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August 25 & 26 - Live Feed Updates

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12:19 BBT

Ollie is surprised Michele can remeber her dreams in such "detail"...

Next door in the 60s room....Reeney and Keesha talking ..Reeney wonders why "all the pillows" are in their room..Keesha "because od Dan" and when he attacked her with the pillows.."he's a brat"....."I can't wait" for tomorrow...Reeney making fun of Libra...Keesha saying kiss my behind "bitches"...

12:23 BBT Keesha reading her letter...as Mephis waddles in and states "I don't think I pee'd"so much as he has in this house.....Memphis says Dan's coming in to bible thump..actually "read a verse".....

Memphis "I haven't purchased anything" since he's been in the house..Keesha saying she hasn't written anything....talking about theirlives post BB..."what do you thing Keesha"..Memphis asks....they are whispering.."he should have just won HOH"..Memphis "that's what I said".....they whisper but mic noices interfere..Keesha saying something about "pov"....inaudible...Reeney gets up to listen to Keesha's whisper....."he hasn't made up his mind exactly which one"...."its going to be bad...its going to be real baaaaad" Memphis says......saying "they might..they haven't seen any action in awhile"...FOTH

12:30 BBT..Ollie and Michele..fantasing about tasks in the BB house that would earn them money like $5000 everytime someone fed the fish...Michele estimates that she would have earned over $200,000 feeding fish..."i hope so..that would be fabiloso" and continues talking about her "dreans" with "jesse" in them..

Oli says "maybe its that cofee you're drinking" before bed that are giving her those dreams....

12:40 BBT

In 60's room Memphis and Reeney are talking about extorting Jerry's money from his....and then paying it back if they don't nominate them if he wins HOH...Memphsi "we'll figure it out tomorrow"...saying they can't let him know they are voting out Michele...

keesha "when's Dan coming down"....Memphis "after his shower'...Keesha telling them Michele wanted to listen to his CD but Dan told her no...Mempis "really"

Keesha wants to turn off the lights..and they whispering continues...while Reeney money extorntion plan continues.......the threats they'll make...Memphis "a luxury challenge tomorrow"...

12:45 BBT

Michele talking about the food her mom's gonna have ready for her when she gets home ..shrimp pork pizza.."buncha buncha buncha other stuff I love"...."she'll be feeding me like a mofo"...she says goodnight....

olie wonders "what will happen" in her dreams tonight...as Michele prays and says "Goodnight Ollie"....and they sleep..saying "you're gonna probably dream about food"....

12:48 BBT "what does strife mean" Keesha asks as Dan preaches....he finishes..."goodnight Dan" as he leaves...lights out..bust whispers continue..."fucking arrogant people" Keesha says..Memphis says "it seems to be what happens" to them.."since day 1" ..Memphis goes on saying you 'get a little arrogance" and you "see what happens"

Keesha 'its killing me" and Reeney gets out of bed to listen to her rant....Reeney flips on the lights...Reeney goes over he getting Jerry's money..plan....

they whisper "the camera's going frickin nuts" Reeney says aloud...

12:58 BBT Lights off again.....and talk how hot the lights are....

{looks like everyone is in bed....seems tomorrow after POV ceremony will be the fireworks and the flying shit from the fan as it's been mentioned many times today..I'll miss it as i'll be away from the feeds all day..but I'll be back tomorrow to read about it and to recap at my usual time ...night all}

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A little after 2am BBTime Renny wanders out of her bedroom to use the washroom. When she comes back to her bedroom she tells her roommates Memphis & Keesha "it is a good thing I had to go to the bathroom" as when she took her shower she threw her wig onto a latern in the washroom and forgot it and when she went to the bathroom her synthetic wig was burning. Memphis and Keesha laugh that the fire alarms would have went off and that Renny could have burned down the BB House with one of her wigs before the game/show is complete. Renny says "they would put us up in Hotels until the BBHouse was fixed and bring us back". Memphis and Keesha said they would just go home -game over. They eventually doze off after this convo.

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9:13am BBT

All house guests still in bed. Keesha tossing and moaning a little bit. BB begins to play very loud wake up music, and after a few seconds, we get FotH.

9:23pm BBT

Live feeds return and we can see Michelle, Ollie and Keesha up and about. Ollie questions Michelle about the wake up music asking, "Why would they play specific songs?" - and we get a brief FotH. Some house guests are still in bed with the lights out. BB: "Good morning, house guests. It's time to get up for the day." Some house guests ignore BB's greeting and remain in bed.

9:30am BBT

Jerry is up and in the shower.

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10:20AM BBT: All the houseguests are up and about. Dan keeps asking Renny if she is mad at him. He's acting like he's done something bad. Renny said she isn't but he does some crazy things. He is holding his head down in guilt.

He is now discussing it with Memphis. I think he has figured out a way to share the blow of POV surprise with Renny, Keesha & Memphis but I am not sure.

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I'm lost. Dan went upstairs with Renny and said, "Will you feel better saying Ollie's name, I don't want to piss you off." She siad yes and Keesha will say Michelle's name. Where or for what I do not know yet.

Now all four cameras on Renny "putting on her face".

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10:49 BBT

Ok, I'm at work so I only caught some of this but I think Dan is getting a little case of cold feet. He called Keesha and Renny up in the HOH and said something about going around the room at the Veto meeting and asking each person who they want him to put up.(I think this is to save his own ass) Anyway, Renny REALLY did not like that idea and thought Dan was throwing her and Keesha under the bus. Dan kept reassuring her that was not the case. That's way in the previous posts he was asking her if she was mad at him.

After that, that is when he went outside to talk to Memphis and brought up voting out Jerry, not Michelle.

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Dan said he was awake until 5am thinking. He decided that he was going to go around the room - Michelle then Ollie then Keesha then Renny - and ask who they would put up as a replacement nomination. He seems to think that Michelle will say Keesha but Ollie will say Renny. He wants Keesha and Renny to both say Michelle. Renny flipped out saying that was putting Renny and Keesha in a bad position and if Ollie was going to say her name then why couldn't she say his. <in my opinion this is a stupid plan by Dan> Dan then went outside and was talking Memphis about it - Memphis also thinks it's a bad idea - they need Renny and Keesha still and he shouldn't make them mad for no reason, for something that would have no benefit. Memphis also rightly pointed out that if both Keesha and Renny say Michelle it will leave them with no bargaining chips with Jerry - he'll know Michelle is going and they have no room to make a deal for him to put Ollie on the block.

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10:55AM BBT: So now Dan has said Renny can say Ollie, Keesha can say Michelle and then Dan said he'll say something like "Well it's a tie and in the cases of ties the HOH breaks them, so I pick Michelle." Dan's filled Memphis in and asked if he thinks it's a crazy idea? Dan said that no one will be pissed at Memphis, just Dan. Memphis (in a moment of wisdom!) points out that in some cases it's better to not say too much.

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11:00AM BBT: Keesha and Renny in bathroom. Renny whispers, "I think what he's [Dan] doing is gonna backfire on his ass."

11:20AM BBT: Dan, Keesha and Memphis outside. Dan tells Keesha that he came up with this new POV meeting scheme simply to make good tv.

Michelle whispering to Ollie in the pink bedroom. She's talking about Dan asking her who she would put up as a replacement nominee, and she told him Keesha.

11:25AM BBT: Dan quietly hanging out on bench in main bathroom. Renny comes in to fiddle with her hair. After half a minute of silence, Renny asks, "What's up, Dan." Dan responds, "The calm before the storm."

Keesha called to DR.

11:30AM BBT: Jerry and Michelle are in the pink BR having a friendly chat about Bloody Mary recipes. Jerry says he can get a little more aggressive when he drinks.

11:35AM BBT: Dan and Ollie in HOH. Dan asks Ollie if he has a problem naming the person out loud at the POV meeting. Ollie says, "I'm down with that." After Dan further explains the possible scenario, Ollie backs out of the idea. Now Ollie is saying he has a problem naming Renny but no problem naming Keesha. Ollie continues to vacillate. Finally, Ollie says, "Okay, I'll do it. You got my word, dude." Dan says he'll signal Ollie by asking if anyone wants a drink. Ollie vacillates, again. Dan warns Ollie if there's any BS, Dan will pull the trigger. After ten minutes of back and forth, Ollie has agreed to Dan's scheme.

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Now Dan is explaining to Ollie what he wants to do for the POV ceremony. He's only explaining part of it though - he hasn't told him that he's going to go around and ask everyone individually. He's going to ask the person Dan supposedly has decided to put up if they want a drink and then that's how Ollie is to know which person to say. Ollie is waivering saying he doesn't want to say Renny's name because he doesn't have anything against her. He said he's being thrown under the bus. He said if Dan picks Keesha he has no problem, but not with Renny. Ultimately he comes around and says he'll do it. Dan is telling Ollie that he can only say the name, no lead up, no "I don't want to say this name but Dan is telling me to", no BS or ad-libbing or the deal is done. Ollie is going with the plan. <this just seems like a lot of planning that could blow up in his face>

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holy heck has broken loose.... Michelle was put up in place of Memphis

Ollie is telling Renny a bunch of bull and Michelle is out there... telling his version of the agreement. Dan, Keesha and Memphis are outside relaxing

They are telling Renny that Monica is fake and that Dan is a plant. OMG, Ollie, Jerry, and Michelle is telling Renny that Dan lied to Monica and that she was in the van on the way to auditions. That this is all a setup by BB and Dan is a total plant (next they will be telling her that Monica will be coming into the house ... based on their discussion the other night).

Ollie is saying Keesha must be a plant also.. {Ollie is loosing it}. Renny is leaving . Ollie just approached Dan outside... telling Dan .... you got some story to tell... he need to come clean. Dan said you can do all the talking.

Keesha said you guys turned on me. Ollie and Michelle said no Dan turned on you.

Ollie is telling the 3 part deal. Dan is walking out, said he does not have to say anything. Ollie keeps tlaking, Keesha says she is not involved in this. Ollie keeps saying listen to me, said Keesha was safe in the deal by Dan's equest.

Dan went to HOH to bed. Trying to convince them that Dan is a plant.

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1:00PM BBT: Everyone in backyard and Ollie is furious. He tells everyone about Dan's plans. Michelle and Ollie are accusing Dan of being a plant. Dan leaves and goes to HOH while Ollie continues to go nutz. Ollie now screams at Memphis, "Suck my dick, you little faggot!!!" after Keesha and Memphis ridicule Ollie for thinking that they weren't in on the plan. Memphis warns Ollie to back off.

1:02PM BBT: Michelle and Dan in HOH. Michelle is bellyaching asking Dan, "Why would you do that?" Michelle leaves HOH after 3 minutes. She sees Jerry and says, "I'm gone."

1:10PM BBT: Keesha and Renny go to HOH to visit with Dan. Keesha tells Renny and Dan about Ollie's repeated pleas for Memphis to suck his dick. After 2 minutes K&R leave so Ollie can talk to Dan.

Ollie wants to know why Dan played him; he feels disrespected. Ollie says that Dan took away his manhood. Ollie wants to know if putting up Michelle was in Dan's game plan all along, and Dan says, "Yes." Ollie tells Dan that Ollie thinks Dan and Monica are plants. Ollie: "You played April, and then you played me. You played us twice, dude." Dan says that it's just game play. Ollie doesn't understand how Dan can live with himself. Ollie: "I'll tip my hat to you. I'm the fool. So what else you lyin' about, fool?" Now Ollie doesn't believe that Dan is a coach. Ollie says, "You embarrassed me in front of millions." Ollie leaves after about 7 minutes of complaining to Dan.

1:15PM BBT: Renny, Keesha and Memphis in BY. Keesha says, "Jerry is secretly happy right now." Memphis can't believe that Dan let Ollie in his room. Keesha tells Memphis that she told Dan what Ollie said to Memphis.

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1:12PM BBT: Ollie and Dan in the HoH and Ollie losing his mind saying Dan not only lied and played him for a fool, but he took Ollie's manhood in front of millions of people. Dan says it's a game, Man. Ollie wonders why Dan did what he did. Ollie also says Dan is a plant and Monica was seen at the hotel before the HG got to the house. *LOL* Dan says Monica is real and he's not a plant and whatever. Ollie says Dan is not there for the money, but is there to just play around with people's emotions. Ollie asks Dan if he's really a football coach. Ollile totally paraniod about who Dan is. Dan says he didn't take a shot at Olile's manhood. Ollie says "You embarrassed me in front of millions." then Ollie leaves. Dan lays on his bed waiting for more shitstorm.

1:16PM BBT: Ollie goes to his bed to lay there and sulk. He's wearing his shades.

Meanwhile... In the BY, Memphis, Renny and Keesha hanging out. Memphis says they need to get Jerry tomorrow. Keesha agrees and says "He's already offering to vote for us to win - right in front of Ollie!"

Keesha says Jerry is secretly happy right now. Memphis agrees. All of them are sort of contemplative. Renny says she left her tea in the HoH room. Memphis wonders why Dan let Ollie into the room a few minutes ago. KEesha and Memphis say they wouldn't have. Memphis says he better watch his fuckin' mouth.

1:20 Michelle and Ollie start bitching and we get FotH.

1:22 back and Michelle rehashing what Dan said to her. Says Dan said if Ollie had chosen to protect Jerry, he would have been backdoored.

Jerry comes in and says something and Ollie jumps him and Jerry says "What are you on me for?"

Ollie says "all that stuff was scripted. They knew it was gonna happen."

Michelle raging pissed and stalking all over the house. She sits on the bed and She tells BB "don't be fuckin' puttin no fuckin' cameras on me you stupid mother fuckers - get out of my face!' Cameras follow her to the SR and she tells tghem "Fuck Off! Fuckin' think I'm stupid, Mother Fuckers?"

1:25 Renny and Dan in HoH and Dan asks if Renny is pissed. She says no and goes out to grab some chips off the chess table.

Dan asks her thoughts. Renny starts in on rehasing what the deal was....Dan says for her to tell him what Ollie said, and she says no. Now they go over the deal and nominations. Renny says "I heard you say up there to him...." then rehashing previous conversations...

I'm out.

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1:20pm BBT

In bedroom Michelle says to Ollie, "I didn't sign up for 'The Mole', man." :animated_rotfl:

1:23pm BBT

Michelle to cameraman: "Get that fuckin' camera off of me you fucking motherfuckers." She's using the words "fuck" and "motherfuckers" more than the rest of the words in her sentences.

1:26pm BBT

Michelle continues her "fucking motherfuckers" rant. Ollie now threatening physical violence on the others and we get FotH.

1:29pm BBT

Ollie tells Renny that Dan is a plant. Ollie says that even Swim Club was scripted.

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Ollie rant in the BY after nominations...

Ollie yelling he played all y'all, every single one of y'all. Ollie says he got to call the shots all week & Ollie got to pick the replacement nominee (uuuuh sounds like you got played Ollie not everyone else ).

Ollie: (ranting) I was HoH. Y'all can take it for whatever it's worth.

Ollie: I'm done

Keesha: So if it was up to you guys I would be on the block?

Ollie: pretty much

Keesha: (yelling) I can't complain, I can't complain dude, I'm not on the block!

Ollie: I just want you guys to know what you are working with

Memphis: Ollie, what makes you think we didn't know that?

Ollie: (yelling) I don't care if you did know. I could care less if you know it or didn't know it

Keesha: We knew it the whole time

(Ollie keeps going off)

Memphis: watch your mouth dude

Ollie: Suck my dick you little faggot, suck my dick!!

Ollie & Memphis go back & forth "watch your fucking mouth" to "suck my dick" a few times. Ollie goes to his BR. Keesha says we aren't the ones who got fucking played. Keesha thinks it's funny that Ollie wants her to be pissed because she is not on the block.

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Ollie is outside steaming. Michelle is not around, Jerry just went outside walking. Mem, Kee, and Dan are in HOH talking. Dan says Michelle has told him so many different lies the past 2 days... and that is the reason he decided to put her up. They think Michelle went to bed. They are talking about all the lies that will be told the next few hours.

Renny comes into HOH and they ask her what's up. Renny asked Dan why he told her Ollie wants her out. Renny is mad. Dan asked her who she believes. Dan tells her she needs to trust him. Keesha tells renny to stop freekin out and trust Dan. Renny said she heard him say no way... but not sure who to trust. Dan is being his evasive self. Said he told him no way at first when he was hanging then agreed OK later. Renny said Dan said lied to her. Memphis said no, that is NOT WHAT WAS SAID... It was just word on the street... not Dan that said that.

Keesha said she thought it was her .. not Renny, that Ollie is telling anything. Renny said she is angry at him and hates his attitude. Dan said vote him out if he is unhappy. Renny said he voted her out day one. Dan reminds her that he did not put her up.

Dan keeps asking her what are his questions. Renny said Memphis you said I was the one Ollie wanted out. Memphis said NO... i said the "word" on the street. Her name was not said. Memphis said they don't want you here ... we do... so why did you say me.

Keesha says, Renny think her name got thrown out when Ollie wanted Keesha put up. Keesha said the "word' on the street was Renny. Dan never said to put Renny up.

Memphis said you can say what if.. and bring up the past. You have to go on the future not the past in the game.

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