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July 27, Live Feed Updates

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Dick leaves, and Kail comes in.

Kail lost an earring back, and Jameka found it. Kail says she just needs to get a shirt, and will leave.

They talk about nothing as Kail does this.

Amber: God. I hate it. I hate that he brings...I don't like negative.

Amber is whining about how negative Dick is, and it is "his fault, too."

Amber: I don't like putting fault on anybody, but it is his fault.

Amber says she went up to talk to him when he was HOH, and he said, "What am I, the Godfather?"

Jameka says Amber has shown him how she is. He irritates her and then makes up, so what can she do now that she has shown him who she is?

Jameka: Let vengeance and venge (???) be up to God.

Amber says that's why she walks away.

Jameka says this is her challenge in the house, and she has to conquer it--not let it bring her down.

Jameka says that Amber has to think that now Dick is deliberately putting her in the place that she has said she doesn't want to be in, so what does that tell her about his character?

Amber says that Dick demands to know why Amber doesn't come to him with info.

Jameka says he is very jealous.

Amber says that Dick told her that he knew the game better than anyone else, since he watched Dr. Will a lot. At sequester Dick told Amber not to tell anyone that. At the dinner table she mentioned that he was obsessed with Will. Dick pulled her aside and told her not to "fuck his game up!"

Jameka says to think about Dustin. He set the example when Joe tried to upset him. He wouldn't respond--he just walked away.

Jameka: I'll be there to support you and make sure you are okay. You have to ignore it. He is the type of person he likes to engage, and that's it. You're not gonna be defeated by this one person.

Jameka is giving a big pep talk to her. She is being "tested," and she needs to decide what she will do.

Amber is sobbing now.

Amber: Jameka, I'm so glad you are here with me.

Amber is literally sobbing, crying hysterically now, and Jameka is hugging her, telling her that she swears it isn't fake--she loves Amber.

Amber says she can't tell Jameka enough of how glad she is she is there with her.

Amber says that she needs Jameka to give her a "look" to tell her how to act.

Amber: Nobody else does that with me!

(ROFL--She had this exact same conversation with Dustin the first week, before the POV when she was "threatened" by Jen!!! Even down to the "look comment"--Cat)

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Amber says that it means something that Dick's name is evil.

Amber told him she didn't like that.

Dick told her it was E-V-E-L

Amber told him it doesn't matter, it's still evil.

Amber says she was reading Jameka's Bible, and Dick confronted her and asked what she was reading.

The verse was something like "Pain doesn't always hurt you."

Dick argued with her and she said she wouldn't "go there."

He said, "Seriously, can you just enlighten me, please?'

Amber told him sometimes you have to hurt to feel better in every situation, take the bad with the good.

Dick told her it was a bunch of bullshit.

She says that is why she didn't want to go there, and Dick told her, "But you went there!"

Dick interrupts again, and Jameka and Amber leave the room.

Amber: See? He didn't want us to talk anymore. That's why.

Jameka says they can maybe go upstairs.

Jameka is going to make slop for "those guys."

(The feed I had backed up to get these conversations has now gone to Zach and Dustin, sleeping. Forever.--ed)


The feed in the kitchen is showing Kail sitting at the bar, worried. She has her hands clasped in front of her mouth. The camera switches, several times, between her foot nervously moving up and down, and her clasped hands in front of her face. Face -- feet ---face---feet.

Dani and Jameka are talking about how Jameka can set up a slop store.

Dani includes Kail in the conversation, and asks what her contribution is.

Kail: I'm the cleanup crew. I do all of the dishes.

Jameka agrees. (So I guess Kail does do dishes, and I don't see it--ed)

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Dani and Jameka are cleaning out the fridge. A lot of the food is spoiled and they are throwing it away. Most of the meat had an early expiration date.

Amber brought a big load of supplies in on her arm, and she says you can tell she is a cocktail waitress!

Dani asks if people always ask Amber if she is sure she can carry all of that? (at work)

Amber says yes, and she hates it.

Dani says she gets told that all of the time, and she says, "Don't doubt my muscles!"

Kail is obviously nervous, and looks ready to cry.

Jameka is not on slop, because she is eating grilled cheese, which Dani made for her.

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2pm bbt

Dani in kitchen: hey, no eating all the Fruit Loops, or I'll shank you! (she's in a good mood today lol)

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Jen just said "if she was on food" So that makes Kail and Jen on slop. I'm not sure about Jessica, Dick, Nick, or Zach.

Talk about early show interviews.

FOTH due to houseguests talking about what the handlers did and the early show interviews and stuff before they got into the house.

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Jameka made slop with honey in it. Kail is eating it and says it isn't bad at all--it's perfect. She says she will get a big bowl and put some in it and put it in the fridge, and that's what she will eat for the week. She thanks Jameka, and Jameka says "Any time."

Jameka says Mike was on the Early Show this morning. She says everyone is after that.

Jen asks how it works when you are going to the jury house?

Eric says that they just aren't allowed to talk to you about the show while you are at the show.

Eric: It's Julie Chen's show!

Eric says it's not like they are setting you loose at some studio.

Kail thinks they will send a handler, too.

They think it is weird that being a handler is a job.

A little more talk and then FOTH

(I'm out for a while. You know it's bad when even slop sounds good--I need to eat something! --Cat)

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Dustin is saying he is going to nominate Jen and Kail but his ultimate goal is to backdoor Zach (something tells me something is going to go wrong).

Zach looks like he is on slop. He just had a protein shake. (So that makes Jen, Kail, Zach on slop I believe - don't quote me on that lol).

Dustin telling Amber about his convo with Dick.

Dustin/amber comparing Dick is to Amber as Joe is to Dustin. Amber saying how Jameka told her she doesn't know how she deals with Dick.

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Dustin: Who the fuck does Jen think she is? She hasn't even come up to talk to me yet and it's 3 hours before nominations.

Amber: Some people don't want to come up here and kiss your ass and when I'm HOH (please no) the people who don't kiss my ass are safe.

D: She probably thinks she is safe because of putting Joe up and doing ab classes with me. She is just as shallow as her thought process. (Is it just me, or is Dustin starting his power trip a bit early :rollseyes:)

A: So what are you going to say when you put them up?

D: I don't know

A: Don't make it to long, I would just say I'm basing my two nominations

D: On Drama! The drama circulating you Jen.

Zach comes up to HOH.

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He asks Zach if he can come back in a minute and Zach just asked to listen to music when he can.

Zach stays outside with the chess board and Amber/Dustin watching him. Wondering what he is doing.

D: I'm going to say that the drama that surrounds you Jen is on a daily basis, the mustard, the m&m,

A: don't give too much info. Don't mention Dick

D: People know I side with Dick.

A: Just say after reviewing a few different scenarios and how last week went... well don't say that

D: I don't want to say I'm going to do what Dick already did.

A: I would just say after... honestly, I reviwed a couple different scenarios and this is the fairest deciison I can make for strategic reasons.

D: I want to say, but this could backfire, the relationship between Kail and Jen is not all that it is cracked up to be and I want to split it up... but I don't want you and I up next week. I want to say that there is still something going on. My noms are to ensure that what is done is done. (???)

A: You're trying to backdoor zach though.

D: I'm going to tell Kail she is a pawn after nominations. Because when we talked earlier, she said she will go up as a pawn and she completely trusts me. She said that she knows she has Eric, Amber, and Jameka's votes to ensure she does not go home.

A: I wouldn't tell her anything yet because of the POV. Let's say she wins, she knew she was a pawn.

D: She said if she won POV, she'll do whatever she wants me to do whether it keeps me the same or doesn't. I don't know how to personally from my standpoint to pin Jen down because I don't want to make it personal, but strategically, remember that rumor of the secret alliance? she was the only one Joe told that to and she spread that around. The way she handled that info

A: How would you word that?

D: Info was given to me 2 weeks ago and she has had ample time

A: YOU can't say "you" though

D: No, after I nominate them

A: I would say, Jen strategically, I feel that the votes are there to get you out, and same to you Kail, fight for survival

(Okay, after listening to this, they don't know what they can say to Jen after nominations so just freakin nominate Zach --ed).

A: I usually do good with words ... i mean.. i i i i... i know,.... welll... (LMAO) Let me think for a minute

D: It's so hard isn't it? I don't want to set it up and split up a pair because it'll come back just like that. I base my noms this week....

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A: Okay so....

Dustin is blowing up a purple thing. I don't know what it is.

A: Just say I'm basing my noms on

D: House consensus

A: No..a little off last week.. noo

D: It's so hard

A: I"m basing my noms this week... no, wlel I played out many scenarios in my head and I"m basing my noms on the ... somehow with the alliance..

D: With the way alliances were exposed last week and how certain people handled. Based on info given to the entire house and how certain people treated that information is how I choose to nominate. Kail, you sold out everyone and threw them under the bus. Jen, you sold out Kail and others out.

A: Just say you don't know how their relationship is and don't know how it'll affect the house. You odn't know what is going on with them. We dont' hide it, they probably are.

D: Yea, with the info given to the entire house last week, I'm basing how certain people handle taht information. (he once again mentions Kail selling out her alliance).

A: You can use strategic for kail and comptitive for Jen so it doesn't look like you're going after Kail.

D: I don't want to mention ANYTHING about their relationship

A; Just say strategic and competitive reasons. (You would think she is HOH this week)

A: I hate Zach

D: that is why I want him out

A: hehe, I love you

D: He's got to go

*dustin still blowing*

(it looks like a raft for the pool maybe)

D: Amber, we can do this, we can rock this house

A: I need to get HOH next week

D: You and I can rock this house apart (power trip -- ed)

D: I'm so excited! Did I look cute up there?

A: yea

They're talking about food comp again.

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Dustin and Amber in HOH rehearsing Dustin's nomination speech. Sounds like it will be Jen and Kail with Zach as the back door nominee.

Dustin telling Amber that you and I can rock this house. Are you exicted honey? I am so excited.

Amber asking were you watchine me at all in the food comp? and he was watching Jameka have a hard time putting in a puzzle piece.

Told that they were supposed to put the puzzle pieces in the back and work from the back. They were told to do it from the back for camera reasons, and most of the HG put the puzzle pieces in the front.

Amber is seeing how hard it is to make the HOH nominations speeches, dustin says that it is his safest bet to put up Kail and Jen, and he will end it with it is not personal it is just business.

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More talk of noms

D: Jen, hopefully being on the block two weeks in a row will put a dent in your personality (and I thought Joe was vicious)

A: I wouldn't say Jen, You're a strong competitor... Idk

D: IT'S SO HARD! Especially with Jen being the least of my concern in this game but it's my safest bet putting the two of them up. I'm going to end it in nothing personal (sounds like it) and just business.

A: YOu sound so stern, I don't know what to say, it's too much.

D: I am, I dont' know what to do with it.

A: It's such a WS (weird situation) when you talk like it.

*dustin still blowing*

A: The two people I'm putting up are questionable in my head and with the mrs robinson alliance...

D: These two people are unknown

A: No, say "I'm basing my nominations off of peopel in my head who are questionable and I don't know where they stand. Basically sum it up that you are questionable and you don't know where they stand. Did you hear what I said?

D: mm-hmm

*dustin still blowing*

A: Just say, I'm basing my nominations... we need Jameka, she was supposed to come up here. You want me to get her?

D: Yea

*dustin continues blowing*

Amber goes to the balcony and calls Jameka.

D: Questionable activity between the two people.

Talk of people over of the speakers and FOTH

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Amber told Dustin that she told NIck the plan was to backdoor Zach and Dustin said that was not a smart move.

Amber starting to retract her words saying she said Kail first and then Zach if POV is used.

D: Please dont' give Nick information unless he demands.

Now Amber swears to God she never used the word to backdoor.

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Dick and eric were in backyard totally trashing AMber and Dustin etc... Dick wants her out. Eric so much as says he has a big secret about her(Amber) and that she told him early int he game and will use it against her if needed. Moments after Dick trashes his buddy Amber he is in the kitchen appologising to her. Saying he loves her..

(check video link for both convos)

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Amber approaches Eric in BY and asks him if she can tell him something without Eric repeating it to Dick, Eric says yes, Amber then goes on to ask Eric if he's noticed how she's becoming irritated. She's upset that Dick asked her last night infront of Jess if she (Amber) wasn't glad that she wasn't on slop because he (ED) volunteered to go on slop for her. She says she had voluntered to and that she asked Dick what was he really trying to say and Dick couldn't say. Amber says she walked away because she was irritated and Dick then followed her. she asked Dick to leave her alone but he wouldn't. She tells Eric that she told Dick he (Dick) brings out negativity in her like her ex boyfriend did.

She says she went to talk to Dustin in HOH and Dick came right behind her pretending that he wanted to talk game but she knew that he was there because of what had just happened between them (A & ED). Amber says Dick talked a little about Kail and then asked Amber if he could talk to her and Amber said "not right now", she says she told Dick that when she's sad and irritated she likes to be left alone. She says dick said she had been a real bitch to him lately (Eric is just listening).

Amber says she told Dick that he's been picking too much on her and she's at her breaking point and she wanted to let him know that other people have noticed it too. She says Dick asked her if those were people that are in good terms with both of them (A & ED) and she said "no, not necessarily" that people just noticed her frustration and that he (ED) does not respect when she needs her space. Amber says that she feels really got to have put things out on the table with Dick.

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In HoH Room: Jen and Dustin

They are discussing possible nominations. Dustin confront Jen about whether Joe told her about Dustin, Amber and Dick being in an alliance. Jen denies ever hearing that from Joe's mouth. She asks (paraphrased) "Why would I think you would be in an alliance with Dick , when Dick is so mean to Amber?" She also swears that she did not vote for Kail to stay. She says that maybe it is the same person who did the mustard thing. She says that as a joke, however, obviously it was Eric both times...

Dustin says he will not put up Dick or Danielle because he is not in danger with having Dick in the house but if he nominated his daughter he would be instantly. Jen says that Dick will come after Amber after the alliance (refering to the original Mrs. Robinson alliance) is gone. Dustin discusses how he does want to do nominations in a fair way because everyone deserves to be in the house.

Dustin tells Jen that Kail did offer to go up as a pawn.

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Jen says that if Dustin puts up a "top enemy" then he would have less of a risk of someone retaliating against him.

Dustin says, "I could put her (Amber) up!" laughing, clearly joking.

Jen and Dustin discussing the Veto.

Jen discussing how Kail hid her alliance from her and it did hurt. She thought she was close to Kail and says that maybe Kail felt she could not trust her. Jen says she doesn't repeat things she is told if they tell her not to repeat it. Dustin discussing Jameka crying on her birthday. Dustin discussing when Dick went to talk to Jameka on her birthday when she crying when he had no right to do that because Jameka had come to Dustin on why she was crying.

Jen says that Zach only talks about game. She tells him that he never talks about himself only the game. Dustin asked what Zach told Jen about Dustin when she was HoH. Jen says she is trying to think and then switches topic to what Joe said to her. Dustin tells Jen that Zach has told him things that make him think he is a threat to him. He says Zach words things odd when talking to me. Jen says that Dustin is a stronger player than Zach. Jen's train of thought is difficult to keep up with as every two seconds she is refering to a different person. Switches from Zach to Kail to Zach to Joe to Amber to Amber & Dustin...to discussing Nick and Zach still "communicate" and Dustin says he does not think they have a good relationship (Nick/Zach). Jen says Nick is terrified to talk to Nick because of Dick.

Dustin asks what her relationship is with Nick. She says the 1st four days they were close and liked each other. Dustin again says, "and NOW?" and she says "Well like, the past like, two like weeks" have been "like" fine but they do not have long conversations anymore and when they do have conversations they're just like "You're Hot" She says she does not "like" have a relationship with "like" him. Dustin asks how she stands with Nick in this house. She pauses and has a perplexed look on her face. Jen says if he put anyone up against Zach he would go, and says she is not sure what he is asking (She does not address his real question about Nick).

Dustin is called to the DR and Jen complains since she has him alone finally. Dustin does not immediately leave and Jen continues talking.

I missed something...They say that Nick didn't apply for the show? I dont know if that is what was said but I swear that is what I heard so if someone can please clarify for me, please say.

Dustin is called again to DR and Jen says "Oh maybe it is time!" (For Nominations!) She says "oh no!" and he says it is okay because has "think time" when in there.

Dustin, "Guys I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be in the DR in a second!"


edited to add

Back in Time

While the entire convo of Dustin and Jen took place, Amber and Eric were in the hammock. Amber complains about Evel Dick and how she does not like him. She also was playing with his hair and touching his arms at times. I did not follow this conversation but when I did tune into it, it was all about ED. Dick walks by Amber and says something to him in a semi-annoyed tone. Dick mocking "BB" by going "Get out" in a funny voice.

Many HGs in bathroom at this time

Houseguests are once again told that this is a Lockdown and to go outside and shut the sliding glass door. Dani says that they must hate them cause it takes them so long to obey them.

Houseguests once again to go outside and it tells them to go outside now and stay out there until further notice.

Dani says "They sound PISSED"

Houseguests AGAIN told to go outside. Dani laughs.

Again, they are told to go outside. Dani says "Oh my god, say something else, that isn't working." (Wow...)

BB repeats their commands again.

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Dustin is now holding court with Jen. He asked her if she withheld information from him about Joe supposedly telling her that there was an alliance among Dustin/Amber/Dick. Jen says Joe did not tell her that and if he did she probably brushed it off because Joe talked a lot of BS. Dustin says "people" have come to him telling him she (Jen) said Joe told her about that alliance.

Dustin tells Jen that there are several people in the house that have targets on their backs and he has asked them this..."What would you do if I put you up? How would you take that?" Jen says it would be different than if somebody else put her up, like when Dick did, she was not affected in any way, she had thought it was going to happen and it did. that it wasn't a big deal and there are some other people she would expect will put her up. Jen says she'd probably be more hurt if Dustin puts her up because they have shared more things, like abs classs, and she did get Joe out for him (Dustin), and she (Jen) picked Justin to host her ceremony, so she doesn't think she'd be like: "Dustin, I hate you!" but she'd be asking herself "Am I really the person that Dustin likes least in this house?" She tells him she'd be more personally hurt that anything, then she says jokingly "I'd probably cry...no just kidding, but I'd be still hurt"

Dustin says Okay, don't think anything of it, he's giving everybody a fair shot. He asked Jameka the same thing earlier. Jen says no problem, that she (Jen)had thought about that too. About who would and would not put her up. She says she'd be expecting for Daniele and dick to put her up and she'd be like "yeah, obviously".

Dustin repeats that he's just asking everybody that because he feels it's a fair question and he's asked everybody because everybody in the house has an equal opportunity to be put up. Dustin says that a lot of things in this game should not be made personal, but he thinks a lot of people take it that way. Jen says it's because at this point in the game there are so many people in the house that it's not like when there's only a few left that there is no choice but to put up someone so it's not personal, but with so many still in the house it's easy to take it personal because one thinks "You'd rather have me than Zach?" then Jen says she's not saying Zach and dustin tells her that Zach is definitely up there. Jen says everybody knows it's Zach but who's the other person.

Jen then says it's like the mustard thing, everybody swears they weren't it. Dustin goes back to who started the rumor of the alliance with A/D/ED. Jen talks about everybody pointing the finger at her about the extra vote. She thinks someone did it to get Dick to go off on her again. Jen tells Dustin he has it tougher than her because he has no enemies in the house. He agrees. He says Dick holds a grudge and so does Dan and he (Dustin) doesn't want to make enemies in the house just because he has power this week.

Jen asks Dustin if he's talked to Kail again about her (Kail) offering herself to be a pawn. He says no. Dustin says if he puts Zach up and he wins power of veto, then next week Zach gets HOH and puts Dustin up. Dustin says he could put up Amber. Jen says Amber asked her to be a pawn when she was HOH and Jen thought that was a terrible idea (ed. the convo goes on longer including about how Jen feels about Nick, but I missed most of it)

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To clarify, Jen said Nick was a recruit like her (and Dustin). He didn't know a lot about the show, and was told to get into an alliance. Jen was trying to defend Nick being in his previous alliance, and put it down to hiim being recruited instead of applying for the show.

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