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September 9 & 10, Live Feed Thread


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Things have been relatively quiet today in the house. Earlier Zack attempted to speak to Dani when she was sun bathing, but she didn't respond back to him. He went in to speak with Jameka to get her usual, uh huh... yeah... ummm..... when talking about how they were avoiding him a bit... now no one is talking. Dani in the work out room running on the tread mill... Jameka painting... and Dick is sitting in the back yard smoking and looking as if he is contemplating the meaning of the universe. Zack evidently is doing something so exciting they aren't showing it on camera.

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BB just announced "Mike" and Jameka and Dick in Kitchen both look up and dick says "Mike?" and laughs.. Dani was in the bathroom and comes around the corner laughing about and made some comment about it would be funny if they said carol, then they announce "Daniele, please put your microphone on"... Dick asks her what is your problem thats like the 5th time, Dani says " What, I was running" and then goes into the workout room, but just before she shuts the door she yells out... "maybe they'll evict me"

Dani now on treadmill; Dick goes inside of workroom to ask Dani if she had her mic, she didnt answer him she started running; Jameka still painting, and dick goes in the kitchen and is putting dishes away

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Jameka still at her painting. Dick and Dani outside, she made some comment about Zach saying how he just got picked 4 days before and they worked so hard to get in there and she is so sick of it. Dick telling her she will do great at the next competitions, she always has,it will be the same stuff just fancier... dick has a horrible cough, hes telling her it will be ok cuz Zach is an idiot and doesn't know anything, he only got one right yesterday.

Zach just came downstairs, made a comment how jameka has been at it for hours (painting)... he is just looking at it... he is going outside now... dani rolled her eyes and dick said "uuukk". not one word being said. Not sure what Zach is doing, it looks like he is trying to put some gloves on, he stops in the middle of the yard then goes inside, upstairs

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Dick in the kitchen cooking, Jameka showering, Zack upstairs listening to his cd. Dani in the WR.

Dick"dinner ready in half an hour"

Jameka in the shower"oh okay"

Dick now in the SR, back to the kitchen.

Dick now outside smoking, talking to himself.

Dick"final 3 mother f**ker"

Dick"sunday is 6:30 mmm"

Dick"vicent is probally watching... whats going on.. tell me the jets score.. throw it over the fence with a rock... I got your letter couldent say Hi to Jessica because she got evicted the same day... so sorry" Laughs

Dick"wonder how long you wrote the letter... seems like very long time ago."

Dick"tell your grandmother thanks for the shirt... and julian better be tivo this shit... or recording"

Dick"if you want to get hold of myspace ... myspace.com/evild... <dint get that> vicent is running my space" & we get FoTH

Dick"3 more competitions mother f**kers thats it thats it."

Dick"bam bam bam 1 2 3... even though Jameka is still here... shes just here in body.. out of the game.. shes a drag.. she sucks in competition.. but the competition coming up he thinks his gonna win.... but the next two competitions are figuring things out... the last competition he has no shot.. because he dosent nobody here.. its always about past hg's... because he has nobody... so he dosent know shot about them. but the goal is to knock him off first two competition.. final two baby. Me & Dani"

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Dick"hey that was my myspace.. I should able to give them out.." hahaha

Dick"I never did gave out AJ email... yet. HAHAHA"

Dick"made it to the final 3... if eveyrthing falls apart from here wil it wont. the pervert uses a phrase that was very white of you... will bring me to the final 2 anyways.. so how funny is that... I will go to the final 2 whatever it happends... of course that is not the goal.. goal is to knock out zack the first two comp.. and THATS THAT!!!!!!!

Dick"his such a tool..."

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Dick"hello darling... Just talking to the camera giving out Julian email where I got yelled at."

Dani"oh okay... zack comes in walking heres youre motivation... run.. his like whats that sappose to mean..Im youre always motivation to run.."

Dick"yea youre motivation is to kick youre ass during the competition... you dick hole"


Dick"did you see jameka plate.. this game this people.."

Dani"now that youre a prof chess player... this game is not about a game of chess" Laughs

Dick"is already is a check mate"

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Dani"jessica last week she looked like a hooker... she gets dress when they are on the block... its hilarious"

Dick"there somethign going outside... not like a rally.. a band... I thought it was all christain protesting at me and stuff..

Dani"ahh shut up"

Dick"i think the one who stayed in her faith was Jameka,,,"

Dani"Im not going to judge anybody... "

Dick"kail is the biggest liar in the game"

Dani"I dont know kail to judge her enough"

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Dani"I looked forward to chattign with the 5 people who were evicted because they say the entire show... because noone else did.."

Dick"yea tottaly... yea anyone watching ... is more understanding... I think joe reaction is gonna be interesting.. he might kiss me in the mouth. hahaha bang bang bang"

Dani"yea he will have a lot of comment"

Dani"what ever happend to dinner'

Dick"oh okay... I was just thinking of my theme song..."

Dick"at the very beginning the song was Ms.Robinson... when Kail & Mike was around"

Dick"no we can actually write them down"<Dani & Dick thinking of making a mix cd of the sogns they played during Wake up calls>

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Dick & Dani in the kitchen... Jameka WR doing her hair.. Zack HOH room sleeping.Dani"so much beer here."Dick"nobody here to drink with...Dani"Zack?"Dick"its always fun seeing jameka seeig her drunk"Dick"Juilan is doing bulletins... "& FoTH"Dick"the day jessica & eric left.. they played the girl in kansas... that was weird... the second time they played it I was cracking up"Dani"I dint listen"Dani"best one was dustin god save the queen was the song"Dani"joe was crazy... he tried to remeber the base of the songs"Dick"btw im still requesting a wake up call song crazy bitch dedicated to Jen"

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Dick"so how long can you hold youre breath?"

Dani"I hope longer than zack"

Dick"did you say to zack about the competition burying alive... or how long can we hold are breathe under water"

Jameka"I dont know how can cbs get away from that... mmhmmm"

Dick & Dani whispering..

Dick" W is a W whatever"

Jameka"Dani that part isent straight.!!!!!!!."

Dani"it looked straight to me... im not trying to sabotage you.. or Im I."

Dick. Laughs "hahaha"

Dani"what a group of people"

Dick"this people"

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dick requested a wake up song... crazy bitch by buckcherryHe goes to the bathroom and asks jameka if she told zach that the endurance comp was going to be holding their breath, jameka says no, dick said i requested they make zach hold his breath and the rest of us would do the real comp.Dani: jameka told me that Dustin said that Kail had a tummy tuckDick: why would kail tell dustin thatDani: no she didn't tell him that he said that he could tell she had oneDick: how could he tell, kail wouldn't admit that, jen didn't admit she had a boob jobDani: well jen is an idiotDick burning something he is cooking while having this conversationDani has the hiccups... againBoth dick and dani in the kitchen making stuff to eat... Jameka still doing her hair

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Dick cooking chicken cutlet. Dani helping her dad. Jameka Still with her hair. Zack not on any feeds.

Dick tasted one of they chicken"oh my god thats really hot."

Zack in the HOH listening to his cd and looking at the tv monitor.

Dani" should i make garlic bread... everybody likes it.."

Dick"jameka likes it..."

Dani"its good for you..."


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Dick"table is set already"

Dani"no arts and crafts?"

Dick"no not yet its not showtime"

Dick"he was so lucky... unbealively lucky"

Dick"no no no he was loosing his shit there buddy"<about eric on slop"

Dani"he is crazy..."

Dani"by the time were out of here... its almost halloween."

Dick now talking about Mike Vick being busted.

Zack now up... talking to Dick about Vick.

Zack"wow dude..."

Zack standing around looking awkwardly with Dani...

Zack"should I get Jameka"

Zack"michael vick was the starting QB for the atlant falcons right?"

Dick"yea...... bout the time we came here he just got busted..."

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Jameka"why are you singing"

Zack"she has the california on her butt..."<dani shorts says california>

Zack"anything that I can do?"


Dick"alright ready..."


Dick"JAMEKA!!!!!... "<dinner is ready>

Dani"this table is so small I hate it."

Zack"any of you need sauces or anything"

Dick & Dani" no thank you"

all 3 eating... jameka still on her hair.

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7:42 PM BBT

Zack, Dick & Dani Dinner Table eating, Jameka WR with her hair.

Everybody talking about music choices... no game talk.

Dick"you get a lot of hippys playing the harp"

Dani"i bet"

Jameka joins the dinner table.

Dick"Dani saying I bet youre always late at work.."

Jameka"why are you saying such thing"

General talking....

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Zack"you think you can get marry again?" <to Dick>

Dick"I dunno.."

Jameka"maybe to Janelle.. hmmhh"

Dick"ive met a lot of crazy bitches in the middle"

Jameka"I know that feeling"

Dick"youve met a lot of crazy bitches in the middle?" hahaha

Zack Laughs

Jameka"you think will have sessions tonight?"

Dani"theres not a lot to talk about... that will be repetitive."

Dick"tuesday is the pov"

Dick talking about tuesday show... on what will they show. <they dont know its a Live eviction... or do they>

Dani"good today?"

Jameka"mhmmm hmm.... theres a lot of pepper"

Dani"good huh.... I like pepper"

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Dani & Dick BY. Zack & Jameka Kitchen.

Dani & Dick talking about Zack.

Dani"its cold out here"

Dick"yea it is"

BB Dani please go to the DR.

Dani"ahhh shut up please call someone else" FoTH

Dani went to the DR.

Dick now outside alone. Zack dishwashing & Jameka Helping him.

Zack"your folks lived with the same area as you?"

Jameka"oh no.. they are just in another town"

Zack"so you see your folks everyday?"

Jameka"yea I see them most the time... "

Zack"the one thing I missed about living here is missing my folks."

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Zack"we got them a webcam... so every sunday..well it hasent happen yet cuz they dont know yet... but they can see me."

Jameka"how much are those webcams?"

Zack"oh cheap very cheap 20 bucks"

Jameka"oh really..."

Zack"it depends... if you want the one with mic and stuff... but I just use the phone."

Dani now back from her DR. Joins Dick outside.

Dick"you dont wanna listen to my cd?"

Dani"no thank you.. yea."

Dick & Dani talking about Eric situation with Jessica. Dick still thinks she and eric never had a real kiss and that was just a peck when she left. Dick thinks eric played jessica. Dick said jessica never kissed eric... Dick ask her she said no. Dani "i dont really care".... Dick"Eric DR is probally talking about her showmace like Mike Boogie and Erica"

Dani"nick hated her.... she the one who gets drunk and gets whatever guy"

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