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September 9 & 10, Live Feed Thread


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9:09 BBT

Dick lights another cig and is fileing his nails. (has anyone ever counted how many cigs he smokes a day!!) ok you can tell it's getting boring now.

Now he's folding laundry. Complained that dryer is "piece of shit".

After puttting away clean towels he lights Cig # 3.

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9:30am bbt

(turning feeds on for the first time today)

looks like Dick is back in bed... 4 feeds of 4 HGs sleeping... Jameka was moving around but still asleep..

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Jameka is up and lying on one of the couches and reading her bible. Dani had got up earlier and went to the restroom then right back to bed.

Zach got up a little while ago and went downstairs to SR to change his battery, he went back upstairs and got in the shower, but cannot hear anything so he must not have his mic close by

Dick is till in bed asleep; feed 4 keeps showing dani moving around in bed.

All quiet for now.

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Feed 1 & 3 - Dani sitting on the couches playing with her nails or hair, looks very bored.

Feed 2& 4 - Zack wondering around, now sitting in the living room area asked dani what she is doing. She says just thinking. Zack just said 7 days to freedom. They are not really talking. Dick is in the DR.

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Dani and Zack just hanging out on the couches. Jam just walked through the rooms. They are waiting for Dick to get out of the dr. Dani said then she will go in assuming they are going to do the veto meeting today. She said its always been done on Monday. Jam looked like she was going out to suntan. Feeds still on Dani and Zack on the couches. Not one word is being said.

Zack told Dani his cd has some pretty good songs on it......saying it a very good cd. Womans vocals are good. Meaning I suppose she could go listen to it, not that Zack said that.

Still silence. (bb needs to perk this house up)

Can hear cameras moving around but have no idea what they are looking at.

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Yea, Zach got up. Feeds switch to bathroom were Jameka is putting on makeup.

Now all four feeds on Jameka brushing her teeth. (i think this is the third time today I watched her brush her teeth!!)

Feeds switch to Zach in kitchen. Dick comes in from outside. Zach "are you ok?" Dick very short "Fine". Dick goes in to Bathroom and says hi to Jameka.

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Jam brushing her teeth, ( rabid dog look ........foaming at the mouth)

Zack in the kitchen sitting at the stools.

Dani in DR.

I think Dick is smoking.

Dick just walked in Zack asked him if he is alright. Coughing up a storm out there.

Dick in the washroom talking to Jam, asked her how she is doing. Not sure what is said. Cameras not in there.

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Dick said to Dani come on and heading to BY. Dick does not seem happy. Dani said this last week is going to be different. Seems like she kinda knows about the live show tomorrow. Told her to expect the unexpected. She figures she is going to use it live. Dani says this is good though. Dick is worried about his speech. lol he has a long one.

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Dick & Dani RR

Dick discussing about zack trying to keep in jameka.. and also about the blue ball.

Dick"I wonder why they are not telling us about the tube in the blue ball... they should of said something because Zack put it in... and it could fuck things up."

Dani"no matter you will see it.. its live they should what happend"

Dick"they dint show the tube all the time... they would be focusing... "& TRIVIA

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4:02 pm BBT: Just rejoined our friends. Sounds like they're on lockdown. Jameka and Zach in HOH room, Dick and Dani in bedroom, now heading kitchen to make something to eat. Zach asks Jameka if it snows where she's at? Yeah. So you can build snowmen and stuff? Yes. More weather talk. (Have to make dinner and pay attention to my family; will keep an eye on things in case anything exciting happens.)

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LD is over.

Dick & Dani in the kitchen.

Dani"i thought there was something going on... we were worried."

Dick"Lockdown isent really over"

Dani"is that the twist LD isent really over"

Dick"oh okay so they moved the giraffe back..."

Dick goes to the SR and gets a loaf of bread.

Dick goes back and tells Dani this is the last loaf of bread.

Dani"thursday of the live show... it would be stock."

Dani has got it she is sure the live show is tomorrow... Dani"there has to be a live show tomorrow" Dick"when I woke up and thought it was 2 what the hell man"

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Dick"you think they are having a bible study?"

Dani"shut up"

Dick & Dani in the kitchen... not watching any other feeds. Zack & Jameka are probally in the HOH room.

Dani & Dick talking about what the other hg's (jury) that they should have taken them out earlier"

Dani"dustin will be like I told you... Dont trust the donatos"

Dani"what do you think there talking about?... I bet zack talking and Jameka will be just like mmmm hmmm hmmm... as usual"


Dani & Dick talking about after their bb experience and how they will use the money... Dick making a proposal to Dani to take her to europe and spend time together.

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Dick"how do you think the ratings were this season?"

Dani"I was told it was one of the best..... "

Dick"yea there was a lot things going on"

Dick goes to the BY.

Dick"looks theres a banner its says WE LOVE DANI.... we hate dick"

Dani"ohh kay.."


Dick"what did something happen did you hear me burp or something?"

Dani Laughs

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