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September 9 & 10, Live Feed Thread


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10:30 BBT

Dick showering while Dani is trimming her mop..talking about Zach...calling him a "Jackass of all trades" by Dick....Dani saying "It must be cancelled" talking about Showtoo with Dani and Dick telling us "to get a life" and tune out and go look up "porn on the internet"

Dani "even people behind the walls are yawning"...

Both Jameka and Zach are in bed ......

Dani saying "this is what its going to feel like to be in final two: with Dick saying "except I'll have to cook for two not 4" Dani whinning she cooks and talks turns to Dick admitting she kicked but in comps...going over who played in what comps.......actually POV's with Dani pointing out the ones Dick sucked or "lost badly at"

Dick asking "how many did you play in" Dani "i don't know I don't want to count" Dick counts saying she played in 10..."and you one half"

Dani making fun of Zach again.......mock him,,,,,she saying all the HG who have been evicted are probably laughing at him and his DR sessions.........

Both at mirror primping and cutting....

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10:42 BBT

Jameka got up and is greeted by a "good morning" from Dani...Jameka "that's it" at the time..."i thought it was at least 2"

Dani in the Kitchen grabbing her Nick water bottle while Dick.."ooo ice cream" as he offers her some of his...saying "no thankyou..maybe another day" Dick saying maybe there won't be one and heads outside to...smoke..

Dick doing his trademark [nasty] habits of smoking and spitting..complete with smoke rings...

[uncharacteristically quiet]

"all I heard Jameka go.That's it" as Dani comes out with he cookies and ice cream to join Dick..

"I hope one of the contests is throwing things at each other" so she can "belt someone in the face"....talking about what the HOH will be.....

Talking about the Humpty Dumpty food comp.......now Dick Jen bashing calling her the usual...Dani "tell me something I don't know".......

Jameka went to DR "for something to do" Dick mocking her "can I talk as I don't have any friends here"...........

"people that are watching the show know what's going on' and says they will be rooting for people that played and not people like Jam and Zach...Dani jokingly calling Zach the "mastermind' of the season and sarcastically calls him the fan favorite.

Dani offers Dick to use the POV on him..."because I feel bad" and Dick tells her no..........."the best way to play the game is not to play the game" making fun of Zach....asking Dick lets wear the Dolphin Crash Shirts if they are in the final 2...Dick says no

Jameka comes out and Dick tell her to say hi to Vincent..Jameka "Hi Vincent" and Dani says "Get a life" [to Vincent]

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10:58 BBT

Dani asking how many POV James (BB6) won Dick "hated him" calling him "the biggest pussy that ever played the game"

Dani talking abot Eric's DR will be mean saying he warned people about them in the beginning..

Dani talking about Jameka going into DR with Eric and him "going off" and being "mean" to everyone..Jameka concurring.....

Talking how Eric wanting to team up with Jess but Joe was in the way.....

Talking about Jess the first week how she fell "on her butt" wax in her ear...Jameka saying "eric took credit for bring her[Jess] out of her shell" and Jameka says "NO"

Talking about Jess/Zach ...which turns to Zach's warped perception of the game with Dick saying he tried to take credit for getting Dustin evicted..[of course we know it was AC]

LOL Dick mocking Jameka to her face "as much as you hmmm mmm's do"

"Amber thought Jess didn't like her...she never talks" Jameka reveals...Dick ask if she ever talked game with her and says yes....but it was no alliance talk..saying "not too much" "that freaked her out" about Jen/Eric possible alliance....Dick "she'll find out"..Jameka just called a Eric a "thesbian" [LOL...I guess part thespian part lesbian] saying she warned Jess abour Eric the actorto her about that...

Talking about Eric throwing comps....and deals........Jameka I don't buy it" when Eric was pissed when he lost comps.......calling him "over dramatic" during the dunk HOH..

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11:16 BBT

Talk is still about Eric...now it turns to "the banner" Jameka saying he was "ballistic" Dani saying he was "guilty" and talks about the looked he gave him describing it as "I despise you".........

Talking about the Banner and Amber being called a liar by America...Jameka saying she thought it was the Nick promise of not voting him out and bringing his name up during LNC...Dani "I think there's more to it"..Dick agrees...

a lot of speculative talk of trust between Nick and Amber....

"her DR are going to be nothing but tears" Dick says about Amber [Ding ding ding we have a winner]

Jameka remembers what Amber/Nick....saying it was a mustard day.......saying Nick said "Amber did it" which Amber said "he set her up"....Dick saying we'll find out who did when we get out....

Jameka about the mustard.. "for all we know Eric did it" [ding ding ding we have another winner] saying "it makes sense" "that is classic Eric" even though Dani and Dick thinks it was Nick.....

Muistard talk continues......

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11:31 BBT

Dick "no AC that's fucked up" ...[lol they benefitted most from it]

Talking how there was only 1 lux comp and Dick gald how "Jen got voted out the day before"

Jameka saying "Sept 11th" but Dick corrects her saying that the DR told him it was "the 9th" Dicks "wedding anniversary and divorce anniversay"...Jameka "i don't buy it" so goes to DR to ask...

Dani calling her "stupid" for believing "all the things about Eric ....afterwards" to Dick


Jameka heads out and said the DR said its the 11th "in two days"...but Jameka goes over it because i guess she has to be right and starts goes through dates..as Dick says "going to get a drink and get some pants on" as Dani asks "where are you going"

Get BB warning about talking about DR sessions...Dani "what awful touchy with the fingers tonight"...Jameka "how did I mess up" realizing it's the 9th"

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11:43 BBT

Jameka tells Dani that Eric wanted Zach to use the POV on him.........Dani says Zach told Dick wanted to use the pOV but Eric was too much a schemer...but should have....

Jameka says Eric wanted her to talk to Zach about it........Dani "he was something else..interesting person"

Dick returns....

Jameka bored saying they need something to do "can't somone make a run to Ralphs[so Cal grocery store]" Dani laughs...

Talk to turns to "Ben and Jerry's" and Dick talks about the Discovery Channel show they had about them..Dani says she entered one of those create your own flavor once....

Jameka "this is so teribbly boring".....looks like Dicks B&J Caramel Sutra has "frezzer burn" but still continues to eat it saying it must have "10 billion calories"....which really is "1120 calories"....

boring ice cream talk....

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11:58 BBT

Boredom talk while Jameka contemplates going back to bed.......

Zach's been MIA for the second night in a row and is sleeping in his HOH....

"my favorite channel to fall aslepp on is Nick at Night" Jameka says ......

Talk turns to eating.."I eat out of boredom' Dani says ...Dick calls it "the expanding HG syndrome"

Jameka wonders how many people will be a the wrap party.....bb told em "over 200"..talking about who they can't wait to meet...Dani "one in particular who's working tonight" ..foth..

Jameka wonders wher the wrap party will be "at ahotel" or if CBS has an area for things like that....

Everyone 'cept Zach in the kitchen just talking....

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12:14 BBT

Dani wondering what the fat montage from this season.. will be like...showing all their fat hanging out...Jameka says Jun(bb4) they showed all her fat..and Howie too.

Dick calling Jun(BB4) ugly and bashing her....

Dani says she can't wait to see the Jen episode of Jen's HOH and taking down the pic of her mom...

wondering if Eric has arrived to sequester.....a lot of silence..........grasping for conversation...they talk about the picture wall and the HG features......

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12:24 BBT

Jameka tells the that Eric says "a certain network" sent the banner...and how this one got through and all the others were bloced.......Dani dumbfounded..."he's an idiot"......."these people' and Jameka "i would downplay them as much as possible if my name was on one" talking how Eric tried to get HG to believe the unimportance of the banners...

joking around about banners....

laughing how they thought this what the season was going to be like the whole season with banners and Jameka says "it was once and once only"

food talk "grill cheese..grill cheese" Jameka cheers Dani on...and Dick wants one.....

Jameka talking about Carol's "snaggle tooth" but had white teeth..Jameka calling her pic "fabulous"

Jameka checks the SR for Toll House Cookies.......for Dani.comes back empty handed......heads to kitchen to eat ice cream and cookies......

Jameka asks how they dispose of grease...Dick puts it "an empty can" while Dani pours it down the drain....

Talk turns to bedtime..Jameka says 1:00 and Dick says he's almost ready....

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12:39 BBT

Jameka asks Dani why she didn't bring hair stuff and says she doesn't want to mess it upsaying she'll just look like "white trash' for 3 months..

Outside Dick smoking talking to hilself/us "for endurance competitions is it better to wear long sleaves or short sleaves"......."I think short sleaves"

Dick not talkative at all tonight......heads back in

Jen talk and Jen bash...from her bathing suits....calling them stripper/go go swim suits.........

Jameka talking "about the busiest day" outside the house.."I loved that day" and BB obviously doesn't want us in on it and we get FOTH

[with that I'm calling it a night..back tomorrow..night all]

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1:40am BBT: Just checked in.... feed 2 is Zach sound asleep; feed 3 is Dick sound asleep; Feed 4 is Dani tring to sleep, she keeps adjusting like she is not comfortable; Feed 1 is Jameka sitting in the bathroom on te big chair just staring and silent... just as I typed that she got up and got her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth.

1:47am BBT: Jameka off to the kitchen to rinse her glas out, then she heads to the bedroom to go to bed, feed 2 Zach got restless and pulled the covers over his head; Dick just rolled over and said "ai yah yah, oooohhh, hi" then fell back asleep; Feed 4 is Dani sleeping, but she keeps streching her arms out.... Feed 1, Jameka wrapped her hair and got into bed.

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Now Dick up; turns on light; we see his legs and feet walking around as he appears to put on some pants, then out to kitchen to wash hands and back to bedroom; sitting on bed in dark looking at someone (?Dani, who can't have been sleeping for long,) then brief FOTH so not sure if anything was said. Dick and Dani now both up.

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Both sitting at kitchen table across from each other with heads propped on hands; not a sound (I wonder if they're wearing mics.) FOTH in and out a few times. They're talking but can't hear Dani at all; she must not be wearing a mic. Talking about some cookie bars that Jameka made, and then Zach bashing (apparently he threw out three sponges and they keep having to ask for more.)Dick heading outside to smoke. Commenting that it's chilly. (I'm sure we're missing the most riveting end of this conversation since we can't hear Dani.)

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dick wants to go outside and smoke and says it might be too cold and offers dani his robe, she said no she didnt want to go outside; they talk about how hot it was at night and how cold it is now and dick thinks it was some storm that came in from mexco

dick outside smoking and dani at the bar picking at her hair

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Still more Zach bashing. Dick advises Dani to stick with Zach and not say anything to annoy the people on the jury. (Presumably referring to later in the game, or maybe to Jameka who's storing stuff up to relay at the jury house.) Dick joking with Dani about imploring her to not use the veto on Jameka. (Have to finish getting ready for work; will be in and out.)

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Dick & Daniele are sitting at the kitchen counter/bar talking about some speech that Dick will give. Then there is talk of Zach's ex-girlfriend, something about her taking out 2 restraining orders. (At least that's what I think I heard) We keep getting FoTH and I'm guessing b/c they are talking about Zach's ex.

Dick keeps making fun of Zach in his "speech" and Daniele is giggling.

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6:30AM BBT

Zach, Daniele and Jameka sleeping.

Dick has been outside lounging and in deep thought for awhile now.

Dick in BY smoking, "so close, so fuckin close to winning everything, one motherfucker left!"

Spitting alot and one huge belch and then Dick goes inside to use bathroom and washes his hands and 'skates' over the hump in the hallway as he heads to the RR, says "goodnight, goodnight again... maybe" as he turns out the light and gets into bed. Dick says "what an asshole", and laughs as he gets situated in his bed.

Now all HG's in bed

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8:49 BBT

All still asleep though Dick is moving around alot. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets up soon.

8:52 BBT

Dick, "That's it" and jumps out of bed and puts on the lights.

Now outside smoking but not sitting in his usual spot. He's sitting in the middle of the yard on the chase lounge (I know I spelled that wrong!!)

After a few minutes he says he's had enough of the sun and is back to his spot on the couch.

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