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July 27, Live Feed Updates

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12:08 BBT

Eric talking to Danile outside talking about the Mike vote was for Jameka Amber and dustin.

Danile telling him the possible Dustin noms. Eric saying that it's not going to be and her. Dani and Eric says they were the most nervous that he got it and doesn't do what they group wants he will "make an ass of himself"

Jens says that they have been here five weeks and no one important has gone home Daniele tells Eric she overheard her say.

Danile says that she never mentions anything he says.

Talking about HOH comp.

Talking it was aperfect game for them since they[kail Jen and zach] went out in order

Eric says she wonders why she wasn't excited and had another meltdown with Jameka. Dani says they been talking a lot.

Eric says "they are forming the GOd Alliance with Kail"Dani says with the Jentile..

Dani finding it bizare people are reading the bible. Eric says he finds it funny about the God and Destiny talk.

Dani finds it odd that she will be in the final two because her mom told her. All these premonitions with Amber finds it wierd.

Eric says if the continue on with it they are going to piss people off.

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12:22 BBT

Downstairs Dustin walking around in his HOH robe while everyone eats

Upstairs in HOH Zack talking to Dick and a bored Jess about vector art and logo art.

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12:25 BBT Kail talking to Jen in the round room saying her boys were probably thrilled tonight with the vote outcome.

Talking about what the date is.

Talking about the number of bubbles in the bathrrom "52"

I guess they are doing house trivia and Jen wonders if they asked questions in previous seasons. Talking what the three big kitchen utensils are. I guess they are getting ready for the next HOH.

Jen is saying that BB has been asking what people say. Kail saying it was sweet how he gave the flowers. kail says it almost looked like he didn't want hugs. Kail thinking he was truly surprised by the vote outcome. Jen asking what he left behind "the water bottle"

Kail says she will tell Dustin that he doesn't want Evel in the sequester house because of Danile.

Kail says she was taken by surprised how long Mike's speech was and "julie had to cut him off" Kail says he didn't know about the vote. Jen says she told him she was voting how the house was and Kail says "he should have known" Jen says she didn't know how the vote was going. Kail saying she telling people that they are just "good friends" and didn't let her know and will use that

Feed switched to everyone else in the kitchen talking about how many protein shakes Mike would drink FOTH

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12:44 BBT

Everyone just talking about the Food comp with Jess saying it's going to be "1000 10 degrees tomorrow"

Nick liked that saying "that's hot"

Jameka saying she always wanted a "Survivor Buff"

Nothing interesting

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12:58 BBT

Danile and Dick having a tiff.. Daniele says a lot of people here really don't need the money. Jen Nick and Carol.

She's telling Dick Jen says "this is the most work I've ever done in my life" Dani annoyed by her ugly comment and Dick says "she's an idiot" "she's ugly inside and out"

Dani comment "all the cameras are on us everyone else is boring" talking about the two other rivals twist were awful and calling Carol "the most bland". Dick says it was being put on the block that screwed her up. Talking how Jess was a walking disaater and now she's a pleasure.

Dick saying" Eric loves her I really enjoy her" about Jess and Jameka starts talking like her when they are together.

Dani whining she's really tired and is going to bed...Dick say don't worry and Dani says she's not worried "It sucks"

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1:06 BBT

Dick asking "if she really took off her bra during the live show" Dustin said yes that's its still hanging there

Dick asks Jess why someone would do that? Jess says she didn't know...talking about jen

Jen comes out and said they decide she isn't allowed to take her bra off during the live show anymore and told her to pick it up. Jens says why and she already picked it up and put it away right after the show

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1:16 BBT

Eric back from the DR with his assignment no doubt. Talking about his broken mic and the "rancid smell" in the storage room.

dustin wondering why the Q&A session after HOH. Dick said that they were behind and rushed through HOH and had 3 mins to fill

Everyone whose awake outside talking....

1:20 BBT ERic called to DR so I thinks this might be it..for sure..

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1:24 BBT

Talks has turned about Mike's eating habbit Dustin saying he ate 5000 calories per day. Whinning about all the food he ate. Jen says 3,000 and dustin saying 6 protien shakes at 300 calories is 1800. and whines through the other foods he ate.

Jen saying she wants to find 5 people who want to go on slop and throw it to the other people who don't.

Dustin If I don't get to play in the food comp tomorrow "I'll be so upset" Dick reassures him he'll at least host.

Jameka says she wants consistency in food and Dustin says that BB does it on purpose.

Jessica say another two weeks on slop could make her reach her breaking point.

Nothing intersting since Jen is planted right there.

"If I don't get HOH in the next 3 weeks watch out" Jameka about needing some hair product.Jameka blames it "on the nice" California air..Dick says it's "the smog"

Dani says she visted her friend in NC and got sick from the "clean air" and needed to get back to the smog [oh brother]

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1:36 BBT

Dick telling then Dustin told him no one "out of the four" except Zach has talked to him. Dani says "it's early" Dick saying noms or tomorrow....Eric said he saw Dustin talking to Kail. dick basically saying Zach made a fool of himself.

Eric telling them how Kail told him Dani was Mike's other vote because She talked to him right before the vote...

Kail bashing

Dani saying "were being loud" Dick saying "i don't care" Dick saying he's not brushing his teeth before bed so she can smell his" cigarette breath".

Eric saying Kail to Mike on his way out of the BB house to call her husband to tell him "what happened" Eric jokingly says what did she have sex with MIke.

Wow Eric really bashing Kail

Maybe Kail is America's Choice again????? We'll have to wait for "the meeting"

1:46 BBT Jen bashing........Dick saying she's going to be surprised how she's hated and Eric saying she's going to find out she will be "absolutely despised". Eric saying they have no "nerd herd" qualities like being self righteous..

Eric "I have a feeling Kail isn't well liked either" [maybe another hint it's Kail]

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2:00 BBT

Talk talking about who they would visit.Dustin says he's going to crash at Erics place after the show[we'll see in a few weeks]

Dustin saying sarcastically no one has talked to him about his noms.

Wondering why there so many helocopter flying overhead.. Dustin "This is LA"

2:07 Zach bashing..talking about being called a pervet "child rapist" and foth Talking about how proud his segment of his streaking is

Jen bashing now..Dustin saying "transvestite city" look at those shoulder...talking about her being "buffed" and she said something "about her boobs" and Dustin said "your plastic surgeon can take care of that"

2:19 BBT Kail bashing....Dani saying to Dick not to use what she says when he talks to Kail because it makes her look back. Dick says he won't but Dani doesn't believe him.

Dick rehashing the "cheater" story about him and his son complete with embellishments,,Eric corrected him [lol]

Jen's back saying she's not tited Dick saying "now we're stuck with you yabba dabba do" "talk about killing a conversation"

Eric saying he never listens to the radio and isn't into popular music.

Back to Jen bashing

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2:26 BBT

Amber telling Dustin Jen told her that she doesn't think Dustin will put her up because she got Joe out and does ab class with her.

Amber saying she trusts Daniele and Jameka and as far as Nick goes Amber says she doesn't think it's his time.

Dustin wants to back door Zach and Amber says he should put him and kail straight up because he won't win POV and if he picked Nick he wouldn't save him.

Amber basically saying Kail is the pawn...

Amber say he has only a 1 and 6 chance to win POV.

Dustin saying "i don't know"


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2:31 Dustin questioning Amber what exactly Nick and Zach are doing' Dustin thought it had been "extinguished"..Amber says Zach asked for the nod to find out the vote would be and Nick didn't do it.

Dustin "i don't like your loyalties to Nick" Amber saying she's not loyal but doesn't see the rush to get him out and doesn't know where it's coming from. Dustin worried she trusts Nick more then she leads on..

Amber saying she trusts him more people in the house and that trust Nick protects both her and Dustin and doesn't see the rush to get him out. Dustin agrees..

Dustin talks about if Zach gets POV he will put them up. Amber says he has to win HOH and doesn't think he will.

Amber wondering if Nick are too close was people talking and Dustin says no and he just wondered..saying her relationship is "benficial to us" Amber says let someone else deal with it next week.

Keeps telling her loudly "look at me" he trust her 110%.

Amber say she's fuusy because she hasn't talked to him all night. Dustin and getting Dick's inconsistecies starightened out from Amber and saying since he's being straight foward with her then Nick's safe with them. Amber saying he's playing Zach side because Zach and Jen believe it. Amber says he wants HOH and put up Kail and Jen or Zach Jen.

Amber says if she gets HOH she's not putting him up or neither is Dani. Amber says she wants him in sequester not Jen or kail.

Dustin telling her talk with Zach[see previous posts]

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2:43 BBT

"keeping NIck here and Nick's gone that puts the target on us" because were the next couple.

Amber said earlier that Nick wants a Him Dani Dustin and Amber a 4 alliance but she doesn't think he'll be around.

Dick comes up and says as soon as Jen goes to bed they'll do noms.

Amber saying Dick is "Kissing my ass" and she doesn't know why.

Dustin says he wanted her up here but didn't know where she was.

Dustin says she doesn't mistrust her she thinks he does and emphatically says he doesn't....she says she worries Eric and Dick will get in his head and he'll put up Nick. Dustin says "I want Zach out"

Amber says she'll defend Nick doesn't need to go this week or next week.....Dustin says that can be dangerous as people might think they are working with them.

Dustin more Zach talk.....

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2:50 BBT

Amber says Danile ask her if nick is going up. Amber says Jameka acts like she's the leader when they talk.

Amber said she thinks "jessica and Eric are in a secret alliance" Dustin says he's eavesdrop on their convos and said theydon't talk game.

Amber brings the point out Eric picked her and Danile out of the HOH and makes her feel he doesn't trust her the most out of the group. Amber says Nick told her she'll be in "the final two" Dustin says "I believe it"

Amber says Dick told her that Dustin told her s he did a great job at HOH and no one could have done it better. Dustin lies and says he didn't say it[he did].

Dustin talking about his "Pops" picked out the worst photos.

Amber says she can't wait to get HOH to see the pics.

Amber says "why did you ask me Nick or Zach" Dustin said all he wanted was her opinion. Amber saying 3 people doesn't want Nick in sequester and 3 do.

Amber says they need to get Zach and Kail out and let Nick and Jen in sequester. Amber says Jen loves them.

Dustin say let's go down and "see what their up to" He hugs her "I love you"

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3:02 BBT

Counsel convenes.....outside in the patio

Dick got Jen to leave by smoking. little jen bashing with dustin calling her a "whore"

In attendance Jess Jameka Dick Eric Dustin

Dustin says he plans to nominate Kail and Zach.......Dick asks "who's the backdoor"

Dustin says they can't put Nick and Zach at the same time but it's pairs. Eric saying it was Nick who tipped off Jen . Dustin says Nick told Amber he let her know. Dani says they need to confront him....Dani says "bring out pyscho Nick" Dick says he see no point in confronting it.

Dick says 'my 2 cents" Nick and Kail..and Zach without Nick is nothing.....Dick says with jen you know who you have and Kail is schemer.

Now Dick saying if Kail or Zach win POV they will put up Nick....Dick says secondary is Jen and Zach.

Dick says everything he says is opposite of it. Daniele doing a good job of wanting Nick gone.

Eric now says why her allow Kail has any control of the matter. Eric says we know that Jen isn't the target and Eric says to Nominate Jen and Zach.......Eric saying you can put up Nick if Zach wins POV.....Keep Kail worried she will be back doored.

You'll have Jen selling Nick and Kail under the bus and in the end you'll a choice of four.. Eric says who cares if Jen wins HOH because they could put up Nick or Kail and send them home.

Eric says if gives Kail no satisfation that her deal as a pawn means anything....

Dustin says that it's not in his nature to cause drama and put up Jen on a accusation. Personally Dustin says "it's not a Jen thing" talking about Joe's lies and Jen was th catalyst to transfer that info and doesn't think Jen is a threat and Kail is the bigger threat.

Dick says lets line up 1234.

Nick then Kail Jen zach Eric says.

Dick saying Nick causing the most bullshit more than Kail.

Jameka saying she "a the liitle stuff" that bothers her about Nick.

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3:21 BBT

Eric says they they will be 100% about any of nomination combo "thrilled delighted" and that their talks just bring things to light.

Jameka says we'll support you.

dick ssays "whatever it is it is"

Jess sasks if he would let her know if she's the pawn.....Dustin says no,,

Jameka says that "it's a bold move" about telling Kail she's not the pawn.

Dustin says that Zach is the ultimate goal....Dick says that Zach isn't a threat and time after time he says he would put up "Daniele and Jameka"

Jameka says Dustin should put 1 nomination from the comsesus group and one personal choice.

Group consesus vote Eric."Nick"..Jameka-"Zach" Jess-"Nick or Kail leaning towards Kail" Danile-"Kail/Jen" Amber-"Zach"

Eric now campaigning for a Nick Nomination. Blaming him for secret alliance....mustard..tipping off Jen and voting for Kail instead of Mike. "Three strike and you're out"

Dustin says "if were were to approach Nick in a pawn situation" Dani interupts and says "for a fact" he wouldn't want it.

Jameka talking about the "bad Nick" and Dani "oh please" and jameka "we have to take it all in"

Eric saying he's heard Nick explode on the producers...FOTH

Dustin "Kail is going up"

Dustin says saying Nick is self destructing and his game is so sloppy and if they get Zach out he won't have nobody.

Amber says we all know Nick is "fucked up" and he's rooting for us and quick to get rid of Zach.

Talking in Circles now.....

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3:46 BBT

Now Dick wants to do different vote scenarios. They are

On that note I'm outta here..be back Sunday night..Night all

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The group is still going round and round with the topic, but so far the consensus is Kail and Jen, with Kail to go home and Zach to go up as a replacement. <see video>

4:45 BBT

The group is dwindling, but still alive and buzzing. Daniele has just gone to bed, leaving Dick, Eric, and Amber still outside.

They have noticed that the reindeer got new moss to repair its former leprosy. Amber says, "Ah, it's looks so sthweet." She then asks to be excused for her way of talking babytalk. She says it helps her get though all this while she misses her family so much.

Jameka returns to the couch after getting the laundry loads squared away.

Dick says he won't go on a hammock date with Amber if she wears her sweats again, insisting on jeans.

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Although the group has decided on its primary three for nominations, Nick is a close runner-up. Amber is now addressing this isssue, saying that she thinks Nick should be in sequester and that the others should certainly go first.

Eric says that in Week 1 Nick wanted to put him up. Says that Nick is the only one in the house who has been against him. Dick chimes in with the concept of Nick's being a bullshitter, and that means he's also bullshitting his daughter.

Dick has said that all nominations chosen were for personal reasons, not strategy. Amber says no, people are on the verge of blowing over Zach and that will make them inconsistent. Conversation shifts to how much they dislike him and how uncomfortable he makes them all (Eric, Amber, Jameka). Dick says he would be #4 on his list. Eric says if Zach were to make comments to either one of the 21-yr old girls he will "pop him in the f-ing face."

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Amber, Dick, and Eric outside for the Dick at night show.

They are talking about Kail..lol...they really dont like her.

Danielle was there too for a bit then called it a night.

Its just a bunch of general chit chat about houseguests.

Danielle went to bed, Jameka came out.

Amber does now start telling Eric that she doesnt feel like they are as close to each other. Eric tells her it is because she is closer to people that Eric is not. That AMber likes Nick and they want him up. Eric is disecting the meeting in HOH about noms.

They are going totally after Nick because he is not trustworthy and they feel he is in a alliance with Zack still. Amber is arguing that he is not a threat as they see it, but Eric and Dick tell her he is a great threat.

Amber wants him in sequester....they say why.

Jameka butts in Why does everyone cut Amber off when she talks. Jameka says she notices everyone does it and its not nice.

Everyone says they r sorry..:(

So Dick says well go ahead then,,,she says now I forget what Iw as going to say.

She really wants Nick in sequester, she says he still thinks he is in the group and is good for a few more weeks.

She wants Zack or Kail.

(Im taping the Dick at night check out video link)

She really is making a point that Nick is with them...so why take him out.

Eric is now appogizing for his diarreha of the mouth...

Eric says there is only one total person in this hous that has openly said he wanted Eric out, it was Nick,

Amber jumps in and defends.

He also threw Jessica and Jameka under the bus many times.

Dick tell them he knows he is totally playing Danielle and he cant stand for that.

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Eric begins his political speech about the final 7(Dick, Eric, Dustin, AMber, Danielle,Jameka,Jessica)

That they want to take out the strongest first...Nick, Zack, KAil and Jenn. Eric says at least then one of them will win the game and that he can live with that.

Eric really doesnt like Zack, actually he says he hates him, litterally calling him a molester and if he sees him near Jameka, AMber, Jessica or Danielle again he will f&cking kill him..I hate Zack-...

Amber just doesnt get it......they each have their lists of priorities..each is different...basically back and forth no one can agree(go figure)

Amber says I dont care I am uncomfortable in my own home and I dont like it.( :animated_shocking:

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All four are still chatting about Nick..they seem to really really want him gone. (today should be good)

They just cannot get Amber to see him as a threat.

Jameka says she cannot tell or is sure if Amber and DAnielle can see through the bullshit, are they nieve, Amber says she can tell with people lie about things, but Jameka isnt sure.

Eric tells them that Danielle repeated a entire convo they had to nick, so she doesnt get it either.

Amber defends that as basic chit chat...Eric says it doesnt matter, she still ran and told Nick.

Dick says she is a smart girl and gets it. However Some are not convinced.

(They need bed, repeating themselves.)

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So they wrap up things basically saying..ok we want

ZACK, NICK' KAIL AND JENN gone, it doesnt matter and lets get them out.

Dick says its ok with him the Kail and Jenn r up that s ok and Nick can be alternate.

Nomms are not chaneging...Kail is leaving Jenn can stay.

They r so proud as a group!!!!

Proud of the HOH comp and how they got them out 1 2 3 4 ..LOL

(video link on nominations confirmation.)

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Ok now they are talking about whom showers and who does not take many. Then they talk about Jenns crusty panties(I had too sorry)

It is funny and nasty all at the same time. They all have seen nasty panties. (see video thread)


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They are all still telling crotch rott stories. They are also now not believing Kails small town poor girl story. They are miffed at the fact she said she would not give up her seat on a bus. They think Kail is lying from the first day..


(video links)

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