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July 27, Live Feed Updates

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We got FOTH for a few moments. I wonder if BB has told them to go to bed. When the feeds came back all the lights were off on the patio, and Eric, Jameka, Amber and Dick were all getting up to come inside.

Now Jameka is gonna make an egg, telling amber that it will make her sleep better.

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Amber is doing dishes, dick is tidying the kitchen and Eric seems to have disappeared.

Eric is back now and Jameka offered to cook him some eggs. He declines as he doesnt like them.Eric and Dick are heading to bed now. (Dick had said he wants to go to bed because tomorrow they have a food comp and he wants to be 'on')

Jameka tells them both goodnight, then says 'No more mustard mustashes' (Eric didnt tell them what he did, did he?)

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Zack is up now and Amber tells him that Jameka is in the bathroom.

Amber and Jameka in the bathroom. Washing faces, cleaning teeth. Looks like they are getting ready for bed!

6:20AM BBT: Amber heads to bed with Dustin. He tells her he is putting all his trust in her by not putting Nick on the block. E

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(if you haven't read the feeds from last night... many were up very late, so don't expect much to happen until BB forces them out of bed for the anticipated Friday food comp)

8:55am bbt

Kail is up, everyone else still sleeping

9:10am bbt

Still just Kail, making eggs in the kitchen (I'm wishing I had taken time to make myself some eggs this morning :cry: )

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Jen is in the bathroom, just washed her hands... of course had to look into the cameras... went to the kitchen, walked back to the round bedded room, whispered something and crawled back into bed

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10:00am bbt

FOTH is coming and going, and HGs appear to be stirring... guessing BB is waking them up

(I'm going to lunch with hopes to be back before a "hopefully shown on the live feeds but I'm not holding my breath" food comp takes place)

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Nick was just in bathroom for brief time. Walked down the hall, followed by another FotH.

10:25 BBT

Nick is in HOH with Dustin and Amber, volunteering to be the one who will eat all the horrible stuff if necessary.

He has put on the head phones to listen to Dustin's CD.

Bodies have been called out by name "to get up for the day."

Nick asked what the line-up is. They tell him Kail and Jen. As Dustin leaves, Nick says to Amber that it has to go that way. Then the cameras leave the HOH room, traveling to Dustin and Kail in the kitchen. He tells her it's either her, Nick, or Zach, and that she is most likely to stay (because he is HOH). All feeds stay with this discussion. <video coming>


They're still at it. Amber comes through the room and Dustin (teasingly) asks her to go back upstairs cuz they're still talking. They wait until she leaves. Kail's first words: "Danielle is dangerous" and goes on to say that she is very closely aligned with Dick.

Mentioned along the way:

She has volunteered to not change the nominations if she wins POV.

She volunteers to 'take on' Dani and Dick if he'll take on Nick and Zach. [Not sure what that means - suffer Dick's nasties was her point]

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Dustin and Kail have light chat at the kitchen counter as Zach fixes himself some breakfast.

Dick now there to make coffee.

(Eric is in the shower)

Someone calls out "Hi, Michael" and we get a quickFotH

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Feeds on:

1) Dani and Jameka in bedroom - Dani's sandals are ruined.

2) Jen and Amber in other bedroom - yes, she slept upstairs.

Dustin comes out of DR (hearing him only) saying it's time for the food competition. All are to go to the LR so a few are munching on food at the couches.


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(from earlier, thought I'd add a little more detail about the Dustin/Kail conversation... also, Nick waited until Dustin left the HOH room before asking Amber "how it's going down"

and Amber said if the noms stay the way they are (Kail/Jen), then Kail is leaving, which contradicts Dustin telling Kail she(Kail) is last on his list of the 4 to leave)

Kail/Dustin in kitchen

Kail: if you need to, go with what the house wants, so you look like a team player

Dustin: house wants you/Zach/Nick....

Kail: think about this... if you are the last 2, who do you want on the jury?

Kail: if you use me as a pawn... if you put me against Zach... who would vote for me? unless you want me gone?

Dustin: you would most likely stay, because 'I' am head of household

Kail: I trust Eric, Jen(named another).. all I ask is if you put me up as a pawn, that you get their word that they won't flip on you... if I'm against Zach, everyone but Dick/Daniele would vote for me to stay

Kail: if you put me up, I completely trust you... long as I know we are working as a team, if I'm not the target.. if I won POV I wouldn't use it, because I don't want you to have another enemy... are you thinking of putting up Zach?

Dustin: I'm not planning to take up your offer(backdooring Zach?) because if I put someone up I want to put them up to their face.... I don't have enemies in the house..

Kail: does Amber?

Dustin: doesn't matter, I am HOH, not her... I want people to respect that, it's like you and Jen

Kail: exactly, I understand

Dustin: there are 3 combos... Nick/Dani, Nick/Kail/Zach

Kail: there is absolutely nothing, we never communicate/talk game, ever

Dustin: I know you have said time and time again that Jen isn't a part, but she votes separately from the house

Kail: I won't deny that, she forced her way in by staying in the HOH, unspoken, no handshake, non verbal

Dustin: I see that, strength in numbers is up to four

Kail: I don't talk game with her, just you, Amber and Jameka a little

Dustin: I've said before, I've played with honesty... I haven't decided, but Nick, Dick, Daniele will create enemies... not going against the house, but

Kail: I have no loyalties to Nick or Zach

Dustin: the mistakes you made the first week will come to bite you

Kail: strategically, there is no voting power there... you've got to come out of this looking pretty good

Dustin: I forgot about using you as a pawn

Dustin: there is the concept of putting up two pawns...

Kail: you can't guarantee that because of POV... and those pawns would be voting for you at the end, you want them to have your back, those coming after you, you have to get out, I'm not coming after you... Zach could care less about anyone else in this house, same with Evil

Dustin: I've tought about Nick and Daniele

Kail: if you do, and they win POV, who would you put up? if I went up, I'd go home... if you put up Evil and Zach... no one cares about Zach... Daniele would be mad... if they won POV, you'd have to replace one, if I went up...

Dustin: that would be stupid though

(Amber comes down, Dustin jokes about her going back up)

Kail: Daniele is dangerous, I don't care what others say, Dani and Dick are talking... they are hiding behind family fights, but those two are alligned... they have watched this game since season 2 together, I'm not buying those family fights... I'll tell you what, this will happen if you put Evil up... FOTH

(feeds came back to Dustin/Kail, but I was on the phone call and missed the rest)

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11:20am bbt

Dani/Jam in small room

Dani: Dustin and Kail have been talking all morning? Don't you think that's wierd?

Jam: mmm hmmmm (typical Jam reply lol)

Dani: just something to log in the database

Teams must have been picked for the food comp, Dani and Jam are on the same team

Dani: you are on my team?

Jam: no, you are on MY team!

Dani: no, you're on mine, sorry to burst your bubble Jameka! (all said in fun! lol)

Jen asks Amber about sleeping in the HOH with Dustin(but it turns into a friendly/jealous type of interogation on Jen's part)

you slept in the HOH? Did you snuggle, or sleep on the opposite side? When I was up there, I didn't even notice Dustin was there, he's so little...

(Dustin comes from the SR to announce it's time for the food comp)

into the living room... you must wait!

11:26 BB: ok guys, gather around and we'll get going... FOTH(this time it could be a while)

12 noon bbt - FOTH (food comp continues)

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12:27pm bbt Feeds are back!

Jessica coming inside: well we came from behind, behind Daniele and Nick

Jen walking to bedroom reading the screen: Nominations today!

Jen to Kail in small bedroom while changing: I'm sad you are on it... I thought they were going to put me on it... if you want I'll be fine on it.

Jen to Amber: good job Amber! Finished our puzzle... finished it none the less...

BB: indoor lockdown

random chatter of how who was leading who in the food comp... (sounds like they were in pairs of two, guessing that one from each pair has to go on slop for the week, and Jen/Kail were a pair)

Jessica to Amber: once you got one piece to work, you were like, OK!

back to FOTH :(

Back again!

Eric: Dani, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka don't drink, so we get all the beer... hi5s Nick (guessing they are all NOT on slop this week, along with Jessica, who Eric just shared the 'good news' with)

some general conversation about nothing

Dani loves 'Apples to Apples' game... Dani says it is the funnest game ever!

Nick loves Balderdash, especially when drinking

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Zach was mixing up a protein shake just now, so I'm guessing he is on slop, or he likes them... (which wouldn't surprise me).

Dani is saying "water, coffee, tea, and slop....."

Dani is whining about how tired she is--she's not joking.

Kail is bringing her makeup bag to Dani.

Dani is advising her on how to put on eye makeup.

Amber is folding clothes on the kitchen table.

It looks like they might possibly have track suit jackets in various colors. (I don't know if they all have one, but they are solid colors with stripes of white down the arm. Amber is folding some of the jackets. She had a royal blue one, and Dustin has one that is brown.


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1pm bbt back from another FOTH

Dustin, Amber in HOH room

Dustin: he's going to come to you and you need to say, Dick, you can't treat me this way, there has to be a happy medium... he needs to understand that!

Amber: what did Kail say today?

Dustin: she wants Dick/Dani out of here BAD! she offered herself up again as a pawn, I said I'd forgotten about that... I told her there are 4 of you, including Jen, so I said the 4 of you are targets, that's been outed recently... then there are Nick, Dick, Dani, the combo of those 3 is powerful... but making an enemy of Dick is not something I want to do now, he is my friend... but Dick is in the middle of both of those... she said yes, put up Dick and Zach! Then she wanted Zach and Nick... I told her I don't want to make an enemy of Nick yet.... there are some that have made me feel like a threat... I told her not her (feeds got choppy)

Dick comes into HOH

Dustin: I told Kail that Dick/Dani/Nick are a combo I see as a threat... there are 7 people out of 10 that could go up... any combination of those would work for me... she reminded me of being a pawn, I acted like I didn't remember that... so I'm thinking I put her up, then talk with her about it, the opportunity of back door

Amber starts to leave...

Dick: wait, I came up here to talk with you for a minute... instead of trying to go out of my way to have fun with you.. in normal life... I won't ignore you, but I'll try to stay out of your way

Amber: it's not that... you sprayed me 5 times with the hose, gave me wet willies...

Dick: what do you want me to do, I said I'll try to avoid you... I'm trying to be calm about it, we don't have to ignore each other, just avoid each other

Amber: nobody else has a problem with me, you mess with me too much

Dick: I said I'll stay away

Amber: it's fine it's fine

Dick: no, you're mad and you're leaving! (Amber goes out)

Dick: what do I do with that?

Dustin: I don't know, she came up and I said I don't know, don't put me in the middle... you are a man of two extremes... crass and annoying, and fun/friendly... you need to find a middle

Dick: fine, I like Amber, but her and I are butting heads

(feeds are still choppy-Dick still explaining himself to Dustin, Amber in round room sharing with Jameka now)

Dustin trying to explain in general terms to Dick that he is abrasive and should try to avoid the situation but not avoid Amber, but Dick wants Dustin to give a specific situation to discsuss...

Dustin: when she says it's fine it's fine, she means it will be fine just give her space, where you need to talk it out right then, there is the confrontation and the reation to the actions are completely opposite, both of you need to come to an agreement and calm down

Dick: we all aren't going to get along in here, there are people you work with that you don't like, you do your work and it's done

Dustin: it's easier for you to withhold getting in her face about it, not once, not twice, three times, asking are you ok, what's wrong, that's for your benefit, not hers... she wants to be left alone... give her an hour... she's fine then, she's worked off the steam

Dick: I understand... there's a reason I'm single for the last 7 years... good observation... I don't think I take anything she says personal, it's the actions... she says it's ok, but I can tell it's not

Dick: thing with Kail, I wanted to say, you don't have to lie to her... if you want to make her a pawn... if I can avoid lying in this game... if you think you'll come in and not lie... but the least amount of lies, the less you have to remember, the better off you are, the better person... it's your deal, even with the thing last night, you didn't want to go with the drama...

Dustin: noms, I think I'm going to say Kail, Jen, there's no way you sat up here for 19 days and didn't plan.. you have power, you are both threats, you are part of an alliance that needs split up...

Dick leaves, Dustin is going to nap

1:25pm bbt

Dick enters the round room to find Jam/Amber still talking... Dick changing pants, Jam/Amber start talking about the food comp until Dick leaves... and Kail enters, looking for a lost earring...

SR is open again, and Daniele is looking for... food? She needs a shopping cart her arms are so full!

Jam advice to Amber: Dustin gave a great example, when Joe would try to bait him, Dustin would walk away... Dick likes to engage... this is your challenge, what are you going to do? Point blank you are being tested... you are gonna be fine

Amber starts to (everyone say it with me) cry... Amber is glad Jameka is there with her, and they hug :)

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1:12 BBT

Amber and Dustin were chatting in the HOH room. Dick knocked, and Amber didn't look happy. Amber asked if she should hide, Dustin said no, and told Dick to come in.

Dustin explained that he was telling Amber about his conversation with Kail this morning. Amber goes to leave, but Dick goes to say something to her, and Amber says not right now. Dick tells her to let him speak, he just wants to say something. She's telling him it's okay, but she's really getting upset.

Dick say's they're butting heads and he's going to try to stay away from her. Amber tells him that he fucks with her too much, and it's always in his terms. When she tries to fuck with him, he gets mad. Dick says he'll try to stay away. Amber: You don't need to ignore me.

Dick:I just said I wasn't going to ignore you, I'm just going to stay away for a few days.

Dick: Do you want me to tell you how I feel, I think you've been a real bitch the past couple of days.

Amber: Well, you're the only person who thinks that, because you pick on me.

Dick: Well, that's why I'm trying to be calm about this, and explain this.

Amber: Well, it's not like this with anyone else with me. Excpet Zach, but you just fuck with me too much.

Dick: Well, I'll try to stay away.

Amber: No, it's fine.

Dick: Well, no it's not because you're walking away.

Amber leaves and asks Dustin for advice. Dustin tells Dick to not ignore her, but he shou'dn't fuck with her as much and to find a balance. Dustin tells him he's a man of extremes, opposite extremes and tells him to find a balance of them and it will make Dick's relationships better.

Dustin and Dick continue this conversation for about 13 minutes.

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Dustin and Amber are in HoH room. Dick comes in and sits down, Amber gets up to leave. dick said he wants to talk to her, she said not now. Dick said he likes her and he is going to distance himself from her because they seem to be getting on each others nerves. There is some grumbling about Dick harrassing her, yet he doesn't want to be bothered in the morning. He said he will ignore her, she says fine, that's fine...(it's NOT fine). Amber walks out angry, and Dustin gives Dick advice on how to relate to people in the house. Dustin said Dick is extreme, sometimes rude, loud and crass and other times charasmatic, funny and charming. He said Dick needs to find someplace in the middle. He explains that Amber needs time to chill, so he needs to walk away and come back in an hour to talk to Amber and she will be fine.

Talk switches to nominations. Dustin says he wants to put up Jen and Kail, and say they are sneaky, etc. Dick said don't tell Kail she is a pawn, but that she is up because she deserves to be. Dustin is tired and wants to talk a nap, Dick leaves.

Feed shows Jameka and Amber in round bed room with Amber talking about how she has had 3 blow ups in the past week, and all of the have been with Dick. She thinks he is doing that becasue she is loved by everyone, and he wants to put doubt in their minds. Dick comes in to change pants. Asks Jameka to turn around or she will see his butt. (BB says the SR is open) He starts to change (he doesn't wear undies) then looks at the camera, says oops, and turns his back to the camera. He finishes and leaves.

Kail comes in quickly then leaves, talk returns to Dick. Jameka explaining that she needs to leave vengence to God. Explain quietly that things aren't working between the two of them, so maybe they need to spend some time apart. Amber said she once said something about Dick knowing everything about Will, and Dick was upset. She said he has said several times not to f *up her game. Jameka said to Do Not Engage. She said Dick likes to engage people, so don't feed into that need. Jameka said Amber is being tested. (Amber said earlier that she only goes to Jameka or Dustin about things). Now Amber is crying...is that any big surprise? she is telling Jameka how great she is for her.

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Major fight!! In the HOH, Dustin is in bed, just watching as Amber and Dick argue and fight. (I missed the beginning of this--ed)

Dick tells Amber that he is going to ignore her for the next few days. He asks if she wants to know what he really thinks? She says yes. He says that she has been a bitch for the last few days. Amber is crying. She says that no one else in the house feels that way, other than maybe Zach! He says he told her he is just going to step back for a few days. She says "It's fine!" and walks away. He says it isn't fine--she is mad and leaving. She leaves, crying.

Dick asks what he should do with that? He's trying!

Dustin tells him to find a balance.

Dustin says not to ignore Amber, but don't mess with her as much.

Dustin tells him he is a man of extremes.

Dick: I know.

Dustin: You are extremely crass and rude and outing, or you are extremely nice, charismatic and fun. Do you get what I'm saying? Those are two opposites. IF you can try to challenge yourself to find a happy medium between those two, I think it would be beneficial to you in this house, in this game and in your relationships with people. To find that balance.

Dick: I think I'm okay with just about everyone, except for the people I'm not okay with.

Dick says that he and Amber have been butting heads, and he knows when they went wrong. He told Amber that he was going to try to distance himself to make sure people didn't think they were in an alliance. He told Amber up front he would tell people that she was emotional and would never be in an alliance with her. He told Zach that. He feels it "hit too close to home" with Amber. He told Amber that she could do the same with him, and he wouldn't be offended.

Dustin: I can't say one way or the other if that's when it all started.

Dustin said they have been butting heads for the last 3 or 4 days.

Dick says that he told Amber up front he would say that to others (Amber's emotional) and he did.

Dick: I think I'm just going to avoid the situation.

Dustin: Avoid the situation, but don't avoid her!

Dick: That's why I came up here, was to say I'm not gonna ignore you, but I'm going to avoid all of this.

Dustin: But you asked me for advice, and I'm giving you advice.

Dick: Good!

Dustin: You either fuck with people and then you try to make up for it tenfold, and that's even more annoying, or you straight up piss people off and you don't try to make up for it. And there's an extreme there.

Dustin says that he pisses people off, then tries to talk about it over and over to make it up with them, or he says "Fuck you, fuck you!"

Dick: Those are the people like Kail and Jen.

Dustin: No. That's just from my observations, it's who you are and what you do with people.

Dustin says he needs to find a common ground between those two and things would go smoother for Dick in the house.

Dick: You're probably right.

Dustin: You can't apologize to Amber 50,000 times for some ridiculous comment or something like that, and then you can't not apologize for literally berating somebody in front of a group of 12 people, you know what I mean?

Dick: Oooh. What situation are you talking about (sounding defensive now)

Dustin says he is giving him examples of situations that have occurred.

Dick tries to interrupt.

Dustin: Just, Please!

Dick talks about how Amber took personal offense about the dog comment.

Dustin: One other thing to consider is consideration of others. Granted, Amber says, "It's fine! It's fine!" That's her way of saying "You know what? It WILL be fine, just leave me alone for a little bit and let me think about it." But it's because you need that personal satisfaction, and you need to literally talk it out at that moment, and she doesn't need that.

Dick: That's true, too.

Dustin says that Amber needs to be left alone, and Dick wants to "solve this right now."

Dick agrees.

Dustin: The reaction to the actions are completely opposite.

Dustin says he and Amber need to consider each other's needs, and "calm the fuck down."

Dick: Well, I think too that everybody doesn't have to be in love with each other here, but we have to deal with each other, and we have the same goal in mind here.

Dick says he's sure people have all dealt with someone in the workplace that they don't like, but they deal and get on with the job.

Dustin says Dick needs to consider Amber's feelings. He gets in her face not once, not twice, but three times.

Dustin: That's not for her benefit. That's for your benefit.

Dick says Amber will say she is okay, but he knows she's not, and that's why.

Dustin says give her an hour, and it will be fine then, because she has vented or worked off steam, and then she will talk to him.

Dick: I understand. Absolutely. Chicks, man. I'm telling you.

Dick: When I say Chicks, man, there's a reason I'm single for 27 years.

Dustin says they both need not take it personally.

Dick says he doesn't think he takes anything she says personally. It's the actions of saying one thing and acting another way, which she does. He knows she isn't okay, but says she is.

Dustin says take it at face value.

Dick says he is going to avoid the situation for the next few days. They have a while to be together and there shouldn't be head butting and bullshit.

Dustin says not to ignore her--it will make things worse.

Dick: That's why I came in here and said, if you want me to ignore you, I'll ignore you, and she jumped on me. (Dick is talking fast, acting kind of cold) So, he knew Amber was in HOH and came up there to say he didn't want to ignore her.

Dick changes the conversation to Kail.

Dick says that if Dustin doesn't want to bullshit her, then don't.

Dick says Dustin can tell Jen and Kail that they didn't leave in the last couple of weeks, so this is the way it should be, with them on the block.

Dick: It's your deal. Do what you want. Do what you like.

Dick says that Dustin said he didn't want to "go that way" and deal with the big drama thing that Eric was talking about.

Dustin: As far as nominations go, I think I'm going to say "Kail, Jen, the two of you have some sort of something that is going on, and it's unknown and unspoken, and there is no way in hell that the two of you sat up here for 19 days and did not talk game to each other. I don't buy it for one minute. The two of you have power. You speak to other people. Jen, you fabricate. Kail, you fabricate. Both of you are threats in this game and you are both part of an alliance that needs to split up."

Dick says that's good. He tells him he needs to watch the time for the ceremony.

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Dick is reading the HOH directions. You cannot change your vote or take out the key once it is in the box.

Dick says he hasn't seen his key come out of the box since he has been there.

Dustin agrees--he didn't think of that.

Dick leaves.

Amber is whispering to Jameka, obviously has been crying.

Dick comes into the round room and butts in, he wants to change clothes. He asks them to turn around while he changes.

They quickly change the conversation.

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