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It's Time For Limericks


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Every year some of you folks come up with good limericks. Here's one for starters - although I don't know how good it is:

There once was a guy namd Nick

who hit on a dude named Dick.

But Dick would have none of it

and told Nick to shove it,

and so saying, gave Nick a quick kick.

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I borrowed this from another thread but it is copyrighted so none of you better borrow it.

Dick might have had the stick,

But, Nick had the rod,

Dick's stick was soft,

And Nick's rod was hard,

And once both in the house,

choosing a bed,

along came Dustin with a

tube made of lead.


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I guess I do have a fair amount of time on my hands.

But it's not like it took a week to dream up that little ditty.

~ shufles from room to room looking for something to do ~

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There once was a girl named Jameka

who dated a guy from Topeka.

She let him know who was boss

and told him to get lost

as she sprayed his eyes with paprika.

I know,I know, it'pretty lame but it was spur-of-the-moment, so cut me some slack.

You folks are doing great! I thought this topic might just hang there, twisting in the wind.

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Yath - The Limerick Committee loved your work, especially the rhyming of Yath and Bath. Therefore, in recognition of your literary masterpiece, I hereby bestow on you the Grand Prize of the Royal Order of Limerick Writers. Congratulationss!

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There was a young woman named Yath,

Who decided to get in the bath,

She got out the soap, asked King for some dope,

And grooved on the great aftermath.

Love it Yath! Hey is that like dope on a rope? or soap or ......

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