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August 25 & 26 - Live Feed Updates

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1:45PM BBT: Renny joins Dan, Memphis and Keesha in HOH. Renny is hysterical and mad at Dan. She even revives the instance in week one where Dan voted to evict Renny. Memphis can't even calm Renny down.

2:05PM BBT: Dan, Renny, Memphis and Keesha still up in HOH. Looks like they plan on staying up there for awhile. Renny is calm, and they're having a happy chat. Dan says he remembers seeing both Jerry and Renny in the cafeteria where Ollie claims to have seen Monica with Dan before the season began. Renny doesn't remember Dan, but he remembers seeing her. Dan said Jerry was there, too, reading the paper. Keesha asks if Ollie really saw Monica. Dan said that he didn't. Dan said Ollie saw someone who looked like Monica. Dan asks Renny for a hug, and after a motherly lecture of telling him to never pull anything like that again, Renny gives Dan a 10-second hug.

Memphis and Dan are watching the monitor screen when one of them says, "What was that?" Ollie is in the back yard throwing candy canes over the wall and at other stuff. Ollie is alone, storming around the BY, rattling things around, screaming for everyone to suck his dick. He's called to the DR, and he refuses to go telling BB to fuck off.

2:30PM BBT: Dan, Michelle, Keesha, Renny in HOH watching Ollie on monitor. Ollie is pulling their keys down and throwing them around the house. Memphis sneaks down to investigate and reports back that Ollie has "busted the light outside". There are lollipop pieces everywhere on the floor. They speculate that Ollie will get kicked out of the house.

2:35PM BBT: Dan, Michelle, Keesha, Renny are holed up in HOH watching the monitor the same way we watch ours. Kind of like a BB show within a BB show.

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2:30 Ollie on a mission of destruction. Memphis, Dan and Keesha watching on monitor as Ollie does something with the HGs keys. Memphis goes to check it out then comes back and says Ollie has actually destroyed the light pole outside to the right and knocked the planter over and also shattered a lolly pop on the steps. They worry that he'll get tossed from the game. Keesha says she knows getting screwed sucks, but they all agreed to it.

2:37 Dan says BB probably is allowing this so they can see more, but don't want it to get out of control. Says they're doing a balancing act.

Memphis says Jerry will run his mouth. Keesha says they'll start turning on eachother.

Dan says he's staying away from the stove and any hot oil! *LOL* Dan wonders if Ollie got kicked out, would Michelle stay? Refers to season 2 and how they still had normal eviction.

(**wonder what they'll think of the double eviction this week? Bet Ollie goes.....- MrsF**)

They watch Renny put her key back. Dan says Ollie will have to pay for the destruction from his stipend. Mentions someone from season 2 and a toothbrush. Dan wonders what his parents are thinking of today's feeds. Memphis wonders what all their parents are thinking. Memphis says "if I go in my room and my shit's fucked up....." and sighs. Dan says they can't ruin anything. Memphis lets his testosterone get the better of him and says "shits gonna go down." ((***yeah, yeah...you all know the rules and you all know that the big talk is BS...shut up. - MrsF***))

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Dans says his picture is messed up. Seems Ollie mess Dan's picture up also. They have decided it is best they stay in HOH for now.

Memphis said all the keys are missing from the wall, Ollie took them. Also the candy canes are busted in a million pieces. The light outside also has been completely busted from the planter where it is outside and the planter is turned over. Appears Ollie has totally lost it. {wonder how long bb is going to let this go on. In the past they were immediately booted out}

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2:40PM BBT: Dan, Keesha, Memphis in HOH. They wonder whether they'll still get to evict Michelle, if Ollie gets kicked off the game. [The upcoming double-eviction should be a blockbuster! - jimmie]

2:45PM BBT: Memphis ventures downstairs and returns some living room chairs to their rightful places. Apparently, Ollie must have thrown them somewhere or at something.

Jerry and Michelle in kitchen fixing food, not talking.

Keesha has braved a trip to her bedroom to whisper with Renny. Keesha wants Renny to stop blowing up at people because it could hurt their two-person alliance.

2:55PM BBT: Dan and Memphis poolside.

Dan: "How do you think it's going to be perceived, that move?"

Memphis: "I don't know, man. I don't know."

Dan: "But even if I didn't say that stuff, he'd still be pissed. Renny wouldn't be, though. I just fueled this fire for HOH."

3:05PM BBT: Renny, Keesha, Memphis, Dan are all in BY.

3:10PM BBT: A now calmed down Michelle joins Renny and Keesha on BY couch. She's blaming whatever she said at POV meeting on Dan. Michelle says she saw Monica at the cafeteria. "She was wearing a blue dress - " and BB briefly cuts to FotH. Feeds return to Jerry lying alone inside and Dan swimming solo in pool. It's the calm after the storm.

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The feeds sure are protecting Ollie and Michelle this afternoon, aren't they??

Whenever she said to Keesha, I wasn't going to vote you out.LMAO She is such a liar.

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3:30PM BBT: The washing machine starts doing a jig. Renny goes outside to turn it off.

Everyone has been spotted on the feeds within the past hour except for Ollie.

3:48PM BBT: Ollie and Michelle whispering in pink bedroom. They strategize on how to save Michelle. The basic plan is to promise everything possible. Ollie says, "they're stupid."

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3:48PM BBT: Dan and Memphis eating in the kitchen, Michelle and Ollie whispering in the pink room


3:55PM BBT: Keesha, Renny and Memphis in BY talking about Michelle and she wants them to keep here in the house, Keesha thinks Michelle will be talking to Memphis next

3:58PM BBT: Keesha tells renny here come our boring evenings. Both of them just laying on the lounge chairs in the BY

4:06PM BBT: Keesha and Renny smell BBQ. Keesha misses the outside world, but says she can wait. Keesha and Memphis( I do not see him on the feeds but I think he is outside) say they think Dan is in the HOH.

All is quiet but Keesha chewing on a piece of Lollipop!!

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4:10PM BBT

Dan lying in HOH bed, air-drumming to Weezer. He then switches to air-guitar. 5 minutes later, while still listening to music, he lays in bed looking at a large framed picture of Monica and himself, which he's removed from the wall.

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4:11PM BBT: Dan is in HOH listening to his CD

Keesha and Renny still in BY discussing keeping cool to protect themselves

4:13PM BBT: Keesha asks I wonder where that plane is going, Renny says I do not know but I wish I was on it.

All 4 feeds on Dan in HOH laying in bed holding the pic of Monica and him. He is listening to his CD and staring at the picture

4:17PM BBT: Renny says BB needs to give them a feast to break the tension and they can say the things they do not like about each other this time.

Renny asks did Dan go to sleep, Memphis says he went upstairs

Memphis says 33 days left in the house starting tomorrow

Michelle doing laundry asking if someone lost a wire to their bra

Keesha and Memphis trying to figure out how many actual days left in the house

4:23PM BBT: Dan still in HOH staring at the pic of Him and Monica

(Have not seen Ollie or Jerry in a while)

4:28PM BBT: Ollie is in the kitchen cooking something. He's wearing sunglasses.

4:27PM BBT: Ollie in Kitchen cooking with his shades on.

Renny called DR

Michelle in BY on the red Couch, Keesha still on Lounge chair chomping away at the lollipop, no talking going on in the BY

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4:33BBT Michelle gets up and goes inside and is now in the 80's room talking to Memphis. She is promising Memphis if she stays she will not put him up and she did not do anything wrong, she knew nothing about what was going on.

Michelle now in Kitchen with Ollie. He says he can only eat hotdogs when they are burnt. Both of them now sitting at table not talking.

Michelle, Renny, Keesha in BY,Michelle asks who messed up the light out there, Keesha says I think Ollie but I was not out here at the time. Renny says she is going inside to lay down. Renny asks Ollie if he is ok, he says yes he is allright.

Keesha called to the DR

4:42BBT Michelle and Ollie now outside. Michelle saying she asked Memphis if Dan asked him not to use the Veto and she said Memphis said F yeah he did. Michelle told Memphis to think about why Dan did not keep his deal and why he put Memphis up and why did Dan not want Memphis to use the Veto. (sorry not getting it all, feeds are in and out right now)

4:46BBT Michelle and Ollie wondering why Dan did not just tell them he was going back on the deal and he should grow a set. FotH

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4:37 BBT

Michelle trying to make deals with Memphis, saying keep me in the house. She's telling him to question why Dan asked Memphis not to use the POV? If he didn't intend to go along with our plan why did he ask you to not use the POV. Think about that.

She goes to the kitchen to report to Ollie that she just talked to Memphis.They sit down at the table and Ollie proceeds to eat his fried ( i think) hot dogs. Renny came in the room, pushed a chair in closer to the table and walked over to the fridge.

Michelle now outside with Keesha/Renny. Renny announces she's going to lay down. On her way to lie down she asks Ollie if he's alright. He says "Yeah, I'm alright. Thanks though."

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4:25pm BBT

Ollie is in the kitchen looking at himself in the mirror while he's eating chips and frying two hotdogs. Michelle joins Ollie in the kitchen 10 minutes later. She tells him that Keesha is the only one outside.

4:35pm BBT

Michelle goes to Memphis in bedroom and makes promises to get his vote. He says, "I'll think about it." She tries to make him suspicious of Dan earlier putting Memphis on the block. She returns to Ollie in the kitchen and says, "I talked to Memphis." Ollie eats his lunch in the kitchen with Michelle keeping him company.

4:40pm BBT

Keesha called to DR.

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Ollie tells Michelle she is in the same situation as April was last week and this game is stupid. Michelle thinks if she goes home this week, Ollie will go home next week.

They think if Memphis did not get POV he would be going home. Now they are talking about why did Dan not want Memphis to use the POV, Ollie thinks because Dan did not want the entire deal to be known.


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Renny went up to dan's hoh room, dan is asking renny if she thinks he did the right thing??

Renny wants to know why is that photo looking fake... Dan says that michelle is giving him the evil eye. that she mumbles under her breath.

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6:10PM BBT

Jerry, Michelle, Ollie in spa room. They're over-analyzing Dan's behavior and are trying to convince themselves that Dan is a plant to make for good tv, and therefore Dan cannot win the big prize, which explains his devil-may-care game-play.

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6:35PM BBT: Feeds return after 20 minutes to find Memphis and Dan in HOH. They mention that some of the others are sleeping, and Renny is in the hammock. Dan wonders what the time is, and Memphis guesses around 6:00. Dan says he was in DR for 2 minutes.

6:40PM BBT: Ollie and Michelle talking to Keesha on BY couch. They're still trying to turn her against Dan's wishes of evicting Michelle over Jerry. They claim that Jerry and Dan have a deal. Now Michelle is claiming that Dan once took her aside to let Michelle know that Dan was trying to evict Keesha rather than Libre when they were on the block together. Ollie and Michelle continue to make up some big whoppers regarding Dan. Ollie and Michelle are making it up as they go along, but it doesn't appear that Keesha is buying their BS.

6:50PM BBT: Dan and Memphis in HOH strategizing how to advance their two-person alliance. Striking a 3-party deal with Jerry even comes up.

7:00PM BBT: Indoor Lockdown. Dan and Memphis playing chess.

Ollie sitting with sad look at kitchen counter, Renny washing dishes, and Keesha snacking near the fridge. Keesha wonders aloud in front of Ollie, "Maybe they're fixing that light out there."

7:05PM BBT: Jerry and Michelle trash talking in sauna room.

7:12PM BBT: The lockdown is over. Keesha tells Michelle that she "Heard them fixing the light."

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7:39PM BBT: All four feeds on Dan and Memphis outside HOH playing chess. Neither are talking. You can hear Keesha/Renny in background

7:47PM BBT: All four feeds now on Renny/Keesha in kitchen. Renny is cooking. Keesha is wiping the counters down. Dan yelled down and asked Renny what she was making, Renny says hashbrowns

Memphis has now joined Keesha/Renny in kitchen. Keesha whispering to Memphis (can't understand what she is saying)

7:53pm BBT: Dan downstairs in the kitchen now. Keesha at the bar with Memphis. Renny is frying bacon.

Keesha and Memphis are whispering. Keesha tells Memphis that she was saying to Michelle (about earlier convo) "yeah, really? I didn't know that" (she was totally playing Michelle in the earlier convo she had with her-smooches)

Keesha/Memphis/Dan go outside and the Memphis tells Keesha she looks worried. Keesha says I jsut want to ask Dan something.

K: Did you really trying to keep Libra in here instead of me?

D: (jokingly)yeah Keesha, I did

(Memphis/Dan start laughing) Dan says while laughing "you found me out"

Keesha says Ollie told her Dan tried to keep Libra

Dans says remember I told you Libra said she had 3 votes and wanted his. Dans says Libra never named names

8:10pm BBT: Keesha/Memphis/Dan all outside bashing everyone else. Rehashing everything from earlier

(can't handle Keesha and all four feeds on this convo. Will report when feeds change-smooches)

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7:45PM BBT: After 45 minutes, Dan and Memphis are still playing chess and have captured most of each other's pieces. Before we find out who wins, the feeds switch to Renny and Keesha in their favorite room in the house - The Kitchen. Memphis moseys into the kitchen with Dan making vague references to one of them coming back 6 pieces to 2, so I guess we'll never know who won the chess match.

7:50PM BBT: Keesha, Dan, Memphis on outdoor couch. Keesha is repeating the accusations Ollie and Michelle made against Dan, including Dan trying to vote out Keesha over Libre. Dan uses the Word Of The House to describe how he feels about it. The Word Of The House is "crazy".

8:10PM BBT: Keesha, Memphis and Dan still outside having a laughfest over Ollie's lies about Dan. They come to the realization that Ollie told Jerry all three parts of the "secret" plan. Renny joins them.

8:30PM BBT: Ollie called to DR.

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8:56PM BBT: Dan and Memphis are cleaning the kitchen. They are discussing how Keesha doesn't eat. Memphis GF also does not eat much. Neither of them have actually seen Keesha eat a whole meal. She ate at the feast they think.

(The sound of the dish washing is drowning out some of what they are saying)

Talking about someone driving a Commander, wearing Abercrombie and having high heels that are over the top. (April?)

Memphis likes classic rock - the Steve Miller Band, the Grateful Dead. Memphis now said he used to love this band probably no one ever heard of - they are called Dr. Hook and they sang this song called 'Cover of a Rolling Stone'.

9:06 PM BBT: Feeds switched back to Keesha and Renny. They are discussing how the final 4 plays out. Keesha said that 1 person will decide the fate of everybody at that point. Renny states that if anyone stands a chance to win they would have to be against them 2 because no one could win against Keesha. Keesha says that is absolutely not true, she doesn't think April, Libra or Michelle will vote for her. Keesha can't sleep for thinking about everything and realizes she has no control over this. She believes that Dan and Memphis will take them to the final 4 but that's about it.

9:22PM BBT: Talk turned around to the girls and their 'monthlies' Renny says she's never been around so many girls on their monthlies. "Frigging Cats!" she exclaims :huh:

The 4 in the BY are just talking general game stuff. A lot of repeated conversation from earlier.

Renny is tired of hearing about the company Jerry worked for. They are making fun of him saying he's always got one bigger and better (a story). Dan gives props to him that it is a huge accomplishment to be 75 and be here but he always brings it up so it's not as impressive.

9:34 PM BBT: Keesha made coffee. Said Ollie is looking more relaxed.

9:45PM BBT: Renny recounting some legal issues she worked hard to resolve. She says she would never give up on her Daddy. She mentioned getting 'lots of cash' for her Dad.

Keesha called to the DR.

9:40PM BBT: Renny telling the 2 guys about receiving tons of love letters. Dan teases her - from lots of men? She says no from her husband. He asks if they were dirty. The guys laugh and then Memphis says he (her husband) should have made them into a book - Renny said they were sweet. Dan making jokes " I meant like were they dusty and stuff?" And then digresses to 'dirty' letters he might had written. Memphis says Dan just gets worse as he goes on.

10:10PM BBT: Ollie called to DR

About 10 minutes ago Renny gave a pretty funny recreation of her craziness the first few days.

Memphis is now giving a run down of how the final three competitions work.

Keesha and Memphis are picking which celebrities represent the HG's. Memphis just said he said Jerry was Sean Connery. He says he gave him far too much credit. Keesha said Dick Van Dyck. (I missed the others, hope another updater got them)

Editing to correct context of discussion - it was who would play the HG's in a movie)

10:30PM BBT: Keesha going back to wanting to know what animal Jerry compared her to. Complaining about how Dan wants her to guess 5 animals a day. Memphis says - everything's a game to him. They have moved on to discussing how funny it is that Ollie thinks BB is after him. Memphis says "How could he think he (Dan) would just completely switch sides. That blows me away."

10:42PM BBT: And they fall silent.

Memphis and Keesha discuusing the facts BB has been throwing out speculating that these will be used for a competition. They think this one will be something that uses your mind. They filled out a paper and think their answers will be used for something, it was very personal stuff. One of the questions was "what's your favourite sex position?" Memphis didn't fill it out. Keesha did. |When Memphis said and you put.. it went to fish. Came back they were still talking back to FOTH now,

And with that I'm out for the night. Night all!

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10:43 BBT Keesha and Memphis trying to figure out what the next HOH will be...the questionaire they filled out...the useless facts BB throws at them every season...missing stuff from the house...Memphis saying he didn't fill all the questions like "what is your favorite sex position"..."from behind" is what Keesha said.....Keesha asks Reeney...after Memphis asks "what did Reeney put down".........Keesha asks...."its definitely not the missionary position" Reeney says...

"she's going to get desperate..she's gonna cry....she's gonna ball" says Memphis about Michele.....

All 4 feeds and BBAD on Reeney and Memphis talking about "Cabo" and "Lake Tahoe"...they are talking BB being "life changing" "life altering" experience....

"i loved my bed before" but says she'll "really love it now"

Reeney and Memphis says "i'll make a tape" and "press it for people"...so she won't have to repeat the stories of BB over and over Memphis laughs and agrees..{uh-huh..right..sure.... like these fame seekers won't like the attention}

They are talking about it being funny they didn't get to tell anyone..saying they made you feel "you'd lose your spot" on the show..

Memphis says he and asheley "were getting ready go film"...when he got the call from his Dad....didn't get to "call him back"....

Dan comes out about "CBS Mobile questions"...talking about what actor they remind of them.....Dan says he didin't do any for Ollie and Michele because he couldn't think of any...they go on talking...Reeney says "Jim Carrey" for Dan and "Denise Richards" for Keesha...Dan thought he was like "Matt Damon"...Memphis says "NIcholas Cage"...Dan "you're better looking than Nicholas cage" Memphis "i know" [hmm love is in the air}..they go on talking about N. Cage and his movies...

11:00 BBT Reeney asks Dan "have you seen the Graduate"...Dan says yes..and Reeney says "why don't we just go out"..when Dan says if he could come down to New Orleans..."to watch it" Reeney going on about Dan's "infatuation with an older woman"

11:04 BBT

All 4 feeds and BBAD on Dan Reeney and Memphis talking about movies....Memphis telling him "you'll like the Poltergist" because it has to do with Catholics..

They talk Hooror Movies "Saw" and "Hostel"...Reeney "my son liked it" but Reeney "that was....sick"..."you have to be sick watching this movie"...

"the Hills Have Eyes" Memphis says is one of the "best scary movies" .."its f'd up"...at "one point that's fucked up...I can't believe" what happens....

"Dogs Day Afternoon" "is one of my favorite movies" Reeney interjects......"The Usual Suspects" is high on Dan's movies...Memphis Mr Movie man has never seen or heard of it...."Your gonna be on IMDB Reeny" Dan tells her...

talking about "The New Rambo" bombed when Reeney asked about "SLY" stallone...they tell Reeney he's in his 60s...she says no...Memphis says if he's not in his 60s.."he's like 58"

Reeney "Terms of Endearment" is one of my favorites..Dan says he's never heard of it and has never seen "Tootsie" another favorite of Reeney's.......

"he gave out his real email address" Dan says..about Ollie...Memphis says its OK Memphis says its Memphis@Gmail.com..."just my first name" {but its really his first and last name @ gmail}

11:16 BBT Movie talk continues....."Robert DeNiro" while Memphis says "Lets go through Tom Hanks"....they discuss who's the better actor.....Reeney "there is no comparison in acting" between the two...

Dan ask if they ever walked out of a movie "because its so bad"...Dan says "A Nights Tale"....Memphis says no..Reeney can't remember..

11:22 BBT

All 4 feeds on Dan Reen and Memphis ..now with Keesha's obnoxious kackle.......still talking about CBS Mobile question.......repeating everything from earlier.....

Keesha whine who did you put for me..to Reeney....finally tells her Reeney says "Denise Richards" Keesha that's who I said "about myself"

keesha can't remember her questions "something about acting"..."something about work" "i don't know"...

Reeney says she got a lot of questions about New Orleans

11:28 BBT "I think he's a undercover Fag" Ollie says about Memphis ....look all he knows "about Fashion" and the cameras and BBAD switch back to all Dan and Co...

11:37 BBT Dan claiming he doesn't know what a "douche" "bag" is......they are not buying it...Keesha "you're lying".."how does a biology teacher" not know.....Dan thinks its "another name of part of the female anatomy"..."something that clenses....is it sponge"...Keesha "no you squirt it up there".....Dan asking......"Go to Monica and ask her" {or go back to middle school or look in the mirror to learn what it is}

Dan "I jus want to be clear" as he asks dumb questions...go buys one reeney says "you may need it one day".....

11:41 BBT....Reeney "I am married" and if I wasn't "I would break you in" about Dan's infatuation with "Older women"..........

Talking about playing the guess your profession game...

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