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August 25 & 26 - Live Feed Updates

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3:50PM BBT: In the kitchen, Michelle sweetly concludes her impression-session with Renny by referring to her as "Renny-roo" several times.

3:57PM BBT: Renny is in the bathroom, and Keesha walks in and calls her "Renny-roo".

4:03PM BBT: Keesha in kitchen while Renny cooks. Dan and Memphis come in from outside, and they inquire what's cooking.

Renny: (singing) "Hey, good lookin'."

Memphis: (singing) "What'cha got cookin?"

Renny: (singing) "How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?"

We get FotH because they've just sung the entire first verse to a song made popular by Hank Williams, Sr.

Feeds return, and Renny is singing Freddy Fender's "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights." We get FotH for a minute after that.

4:10PM BBT: Renny starts to sing a song made popular by Tommy Tutone titled "8675309/Jenny", and we get FotH.

4:20PM BBT: Renny called to DR.....finally. She had been begging for them to call her all day "while I still look good."

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4:35 PM BBT: Ollie and Michelle hosting a whispering session as they do sit ups in the BR. Michelle updating Ollie on her conversation with Renny in the kitchen. Ollie has left the room now and Michelle is lying on the floor staring at the ceiling.

4:37 BBT: Michelle has followed Ollie into his room. Continues to whisper about her conversation with Renny.

Michelle trash-talking someone "Everything that comes out his his mouth is a lie".

Ollie saying, "This is why I can\t even get mad at them, they are so immature. I tried to play nice but I'm not playing nice anymore."

Michelle telling Ollie not to screw himself though because he'll be putting whomever Renny wants up.

Indoor Lockdown begins.

Jerry walks in with his laundry. Ollie speculates they are filling the fridge with water outside. Michelle states she got her abs and a little tanning in before the LD. Jerry says he got some workout done too.

5:11 PM BBT: We are watching Keesha sleep on camera 1.

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5:00PM BBT

Jerry putting his freshly cleaned clothes in his bedroom drawer, while Ollie lies in his bed. Michelle enters and proudly announces, "Wooowwww! I lost five pounds in one day! Five frickin' pounds." Jerry immediately throws cold water on her having sweated out the weight by sighing, "Easy to do." Michelle counters, "Anyway, between this morning and right now, I lost 2-and-a-half of them." She continues, "Ummm, there's something going on outside. I don't know what the Hell is going on outside, but I hear alot of voices."

FotH for a few minutes.

5:10PM BBT

Renny must have poisoned the food because Memphis and Keesha appear to be dead in their beds.

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6:20 pm BBT

Renny, Dan, Michelle & Jerry sitting at round table eating, they are talking but I have the sound off because I can't stand the sound. Ollie sitting at kitchen counter eating. Keesha asleep in her room... two feeds on Keesha, I am assuming that Memphis is in there too.

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6:00PM BBT: There's been no game talk going on. They've been talking about Hurricane Katrina and tornadoes.

6:25PM BBT: Keesha is awake in her room and doesn't look to be going to eat in the kitchen again tonight. Memphis is at the table eating while Renny and Ollie are doing dishes.

Keesha heads out to the kitchen. Renny is still discussing Katrina.

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6:40PM BBT: Feed one and two keep going on and off fish. Keesah was cleaning the table's outside. Renny is on the couch and Dan and Memphis are out there too. We have sound just no picture...

The other two feeds are on Ollie and Michelle in the kitchen. Michelle is saying someone is "fucking dirty" (Dan) and that he was smelling his armpits... A lot of F-bombs from Michelle.

Memphis wants to know "who is going to clean the fucking windows now that Michelle is going on Thursday." They're talking about Jerry and the fact that he feels safe. They all wish they could send him out the door on Thursday too.

Michelle and Ollie are still bitching in the kitchen about Dan and I think Michelle has moved on to Keesha bashing too.

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7:20PM BBT: Michelle and Jerry are playing a game of pool and Ollie is watching.

Keesha/Dan/Memphis in the BY waiting on Renny to get out there so they can begin the exercise session. I think they've started without her... Nope, she's out there now. Didn't see her.

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8:00 BBT We got a snip of Michelle in the DR asking for beer and wine, then we went to trivia...

Michelle asked someone named Hank if he liked watching her, then she said she wanted to know if maybe since it was one of her last days in the house if they could get alcohol...

We come back from trivia to hear Jerry and Ollie talking about someone they have nicknamed Cankle (I am assuming they mean Keesha, but not sure: Yana) and Jerry says that she's an ugly little bitch and that he likes the name Cankle for her or either mouse...

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8:10 BBT - Just alot of bashing of Dan & Keesha right now by Ollie, Michelle, and Jerry (basically Dan should be scared I guess) Michelle hoping for a miracle to save her.

Michelle goes to feed the fish (hoping to win more money lol?)

Dan & Memphis upstairs playing chess again

8:15 BBT - Renny & Keesha in the Spa Room. Renny says she doesn't trust him (not sure who) and Keesha says she doesn't trust any of them outside.

8:20 BBT - Dan & Memphis enter the Spa Room and they say here comes the Brawney Boyz!

Not much real game talk going on just idle chat about Dan's blog and Keesha's nail polish

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8:00PM BBT

We can hear Michelle in DR. "I don't recognize your voice. What's your name? Hi, Gene. Good. You like watching me? Alright, good answer. Good answer because I was gonna say is there anyone else in the house here, or is it just you and me, Hank? Well, since it possibly could be my last couple of days in the house, umm, I was just wondering if there's any way that, umm, we can get some alcohol so that I can have at least, you know, some enjoyment in the house 'cause - " FotH.

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Renny, Keesha, Dan and Memphis are in the spa discussing movies they like.

Now they are trying to guess movies from quotes.

While Michelle, Jerry, and Ollie are playing pool.

Keesha just got called to the DR

all 4 feeds on the people playing pool...interesting stuff

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8:45PM BBT

Blockmates Jerry and Michelle are playing a game of pool.

Michelle: "Oh, Jerry, you kill me sometimes; if Joanne could hear your mouth."

Jerry: "I didn't tell Michelle my favorite saying."

Ollie: "Tell her."

Jerry: "I'm not sure who I'm saving it for."

Michelle: "What? Bullshit?"

Jerry: "No. No. I'm saving it for either, uh, Memphis or Dan, at some point."

Michelle: "What's it going to be?"

Jerry: "Out of a million sperm, it's hard to believe you were the fastest swimmer."

Michelle: "Wow."

Jerry: "I'm saving that one."

Michelle: (chuckling) "He goes, 'I'm saving that one.' Oh, that's funny."

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8:50 BBT Michelle and Jerry now up at the pool game, with Ollie rackin' 'em up. Michelle continues to look into the camera, wave, then plead for alcohol through hand gestures and lip-read messages.

Jerry reveals he has a special saying that he's been saving up for something special. He's decided he's going to use it on either Dan or Memphis, and he's saved it for a big moment. He tells Michelle the saying is: "out of a million sperm, you're the only one that survived?" He seems very pleased to have revealed this big secret. He talks about meeting his wife, Joanne, and how he met her in November and married her two months later in January of 1960. Michelle asks "did you get busy the first date?" Ollie says "he already told you they hit the fast track!" He tells a story of driving in from Quantico and being so completely exhausted that he fell asleep on Joanne's family couch, and her mother came in and screamed "get out of here!" and he ran out. Jerry gets nostalgic telling lots of family stories as he does periodic but frequent nose picking, one of which concerns his own father making untowards comments about Joanne, after which Jerry didn't talk to him for four years. Jerry tells several stories of how he knows everyone by name at the bank and everywhere he goes, and says they all say here comes trouble when he arrives. He again tells the patting Joanne on the butt story as he says "nice ass", and tells Michelle and Ollie "don't underestimate me, I'm completely different outside of here". They ask what Joanne's maiden name was and Jerry shakes his head to the negative, not wanting to tell. He says "my real initials are germ - GRM", but is careful not to reveal his actual last name.

Michelle asks Ollie to tell stories about girlfriends next, but he is quiet. She then says about herself "I got lots of stories, they all end with 'asshole'" She gets up to check the alcohol situation, Ollie tells her if he finds some she ought take it all and hide it. Jerry says "at least this way we have the backyard, and those assholes are in there". Ollie says they have to get outside more. Michelle returns unsuccessful with the alcohol request, but says "soon", then does a few cartwheels in the lawn. She prods the two guys for more stories; Ollie doesn't know what to talk about; Jerry says he's seen so much of life that he has "stories beyond stories". Jerry mocks Keesha, as always, and calls Memphis "America's future fatboy". Again mocking Keesha as if she's leading exercise class: "Noses out of each other's ass, 1,2......" "wipe your own asses, 1,2". He asks with his scratchy voice raised louder now "do you love us out there, the Three Amigos??" He says of the others he can't decide which he dislikes most.

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Renny, Keesha and Memphis are in the SR, with Keesha telling horror stories of people tortured and murdered. They talk of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy..... Not sure where Dan's at.

Jerry, Ollie and Michelle outside sitting around, doing random bashing of the others, with Jerry saying he doesn't like that Renny was rooting around the other's rooms. Michelle says she thinks Renny was just looking at pictures. Michelle keeps asking for "beer and wine". Ollie now screams across the BY "Michelle wants to know where her liquor is at!"

9:30 BBT Jerry seems convinced his daughter gave him a cryptic message during their phone call. He says his daughter said "Dad, don't worry about the money, just come on home". Jerry says "she said that knowing I'd never leave. I think she was trying to tell me something is going on here".

Michelle says the way Memphis smiled at her when she went in the house means that they may have decided "let's keep Michelle". She feels they were talking about it when she walked in and Memphis was smiling to let her know. Jerry calls them assholes again and says he feels Memphis is silently taunting him when he walks past. Michelle says "a glass of wine would be amazing right now", after which she imitates a sports announcer and how he says "SCORE!", and she does a minute long rendition of how it sounds. Jerry asks "how can we f*ck them up without losing the money"; Ollie says he doesn't even want to discuss losing; Jerry says "well, I'm counting on you this time, Mr. Ollie". Jerry finds other ways to use the f word as he badmouths the other group. Both guys smack their crunchy snacks as they discuss having to win HOH on Thursday.

Dan IS with the others in the SR, and they are discussing getting recognized after the show. Keesha says in her midwest small towns she gets stared at, mostly people who used to know her. Renny says they never saw anyone who looked like you, that's why they stare. Renny says maybe they'll have a parade and Keesha should be in the convertible in the parade. Keesha says she loves going home and sitting on her mom's front porch swing, "it keeps me grounded" going home. Dan asks his usual questions, wanting minutiae and detail on everything being said. "Does your sister do modeling too?.......Is she younger than you?" (Keesha says her sister is 12 years younger).

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10 pm BBT The SR group continues to tell hometown family stories. Renny often refers to something that happened to her in the past that caused her "great grief", and says now she refuses to surround herself with people who will hurt her. "My world might be smaller, but it will be better".

At the same time, Michelle is on her alcohol hunt while Jerry says "Dan's a prick......f 'em", and he and Ollie continue to badmouth the others. Michelle returns angry that they've denied her alcohol for the evening, saying she threatened to wander the house and keep them up all night because it would help her to sleep if she had it. Jerry asks if there were any DRs today, Michelle answers "I told them, look, if you're not gonna give me any alcohol, I'm gonna go take a shower...." and we go FotH.

Feeds are back within the minute, with Jerry saying they're waiting for things to calm down before they give alcohol; Michelle says "I'm pretty f'ing calm, and I was yesterday too". She randomly says "I f'ing hate Dan, the more I think of him I want to shit on his face". She says Dan's not a coach; Jerry and Ollie join in on the Dan bash and they start in on the conspiracy theory again. Ollie says Dan drives a Ford Taurus, and Jerry says "that's about his style.....it's a stick shift and he sits on it". Michelle gets up to play pool alone. Ollie says something complimentary about Renny; Jerry says "she mocks us as much as the others, she's just a sneak about it" and Ollie agrees, Jerry calls her "a low level sneak". Jerry tells that he and Ollie agreed this week that they'd each rub their bald heads if they needed to speak to the other. Jerry says he rubbed his head a lot and Ollie didn't notice; Jerry then went over to Ollie and said "you dumb f*ck!" while rubbing his head madly. Ollie laughs that he didn't recognize "the signal". They talk of the first week of the BB season; Jerry is angry about Memphis selecting Brian when Julie Chen asked him which member would you vote to come back. Jerry says Memphis really wants Angie back, and says "don't let anyone tell you different, that was a ShowMance between those two" (Memphis and Angie). Ollie agrees wholeheartedly and says "that's why Keesha sent her out! She was jealous!" Ollie says Dan was thrown under the bus those first weeks, and admits that he (Ollie) "screwed him", HE "threw him under the bus", and that's why Dan did what he did this week, "to get everyone back". Ollie says "if Dan gets to the top two, we'll be known as the dumbest BB cast ever".

The SR group continues talking of family, with Renny telling stories of her son's football games and a coach she met, and how her son gave a touching speech about her (Renny) that made the coach's wife cry.

It's 1:30 on the east coast here, goodnight all.

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10:34 BBT

Ollie Michele and Jerry talking outside ..talking about there past mistakes in the game...Ollie saying they will be "the dumbest cast in BB history" if they let Memphis get to the final two....

Jerry saying Memphis "fucked Steven right out of that car" saying he won the first rock paper scissors and Memphis wanted 2/3 and when Memphis won Steven wanted 3/5 and he said no..

Jerry saying "the pain was unbearable" holding his crap in the car comp.....

Ollie wants to do a "recap of week 2" since they just did week one.."Brian's evicted"...Ollie says Jessie started didn''t have any......letting them in on a secret...Jessie went on a roll...."so going to the end" Ollie says Jessie rippped one and threw it and didn't see it on the ground......and he "eventually found it"..saying they threw hints....saying he finally found it....

Michele 'that still was the hardest one"

they keep their recapping

10:43 BBTIn the sauna room Dan Memphis Reeney and Keesha talking in the sauna room.....Reeney says she wishes she could snap "and he would be gone" just like that about Jerry....talking about Jerry looking creppy......Reeney says "he has to trump ya" when you talk to Jerry....."or here it comes" everytime she talks to him.......

"your're not lisyening"...they mock Jerry...Reeney goes on her triad..."wash your hands after you take a crap" ...Keesha "he's always picking at his nose"......

Reeney does "an imitation of the Colonel" doing his wash...she does it..Dan laughs and Keesha kackles....

they make fun of Jerry washing his clothes and playing with the washer...."remember he sat indian style in front of it"..they all laugh..Memphis "Oh..... my.... God"

Reeney claims he was starring at her during a shower..but says he couldn't see anything....Reeney talks about dropping the soap..."the soap dropped"..they laugh

10:51 BBT

Outdoors Ollie Michele and Jerry outdoors talking...they are discussing the Angie eviction..the PoV "Keesha won my default" Ollie says.....Michele saying "I didn't have a connection with Angie"..Ollie saying Her Memphis Jessie and Angie were an Alliance....Michele says no...she told her "I'm never gonna trust you again"......Jerry says they were in "an alliance"......Jerry says "they're the 5" and all of a sudden "I'm not with anybody".....and Keesha told them that if he wasn't with them...he "would go home the next week" Michele says he and Reeney were suppose to go....

Jerry said "the shit started with April".....and go into April's HOH....and Michele's connection to Angie..Michele says Angie never came up to her to keep Brian....saying "she took Keesha" and asked to save Brian...

Jerry comes back bitching saying Reeney daid "2 for 1" about HOH...they dismiss it and go back to their season recapping....

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11:15PM BBT

Ollie, Michelle, Jerry are camped out in BY. They've shifted from bashing the remaining houseguests to arguing (not discussing) about possible future HOH comp scenarios.

Dan, Keesha, Memphis, Renny are growing roots in the sauna room, having been in it for quite some time. They're discussing possible HOH comp scenarios. Dan says, "I think one of my favorite HOHs was "The Eliminator". (the one Renny won) Now Memphis hopes that it's not going to be another one where you have to guess what other people say "because that's assumptions.....that's not a practical challenge.....there is no right or wrong answer." [i've got bad news for ya, Memphis. America just got polled. - jimmie]

Memphis sings a line from a song made popular by Elvis Presley titled "Love Me Tender".

11:30PM BBT

Dan tells Renny, Memphis and Keesha that he has beer up in his room, so the foursome shifts from the sauna room to HOH. On the way up, Dan jokes, "Should I invite them?"

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11:00 BBT

Jerry frustrated at trying to explain and ask why Memphis and her "aren't close" saying...she was close with Jessie and Jessie was close to Memphis...saying Memphis turned on him....and startded talking shit...even though Jessie wasn't going to bad mouth him.....'he's a prick" when Olie asked why he would do that...

Michele asks about what they were talking about inside.......Jerry saying Memphis acts like he's "escorting me through the house".....Jerry saying reeney and them "are planning" for the HOH....and that's why she said 2 for 1....

11:04 BBT they go back to recapping

11:05 BBT Back in Sauna Room.."Keesha "we are all pretty much in the same boat" with Ollie and Jerry.....saying Dan isn't their target...Dan wonders if they "aired" when Ollie told him to suck his cock...and they give us a FOTH......

11:06 BBT Jerry give a pep talk and talk about what goes on and what they know "and be prepared" ..Jerry "I'm with you two" saying he kill em if they let them win this........Ollie saying the house has flipped 3-4 times..Jerry "the same people" are doing "the flipping"..........

They talk about Reeney "not being a threat".........Jerry has a brain fart and can't remember "where the hell am i".....as he struggles to remember what he was saying...saying "a little fucking wimpy mouse" about Keesha...."Memphis is a physical threat"..but "he hasn't shown and intrest whats going on around them" ..saying he and Dan are "playing like a child"......talking they need to work on "the mental" aspect "and focus and help each other".....they talk about redundant crap...# of "slats" of the fence........Ollie says they would never ask questions questions like that in HOH....

11:13 BBT..Memphis and co talking about their extortion plan to "make a deal" with Jerry.....Reeney saying how greedy he is and counts his gold bars at night...Reeney wants to hide his gold bars....."he would...flliiip" Memphis says...

Dan making fun of Ollie "seeing her in the cafeteria" when we get another FOTH...

11:16 BBT

Back outside..they are doing their version of Jedi training.....asking the # mirrors.......Michele says "there's 57"........

Ollie "what days these events happened on" saying that's what they need to know......"what day was the wine competetion"...Jerry "the 16th day"...Ollie "you're right".........Michele beggs to differ...saying "it was impossible"...realizing she was right that it was "day 10"

11:19 BBT

Back in the sauna room...talking about the HOH Reeney won..and how Ollie jumped the gun......saying the'll get nervous...Keesha telling them "to take your time....don't jump the gun" if its a question.....

Dan says he would throw the keey in the pool "over the wall if they won HOH but says he's kidding that he'll hand it to him and not "put it over " his headon his neck..

Memphis hopes it not guessing..the HOH....and stuff the 'know".....Dan says "it could be anothe endurance"..Dan wants to think of what they did in past seasons that they haven't done yet.........Dan telling them to "pay attention" to things around the house and the music...

Memphis saying it could be endurance..reeney like "a back to back"...Memphis backtracks saying it might not be fair because of Jerry......Reeney "too bad"..and Memphis says they would make it.....Keesha "I know what you're saying"......

They are talking Michele would make headway...rather then sitting outside and ignoring them......

11:27..."if I leave next week" Memphis says "please don't avenge me".....as they discuss Ollie's avengance.

Keesha "i can't trust a person who doesn't laugh" about Jerry..Reeney interjects with "Dirty ol man"..

Dan wants to move the council to upstairs and they move to HOH..and their hidden beer..."You gotta a beer" reeney says....

11:30 BBT..They are in HOH..

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11:35PM BBT

Dan, Renny, Memphis, Keesha enjoying Dan's beer in HOH. Dan jokes, "Shall we walk outside with our drinks." Memphis snorts a laugh, and Dan says, "Sorry. I'm done."

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11:31 BBT

Outdoors Ollie Jerry and Michele are getting their timeline down getting ready for the HOH....

Upstairs HOH..Dan hands out the beers...."I'm surprised they didn't give any liquor"....

Memphis {breathing so hard} laying on the bed..as Dan asks Keesha to check the time for him.......Reeney wonders if people will talk about him wearing "the same swimsuit" everyday......Memphis says JC will ask why he hasn't washed "his bathing suit" and Dan says he wants to "conserve water"..and "clorine" will wash "as good as soap"

11:35 BBT Keesha "Its a 11:35" she tells Dan as he offers his grapes and strawberries...

Outdoors...Jerry and Ollie and Michele work on their timeline.......and saying they will 'put names and activities" and "we know every inch of it" saying "we have "all the time in the world" to get this down....

11:37 BBT

Jerry goes in Michele and Ollie talk about the #'s....Jerry comes back and lets then know "they've gone upstairs"...Jerry goes back in to check the time....and come bacl to let them know....and talk about their BB timeline...

Jerry still talking about "tomorrow" they'll tie in the names...whishfully thinking that there will be a twist and one of them will stay........Ollie saying "Dan" is the only one who is good with numbers......Jerry says she would rather Studdy for hOH "the sit around and feel sorry for ourselves"....

11:42 BBT..Michele worried that AC to bring someone back in and they already picked em and she won't be included...whishfully thinkg BB is "overdue" for a huge twist.....

Now they are doing true/false......Jerry says "she is still working"...saying she told him "I'm a hairdresser...and she leases a booth"

Ollie says it won't be personal info.......they talk about Brian and him being in the AirForce..

11:46 BBT

In HOH Keesha saying "it does not matter" how many people think you're beautiful......Reeney being philosphical....talking about being beautiful inside and out...and seeking help....

Memphis telling Keesha "you can control any dude you want"...Dan like telling him to wear "a taken shirt"...Keesha saying "if you don't feel it" it doesn't matter how many people tell you...talking about her ex...."my friends hated him"..."off and on"..was her relationship....Dan and keesha says she's not "superficial"

Keesha says "i've never had a self esteem problem"...but talks about staying "with this guy"..Reeney says she was in a relationship similar..sayin they "couldn't wipe my husbands ass"

Memphis says a lot of people "just settle"....in relationships

[i'm out school's starting tomorrow..summer's over for me..be back tomorrow}

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