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July 27, Live Feed Updates

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(Sorry Jem--delete this on the last thread)

Dick is going to the HOH

Dick says it's weird to see pictures, huh? Dustin says not really--these are a month old.

Dick says the picture was right there with him and Dani, and he must have cried at least three times.

Dustin: Really.

Dustin asks if Dick wants to scream? Dustin starts screaming and jumping up and down, yelling "YEAH!!!"


Dick is telling Dustin about how Jen told him that she wasn't going to vote against the house.

Dustin acts shocked, and Dick asks if he hadn't heard it?

Dustin says no, because Jen has voted against the house two times.

Dick says he told them that there was a leak!

Dick says that Nick pulled him aside immediately and asked who the other vote was against Kail, and then Dick knew it was Nick.

Dustin says he thought it was Jen "for a split second," and then he knew it was Nick.


Dick: And the one that is trying to walk the line and the one that is leaking the information and is lying to everyone is Nick.

Dustin: Umm hmm

Dick: And the biggest schemer is Kail.

Dustin: Do I backdoor him?

Dick: Do you have a chance to?

Dick: Who is #1 on your hit list?

Dustin: Zach.

Dick: Who's #2?

Dustin: Nick or Jen.

Dick says he doesn't like either, but with Jen you know where she stands.

Dustin says that he can't believe she was so forthcoming with Dick.

Dick: Talk to Eric later.

Dustin says they are having a meeting in the HOH tonight.

Dick: Oh, I know!! (They squeal in joy again)

Dick is saying that as soon as Eric got Jen out, Jen had a look on her face and he (Dick) was applauding, and Dick was saying "Thank you friend," he knows that there is a friend in the sky. They got out Zach, Jen, Kail, and it was over!!!

Dustin says Eric said at that point he was just buzzing and buzzing at that point, as they had it!

Dustin told Eric he looked like he was on drugs up there!


Dustin: But Nick's the leak, though.

Dick says they knew it, though.

Dustin says you would think Nick would have changed his gameplan. Dick says Nick always had Dani on his side, though. But now Dani knows the truth.

Dustin: Oh, I can't wait to have this conversation with Eric. we're going to have such a good time, kicking and screaming!

Dick says that they will have fun watching Jen and Kail stomping around.

Dustin says his biggest target is Zach, and the house's is Nick.

Dick asks why.

Dustin says Zach intimidates him. He tells him he thinks he is a threat.

Dick guarantees that Zach would put up Jameka and Dani if he got HOH.

Dustin says that on a daily basis, Zach intimidates him.

Dick says he's on the hammock right now with his tail between his legs like a little bitch.

Dustin says that if they put him up, he won't have to deal with Zach kissing his ass all week.

Dustin says he doesn't want Dick to take this personally, but he doesn't want Dani in the room when they make their decision.

Dick says he doesn't blame him, and he has no offense taken, and he and Dani are playing different games.

Dustin says that Dani went straight to Nick and said, "People think it was you."

Dustins says he just wanted to let Dick know.

Dick: You know my relationship with her. It's totally cool. No problem at all. What do you think about, like Zach and Kail...

Dustin interrupts and says that Nick is chewing his fingernails like heck right now.

Dick asks if Nick or Zach would be a better backdoor?

Dustin says he thinks Zach is a better backdoor. He thinks that Nick would take being put on the block better like that, to say he is a pawn, to tell Nick up front he is backdooring Zach.

Dick says you might not get the opportunity to backdoor Zach, because you have to let others play POV.

Dick and Dustin are watching the HOH cam.

Dick: What is she doing out there, besides listening?

Dustin says she (don't know who this is) can't hear. Dick says people heard Dani yelling at Dick, though.

Dustin yells "WTF are you talking about???" and they watch for a reaction.

Dustin: Nothing.

Dick: All right.

Dustin: This is so fucking awesom!

Dick says this also guarantees that the "three who were up here are still here."

Dustin asks what he means. Dick says Dick, Dustin and Jess are still there, and they were targets from the first.

Dustin says they went into the house with the biggest targets.

Dick says look who has been on the block--people in the twist.

Dick says they are going through that alliance like a "fucking freight train."

Dustin: I just can't believe Nick. How does he think that he's so transparent?

Dustin says he and Jameka were talking that Nick is the first one to bitch about Zach.

Dick says that Nick will tell you every detail about Zach, to make sure you know.

Dick says he knew Nick was the leak.

Dick said this was why Mike was so worried and nervous. He kept telling Mike he was safe, but Mike was nervous, and it was because Mike and Kail knew about Nick being the leak.

Dick talks about the HOH comp and how unbelievable it is that it all went exactly like they said last night.

Dustin says he wants Dick, Jameka, Amber and Eric upstairs tonight to talk strategy.

Dick says let Jameka sleep.

Dustin says they will do it late night.

Dustin: I won't lie. I don't know Jess all that well.

Dick says trust him on Jess. With all sincerity, Jameka and Jess were the two he was worried about, and Jess told him twice she was voting to keep him, and she did.

Dick says he talked to Jess one night until about 5:45 a.m.

Dick says Jess is smarter than people think.

Dustin: I don't think she is dumb, by any means. She's got dancer blonde written all over her.

Dick says "Trust me--she's on board. I know I can trust Jessica."

Dick says Dustin needs to build a relationship with her, too.

Dick says that Eric has a relationship with Jess, too.

Dustin says he isn't putting Jess up--he just wonders if she could be a leak, too?

Dick says absolutely not! He says that Jess doesn't have any relationship of any form with Kail.

Dustin: What is it with people and their sloppy games!!

Dustin says Nick has such a sloppy game.

Talk of showers.

Dustin: It's so nice, because for the people we like in this house, it's a free week.

Dick says he thought his week would be easy, and it ended up being so much drama because of other people causing bullshit.

Dustin says when Zach comes upstairs, he's going to ask Zach why he voted against the rest of the house.

Dick says Zach still has an alliance with Kail. He says he can't stand her, but he has an alliance with Kail.

Dustin is confused--he thought it was Mike, Zach and Nick.

Dick says it didn't matter--Mike or Kail--they have an alliance.

Dustin: We all know it was Nick.

Dick: We knew it before, and we know what we have to deal with.

Dustin says he just doesn't know about the order they should do it in, and Dick says Eric made strong arguments about getting rid of Kail, but Kail is a total mess today. Dick says he did his deal, talking between the eviction and HOH trying to keep Kail offbase, and he held up his end of the deal, and Kail hasn't said two words since.

Dick: It was meant to go this way, and it happened for a reason. Don't get too comfortable.

Dustin: I'm so glad you said that to her (Kail)!!!

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Dustin and Dick have basically decided whom is going. THe nominees ..It is a definite alliance within a alliance.

Dustin tell Dick leave AMber up to him to settle down in this game and Dick suggested Dustin take care of Danielle too. They really want NICK out. HE is the main target and they are planning his demise.

(video link)

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Jen and Kail outside on the couches talking about talking to Dustin. Jen said she is not going to talk to him she doesn't feel the need. She got out Joe for Dustin so she thinks she is safe. Kail asks Jen what she should say to Dustin? Jen says she should not talk to him or wait. Because if she talks to Dustint here is no way to do it without bringing up that she volunteered to be a pawn for the next couple of weeks. Kail agrees and then says Dustin makes coffee for me every morning so she will talk to him in the morning and see what he is thinking.

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Dustin says that he can put up Zach and Kail, and even if Kail wins POV, he will tell her she is a the pawn, and tell her not to use the POV (Come on, are you delusional??--Cat)

Dick says Kail will use it and lie to him, though, as she lied to Dick.

Dick says if she takes herself off, put up Nick!

Dustin is munching through his food like he's been on a starvation diet.

(The following conversation occurs without Dick bringing it up--DUSTIN brings it up alone):

Dustin: Trust me when I say, I've been talking to Amber about getting her shit together. As far as, um, people in this game and about her getting her emotions in this game. I said, Amber, you need to keep your head in this game.

Dick: The way I usually bring her into focus, and of course she gets mad at me sometimes...

Dustin: Honestly, Dick, I would not talk to her about it anymore. Leave it up to me.

Dick: That's fine (sounds slightly irritated).

Dick: What I was telling you is the thing that I've used, like when she was on the block the first time and she was losing it, and the conversation I had with her and she got it together after that, and even after the POV, and I used kind of the same thing, and it's the truth, including yourself and including me. You've known us three or four weeks.

Dustin: Umm hmm

Dick: Are you here for us, or are you here for your daughter? Are you here to help change your daughter's life?

Dustin: Uh huh

DicK: That's the bottom line. That's what you need to focus on. Not anything else. Don't get distracted by anything or anyone else.

Dick told her she will have loyalties and love people here, and this is a great experience, only 7 groups of people who have done this, and they will be friends. But would you rather have that or change your daughter's life?

Dustin says he doesn't know if Dick has noticed, but people talk about who is going to sequester.

Dustin: I don't give a FUCK about who is going to FUCKING sequester! I'm in this game to win it.

Dick: Yeah. I want them out of the fucking house.

Dustin says if Zach is in sequester, that's fine--he'll tell him off in sequester, then!

Dick says that they need to get Jen and Kail out, and Jen is being swept under the rug and forgotten about, and she can't be.

Dick: Look at the bullshit she pulled, Dude!

Dustin says that Amber could be their "moneywrench" regarding Nick, but he wants Nick out.

Dick says he thought Amber was "down" with getting Nick out?


Dustin says that she is, but she wants him in sequester. But Dustin doesn't give a shit about sequester.

Dustin says the conversation tonight will decide which order people will leave in, and he hopes it is NICK leaving.

Dick and Dustin do another dance of joy and squeal.

Dick: I have to compose myself. I can't go out with your shit-eating grin that you had when you won it!

Dick: Dude, it's so awesome! I'm so fucking stoked!

Dustin: I know!

Dick tells him he needs to be careful about people talking to him (pot--kettle--Cat).

Dick: Remember what happened to me!

Nick is sitting at the bar with Amber and Zach, talking. Nick doesn't have his mic on, and BB calls him on it, and Dick laughs.

Dick says that the housecleaning will "go down the shitter" without Mike.Zach and Nick are doing impressions, and we get a long FOTH

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Eric is whispering to Jess.

He is telling her that he threw the comp at the point that it was left with Jameka and Dustin.

Eric says that he felt they wanted it more than he did, and why make a spectacle of himself?

She agrees.

Eric says that he knew he would "live to fight another day," and Jess was safe, too.

Jess wonders if the game will change when they get down to sequester.

Eric asks if Jess is going to mope in bed? He says she is having a temper tantrum week.

She says no, she's okay now!

She says she actually has better weeks on slop, and that's weird. Eric says it grows hair on your chest.

Jess: I think Evel is gonna have this week.


It sounds like they are saying that Dick should have a calm, easy week.

Eric is whispering and saying something about when it gets to that point, they need to say that they need to "go after the pairs first" before they go after each other individually, and if they (the other side) get HOH, they will go after Dick first.

Jess says she hopes so.

Jess whispers that she was walking by and heard a conversation with Jen and Kail.

Jen told Kail that Dani was the one who voted against her.

Eric says if they want to make 'huge fucking scenes, just let them."

She says she will.

Eric says they are just portraying him as a goofy retard, and he didn't expect that question, though, tonight.

Eric suggests a walk in the backyard. He asks if she would go zig-zagging, or just go around the perimeter? Would they include the deck?

Jess: I guess people would leave us alone, then.

Eric: If we took a walk? I wouldn't mind a walk!

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Dick and Dani talking. Dani really wants to win HOH. She thinks her stuff will be from her boyfriend. Dick thought his would be from his son and it was not. Dick figures her stuff would be from her Grandma. He was certain his stuff would be from his son and it wasn't. Not a knock to his mother but would have rather it was from his son. Dani would be really disappointed if her is not from her boyfriend.

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(The feeds are kind of messed up tonight. I have a still picture of Dani lying on the couch for those who are on the block, and Nick is lying on the adjacent couch. They both look upset.

Jen is standing nearby. But this is just a still picture, and we are hearing Dustin and Dick outside--ed)

Dustin is saying he is worried about what Zach and Nick will say to him. He says especially, Zach, because "I got him out!" Dick says Zach makes scenes, anyway. (Just a little while ago, Dustin was saying he hoped Nick was the one who left--flip flop much?--Cat) Dick says that if he needs help, Dick will help him.

Dick is now sitting on the couch where Nick had been.

Dani is talking to him.

Dani: What a comment, though. You know what I mean? Don't you think?

Dick: Well, she's the only one who's important. Her and Kail.

Dick: Well, one more down this week.

Dani: I know. It's just dwindling and dwindling.

Dick: This is my first easy week since I've been here, and I welcome it with open arms.

Dani: It's nice not having the stress and stuff, cause last week was my first one. But at the same time, I'll be honest, it's extremely boring. You'll see. It's boring and really, really long. You'll see.

Dick says last week was so stressful, with so much bullshit going on, he will appreciate it.

He does things like make up sports.

Dick: I was looking forward to volleyball until fucking Zach whacked the ball and got it on the roof. Dumbass.


Dick: That guy had an ear-to-ear grin like the Cheshire cat for 15 minutes after he won. (Dustin)

Dani: I'm happy for him, but I want to win this week.

Dick: Me, too. But I feel sorry for Nick because he has that horrible hairdo.

Nick laughs from the bar in the kitchen (not sure if it was because of this comment or not--ed)

Dani says she wants the pictures really, really bad. She says that some people say they don't want the pictures, because it will be harder. But she wants them bad.

He asks if she thinks it will be from her Grandma or her boyfriend?

She says from Chris.

He says he was positive his would be from Vincent, and they weren't.

She says she doesn't want to sound bad, but if they aren't from Chris, she will be really disappointed.

Dick is saying that he thinks from his letter from Grandma that the DR sessions must be affecting her.

Dick says he wonders how much they are showing of him being a "complete asshole" with Jen and Kail and his quote unquote outbursts, and he hopes that they are showing the other side of him.

Dani says she and Eric think he is in the top 3, because he is a jerk, but to the right people.

He laughs.

Dani does her whispering with no sound--just mouth movements.

Nick's name is brought up.

Dick says that he knows the showmance is being played up, big time, and he can tell her that for sure.

He says that she knows his opinion about his trust in Nick.

Dani says it puts her in an awkward position.

She whispers again.

In between whispers she says she would get a picture of her dog and Lindsay.

Dani whispers that she knows Nick has feelings for her, and it is awkward.

Dick: Dani, I was really, really worried about you. And I told him 3 or 4 times that you're not going to be the next Erika.

Dani: I know. I'm not stupid.

He says he isn't saying she is stupid.

She says she knows.

Dick says he thinks for the game, they need to trust each other more about opinions.

She says a lot of it is in the way he approaches her with things.

He says he is trying.

She says she knows.

He says that is their life.

He starts to get defensive, and she tells him to relax--she is trying to tell him.

She got upset with him, and he made her feel that if he won HOH, he was putting Nick up.

She says that for him to ask her to be okay with that is like if she told Dick to put Amber up!

Dick: To be honest, Nick might be going up this week!

(Dick whispers)

Dani: I don't think so.

He insists.

She says that she talked to Dustin and was assured about it.

She says that she doesn't care, as long as it isn't her.

Dick: Don't tell anyone I said this. You're going to be left out of most of the conversations about Nick, because some people are afraid.

Dani: I know.

(Dani sounds a little upset)

Dick talks about the dog, but Dani is now talking soft and like she is sulking.

Dick brings up "Eddie" and questions her about him. She says she doesn't talk to him.

Dani is getting very animated but irritated about this and starts talking about these relatives. (no FOTH for some reason--ed)

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Dick says he saw the Tilley's catalogue, and her pictures were really good.

They whisper in between talking about this.

Dani: SHe hates me. Kail hates me.

Dick: She won't look at anybody.

Dani: She hates me! She hates me!

Dick says who cares?

She says that she knows, but it is upsetting when people feel that way toward you for no reason!

He says he knows--he was known as mustard guy! He says he will take the blame for what he does, but not for what he doesn't do.

Dani: Who do you think did it? Nick? Me, too!!!

Dick jokes that it was Jessica, as she walks by. She laughs.

Lots of whispering.

Dani says she thinks Kail is a nice person.

Dick says she is backstabbing everybody.

Dani: Me?

Dick: NO!

Dani: I'm like, OMG!

Dani: I feel like I'm 13, like I'm going to blow my brains out. I'm going nuts.

Dani says she feels like going into the DR and telling them she wants to talk to her boyfriend or a psychiatrist.

Dani says she wants to win HOH so much!

He says she has been winning what is important in the game.

Dani says she knows, but this is something she wants. It's because of the pictures and everything.

She says it would put her in a completely different frame of mind.

ERic called to DR

Dani says that when they took her, she wasn't sure if she would be leaving or not, and she didn't get to talk to anyone. The next day she was supposed to have lunch with Grandma. The situation was bad when she left because it happened so fast. As soon as they showed her the key, they asked if she needed to do anything. She said she needed to call her Grandma. They said they needed to take her phone, instead! Chris had written a note on a pad, and it said, "Good luck, I love you." She held that paper in her hand every day, and it meant so much to her!

Dick: You knew I was here!

Dani: Uh, Yeah! Stupid!

Dick: Well, you like, to me..

Dani: Well, what was I supposed to say?

Dick: I was like, did she tell? Because right after that I go like 3 phone calls. They were saying, We're worried about you, Dick.

Dani: They called me, and they were like

AND A BIG FOTH as we now know that Dani and Dick knew for sure that they were in the house together, BEFORE it happened! --ED

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When they come back, Dick is laughing and says they will have to compare notes when this is all done. Dani is laughing with him.

Dick is talking about how he could see Dani on the screen when he was upstairs the first day.

They are laughing together.

Dani whispers

Dani: Who is her talking to in there?

Dick: Who?

Dani: Zach.

Dick: I don't know.

Dani sighs.

Dani is saying that their lease is up next month, and her boyfriend is moving back in with his parents. She has nowhere to live. Dick is surprised that they aren't moving in together. She says he just had his career change and they really need the money. She says that her boyfriend is horrible with money, and she has to get on him for getting a soda or something when they can't afford it.

Dick says that he is surprised she is a Hooters girl.

She says it is fun and easy. She likes the people she works with. It's not like people think.

He says it is still a bar atmosphere. It changes people.

She says she hasn't changed at all. She is the "good, innocent one!"

He says "if worse comes to worst, I have a one-bedroom apartment and you can stay with me."

Dani: Hell no! Hell no!

Dick: If worse comes to worst!

He says that she could stay with Grandma. She says she stayed with her for a few days, and the cats caused a horrible allergic reaction, and it was horrible. She can't stay there. She likes going there because "Lindsay" is so close.

Dick: Between me, you and your grandmother, we'll figure something out.

Dani says she will probably move in with a friend, and she is quiet. She says she needs a "back house" and she needs a yard for her dog.

He says a yard is a luxury. She says she plays $1400 for a tiny place, and that's ridiculous.

Dani says they almost had to get the cops involved in their situation. Dick is shocked and says, "Between you two??" She says no--the roommate they used to have. They would lock themselves in the bathroom.

Dick keeps saying that he will help her, and she says "No, I'm a big girl. I don't need anything."

Dick says okay.

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Dani says that Nick is in there talking to Amber.

Dick says he wants to go to Europe after this.

Dani says she was supposed to go to Florida to Disneyworld with Chris, and they had a $200 downpayment, and she was frantic to tell him to change the date to December! She says it would be $200 down the drain.

Dick and Dani are remembering a past trip. They had no gas, and both kids were terrified because they had no gas. (She is laughing as she says this). Dick doesn't remember it.

Dick remembers Epcot.

(Dick told her he hopes she makes memories like he has of his trip with the kids to Disney)

Dani says they love Disney so much. They can get personalized maps online of the park, and she did that and it has her name on it, and you can highlight the things you want to do.

Dani wanted to go to Epcot and drink.

(She whispers this)

Dick says he doesn't understand why she lied about her age. She says she is the only underage person, and she didn't need anything else to make her stand out.

Dick: But your 21st birthday is a big deal.

Dani says that she knows they (BB) wanted it to be a big deal.

Dick asks if she will drink on her 21st here?

She says she already told people here that she doesn't drink much. She doesn't like wine or beer.

Dick says maybe she'll get margueritas or something.

She says she isn't a big drinker at all.

He says that's good, and he worried about vincent for a while.

Dick says that he didn't think her age was a big deal, but she didn't want to be singled out.

Dick says he is looking forward to flying under the radar for a couple of weeks.

Dani talks about how the first night someone said they were the youngest.

Dustin walks by, and they call him out on singing.

Dani says you have to be 21 to be on the show.

Dick says he thought it was 23.

She says no, 21.

Dani says she didn't want to stand out, especially since she knew he would be there.

Dick: You got my text message, I'm assuming.

Dani: Whatever. I don't want to talk about it, because we're gonna get into trouble. Yes, your text message was rude.

Dick: I didn't think it was rude at all!


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Dick says that all he wants to say is that he is doing the best he can, and he's trying. She says okay.

Talk about when her birthday comes. When Grandma's b-day is.

Dani: 25 days until my birthday.

Her birthday is on the 20th of August.

Dani: So, 3 more weeks, and 3 more people gone.

Dick laughs

Dani talks about how much she wants HOH

They are laughing together

Dani says she felt bad for Jameka, that she had to read her card aloud, and she would have been bawling.

Dick says they don't do that to the HOH, and they shouldn't have done that to Jameka.

Dani says that obviously BB knew what the card said. They should have let her read it alone first, and then read it aloud, but they wanted her to be super-emotional.

Lots of laughing and bonding going on.

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10:54 BBT

Eric and Jessica out back walking laps around the backyard.

Eric telling her about all his ridiculous comments he's isn't sure what they{CBS} will be showing.

Dustin and Zach upstairs in the HOH Dustin just laying there with his earphones on and Zach trying to make small talk.

Dustin now closing his eyes and Zach nots taking the hint.

Absolutly no conversation going on. Looks like Zach has fallen saleep also.

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Eric comes over and breaks up happy family night...

He sits down.

Dick says he was saying something he wasn't supposed to say, and BB loudly said, "Dick, knock it off!" and it scared Dani and she jumped.

Eric says he forgets what he was going to say.

Dani says Jess left the outside door wide open.

Eric says he thinks she's maybe retarded. (laughing)

Dani: We always say, "Where's her handler!"

Nick and Amber are lying together in a bed.

Eric walks through and see them.

Amber: You guys sleep with each other so they come in there and see that.

Amber: Does Zach think you are playing for her? Does he think you like her (Dani), or no?

Nick says they know Nick likes her--he can't hide it.

Amber: Totally.

Nick says Zach is telling him, "You need to squash that, Dude. She's just going to get in your way and rip your heart out. I'm keep playing along and I'm like, yeah, you're probably right."

Nick says that in his head he's telling Zach he's an idiot, but he has to pretend because next week he could be HOH and put Nick on the block.

Amber: So true.

(Eric seems to be listening on the other side of the door, with the door open)

Nick: It's going to be another easy week for us, basically.

Amber says last week wasn't easy. Dick was unbearable.

Nick says he doesn't think Dustin will be a "dickhead."

Amber: No, and if he is, I'll tell him.

Nick whispering--he says Zach will campaign.

Amber asks if Zach is on the block and Nick plays POV, Nick won't save him, right?

Nick: Are you fucking crazy?

Amber: Because he'll expect you to save him.

Nick says he doesn't care what Zach expects.

Dick walks up and sees them.

Nick: What's up, Dude?

Dick asks if Nick told him to come there? Nick says no, but he can.

Dick tells him that this is his first week off.

Dick says he is going outside to smoke.

Amber and Nick don't think Zach would win POV.

Nick says everybody wants Zach gone and would keep him up there.

Amber has the Bible open in her lap.

Amber: You and Dani better be careful at night, because I'll bet Zach fakes sleep sometimes.

Nick: He does.

Nick laughs and says where else but here would you worry about fake sleeping?

Amber: Jen is so obsessed with you, it's ridiculous! She says you're such a nice guy and you "do little things."

Nick says Jen will hate him when she gets out of here and sees what he said about her.

Amber: Why'd you ever talk bad about her?

Nick: I was like, to Dick, what the hell? She pisses me off.

Amber asks if they never talk? He says no.

He says he still has to because she could get HOH next week.

Amber says you have to give her a little bit--you can't cut her off completely.

Nick switches convo to his hair. He doesn't like it.

Nick: Thank you, BB, for making me look like an 8-year-old Asian girl.


(The times are wrong here because I had to back it up to get the whisper fests--ed)

Amber says she can't wait until she sees the final two.

(He whispers something--I think he said he won't be there--ed)

Amber: Really?

Nick: I honestly think so.

She asks why he thinks that, and he doesn't know--it's just the way things feel right now.

Nick says Dustin thinks he will be one of the final four. Amber says Dustin thinks she will be in the final two. Nick says he hopes she will.

She says if she isn't, she won't be mad -- she'll be sad, but not mad, as it wasn't her time.

Nick: I won't be mad if I'm not.

Amber: I know.

Amber; Who do you think will be final two if you had to make a guess right now?

Nick: I would say you. And.....

Amber says it's hard to guess, huh?

He says he honestly thinks it will be Amber, though.

He has a feeling. He can see how Eric, Jameka and Jess will be targeted, though.

Nick thinks Amber, Dustin, Dani and Nick and then Dick as number 5.

He says he sees it happening that way down the road.

Amber: Umm hmm


Nick: It was Dick. It was Dick. That's what Jen said when she came up to us.

Amber: Dick said it was not him with the mustard. He said he wouldn't do something like that because he's so straightforward.

Nick says he thinks he is too, but he doesn't know--Who else could it be?

Amber: Nobody!

Amber: Do you really think I look that different with makeup on?

Nick: Yep


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Amber asks Nick if her crying is ridiculous, and he says no--she's just an emotional person.

Amber talks about how Jen is in love with Nick, and she "can't even fathom" feeling like that about someone.

Amber says her boyfriend, but that's totally different.

Nick: We don't even know each other.

Amber: Is it the WS (weird situation) with you and Kail, or no?

Nick; Kind of. I don't know. We haven't talked about the situation.

Nick says he doesn't know if Kail knows that he is the one who screwed up the MRs. R situation. Kail says she doesn't think Kail knows.

Nick says he thinks that Kail knows he voted for Kail to stay.

Amber agrees.

Amber: It was Jen, I told her.

Nick says someone asked him right before voting how he would vote, and he told them how he would vote, and we get FOTH

(Sorry this is behind in times--It's hard to understand the whispering)

I just moved the time forward, and Dani came outside and told Dick (who is with Amber) to wash his hands with soap from now on after he uses the bathroom, instead of just rinsing. Dick says rinsing is good enough, and she says that is not washing his hands! She says this is the "word of the house" and she is the only one who will point it out. He says he refuses to put down the seat, too.

Amber is reading parts of the Bible with Dick, and he is arguing with her about parts of it.

Dick has been spending a lot of time flirting with Amber. He wants a date with her and tells her she had better not come in sweats.

She asks who he thinks will be America's favorite? Him?

He says he is probably most hated.

She disagrees.

Amber thinks she will be America's favorite.

Dick says that if you ask Jen, she will say the same thing.

He says that you go on the boards and there are people who say "fuck that guy" and they hate him, and then people who like him.

He says it's that way on the boards and in real life.

Dick is talking about all kinds of hate websites that have been devoted to him. He says one website went to the trouble of using gay porn pictures and putting his head on them, with "Go Fuck Youself" written on there. He says it was "Metalsludge.tv?" He says that he loved it, thought it was hilarious, and he has thick skin.

Dick called to DR

Dick: Uh oh. Am I in trouble?

(I'm out for tonight -- Cat)

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10:59 BBT

In Big Bedroom Dick showing Amber his fortune for 8 years it saying something like good news is coming his way...Dick says he's still waiting..but says that he's still in the BB house so that's good news.

Amber wanting to sleep downstairs but Dick says she should sleep upstairs to give "jameka a break"

Talking about sleeping arrangements. Talking about the bigs beds in the round room saying that he and Mike never toched. Talking about Mike being a "little homophobic" when he kinda wierded out when his feet touched him.

HOH. Dustin aksed Zach if he wanted to eat but Zach says he just wanted to relax and "get away" from people driving him nuts "I just can't be around it" Zach talking about giving people the opportunity to get to know him. He says he's sick of some of these people "It kinda sucks"

Dustin saying that's how it's suppose to be. Zach saying everyweek things going to shit. Zach says he doesn't know who to talk to to see how the game pieces are suppose to move.

Dustin tells him he was in group originally moved the pieces.

Zach "personally I miss being a part of something" at work he says at least he's part of a team when a new project begins. Zach wonders if he's deficient in making relationships in the BB house.

Dustin telling him he choses the path he walks.Zach saying certain people are here who doesn't deserve to be here at that "makes me sad"

Zach talking about if making the jury and don't deserve to be. Zach says there are great people here but "are idiots"

Zach talking about living up to his ideals as a person. Talking about Mike was a cool and wouldn't change and wasn't right for the game because he was too honest.

Dustin "I disagree"

Talking about Kail selling him out...So surpised by the way people are here "feels like stuck in a HOllywood Night Club" like in high school being picked last...suffering from hastliy picking too early.

Zach says he never really had anyone but himself even outside the house. saying the game is like "complex math problem" which its equation changes every week.

Zach says he wishes he was "more desireable" to people in the house and had a buddy

Dustin saying he's in the predictament because of "a series of choices" that got him where he is in the house. Zach saying its the Maxtrix way of thinhing. Zach saying he never had a good job until his friend Christian "a robot builder" got him a job that he's had for three years. Zach talking about being in California and it being hard to survive.

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Eric is still campaigning to get Kail out to jessica. Eric is now doing some Kail bashing. he is walking laps around the yard with Jessica. Both just talking about Kail, nothing interesting. Eric says he would nominate Nick. Jessica says Jameka is fading with her and Jameka is getting close to Amber. Jessica said she would put up Nick and Kail.

(From the conversations I'm hearing tonight, everyone is still focused on a non-existing alliance and not worrying about a 7 person alliance being too big, imo.)

eric once again brings up Kail or something. Mentioning God and the game, something Kail said about the righteous being at the end of this game (I don't remember hearing this convo). Jessica mentioning this whole game is about lying and deceving.

Eric saying reaching sequester is an important landmark. (lol)

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11:15 BBT

Eric and Jess statergizing.

Jess saying Evel and Danile there something there and says there both young and blonde they don't staergize.

Eric telling her she's the closest thing to a Joe in the house. Saw them talking to each other and they will never cast a vote to evict each other. "If one of the wins the others will reap the rewards" Eric say they should get out Nick while he's on his last legs. Eric talking about he's never been comfortable with him.

Eric telling Jess he feels they made the wrong choice and if it would be latter in the game he would of fought it. He said Mike never gave any reason for people to vote him out. Eric saying she was openly telling people she's a threat. Eric says that Jameka Amber and Dustin say it as Kail would protect them and that's why they didn't want to get rid of her.

Eric saying she's "full of shit" and that "woe is me" was an act.Jess saying she sits "like a guy"{LOL}

Talking about there's more to her since she was finalist and are talking her three kids and housewife is a fake identity.

Eric saying he didn't like how he approached her and the him and the way she did irt"OuT of the BLue" and try to get to them through each other.

Jess asking if he told her about her being upset about not approaching her. Jess said she told him and Jameka and Eric said he didn't tell her anything.

"I think she was a dangerous player"

Eric says he would have put up Nick...but know says he would rather put Nick up in a week when he could cast a vote.

Jess says Jameka she trusts but its fading because she's getting closer to Amber.

Jess says Nick is very sketch and may bput up one from each side "Nick and Kail"

Eric saying Her and Danile are religious Jess surprised Eric says she went to Catholic High School. Eric saying that Jameka and Amber playing the religious self righteous route in the game and Eric says it's the wrong place in a reality show

Eric telling her since he's not in any great financial standing and wants to stay and winning HOH will solidify him staying.

Kail is in no use to us and Zach is an idiot and carry him and talking about everyone hates and will never get a vote and is entertaining the idea "worth considering" to align with Jen. Jess says it may be a good idea. He wants to do it in a way where she isn't their best buddy. He likes it better than Nick Zach and Kail. Eric wants Nick to be gone before the Jury. Eric says they want Nick for selfish reason and its a vote for them and Eric tell her "he hates us" and believe he would never vote for them.

Eric and Jess getting tired but no one bothers them while they walk.

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Eric keeps bringing Kail back up.

Jessica saying Jen is smart and a good player. She thinks Jen is pissed off at Kail and everyone else hates her. Just strategy talk.

Eric says he wants Nick to be one of the two to leave. Eric saying Amber and Dustin and Jameka want Nick in sequester for selfish reasons because he is a vote for them to win (hello? this is a selfish game. I'm sorry for my many "--ed" tonight but these people complain about someone being righteous and then complain about someone being selfish :rolleyes: )

Still walking laps around the backyard.

E: I can honestly say that I do not get fed up with you, you always cheer me up. I hope you still feel the same way.

J: I do, it's still fun. Next weeks, it's going to get worse

E: We all know that it is comign where people are going to pick people off. I don't think I am under the radar, I'm on the radar and it bothers people that I'm friendly.

J: I never would try to fly under the radar (lol) but that is what I'm seeing. If I feel I need to come out from underneath the radar, I will.

E: I felt it was important to get to know everyone in the first couple weeks b/c you're going to need these people. It's not like Kail when she fucking attacked us. If you work hard and play hard in those first couple weeks so when you need to make power play or whatever, you have options availabe, Personally, I think we've done a good job positioning ourselves. Neihter of us have been in danger. It's going to come eventually, but it doesn't need to be right now. We'll just strike first, too.

eric keeps talking strategy about how to play the game.

E: I don't think.... oh, i was going to say something about daniele but she is standing right there. I wonder what everyone is doing? I don't understand Amber, her best friend winning HOH and she is crying. Amber said she has a 1 in 10 chance (because Dustin is HOH).

Keeps talking about Amber crying and she's making problems where they don't need to be.

Jessica said she had a 5 hour conversation with Amber about dogs and then Dick rips on her.

feeds switch to Kail and Jen in round room whispering.

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(I had to stay for a minute)

Eric is talking to Jess.

Eric says Zach is up to a lot of shit.

(this is possibly big--ed)

Eric says that Dustin thinks that he has a great secret bond with Kail. He saw Dustin comforting Kail several times today, saying, "I'm so glad you're here!"

Jess says she saw Kail JUMP on Dustin in the bathroom, and Jess thought it was disgusting as she is in her 40's and married.

Possibly, Dustin will put up Kail with her offer of being used as a pawn. Then, Dustin will sit up there and say "Me, me, me" and that it will look like he isn't protecting Kail. It is pissing Eric off.

Dustin said that Kail was "putty in his hands" and she'll never vote him off. But what does that do for THEM?

Eric says Dustin thinks he is sly and has an "extra in" with someone.

He thinks he will take Kail's deal, make it seem as if they aren't close, and then try to get Zach out, and if one comes down off the block, he doesn't think that Dustin will ever put Nick up. He thinks Dustin will put Jen up.

Jess says just because Dustin wants Zach out, they don't have to vote him out! They can send Kail out!

Jess says she doesn't mind pissing off Dustin.

Eric says Zach is a nuisance.

Eric says if anyone perceives that he and Jess are spending time together, if it catches anyone's attention, they will still be so much more obvious like Nick and Daniele and other pairs.

Jess says she thinks Dani and Dick have something going on. She has a feeling.

Eric says Dani is very sneaky and "the closest we have left in the house to a Joe." He thinks it is shady that she worries about what the mic hears, instead of the people in the house.

Eric says he saw her talking for over an hour tonight talking to her father, and he doesn't care if they say they are enemies, or if they are best friends--they will never vote each other out.

Eric: They don't need to sit down and have a handshake.

Eric says if one wins, the other wins.

Eric; I think they are super-sketchy. I think Nick is on his last legs, but let's kick him out before he recharges and comes up with plan B. You know?

Jess: So that's not gonna happen this week?

Eric asks if she is not a big fan of Nick? She says not at all. Eric says Nick has never set right with him.

Eric says that he doesn't think they voted out the right person this week, and Jess says she doesn't think so, either.

Eric says if it was later in the game, he would have stood and fought to get Kail out, instead.

Eric says Mike never gave anyone a feeling ever that he was untrustworthy or coming after people. Kail told Eric to his face what she plans to do.

Jess asks what--or is he not saying?

Eric says Kail is going to throw HOH's, and she will plan friendships, etc.

Eric says she openly told him that she is a threat.

Eric says that Amber, Dustin and Jameka feel Kail will protect them, and it wasn't about taking out Mike. It was about the three of them feeling protected.

Eric says right now, he doesn't want to break up their alliance--why do that until they have to, to stay safe for a while.

Eric thinks Kail is full of shit--she never "rolled over and died." She never thought she was going home. She wanted to say she is an old lady, no threat, etc.

Jess says Kail "sits like a guy."

Jess: What 40-year-old woman do you know that runs, cause I don't!

Eric repeats Dick and others saying Kail is not a simple 40-year-old housewife, and there is something secret about her, for her to be on the show, and he agrees.

Jess; What if it's like a fake identity? And those little skirts she wears are like not her!

Eric says he was really, really not down with the manner in which Kail approached him and Jess. She had never spoken to them for three weeks, and then she came to them yelling at them and threatening them. He feels she should have tried to actually make a relationship with them. It pissed him off, and it sealed Joe's fate. Then it sealed her own fate.

Jess asks if Eric told Kail that Jess was mad? He says of course not.

Jess says she told Eric and Jameka, and then today Kail came to Jess and said she was sorry she didn't talk to her sooner--she wants to be friends, etc. Jess just stopped her and said she voted to keep her.

(Kail was trying to find out who voted against her--ed)

Jess asks who Eric would have put up? He says Nick. For sure.

He would have told everyone that everyone needed to get Nick out right then if they wanted him out, because this is their chance.

Jess: That's neat!

Eric: What would you have done?

Jess says she isn't sure. She was pissed about the Nick/dani thing, and Kail pissed her off because she didn't talk to her before wanting her vote.

Jess: You know, I loved the little group meeting we had last night, but there are two people I trust in there and that's you and Jameka, and Jameka is kind of fading with me.

Eric: Really?

Jess says kind of, as Jameka grows closer to Amber.

Eric says he has been trying to think what is in their (his and Jess's) best interests in the order of taking people out. They have to think of who they will be with down the road.

Jess thinks Nick is sketchy. Jess thinks maybe she would put up one from "each side," Nick and Kail. That way, a big one is gone.

Eric says he feels kail is appealing to Jameka and Dani through religion. He thinks she is saying "wouldn't it be good for the righteous to win?" He says he knows Jess is religious, too--but...

Jess says this is where they go wrong, and this game has lying and deceiving, and it's the game.

Eric says there are people who could be useful to them, but could also be a problem. Like Dani, Nick, Jameka.

Jess: Winning HOH next week, I do not think would be a bad thing.

Eric says that he'd like to be in sequester, as he needs the stipends and you get to decide the winner.

Eric feels winning HOH next week would solidify sequester. Plus, you aren't showing yourself to be a threat right off the bat.

Eric: Kail is of no use to us. She's total garbage. I don't think I have it in me to carry Zach all of the way.

Jess: No! He's an idiot.

Eric says he has been thinking of someone who sucks, who would never win a vote. He's considering whether they should entertain the idea of Jen.

Jess says Jen is dying for a new group.

Eric says she would like to be with Eric and Jess, maybe.

Jess says Jen is smart. She says Jen is pissed off at Kail, and "everybody else hates her, so why not?"

Eric says that they need to do it so that they don't appear to be her best buddy all of a sudden. He doesn't want to be her best buddy, anyway. Maybe if they could do it so she could protect them without any big to do. He likes the idea better than Nick, Zach or Kail.

Eric and Jess both want Nick to be one of the two to leave before Jury.

Jess asks why they want him to stay?

Eric says that Dustin, Amber, Dani see Nick as a vote for them in the jury as opposed to a vote for Eric or Jess.

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Jen/Kail tlaking about nominations.

K: I'll tell Dustin, if he (Dick) doesn't go home or if Dani wins.... but they're safe with those people. I don't want to push too hard (now you're learning).

K: Didn't you tell me Dustin and Amber want to go after ED?

J: I don't think they'll put him up, but they would vote him out.

K: I'll find out more tomorrow.

Jen turns off the light and nightynight for Kail and Jen.

(lol cat, I think it took more than a minute to type all that.)

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Kail and Jen in the round room

Kail hopes Dustin will put up Zach and Evel together.

Kail says if Dustin says Kail and Zach, she will beg him to do Kail with Evel. If he puts up Zach, Kail could be gone.

Jen says generally the replacement nominee is the one who goes home, and it will be hard to deal with Zach if he is on the block right away, anyway.

Kail says they (Dustin, Amber) feel safe with Evel, though.

Jen agrees and isn't sure Kail should suggest Evel.

Jen says she thinks the motivation was to see if Nick and Kail still have something going on, with the old alliance.

(Dustin asked Kail a question about Nick and Kail)

Kail is afraid if Nick and Kail go up, Kail will go home.

Jen doesn't think she will be put up.

They both agree it wouldn't make sense.

Kail: Didn't you tell me Nick and Amber wanted to go after Evel?

Jen says she doesn't think they will put him up.

Kail: I don't know. Dustin keeps telling me he could do it!

Kail says she will find out more tomorrow.

(Definitely more than a minute, Cajun! ROFL! It went on and on, and I had backed it up so far and didn't want to miss anything!! I'm out now for real. --Cat) :animated_rotfl:

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Feeds switch to Dani and Amber

A: I'm so fat.

Talk of food comp.

talk of Zach

D: He goes, I'll talk to you. And I was like who do you think you are?

A: He also asked me for hammock talk for 10 minutes and I was like what's the point?

D: He's being so stupid.

D: I feel bad that Mike is gone

A: So do I.

Amber is called to the Diary Room. Nick goes to see Daniele.

feeds switch back to Kail and Jen. They didn't go to bed after all. (I'm out, too late, night cat lol Good luck Stephen. )

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11:39 BBT

In the HOH Zach's pity party is going on.

Zach talking about Kail "floating in circles"

Zach warning you can't trust Kail and Jen for shit. Zach saying if he's really ready to play this game "i'm all ears"

Telling Dustin that Jen and Dick are kinda doing what Joe did.

Zach saying "150%" would sign "In blood" he would become his vote puppet.

Telling do you really want Jen Dick or Kail on the Jury to vote for you.

Dustin talking about personal and strategy confused. Carol vote talk saying if she was ready to play she could have had him.....

Zach saying that Dick and Daniel are working togther "scarily" Dustin says he see the "in a group of floaters" and Zach tells him to be careful and saying dick is "an outspoken asshole" to people and his tactic are to scare..put his games is "strength in numbers" and Danile is very scary because she has a way with people and is quiet.

Zach saying that the past week and there has been "hear to hearts" and has taken some of the "chip off his shoulder" and says "they talk" and as time goes on a little more gets chisled off and "concerns him" that a two vote swing could be powerful when it gets down to 8-9 people when three people can't vote. Saying Dick wins he would share it and "why can't I have my brother in here" saying it isn't fair.

Zach ssaying if Dick and Danile are the final two "that blows"

Zach saying he would like for Dustin to keep his agreemnet and has no desire to put him or Amber on the block and would like to get to know Amber better..

Dustin saying Amber listens but absorbs what she hears. He says him and Amber are not alliance members and had differnt ways of voting but saying since POV played out they ended voting the same. Zach finding it stange and says he would tell people this vital info..."abig deal" and is a "huge facade" and could get into trouble....Dustin says it beneficial . Zach says in final two with Amber he's win but Dustin says her emotional side she would win.

zach says he has a way with women since he's gay and has a way with Dudes and a testy Dustin says he's the third person to play gender roles and "it's scary" because "you're not thinking out of the box"

Zach sasking if he'd be worried with a gender imbalance and Dustin said no and Zach says another dude would.

Dustin accusing him playing the gender role card and tells him that mid set will screw him in the game.

Zach saying if all the girls wanted to team up they could screw them over and maybe for them to survive they need to "ban together" [the dudes]

Zach still digging himself into a hole.

Dustin saying that Kail and Jen remaining in the house together it's a bad situation. dustin saying the situation of pairs going up and says the Kail and Jen are power players and those two together "and the fact their females the thought has crossed my mind" and said it would be funny if she put him up. Zach says what if they win POV and Dustin says it would be a huge target on his back.

Dick and Jess come in...

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