to do her dirty week.

K: does anyone eles feel this way?

B: a few do.

K: i'm on the outside.. i dont' know what is going on. i want to get involved more. i am going to take this opportunity to make it happen.

kaysar is telling beau how he didn't "click" with the others and that is why he was caught up in the bullshit..

K: my hands are tied.. if i don't put up janelle i hope you understand

B: my word is soild.. if i make a promise with someone, it is what it is..

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k: who do you think if i put up, who would be a mistake and make me look bad.

B: you have reason's with ivette..

K: i have nothing against her

B: cappy.. the group is for eric

K: i respect eric, i dont think he should go up

B: jen is a wild card.. her story's don't add up..

k: i agree with that

B: james.. from the beginning i didnt like him.. he is a strong player, but i just dont' know about that.. james is a cool guy

K: james kinda scares me, between you and I

B: if james doesn't go, he will come after you.. that is what i see

Beau is telling kaysar how he approached james and started to get to know him..

B: wild card.. you don't know what he's thinking.. he plays everyone's good side.. i have never really seen him get on anyones bad side

B: rachael.. very quiet.. watches everyone.. doesn't say much

B: sarah, no clue, doesn't really say much, she's a floater..

B: hmmm who eles is there.. april?

B: april, strong player, i think she has been back stabbed a few times by janelle. she heard about those things, i promised i wouldn't put her up.


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Feed returns...

Beau is telling kaysar how he hates when people come to him for information..

*eric, please put on your mic*

k: i think it's perfect.. i feel the same way..

K: i dont know what sarah's deal is

K: i need a plan b.. if you think i put maggie up..

Kaysar is telling Beau that everyone likes him...

K: because janelle is a sticky situation.. who would be that people would understand if i put them up.

K: people like james..

B: people respect him, but they dont like him.

K: are you sure about this.. if this doesn't work, it's it for me

B:james when you got HOH, he's never came to you before. you guys never had a relationship.. automatically, he walks by everyone and is on your ass.. no matter who wins HOH he will be there to Fan your ass.. i dont know if he's doing that, but i saw that tonight.

Beau and kaysar are talking about sarah.. kaysar tells beau she was right on his ass when he won the HOH..

B: if you put jen against sarah. jen would leave..

K: if i put jen up against anyone. jen would leave because she's a weak player.

K: what about someone who would benefit the group..

B: the strongest player? that would be james and.. (no answer)

k: i respect eric, i like eric...

b: it's hard.. uhm.. some people think that maggie is just getting info

B: if you put maggie and sarah up.. maggie would leave

Beau is telling kaysar that james and eric would have sarah's back if she was up on the block.. he is also telling kaysar that eric and others don't like maggie.

K: i talked to ivette and we're cool.. i've talked to eric and i'm cool with him.. i still have to talk to a few more people but.. i've talked to april and we're cool.. i don't know.. i still have to talk to more people

B: if you have anymore questions.. call me on my cell phone or let me know.. i'm here for you

K: thanks, i appreciate you coming up here.. hopefully it's makes things easy.. i'll be talking to people tomorrow.. i just want to sleep on it..

* hug hug* Beau leaves HOH room.

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Eric: April has a high heart rate and maggie & Eric couldnt help her to get it down. she had to go to DR and being tended to medically.

Just can hear this no live feed coverage of this convo????Come on BB!

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april is in the Dr apparently due to an extremely high heart rate..

big brother is attending to her right now.. Eric is telling everyone that he is concerned..

She has been in there since leaving the HOH room while talking to Kaysar..

everyone is talking about her.. and they are concerned..

maggie: she has had this thing a few times.

eric: the medication she is on, me and maggie are familar with.

eric and maggie are talking to kaysar about the medication they gave her.. weird how both know the same things, say the same things.. good thing kaysar already know's they are together.

Kaysar told them she was fine when she was in the HOH room.

No feed, just audio.. kaysar keeps saying "damn"

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ERIC: April is in DR, because her heart rate is too high.. too high for us, and we can't bring it down naturally. I think she has some type of electrical problem. I don't know specifically, but all I know is she is having a medic tenting? to her now.

KAYSAR: What happened.

ERIC: She just came down and said her herat rate is too high.

K: So is this normal?

E: NORMAL? I don't think its the appropriate for her. And you have to give her medicine, and if you do, she has to go the hospital. What we're hoping for is she breaks on her own.. and she can just break out of it and its normal.

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Guest Shockalot

Thanks Tric for the awesome transcribing because Beau is really talking fast and bouncing as always. Even more than usual.

He is really shining up to Kaysar and trying to assure Kays he is with him whatever happens.

Kaysar looks exhausted but is still doing a noble job of interviewing Beau.

Really wanting to know who BEAU thinks is a threat, who is nomination quality and who he should 'not' want to Nominate.

Who would garner him (Kaysar) the most or least repercussions.

Beau is telling Kays as much as possible. Heh,, certainly he wants to help pick someone besides himself.

Kays at one point asks "You get along so well with everyone.. if you were me what would you do with someone like that?"

((Beau showed a glint of fear in his eye it seems))

Beau seems to narrow it down to James as maybe one of the most feared players by the majority.

They hug and leave the room together.

Beau seemingly feeling he is 'in' with Kays and Kaysar happy to have gotten 'In' with Beau (and therefore the group).


OK.. Eric informs Kaysar that there is some problem with Aprils Heartbeat. Eric and Maggie have tried using techniques they know from ER but they cant do anything for her.

Eric informs Kaysar that April is now being attended to by Medics.

She may been given some medication (they are familiar with it) but they think this type of medication requires an overnight stay in hospital. 'Transport' as Eric says.

Maggie and Eric suggest April might naturally 'break out' naturally.

Eric explaining it happens naturally sometimes and she can have a 'Shithouse' MI.

(Im not kidding folks)

This is where someone can have a bowel movement and the pressure of 'bearing down' will do 'something' to a nerve causing the heart rate to break down naturally.


Eric and Maggie tried to simulate that, Eric even tried to massage her coratid artery.

They agree its not a critical condition and is a stable condition so its not that dangerous at the moment but is in the long term.

They cant agree if April has been losing weight lately.. Kaysar mentions she has been chain smoking but Eric says that wouldnt do it. but doesnt help either.

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