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September 9 & 10, Live Feed Thread


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Dick took his breakfast to the BY to eat. He has finished now and has lit up a cigarette and is coughing and drinking.

Zach is still in bed but is awake.

Jameka looks like she might be awake too.

Dani has rustled around too but for now the 3 are still in bed and Dick still in BY smoking and silent (except for coughs and farts and spitting).

Dick: Oh, football starts today then.

Dick goes inside to clean up kitchen.

Dick: There will be times I will never forget in this house.

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Dick in BY lying down on the couch.

All other HG's still in bed.

(my feeds cut out and I was off for about 10 minutes so don't know what I missed, if anything at all...)

A loud air horn (like you hear at a basketball game or something) just went off in the background and Dick says "what the fuck?"

Dick "Zach's a fuckin idiot man. No sneeking through mother fucker, no sneeking through." Spit, spit, cough, hack and loogie.

Dick, "Gigglefest is over..Thank God! 'Oh baaaby' What the fuck was that? Bunch of fucking 5 year olds. I swear to God."


Dick, "I bet she slept, is sleeping really hard and I'm really glad" smiling (about Dani I think)



Dick turns on the outside spigot (hot tub jets?).

Mumbles "fuckin' ass" as he heads back inside the house.

Dick gets back into bed.

Other 3 HG's still in bed too.

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Zach goes downstairs and into SR, then heads back up to HOH.

Dick leaves RR and goes to the bathroom and washes hands.

Zach taking shower in HOH.

Dick goes to BY for a smoke (says something in Spanish)

Dick: What a day, what a day, what a day...still here mother fuckers.

Coughing and yawning.

Dick: What a way to start the day. Spanish omlette, go back to bed and then disc 1 Motley Crue Red, White and Crue."

Dick spitting and blowing smoke rings and mumbling about the ants and how they got there. "There's no grass or dirt...everything is fucking fake. How the fuck did they get here?"

Dick "God we fuckin kicked ass in this game!!" 10:30

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Dick in HT "Zack you are inspiring millions, ....... millions of ogres in bunnysuits with bad teeth, panty munchers"

Zach is heading downstairs.

Zach in BY to Dick, "How is it?" (the hot tub)

Dick "it's not that warm but still feels good"

Zach, "they're not geting up today, they don't care"

Dick "I've been up since 6, made an omlette, went back to bed for a while and then listened to music for about an hour"

Zach "I didn't know Motley Crue sang 'Girls, Girls Girls' "

Dick, "It's one of their biggest songs"

Zach, "Oh they fixed the giraffe"

Zach, "so the next comp is an endurance one? and then a (I didn't hear) and then the last one is a question one?"

Dick, "yeah"

Dick "The loser of the endurance one competes in the second one and the loser of second one and first one compete in the last one."

Zach, "if Eric wasn't such a pecker.." Dick cuts him off "If we would have kept Amber you wouldn't be here and if you hadn't won HOH and Daniele would have won instead we would've been taking Jameka with us to the final 3, so shoulda, woulda, coulda, all you want"

Zach, "I don't care I'm just grateful to be here"

Zach, " Look at it this way, you can fix the window in your Corvette no matter what"

Dick, "I could have fixed the window if I got out of here with just the stipend...I have money in the bank"

Dick, "Do you put enough soap in when you wash? These towels reek"

Zach, "Yeah, I put soap in there"

(Dick really seems to be looking for an argument here but Zach isn't biting)

Zach, "I wonder how much it costs to re-sod a giraffe?"

No response

Zach, "I wonder how much it costs to re-sod a giraffe?" Still no response. Zach, "I bet it costs 200 bucks"

Dick walks inside

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After a few minutes Zach went back up to HOH and got back into bed.

Dick in RR changing his clothes and straightening up bed sheets and blankets, then says, "some people need to be bitch slapped"

Dick turns out lights and climbs back into bed.

Daniele and Jameka still in their beds too.

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Dick up and out of bed. Went into SR and then outside to smoke.

Spitting and coughing.


Dick on BY couch and he's cracking his knuckles, coughing, spitting and smoking.


Dick still in BY says, "Fucking prick. I fucking hate that guy."

(There is really nothing going on to report right now)

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12:40PM BBT

Still no sign of Daniele.

Dick sleeping. (Camera 3 and 4)

Jameka is in bed but not sure she is sleeping. (Camera 2)

Zach in bed but awake says, "Just give me another half an hour, that's all I ask, just another half hour".

(Camera 1)

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Jameka up and goes to LBR to get something.

Daniele in her bed.

Dick sleeping.

Zach sleeping.

Daniele asks Jam what time it is and Jam says I have no idea.

Jameka goes to SR and then heads to bathroom and is doing ADL's.

Dani is up now too, heads to SR and then to bathroom.

Dani and Jameka exchange greetings.

Daniele uses bathroom and now doing ADL's.

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Feed One: Back Yard

Feed Two: On Daniele in BY Sunning with a black bikini top on

Feed Three and Four: ON Jameka doing hair

Now Zach in BY talking to Dani about the Endourance part of the upcoming HoH Comp

Zach goes into the bathroom with Jameka talking about going into the gym and working out, telling Jameka she is his inspiration now

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Jameka is in the bathroom, doing her hair.

Daniele is laying out in the sun.

Zach in BY on chaise. Gets up to go to the kitchen, asks Dani a question about the final competitions. (My feeds keep cutting out, sorry) Zach takes his drink into the bathroom, and sits on the couch to talk with Jameka.

Dick is in his round bed.

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Zach and Jameka are discussing other HG's. Not really bashing, but not flattering either. Zach said if people lied to him in the game, they covered it well, he never heard or saw it.

Zach tells Jameka she made it as far as Will did last year. Jameka said she is focusing on HoH. She really wanted to win one. Zach said he didn't have any preconceived notion on how far he would go. He feels his grandma watches the show as much as Eric did. Zach said when they get out, they will want to focus on things outside the house, but they will be bombarded with questions in the house.

Jameka said she will have a big BBQ with family and friends to go over everything the first weekend out. By then she will have looked at all the tapes. Zach said he hopes someone will have copies. She said Eric will, even though she cursed him out, she will still get one from him. Zach said Eric played his part well, it just didn't work out for him.

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Zach went to go get his shoes, told Jameka he would be right back. she goes into the kitchen to fix something to drink. Dani on Feed 1 sunning with towel over her head, Feed 2 is Dick sleeping, Feed 3/4 on kitchen. Earlier feed 4 was on the tiny table.

Jameka goes back to the bathroom to put on her socks and shoes. Zach is back and ready to work out.

Jameka goes into work out room, said it feels cool in there. Zach said it is nice outside, as well. Jameka is stretching while Zach is setting up the machine.

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Zach was asking about previous years final competitions for HoH. Jameka could only remember one from last year. she said she will ask Daniele and see if she will tell her. Zach said he tried to ask her, and she said she couldn't remember. Jameka said her ummm hummm, knowingly. Jameka isn't sure if they will have one having to do with the hands, because of ED's rib (he was worried about his shoulder). Zach said that shouldn't matter, others have been injured, and had to play.

Now hard to hear over the machine noises.

I will be back later.

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Jameka on the elliptical working out hard(looked worse than jen earlier in the season on the tread mill,looking like she was going to pass out any second) all of a sudden bang crash clung she breaks the machine she says oh my i broke it dang a didnt reach my goal

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2:25 BBT

Zach and Jameka in WR. Jameka says she broke the machine and says she's sorry. She just missed her goal of finishing up. She keeps saying sorry and Zach says "that's funny, I've never seen that happen in my life"

Jameka says "I broke it". Zach "well now they'll have to replace it because it is a piece of shit"

Zach still on the treadmill.

Daniele eating at the dining room table.

Zach comes out and tells Daniele what just happened with the machine and Daniele makes no response and seems to completely ignore him.

Dick still in his bed.

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