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July 18, Live Feed Updates

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2:25 BBt

IN HOH Jen and Kail stroking each others egos how they are doing. Kail has proclaimed that Jenus is true.

Jen talking since she put Jameka's key first that she'll have influence on her vote.

Dick still having is talk to Dustin and basically is repeating what has been said.

In the bathroom Danile and Joe talking. Joe is saying he should have given the slop pass to her. Danile says she would not have taken it. Danile says being on slop makes her really grouchy with no energy.

Amber and Eric joins Dustin and Dick outside. Amber laying next to Dustin

This is my exit til tomorrow night..sorry for all the typos.

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3:20AM BBT

Amber, Dick, Dustin and Eric in BY

Talking about who has lied, Eric says that people in the house who tell lies that do not further them in the game are dumb

Dustin says that the only time he has lied was to Joe when he told him that he was looking forward to mending their relationship

Eric: word on the street is to watch the HOH competitions. There are certain people who will not be winning.

Dustin: Zach

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3:40 BBT

Dick and Amber still talking in K

Dick: I told Kail yesterday that she should get out of the alliance with Jen and run as fast as she can. I will call her out tomorrow and make sure that you are there when I do.

Amber: Do you like Zach or Eric better?

Dick: Eric. He

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5:24 AM BBT I have a feeling that something is happening in the house right now. Not sure what. But, all 4 cameras are on the big beds room and no where else. There must be something happening in one of the other rooms or in the BY.

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9:00am bbt (morning all!)

nothing new to report... Mike still the only one up, done eating breakfast and doing dishes... it's a quiet morning in the house so far...

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Big thanks to all our Live Feed Updaters! You guys do a great job 24/7.

Morty is away form his desk today so it's just you and me. :lookaround: So I just want to thank you all in advance for helping me put the BB page together.


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kail in the bathroom with mike. Jen is on to our alliance,. she knows that is is you, me, zach and nick and i think nick told her. very hard to hear on the laptop speakers.\\

Kail says that Jen is loyal and is sold with us. She is also very close to Eric. Jen does not need to know any more than what she already knows. Kail does not want to make a choice between mike and jen. both kail and mike think that nick told Jen about the alliance. HOw does joe and jen know what nick is going to vote, when we don't even know it for sure right now?

Kail told Jen last night that they would not be in this position if you had put nick up, evil dick would have been gone for sure.

i think that dick knows that kail has been campaigning to get him out of the house.

Kail then talked to jameka and brought her up to date, and said that "amber got ahold of jameka and i am sure that everything i told jameka was told to amber who brought it right to dick."

daniele is floating that she it voting for joe, so it will be easier for her to play the game without the stress of having her dad in the house, according to kail.

Kail says according to joe, nick and zach are voting to keep joe here.

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9:10am bbt (Hi Jem! :hug: )Kail is up and talking strategy with Mike and reviewing where everyone stands

Kail: 'she' is solid with us... she's the most loyal person

Mike: maybe further down the line

Kail: maybe, but we don't want to start picking people off... I don't want to have to choose between her and you

Mike: I hope Nick didn't say anything

Kail: how does Joe and Jen know Nick is going to vote Evil out? I don't even know that?

Mike: maybe because he was close to being nom'd, so he spilled too much to her(Jen)

Kail: that's right, that's when it happened.. that makes total sense then, I was wondering how she knows

Mike: I'll ask him

Mike: what did Jess say?

Kail: she was hesitant with me, so I opened up, I told her we need 5 votes... somehow Evil knows I was campaigning against him... first thing from his mouth was I don't need your vote, I'm safe... he can't come back to me now and say he needs my vote... so, then I talked to Jameka about the same thing, well Amber got hold of Jameka, and I'm sure everything I said went... FOTH (morning wakeup call?)

(back from FOTH)

Kail: I went up to Dani and said... she has me convinced she is mad at him... I said you would enjoy this game more if your dad wasn't here... do you feel you are being robbed from the experience if he wasn't here?

and she said no it's fine...

Joe comes up to me and says Amber came to me and said she is going to vote to keep me here. I told him NO WAY Amber is voting for you...

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9:30am bbt (work distracted me for a few minutes, if anyone caught the start of this)

Nick is up now in the kitchen with Mike

Zach: We are gunning for Dick, because he's coming after our alliance

Nick: I don't think he is...

(FOTH-another wakeup call?)

Kail has joined Nick/Mike in the kitchen

Kail: what was wrong with Dani last night? so was Evil

Nick: she won't talk with me about anything... coffee?

Mike: Dick is just playing around with Kail

Kail: Evil and Dani are completely together now... he knows he can't get to me, that's childish... and Joe/Jen knew before me that you(Nick) were going to vote Dick out, I didn't even know that... so we've got 6, you've got to vote Evil out

Nick: what about Zach?

Mike: we've got the 3 of us, so if he wants to vote the other way...

(Kail lost her coffee)

Kail: what did he say?

Mike: I asked who would you rather see go? He said probably Joe, I think Dick is good... he said if he gets HOH who would he put up? I said it's the four of us, Jen or Eric

Kail: he's spread too thin, he's like this with Amber...

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<a quickie>

Mike has suggested to Kail that their group create a visual cue to use (at the time of live voting) to communicate their vote to whomever might need to know.

Mike: There's a reason that Nick doesn't spend any length of time with us.

Kail: Sure. He doesn't want the hard conversations.

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Mike & Kail whispering in the bathroom. Kail says Jen already told her that Nick was playing Dani & how would Jen know that? Kail says the only way Jess is voting for Joe to stay is if there are 4 more people & she is trying to convince her there are. Mike says they need a visual sign so they can signal each other before/during the live vote.

During ADL'ing... Kail tells Mike that it is funny how neither evel nor anyone else has not asked her how she knew that evel was planning to nom her & Mike.

FOTH (possibly wake-up FOTH?)

10:30AM BBT

Feeds are back. HG are stirring.

Mike walks by Nick & says they need to find some time today to talk.

Jen is wearing her unitard in boob-baring fashion again today.

(I'm at work so I gotta go)

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Kail and Mike

Kail: We've got to have Zach, if one person changes on the live show, we are screwed... Nick was the one that told me Evil was going to put us up

Mike: ok, I'm glad I know, that way I have something to fire back at him, interesting... another reason is why would Evil if he wasn't gunning for you, to say I don't need your vote?

Kail: if it was anyone else, I'd question it, but it was Nick who told me! I wish I'd thought of that more!

Mike: the thing is, he will only hang around a few seconds and talk, then he walks away

Kail: you need to ask him if he's with us, are you with us or are you not? You need to put him on the spot.. I'm almost tempted to go after him

Mike: I feel like our alliance of 4 isn't really 4... I've heard him tell his stories, lots of bad things, his integrity isn't there, on national tv, it wouldn't be anything for him, to jump

Kail: or we get Dani out and force him to be with us... but he has Amber, that's her boy

Mike: I wonder, if it was Jen, we stirred up the pot, and broke out the news that Nick was playing Dani, just exactly what he told Jen

Kail: she already told me that Nick was playing Dani...

Mike: he said that because he was going to go up on the block... she said I made up my mind it's Nick going up... and then I started explaining my point about Joe, and she said it better happen quick or I'll change my mind again, and she said the reason she wasn't putting up Nick is because he wasn't really with Dani... that's when he gave up the information... if he's playing that side, who is it for? It must be Zach, but must be more than Zach, so she figured out, what about you, if I put up Nick, where would you vote?

Kail: I told her to put up Nick, because I knew he'd stay... she keeps saying that her and Nick are close, they have this unspoken thing... she completely likes Nick... so he has three girls, Amber, Jen and Dani... it cracks me up... Dani wants his attention, not long term, but while she is in the house, she has a boyfriend...

Mike: my gut instinct, is that he isn't with us, we are being played... so far he hasn't proven that he is in the fight for our alliance

Kail: he's not.. I think Jen needs to know... try to talk to him more and try to convince him...

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Kail: the only way Jess is voting for Joe to stay is if there are 4 others

Mike: if everyone does it separately... what if that person changes their mind... everyone needs to do it together

Kail: meet in the HOH room at 4

Mike: if we all have a visual sign, not spoken, and we all are like a finger on the face for yes, but everyone needs to be together, if everyone is going to follow thru

Kail: I told Jess lets go talk to Eric, and she said I can never talk with ERIC alone, when I try Zach and Evil are always there, so I dragged her with me, she sat there and I tried to convince them, I said we have 3 right here... I think Jameka was with us until Amber got ahold of her last night

Mike: I'll talk with Amber, then go to Nick and say I know you and Amber are buddy buddy

Kail: Nick is avoiding us because he doesn't like the hard conversations... Joe is no harm to us, whatsoever

Mike: hopefully we'll figure out today what to do with NickKail: and Zach, you need to talk with him

Mike: I trust Zach with our alliance, but as far as the vote goes(everyone else still asleep)10:15am bbt(back from a FOTH, but still only Kail/Mike shown awake, both in bathroom, Kail doing her face, Mike showers then shaving...

(me, I'm going to lunch :eat: )

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Jen is in her unitard bikini again.

Looks like everyone is up.

Jen and Kail are discussing the votes. They are going make sure Nick and Zach are voting they way they want.

Kail's happy her pants are loose.

Kail: nick said to u he is voting dick out , then he told mike he is voting Joe out. Mike told him no no,so Nick said okay I will vote whatever. His whatever means 'ok'? I am not convinced.

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Kail and Jen are in the bathroom getting ready. Kail says that she was telling Nick that he needed to vote out Dick. Nick just waved his arms and said "Whatever! Whatever!" Jen asks if maybe "Whatever" means okay. Kail says she wasn't getting that vibe from him.

On the other feeds, Dick is in the hot tub with Nick. Nick and Dick are saying that "she" (Dani, I think) was crying about a lot of things last night. Nick says that he believes Dick is staying, for sure. He says that Dick has six votes. Dick says that you never know--they can switch. He says that Jess claimed she was voting for him, but who knows? He says that Kail said that, too, but now she is waging a harder campaign against him than she has ever waged for any Republican she has voted for. Dick says he plans to call out Kail on her lying.

Dick goes into the house. Eric is leaving the silhouette room and says that he just turned to go and walked headfirst into the wall, and it was "skull crushing."

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