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September 9 & 10, Live Feed Thread


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9:55 bbt bbt Not much going on just general chit chat about the past few evictions and the different deals and alliances going on the past few weeks (Jameka & Dani) in the kitchen. Zach in HOH room trying to sleep.

BB just called for an ID LD and asked Dick to go to the diary room. Short Foth and feeds return with Dick joining Jameka and Dani in the kitchen

10:00 bbt Zach bashing going on Jameka says "all those elbows he's talking about throwing he's gonna catch one from me" (about Zach)...missed exactly what was said by Dick or Dani to get that reaction

Now Eric bashing, alittle bit of Jen bashing and now onto Amber bashing

10:06 bbt Dick saying how the live feed watchers probably have no idea what look down means talking about prodution and when we get FOTH and what do we get...FOTH (LOL)

Dani says "are you kidding me the live feed watchers know what LD and everything is" "Those feed watchers are OBSSES" (Yes we most certainly are...LMAO)

10:08 bt BB "Dick...Please go to the DR" (It's been alomost 10 mins since they asked him the first time and he finally goes)

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short Foth and Dick is back in the kitchen after going to the DR and is telling Dani & Jameka that he got some things approved, CD player, CD's, cookies, etc. Jameka asked if they said anything about the ball (I'm asuming the blue ball fiasco) Dick telling Dani to go into the DR and request things saying "I think they are pretty bored in there and would like the company"

Jameka tells Dani that Joe told her right before he left that whatever Jameka did not to trust Nick & Dani

10:15 bbt Dani is now telling Jameka that Nick told her that in Week one Amber was definatly Kails target for eviction to get the single mother out in week one and make it easier

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10:20 bbt Dani & Jameka in the kitchen talking about the Nick eviction (I will save you all since we've heard it a million & one times) Dick is in the BY smoking and talking to himself (I have the quad feeds on so I can't tell what he's saying because Jameka and Dani are drowning him out Zach is in the HOH room with the lights off (I'm asuming he's sleeping)

10:24 bbt Dick is in the BY still talking to himself "oh shit oh shit mutha fucka" we fuckin' won" "Oh my god...we'll I guess I should listen to Dani" "we didn't win yet, all we have to do is get rid of him"

Dick returns to the kitchen to join J & D and their dicussion of the jury house

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10:19 BBT

Zach in the Dark in HOH while the other...

Three of the final four are downstairs talking about the season with Jameka "Man I'm going to lay ERic out" about all his wheeling and dealings..[wait till she finds about AP]

Dani talking about not "being that girl" with Jameka..while Dick saying "he's an idiot" "i hate people like that to himself[or us] while he smokes outdoors...

Jameka saying..she would like to see Mike Kails and Dustin's DR...."I can't wait to see it all" Dani says....

Jameka saying "it ended up not being a big deal at all" about all the personalities in the house..

"Holy shit holy shit holy shit mother fucker" "now its a matter of getting both of us in the final two" "we won we won we won one of us won" "like Daniele said we haven't won yet we need to get him out...we need to get that mother fucker out"...."we need to win this game"-Dick says to himelf [or us] Dick goes in..

Inside Dick says does "anyone care what Zach has to say" boasting "beyond a dream come true" about both of the "being in the final two"

Jameka "I'm just bummed" bored because she doesn't want to wait till thursday to leave [it will be Tues] saying she misses everyone.....and wonders if Eric will still deny everything....

Talking about BBAS jury house...and Marcellas blunder of BB3.."the stupidest move in this game" Dick says...

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10:30 still general chit chat talking about the wirlwind in the past 3 days Dani says it's been like 2 weeks rolled into 3 days, talk turns to Survivor. Kinda bring..they've basically been discussing the same thing for about 6 hrs now...

(I think I'm out for the night if someone doen't mind taking over )

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10:29 BBT

"a fucking whirlwind" Dick says about the events that unfolded in the last week...gleaming about his successes...

Talking about Survivor being "harder"....Dick saying "when did you first align with Daniele" when Zach askes...and Dick says the first hour when she was crying .......

"wow" Dick boasts......

Talking about JC questions about being on the block "3 times"....going on about being happy about POV.......

Dick says you know what "I just noticed" and it was all the csrew holes from all the fake cabinets from last season...

Jameka "One thing I can be happy about is I can rid my head of all these damn numbers" [not that it did her any good]..everyone laughs....

Talking about the POV and asks Dani how she did it and Dicks says "I went to the ones I knew for sure" ..like "went out on a unanimous vote" saying he knew it was Jen....

Dick asking "why didn't you grabs Nick's picture" Dani says it would be to wierd...and Jamekas says "for him"

Jameka reinacting Dani's excitement after winning POV "had I been in her way I would have been trampled" Jameka jokes....

Talking and reminiscing...

Daniele says BB told her she could use the POV on Dick even though initially they told her she could only use it on herself.....Talking about veto speech and who gets one...Dick says he gets one...

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10:42 BBT

Dick wondering who was the most "downloaded" with ringtones and wallpapers..Jameka says "Nick" and laugh how "he's still here" because he's brought up all the time...Dick saying "he's been more of a nightmare since he's been gone" because of all the questions he's missed in HOH comps...

Jameka spewing facts about the house....as she heads out...

Zach asleep in his HOH........

Dani and Dick in kitchen alone.....silent.....

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10:47 BBT

Jameka talking about being "flustered" and says today's POV she thought right away "daiele this is your thing" and says she worked on accuracy rather than rush..saying she was hoping they would make mistakes...

Jameka says trying to match faces then the #'s with Dani says she was making sure she "had the faces right first" and Jameka "coulda woulda shoulda" about Today's POV.."I had the opportunity that's all I can say"

Dani goes through how she did it...faces first the the numbers and "spun it" and ran to hit he buzzard.......saying "it was areally good competition" [well duh you won]..Jameka humoring her saying "it was.. it really really was"

Jameka "I though Zach came down" Dani "he opened the door" looked down and then "closed it"...Jameka "interesting "

Jameka giving Dani house facts...

talking about how Jen and Joe knew "everything" .....

"well America you'll see me on the Power of 10 next" Jameka tells us..... Dani says not "Pirate Master"..and Jameka says maybe the Amazing Race.....

Talking about doing "arts and crafts"

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10:58 BBT

Dick fuming about Zach and says if it was just Stategy he should have just said that...Jameka says "it still worked out in the end".....

Dick and Dani in round room...talking about "cutting a deal with all chompers up there"[Zach]....saying she quits endurance and goes for the car..in the second...Dani says "NO" "I'm not throwing anything"....Dick relents.....and says "I'l throw it to you" and "go for the car"..Dani adamant about not throwing anything....

Zach asleep in HOH.........

Arts-n-Crafts are in full swing with jameka.......Dick and Dani sitting talking with her......

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11:09 BBT

Dick mad BB is nor giving the a copy of BB8 .......Dani reads the rule..which basically states that they have to have friends of relatives do it....

"I lost it" and "ran outside and humped a tree" Jameka says when she found out she made it to BB...talking about she could have been hit by a car since she just ran and didn't look...

Jen bashing.."that crazy bitch isn't watching my kids" Dick says about Vanna...

again reminiscing...saying "you'll never ever forget these people"~Dani

Dick talking about it biggest "once in a lifetimes" wondering how many he's got..calling 2007 an "unbelievavble year" from making BB to being a double for Kieth Richards in POC....Dick saying "at least one of the stars of Pirate are watching this" Dani says "ok Zach" to Dick and then mocks Zach...

Jameka telling them "two miles" from DC is where she's from....

talking about where people are from.....and Dick rags on Kaysar""he's terrible....wonders how people remember him since he was out so early.....Jameka "I sure do" and Dani "not my cup of tea" and Jameka likes that "dark and dreamy" look

Zach mummbled something upstairs in HOH but I missed it....turns on the spy screen to see what's going on.......gets up and tells Dick he's done with "that stuff if you want it"..Dick 'right on" goes up to get the cd player...he "left outside the door"

Dani still wondering if they will have an AC ...Jameka says you still thinking that and has given up..Dani saying even just "a movie"

Dick heads to the round room and plugs up...a happy smile on his face..and starts his rocking out... leg pounding......head shaking.... air guitar show...[for us]

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11:32 BBT

Dick still rocking out..

Jameka and dani talking as Jameka does her arts and crafts...

Dani can't wait 'to get my hair done" while Jameka "i won't even go there' about hers..while Dani says "i don't know what I'm going to do about the finale show...I'm going to wear a hat"

Jameka wondering how much fun they [Eric and Jess] are having while Dani says not much because they are still bitter...."Can you imagine how happy Dustin was when Eric came through the door"-Jameka...Dani says Amber too......Dani talking about the different Ambers..from the beginning to Dustin's partner and the post evicted Dustin Amber...Jameka asks "what one" did you like and Dani says "the beginning Amber"

Jameka really concentrating on her plate project saying "that's my artistic side it doesn't have to be perfect" when Dani laughs about spending an hour "on her name"

talking about sleeping arrangements for tonight.....while Dani gets an Advil for herself

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11:50 BBT

Pretty quiet as Zach is asleep.....Dick listening to Music in round room.......Jameka concentrating on her BB8 plate she's painting

and Dani just walking around with nothing to do....

12:04 BBT

The same as above except I'm not sure where Dani is..[bed I'm guessing]

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12:08 BBT

Sweaty Dick changes his shirst come out and asks Jameka..."Daniele is in bed" and Jameka "hmm mmm" and wishes he was more quiet in the room..

Jameka calling his music session a "work out" Dick calling it a good release..talking how he's deaf from loud music..

Dick goes outside to smoke and spit....

talking to himelf/us about "that's why my knee was hurting today"

"fuckin..mother fucker"

"fuck you fucken asshole" about Zach saying "me and Daniel are going to be final two" saying Zach will get "nothing"..."how long will you hold onto a key for $550,000 dollars....until I die" "it's fucking done" saying him and Dani have it already "we're taking it all" car and 1st and 2nd..

"suck my balls" "fucking moran" mocks Zach "better start running on the treadmill" for what "to stand and hold onto a key" "fucking douchebag"

Talking about HOH saying he's "kicked his ass" over Zach....."you aint winning this mother fucker"

"me and Daniele have fuckin killed it..we fucking killed it....one to go...one to go"

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12:18 BBT

Dick still going on how "it fucking rules" "oh my God' "unfuckingbelievable"

Dick now on the haammock...still talking to himself/us

"he's an idiot"..[why for playing the game]

Jameka yells something fromthe house ..

"its not over yet " "50 grand and a car up for grabs"

"he always though he was in control" calling him an idiot and floater saying he has "no shot... none... zero"

"Vincent we did it" "one of us won this game"...."that's right" "its over..doesn't matter 500 grand is gone" "second place..we got to fuckin do this"

Moves to the patio...hacking up a lung.... spitting..and smoking..talking to hiself/us still

"he doesn't know any of those mother fucking people" because he "spent no times with those people which is the whole mother fucking house"

"relax and enjoy the rest of this week" but next week "shit goes down"...."one to go" "zach you're it" "one person standing in the way" calling Zach a "tool" and says "fuck you" we come to far to let him "stand in the way"

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12:36 BBT

Jameka still at Art-N-Crafts..as Dick laughs about Jameka unable to call him evel or Dick "what else can I call you"

Dick heads to the bathroom as we get audio of him blowing his nose along with other foul sounds...

Jameka seems to be done with her plate and is admiring her masterpiece....[looks pretty cool]

Zach and Dani are in bed....Dick is doing laundry looking for towels saying "he's too excited" to sleep..and asks "are there any towels in the little room"

Dani is back up...

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12:51 BBT

Dani watching Jameka do her art project.....and Dick outside ranting to himself about Zach and almost having BB8 wrapped up...

Dani and Jameka talking about what was said ..what's true or not true about what Eric has said and done....

Dick makes a nasty fart by the girls..prompts Dani to says "if you ever do that again...I'm taking Zach to the final 2"

Talking about not eating dinner so Dick offers to make "french toast".....Chef BoyarDick gets to work on it...

[calling it a night..night all..I'll back tomorrow]

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2:07 BBT

Dick and Dani have been in the BY chatting for quite awhile. Dani said that Jen and Zach shouldn't be on the jury, and that Kail and Nick should be. She said Kail should have stayed another week. They've done light bashing of quite a few HGs.

Jameka moved her blanket to Amber's bed. No sign of Zach. Dick keeps telling Dani that even if Zach makes it to the final HOH challenge, he'll never win. For the second time in about 30 mins, Dani tells him not to be overconfident. She says that's what ruins people. Dani says that Jameka only knew weird stuff, like how many ribbons were in the house and different things she shouldn't be counting. That's why she didn't do well in the POV, because she wasn't studying the important stuff.

Dani says they have only a week left and how weird it will be when they get out. They joke that if they'll have to wear a blindfold and not be allowed to talk to certain people. Dani says they'll get to say the name Cynthia, and they start commenting on her, which is shortly followed by a FOTH.

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Jameka's now in bed with the lights off, reading her Bible with a flashlight. Dick wonders if Eric ever tod anyone that Dick and Dani were alligned. He says that Eric knew from early on. Dani says that wasn't something that had to be asked. They're now going over what the 2nd HOH competition will be. Dick thinks it will be something like the Janellovision. Dani says last year, they had to match the mirrors with the lights, and Boogie beat Janelle by a lot and how he didn't even have them all right at first and had to go back. Dick says Boogie must have been really nervous to go up against Janelle. Dick says they should win both the HOHs and have fun with the questions. Dani say's she'll win the questions. She says that it will be nice to win the first two and not have a lot of tension for the third one.

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