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August 25 & 26 - Live Feed Updates

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11:45 BBT

BBAD is now showing Ollie and Michele and Jerry talking.. yet they are not showing them on the feeds..anyway...They are talking about Dan being the plant and how Monica was suppose to be on a previous season when we get the witcheroo to Dan and Co..in the backyard...still talking about "Douchebags"..Keesha saying people are probably calling hin a douchebag with his "Taken" shirt...Dan admits he would call a guy wearing tha shirt a "D bag"........

Memphsi bitching about a "Luxury challenge" when he wakes up tomorrow...

"Tell that jackass " to picjk up his lollipop mess....Memphis "he better not" try and talk to him......and they laugh at him....Memphis "let's not" and ......saying what's the tension is going to be "on the last night"

"Keesha saying there is going to be some "bitter ass people"...taling about America's player...Memphis "I think they do it every year"

Dan "Keesha's the new improved Janelle" { oH God that Kackling freak wishes}

Reeney reports "The Colonel's up"...while Dan says Jessie will be mad at him.....

Dan making fun of Jerry's DR sessions...mocks him....

11:55 BBT Reeney and Keesha laughing about what "we did in the DR" telling them "I can't tell"......Memphis saying they really don't show all that "on the show"...Dan saying Ollies are probably "not very interesting"....Reeney talking Libra/April.........

Dan "I hope they do a segment on the inflating value of your car" to Memphis..they all chuckle...

12:03 BBT All 4 feeds on DAn Memphis Keesha and Reeney talking and repeating stories..so

{I'm out....til tomorrow...night all}

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12:25am BBTime

Michelle, Jerry, & Ollie in Living Room.

Memphis, Renny, Keesha, and Dan end there pow-wow in the backyard.

Memphis off to shower.

Keesha & Renny in there bedroom having there regular nightly chatfest.

Dan in HoH staring at the spy screen like a mad man, probably wondering which of the trio in the

living room will make there way up to the HoH room first, than Dan called to the Diary Room.

1am BBTime

Ollie and Jerry in the backyard planning what to do if they get HoH next week, and they decide they would put

up Keesha and Memphis so they can get rid of Memphis this way, there reasoning is Renny would

vote out Memphis

and even if Dan votes out Keesha, Jerry or Ollie's vote would be to evict Memphis. They don't bring up

veto scenarios though. Jerry says if Ollie or him get HoH, they both will move into the HoH room and sleep

and bring there meals up there and lock the door. Jerry says "I wish we could get rid of two of them"

Ollie replies "there has to be a double eviction coming up next week" (Hey Ollie its this week LOL)

Jerry bashing Keesha after he seen her looking out the window to see who was in the backyard. Jerry says

Keesha is shacked up with some guy and that her butt is already starting to sag and her BIG boobs too. (Gee

I thought April was the one with the BIG boobs, even old Jerry should know this fact) Jerry wonders how Keesha

could be a *star* her voice alone would close down a movie he says. Now according to Jerry, Keesha is a tramp. Ollie saying

Keesha is getting so fat in the house that Hooters may not want her back. Keesha comes out to check on Renny's clothes in the dryer for the 2nd time.

1:32am Ollie and Jerry head in to go to bed and pass Keesha and Memphis in the Kitchen.

1:45am to 2:30am BBTime

Surprisingly, Renny is out cold snoring away in the background.

while Memphis and Keesha are telling each other good horror movies

to watch, (the thing is they can't remember half the titles of them)

2:30am Renny gives out a real big snort/snore and Keesha says "oh my" and

does the Keesha hyena laugh.

Keesha "renneeeee"

Renny "wait, what ?"

Memphis and Keesha tell Renny they are calling her to the diary room

Renny "WHAT!!! right now"

they all laugh.

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9:40AM BBT: The lights are on, and the houseguests are up. Jerry, Keesha, Renny, Dan, Michelle being cordial in the kitchen. Ollie awake, lying in bed.

Dan goes out to BY and joins Memphis.

10:10AM BBT: Michelle alone in kitchen.

Dan, Memphis, Keesha outside watching Renny talk to a bird.

Jerry went back to bed, and Ollie still hasn't gotten out of bed. Ollie's lying in bed wearing a sleep mask to cover his eyes.

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10:12 am BBT

Dan, Keesha, Renny and Memphis sitting in BY... there had been a little sparrow in the BY and Dan was trying to talk to it. Renny - I think that is my mom, no bird would stay around that long. Eventually the bird is scared off Renny at first thinks it was Dan that scared it off, now she thinks it was the planes. Jerry had gotten a cup of coffee and walked out there, no one talked to him. He mosied around the BY for awhile, still no one talked to him and he finally went inside. Renny starts folding laundry. Keesha - Oh man... it is going to be hot today. The BY crew sitting in silence. Ollie is in the bedroom sleeping with a sleep mask on, Jerry has since gone ro the BR to lay down.

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10:15 am BBT

Dan now laying on the BY couch, Michelle has now gone out to the BY to hang out. Someone whispers something and Keesha says "Really? Yeah I know Ilove them, I wear them everywhere." Renny saying something in the background... Keesha - I wonder if you get it again you get a second pair (assuming talking about the slippers) I wonder what today is... Tuesday... Michelle is mumbling something. The BY crew was lively until Michelle walked out there. Keesha - I need to do my nails today they are all crabby Michelle - says something about the competition. Keesha - Yeah that is why my nails look so crabby. I painted them but they don't look so hot. Today is the day that is just like blah... nothing to do. Renny announces something about eating breakfast. Keesha laughs and says "She is so funny".

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10:19 am BBT

Keesha asks Michelle "Are they both 9's?" Michelle - yeah group yawning... Ollie still in bed, Jerry in bed, Dan laying down in BY, Keesha in BY drinking coffee, Memphis on BY couch staring into space. Renny at kitchen counter eating. Michelle in kitchen getting something to drink. Keesha says "I need to clean up that $hit today" Renny to Michelle - You drink a lot of iced coffee at home? Michelle - No I usually go to Dunkin Doughnuts to get it... Dunkin donuts has the best iced coffee.... Michelle - where is San Pedro? Is it in the Caribbeans... Michelle starts talking about a Madonna song.

10:23 am BBT

Keesha - How you doing today Dan, you see how Jerry avoids us?

Dan - yeah

Cams change to Michelle and Renny...

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10:25 BBT

Dan, Mem, Keesha talking about pressure on Ollie Jerry and Michelle "Win a competition or I'm screwed"

Talking about how the 4 won't get broken apart, especially given people's behavior recently. More about Jerry saying "he's never lied- what about week 1"

Dan: "Jerry said 'you have to look at using lies as ploys in the game' week 1"

10:28 am BBT

Keesha: "I hope they do not portray him [Jerry] as innocent and always standing by his word. Nobody knows what we've had to deal with from him. So annoying."

(Backyard continues to Jerry bash a little, Renny re-joins them while Michelle goes to 80's room)

10:30 am BBT

Jerry: I got the name for him [Dan]. Weasel!"

Ollie (now awake): He looks like one

Jerry: "We might as well stay in here where we've got eachother instead of going out and being abused by them"

Ollie: "I'm not scared, I'm just lazy for the sake of being lazy today"

Michelle: "i hope we have a luxury comp, so i can leave with something besides the unitard"

Michelle griping about being "f'ed over" and hoping for twist

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10:30AM BBT: Michelle, Ollie (still in bed) and Jerry hold a self-pity party in their bedroom.

11:25AM BBT: Dan brings two packages wrapped in brown paper up to HOH and asks the camera, "if it's left out there, what's-his-face can't rip it open, can he?" He says "ok" and goes down to retrieve a third mysterious package. He leaves the three packages (still wrapped) in HOH and goes to BY.

12:10PM BBT: Memphis and Dan in pool speculating on how much of BB is viewed by Julie Chen. They think she doesn't look at the live feeds, but she watches the shows and is shown certain clips that "they" think are important for her to view.

12:40PM BBT: Ollie and Michelle dining on sour grapes in the kitchen, while Renny and Keesha look on. Michelle and Ollie eventually draw Renny and Keesha into taking swipes at Jerry.

12:55PM BBT: Memphis frying something while Dan sits at kitchen counter. Memphis remarks that he's gonna have some fans after the airing of tonight's show. Dan says something like, "first I was out, and then they pulled me back in." They talk about their friends and relatives back home watching the shows in suspense. They talk about Memphis pounding in puzzle pieces. [reference to POV comp]

Feeds suddenly switch to the bathroom where we get a mirror point-of-view of Michelle brushing her teeth and Renny flossing hers.

1:00PM BBT: Ollie and Michelle in bedroom having serious whisper conference. Still plotting on how to get rid of Jerry instead of her. Talk turns to The Bible, and Renny later walks in and coincidentally makes a comment about Jesus.

1:15PM BBT: Memphis on BY couch tells Dan and Keesha that Michelle couldn't see the banner from the plane, and she made up the stuff about it being a message regarding Keesha and Libre.

Michelle approaches Renny, who is brushing her teeth in the bathroom. Michelle asks Renny if she can talk to her, and Renny agrees.

Jerry has joined Memphis, Dan and Keesha in BY.

2:00PM BBT: Dan called to DR.

Ollie whispering to Michelle in bedroom. He says, "Stage 1 complete." Ollie claims that he's got Renny willing to vote out Jerry. He further claims that Renny thinks Keesha will go along, and Renny will work on her.

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10:32 am BBT

Jerry, Michelle, Ollie more conspiracy theorizing re. Memphis, Keesha, think they might know eachother outside of the house

Jerry: "Keesha's real name is probably Ashley"

M: "yeah, memp's clothing line might be J.J. or something" (*Tarheel: they're really grasping at straws :lol: *)

10:35 am BBT (feeds 1&2 on BY)

Dan, Memphis, Renny, and Keesha talking about pressuring Jerry to make deals in case of tiebreaker.

Renny: "I don't think he'd really do it though, he's still sitting on his gold bars too"

D: it's 3-2 going into HOH

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10:38 am BBT

BY crew joking about keeping Michelle around

R: "The colonel's like a old wart- you can't get rid of him. He's probably going to win. If he does I'm never watching this show again"

D: "If him or Ollie win it'll be like s6 were some girl (maggie) won, nobody liked her"

(just checked 3&4 - Ollie and Jerry are laying around not talking again)

10:41 am

Backyard discussoin shifts to Golden Girls. Dan has seen maybe 1 epsisode, discussing how many they are and the different characters in the group

EDIT: fixed, thx jimmie, thought ihad heard old

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Note regarding tarheeltitan's post, above: Renny compared Jerry to an old wart that you can't get rid of. She has previously made this comparison, however, in the old Morty's transcript, it was erroneously transcribed as "old warden" rather than "old wart".

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10:43 am

Dan shifts conversation back to game "here's the good news, if one of them does win, then the following week it'll be 3 on 1"

K: "Wow, that could be huge"

Mem: "If we win this week we could be golden"

K: "I wonder what it's gonna be"

Dan: "Definately not endurance, probably booths"

R: "Booth? you mean mental"

D: "They want to give Jerry a chance- it's fair for everyone let's put it that way"

And discussion shifts back to tvland shows, mama's family

10:49 am

Ollie and Jerry asleep, Mich not on camera

D, K, Mem, R talking about Gone with the wind, then Wizzard of oz

D: There's a pink floyd album that matches up with it, like if you start them at the same time, it's on youtube somewehre

talking about K seeing pink floyd "the wall", then FotH breif

Mem: "Golden brick road, that's trippy"

R sings follow the yellow brick road, FotH again

singing over, talk shifts to child stars and how they grow up and have issues

10:53 am

Ollie gets up, says something to Mich in spa, then heads to BY, Mem gets up then sits back down

R: "Shirley Temple was youngest to win an Oscar, have you seen her movies? That kid was a prodigy"

Mich comes outside as well, Renny and Keesha raving over Shirley Temple, child star discussion continues

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10:53 am BBT: Ollie got up and went to the spa room and told Michelle "lets go outside and sit on the couch" (wants to make them uncomfortable or stir the pot)Michelle says "OK" The BY crew is talking about child stars and old movies... Ollie and Michelle go out there and sit, and the BY keeps on talking unaffected by the newest folks out there... The BY crew continues to talk about old movies and movie stars. Ollie and Michelle just sit there...

10:58 am BBT: BY crew still talking and avoiding the undesireables. They are now talking about Sophia Loren and Renny said that she went to jail for prostituting herself and then says she went to prison... the BY crew says really? For what??? Renny says "Tax evasion" then we get FotH

11:00 am BBT: Memphis goes inside to brush teeth. Talk about Hitchcock movies. Ollie sitting there with arms up above his head looking pissed. Dan says he has to go feed the fish. Renny asks Ollie how he is doing today. Ollie - I am allright, just tired Renny - You didn't sleep? Ollie - Yeah I slept, just tired Keesha - there is nothing to do Ollie - did you make biscuits Renny? Renny - yeah there are still some in there Ollie - I gotta get me some of those, put some honey on them. Keesha - that sounds good. Back to movie talks...

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11:08 am BBT: Talk turns to Princess Di and what a loss it was. They say Prince William is cute. They talk about Camilla Parker Bowles (sp) and Renny says her husband says she looks like a slag. Ollie thinks SLAG is a funny word. Renny says her step-son says that she (Camilla) looks like a rottweiller (sp)... Michelle says "I didn't know you had a step-son" Renny tells her that she has three step-kids. Two boys and one girl. Renny starts talking about them and their b-days and we get Foth.

11:13 am BBT: Outside they are talking about Amsterdam. Michelle says she would go there and check out the good coffee... Keesha - ummmmm hummmmmm Michelle - What? They have good coffee in Amsterdam! Keesha - They have good everything in Amsterdam... Michelle - They have the ladies in the windows... and I would be like ummmm hummmm heeeeey (sugestive tone in her voice) Keesha - Red light district Renny starts talking about and ex and says "True story" we get foth

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11:32 am BBT

Dan heads up to HOH with some packages, wrapped in brown paper (EDIT: Dan later said it's his laundry), then goes out to BY and throw some paddles(?) into pool. Dan fiddling by pool

Ollie, Renny, Michelle, Keesha talking about having just a month left, R talking about plastic surgery when she gets out. O and K say they'll probably need some therapy. Dan comes over and gets Renny to put suntan lotion on his back. Dan tells Mem they have to play paddleball today "it's a must" (Mem is laying out off camera). R, O, K, Mich talking about tonight's show Mich: "my parents are going to be having a rough week, me not getting a phone call, that and me being on the block"

R "this show'll make you tough"

Mich "I was already tough, this'll make you crazy"

annnnd Michelle segways into "this show is set up, they already know what's going to happen."

11:34 am BBT Foth (thanks Michelle)

11:43 feeds back, Dan Mem in pool. Michelle having pity party on BY couch. Talking about wanting more luxury comps so she could leave with something. Only 2 people in still that have won something. That car was really nice

11:51 - Keesha Renny Ollie bashing Jerry some, talking about him repeating himself and how he's going to have some guiness record for oldest reality show participant. Dan and Mem in pool talking about future (started with VHS and now DVR/Tivo). Now talking about future technology for cars.

K: "I swear, he NEVER washes his hands. I thought people were exaggerating, but he really never does" (BB: Jerry please go to DR)

11:55- R, O, K changes discussion to vacation in that cafeteria before the show started. Seeing Jerry. Renny: "i was like, god i hope they don't pick that old man". K: "Mine was ALL blondes, except for 1 girl with dark hair"

R: "i thought they were going to pick this blonde that was with us, she looked a lot like Keesha"

Discussion of pre-show continues until 11:58 FOTH

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12:25PM BBT: Ollie to Renny in kitchen: What would make you feel worse, being mocked or being lied to. I think being lied to feels worse.

Renny says the Bible says there's nothing worse than in inveterate liar. There's nothin worse than that.

Keesha asks what inveterate means, and Ollie and Renny both explain it means someone that's "really good at it".

1:45 BBT The friendly conversation that just took place in kitchen between Keesha/Renny and Ollie/Michelle where the topic turned to Jerry now makes sense. The more they talked of Jerry, the more open the discussion became, with all of them agreeing that for all the times he's been on the block he's been ignored; they all agree with the notion that he should be viewed as a threat and be voted out sometime soon, that it would be bad if he's the winner of the half million dollars. When they are alone afterwards, Ollie and Michelle have a whisper fest, discussing their plan to get the others to vote Jerry out instead of Michelle.

Ollie corners Renny again as she gets out of the shower, where the topic again is how Jerry's avoided being booted so many times and their frustration with that, with Ollie constantly saying things like "that's what I like about you, Renny" each time she says something on the topic. The convo ends with Ollie saying half jokingly something about there being a "team Renny" because he so likes the way she thinks, and that he'd be on that team. He keeps telling her how much he likes her, and the proof is that's why he's kept her here. The discussion ends with him saying "and I might actually take you up on that" regarding a team Renny, and he seems to leave pleased that he's been successful planting the idea of getting rid of Jerry as a number one concern.

2:00 BBT Ollie back bugging Renny in the bathroom, finally asking upfront "hypothetically speaking....would you do it?" would she vote Jerry out instead of Michelle? She keeps busy but mutters a yup each time he asks. He then asks "would you do it this week?" He returns to Michelle and says "that's one completed", and tells Michelle he's been successful getting Renny to agree to vote Jerry out this week. Michelle asks if Renny was serious when she agreed to vote Jerry out this week; Ollie says he doesn't know. Ollie tells Michelle "we're good, we got a long time till Thursday". Michelle tells Ollie she asked production if she could talk to Renny alone in the DR so she could have privacy and they told her no, it's against the rules. Michelle tells Ollie that Renny has told her today to "stay calm, just stay cool", and seems to feel reassured about this.

2:20 BBT Ollie and Michelle still plotting. Ollie says "I forgot to tell you....before this even got started, the first thing Renny said to me....." and then tells Michelle how he kept telling Renny how much he liked her and liked her way of thinking, and how he told Renny it's a shame they're on opposite sides, they should be on the same side. He tells Michelle that Renny agreed to be on his side!

Jerry returns and says he's been doing laundry and walking for exercise and plans to work out next, but he sounds very out of breath. He complains that Keesha is extra LOUD today with her Renny-roo's, and he hopes she makes it to the jury house where there will be "no cameras and no mics". Michelle leaves to put on her bathing suit and Ollie turns his back towards Jerry as if he's going to nap now.

Renny returns to BY where Keesha and Dan are, and tells Dan "I'm getting pounded in there". Dan says he figured that, that she was getting her ear bent off. Renny says she can tell Michelle is desperate now, and says she just tells them she doesn't know anything when they (Ollie and Michelle) keep asking her things. She says to Dan "just so you know, if you see me talking to her" (Michelle), and Dan says don't worry, he trusts Renny. Renny leaves to dry her hair, and Dan says to Keesha "the thing is, how does Jerry feel about all this? Who does he trust now? Does he trust Ollie, who's trying to keep Michelle in?". Keesha says they are asking Renny all sorts of questions, even questioning her about Keesha.

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2:10PM BBT: Feeds shift to Renny and Keesha in sauna room. Renny seems to be feeling Keesha out without revealing her own feelings on the matter.

Renny: "He says, 'Would Keesha ever vote The Colonel out?'"

Keesha: "They're tryin' to keep Michelle."

Renny: Acts confused.

Keesha: (not catching on to Renny's ploy) "He's saying it now, so we'll vote The Colonel out, and keep Michelle."

Renny: "That ain't gonna happen."

Keesha: "I know." She walks out of room, shrugging it off, saying, "That was funny."

2:30PM BBT: Memphis approaches the pool where Dan is swimming and says, "Breaking news announcement," and he does a cannonball into the pool. They proceed to play paddle ball.

2:47PM BBT Outside Lockdown

We get a nice head shot of a terribly home-sick looking Jerry quietly contemplating the entertainment value of a washing machine's rinse cycle. [At least he didn't have to pay $40 to view it, like I did. - jimmie]

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2:39 BBT Renny finishes drying her hair as Keesha puts on her bathing suit. Renny tells Keesha "nine times out of ten, I bet they are talking about us", referring to Ollie/Michelle/Jerry. Keesha asks "huhhh?". Renny repeats, and says "to the colonel.....bet they are talking about us, me and you". Keesha agrees "ummm hmmmm, yep", and adds "but do we care???". Keesha leaves for the BY and Renny finishes putting on makeup. They show a mirror closeup of her as she uses her eyelash curler, holding it there for at least a full minute; she seems deep in thought. Michelle enters the bathroom in her bathing suit, the bottom of which is mostly in her crack, and Renny compliments her "I like that pink suit". Michelle says she got it on sale at Victoria's Secret, and all together with shipping "it only costed me....." and tells the price. Renny says "you kept your figure girl", and Michelle says she's got to work out more.

2:43 BBT Michelle back to Ollie talking about ousting Jerry this week instead of her and how to accomplish that. Memphis seems to be next on her attack list, saying she'll try him Wednesday or Thursday morning.

She returns to the BY, where Jerry is watching the washing machine once again. He complains about too much suds and says to Michelle "come here", and she goes over to him at the washer where he asks "did you have your session with Dannnnn?" She gives him a quick nope and walks away.

2:48 They announce OD lockdown. The only one in the house at this point is Ollie, who's been trying to nap. He leaves for the BY complaining "man, I can't get a nap!" Outside Dan and Memphis still in the pool; Keesha sitting on edge of pool as they talk about movies; Michelle smacking and crunching some sort of snack as she sits close to Renny on the couch; closeup of Jerry STILL staring at the washing machine as it goes thru its cycles. Riveting.

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3:00PM BBT: Michelle and Renny on OD couch listening to Jerry give an in-depth dissertation on the inner-workings of the various cycles of the washing machine.

3:24PM BBT: After several minutes of FotH, the feeds return to reveal that Outdoor Lockdown is over.

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3:40PM BBT: After a solid 3 minutes of focusing on Ollie staring into space/napping FOTH and.... back to Ollie sleeping.

3:42 BBT: Renny cutting up a cabbage in the Kitchen while Michelle (still in the bathing suit) looks on.

Renny asks Michelle what she does for sun at home. Michelle explaining that it gets cloudy there unlike in California. She takes her parents out a lot so they don't just sit in the house. Michelle's mother waited 10 years for her to move back in. She moved out at 17, didn't get along with her father very well. She lived with her fiance for 4 years. FOTH

We come back to Michelle saying "I don't care Jen..." and then she announces she's going to lay down for the rest of the night. She's tired of it all, everything is weighing on her. Michelle asks if Renny is making soup. Renny says no, "it's cabbage" cooking is her therapy. Talk is back to the weather. Renny misses the rain. Michelle has never seen anything like this (all sunny and warm all the time) in her life.

Michelle wondering aloud if they give you your key. Renny says it would be nice to have. Michelle hinting that she'd like to have hers around her neck next week. Renny avoiding any real commentary by saying "You never know girl, this game changes week to week." and proceeds with several non-commital replies. Michelle saying that if Keesha and Renny are against each other, who does she think Jerry, Dan or Memphis would use the veto for if they won it? She's offerring to give Renny an extra week of safety if she stays. She's trying to get Renny to talk to Keesha and that she'll talk to Ollie and get them an extra week. If she wins HOH she won't put Renny or Keesha up.

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