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July 18, Live Feed Updates

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12:45 pm BBT

Jen and Zach? talking on hammock.

Daniele asking Nick if he's ok.

Nick points out balloon, maybe from a car dealership, to Dani. Nick says if he's upset in the house it's never because of her. Nick asks Dani she wants to talk about it. He says he's trying to keep his emotions under wrap right now. She asks if he's making fun of her. He says no. . .

Nick says "Kiss me" to Dani.

Dani says if Eric votes to keep her dad then he's safe.

Dani says he's crabby and he says yeah, on top of that my tacos are done, just waiting for him to consume them, but he can't. Dani tells him not to complain about food or she'll force slop down his throat.

Nick asks Dani, "When you see me, what song comes to mind?" Dani says nothing, she feels like she has no music in the house.

Nick says when he sees her he thinks of the song "She's Beautiful" by Meredith Brooks.

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12:45pm bbt

Dani/Nick over in the corner of the yard talking

Nick: I want to shave my head and...

Dani: do you want a minute?

Nick: with you?

Dani: alone?

Nick: I like my company

Dani: you aren't acting ok... sorry for being concerned

Nick: don't worry, nothing in this house if I'm upset has to do with you

Dani: if I wasn't concerned I wouldn't come over here

Nick: you are really self centered(teasing)

Dani: you want to talk about it?

Nick: lol

Dani: are you mocking me? you are being rude! lol you know you are on everyone's good side, don't be stupid, you could easily slide by, and you know it

Nick: do you want to kiss me?

Dani: don't sass me! I'm trying to talk with you... what happened?

Nick: I'm getting pissed off, when people try to tell me how I should vote

Dani: Kail told you to vote to keep Joe?

Nick: yea... it's the forth time today, and it's getting annoying... on both sides

Dani: if Eric votes to keep my dad, then he is safe

Nick: Dustin knows about someone, he won't say for sure who, but he says there are 6... we'll find out tomorrow

Dani: hey, you're a crabby pants

Nick: and to top it off, my tacos are inside, waiting for me to eat them

Dani: if you complain about food again, I'm going to shove slop down your throat! Hey, do you have a crab in your pants? I think you might want to go check that out

(I'm sorry, but I think they are so cute talking together)

Nick: let's have fun question time.. when you see me, what song comes to mind?

Dani: nothing, I haven't had one... in here, music is gone to me

Nick: I have one, Meridith Brooks, the most famous one

Dani: what one?

Nick: she's beautiful...

Dani: I'm leaving!

Nick: Don't worry about me

Dani: don't sass me! You're not the boss of me!

Nick: funny, you didn't get the memo

Dani: are you ok? (he laughs) Don't laugh at me when I say that! (she punches him)

Nick: ok, that's two I owe you... nucklehead... I want to get a BB tattoo

Dani: ok Eric! He said that too

Nick: but I'm doing it... me and your dad

Dani: I think they are switching Joe and my key

Nick: they could be faster about it... your dad said you and him had a talk last night

Dani: he's stupid, he turns everything around about him, I'm not talking about him

Nick: he said my name might have popped up, but he could neither confirm or deny it

Dani: it didn't, I can confirm that

Nick: what's wrong?

Dani: nothing!

Nick: I told you I'd rather you go on than me... and I'd rather see you naked than me, cause I've seen me...

Dani: shut up! what are you thinking?

Nick: about you and me, in Minnesota... you wanted me to tell the truth right? What are you thinking?

Dani: that you are acting wierd today

(this appears to be going on until the lockdown ends)

Jen is on hammock with Zach(or Mike), swinging and talking

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Nick keeps making up silly stuff to tell Dani.

12:55 BBT

Dani says she made slop last night and shoved it down her throat. She thought she was going to throw up.

Dani: What are you thinking?

Nick: About you and me living in Minnesota. You wanted me to tell you the truth right? What are you thinking?

Dani: That you're acting weird today.

Nick: Why?

Dani: I don't know.

The fake grass is hurting Dani's butt.

Nick tells Dani about his "graphic dream" of being back in high school and he was a jockey. He won bronze but nobody else was riding any of the other horses.

Brief FoTH

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Jen talking to Zach on hammock.

Jen said Amber and Dustin said when Jen was thinking about putting Nick up w/Dick they Amber and Dustin said they didn't know what they'd do. Jen says "that's a problem."

1:01 pm BBT - Lockdown over!

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Eric and Jessica splashing about in the pool.

Zach sits down to talk to Nick. He says Jen told him that Amber was campaigning to put him on the block. He asks if that was true. Nick says. "No, not at all." Zach says that's a real problem.

Zach says he doesn't have the solid people like Nick does. If he doesn't have Amber then that's a problem. Zach says his gut says to take Joe out but he doesn't have the "support structure." Nick says he can get Zach in [with Nick's alliance - but I'm not sure which ones he means.] Zach says he needs to know if Mike is really in with them or not. [it sounds like the Mrs. Robinson alliance is still very unstable.] Zach said she talks to much [meaning Kail?]

Zach says Dick told him he would probably put Mike up next week. Zach told Dick that Mike was planning to vote to keep him in. He says Dick was surprised.

Zach: I need to know if that's a lie or not

Nick: Which one?

Zach: She wasn't; she was trying to get Joe.

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Dick and Jessica playing in the pool.

1:16 pm BBT

All 4 cams now on Nick and Zach.

[i can't hear because an airplane is flying over.]

Jen called to DR.

Nick's eating his tacos.

Zach: The way that she's playing is just not right...I'm not changing my vote.

Nick: You don't want to start burning bridges with people in your alliance.

Zach: I would like to think you had a plan to get Dick and Dani split apart.

Nick: oh yeah, but this is not that week.

[Hard to hear, background voices are louder.]

Airplane blocks conversation again.

Zach: I really think we can pull Mike back in. If not he's going to totally go down... Yells out "Alphabet rider, ladder climber?"

Nick goes to get another taco. Zach asks, "coming back?" Nick says, "Yeah."

1:25 pm BBT

All 4 cams on Nick by himself in kitchen, getting more tacos.

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1:30 pm BBT

All 4 cams back on Nick and Zach.

Zach: I thought I had a pretty good understanding w/Dustin, but I hear this shit w/ Amber and it freaks me out. . . If I won HOH next week I would probably put up Dick and Eric. I think there's too much heat on Jen...I'd appreciate if you would not spread anything I said to anyone.

Nick: You can trust me.

Zach: That's how I feel...We've got to figure out the thing w/Mike, cause he could easily break off.

Zach: Are you and Dani dating?

Nick: No.

Zach: She freaked out about that.

Nick got up and left because he was being eaten by ants.

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Zach is trying to convince Mike to vote for Joe to go. they go back and forward over who's worse, Dick or Joe. Zach feels Kail has already broken herself off (his words). He tells Mike that Kail has made countless errors that hurt their alliance even though he (Zach) doesn't doubt that she's loyal to it (the Mrs. R. Alliance).

Zach tells Mike that if he (Mike) sticks with Kail he's going down. Mike says that if that's an ultimatum from them (Nick and Zach) the he (Mike) says "F*ck you guys", Zach says no, but Nick said that and Zach is not going down with the ship. Mike tells Zach if Dick wins HOH he's not going after Dustin so who would he go for (hinting Zach) Zach says "I know".

Mike asks Zach if he's not questioning Nick's alliance. Zach says yes and no, because the most info you have sometimes can get you killed. Zach tells Mike he has a piece of info that is completely negative for him (Zach) and he won't share with anyone because it would affect the game. He says he won't tell Mike because it might influence him if he (Mike) gets HOH. Zach thinks Joe is a bigger threat than Dick in the long run.

Zach says Dick does not have all that power. Zach says Dick told him (Zach) that he (ED) went to Kail and asked her why she was campaigning against him and she wouldn't give him (ED) and answer, so now Dick feels he doesn't owe Kail anything because she was not direct with him.

Mike tells Zach that Zach is a target because he talks strategy all the time with too many people and the HGs find the way he (Zach) interacts with them annoying, too touchy feely, and that he (Mike) has seen Zach act like that himself. Zach says he has no clue he's done that.

Zach says hes voting for Joe to go unless "the group" decides to make him switch. Zach says Nick thinks Dick is going to stay so he wants to side with the winning team. Zach says Nick always thinks he has all the facts but he doesn't, but he (Zach) thinks this time Nick is right. Neither Zach or Mike is budging about how they will vote

(sorry, missed the end of that convo) All cams now on Jen and Mike not talking game. Jen tells mike she wants to play chess with him since that is the favorite pass time of the house.

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1:50pm bbt(missed the start of this, work is distracting me lol)

Zach/Mike talking in workout room, Zach giving a monologe... he trusts Nick, is worried about Kail, wants to keep their alliance together, knows Kail/Mike feel threatened by Dick, but Zach feels threatened by Joe and still feels that now is the time to get Joe out, he stirs up too much and will stir up the Mrs Robinson alliance

Mike: if you want to talk about people opening up sore spots, you have to look at Dick... he systematically strips the girls of their dignity, he puts people in an uncomfortable spot

Zach: as does Joe, but in a different way

Mike: it hits me worse because I knew of a girl who had it happen to her, before she knew it she was being sexually harassed... second thing Dick flat out said he is gunning after Kail and her alliance, flat out he's made it known Mrs Robinson alliance and people are thinking it's me, Jen and you... so why you think Dick has your back

Zach: I don't... I'm just creating an out for you

Mike: he wouldn't believe it

Zach: but if you vote to keep him.... I feel Joe is a larger threat, he's gunning for me, and Kail

Mike: I agree with you, they are both going to be after us, but Jen, Kail, myself and you are in immediate danger of Joe

Zach: I agree, but I don't like how he influences people and lies... I'm a target of what's being said

Mike: Nick is not honest with me... I asked who Dick would put up if he's HOH... he said it's not you guys... I said let's do process of ellimination

Zach: Dick told me it's Kail

Mike: then why doesn't Nick know that... Nick told us that before

Zach: maybe things are changing

Mike: I can make it further in the game outside the alliance than in a dishonest alliance

Zach: I agree, if it's 3-1, I'll go with the alliance... I'm not disbanding, but we have to go with what is best for each of us, and I think it's going to be 2-2

Mike: this morning Nick said we are all going after Dick, so this is another lie? after Thursday this is all done?

Zach: I'm giving you an out, to pull you in with me and Nick... Kail has turned herself... I can give you numerous examples, although her loyalty remains with us, she's made countless errors

Mike: I agree, she's been too open

Zach: I've talked with Nick, we want to pull you in, if you can't save the whole army, he said to tell you, he's not picking sides, but if you try to stick it out with Kail and Jen...

Mike: if that's an ultimatum, then it's going down right now

Zach: it's not

Mike: then re-word it

Zach: whatever group Nick is in.. that votes similarly... I don't want to be in a side that fails, I'm loyal to you, but I don't want to go down with the ship... we are trying to pull you in

Mike: this is how I came in.. either I'm sticking with the alliance, or

Zach: well it's 2-2, so you tell me what we can do? I don't see how if I keep doing the game, it's going to work

Mike: what is Nick doing right now?

Zach: he won't go after Dustin

Mike: there are only a few he can go after, and they are in our alliance

Zach: if you think of it as chess, you are going after the easy piece, not the long term kill

Mike: then who does Joe have?

Zach: if Joe stays, that force that opposes our group increases

Mike: what has Nick delivered to you, since he's in on that side, he should be able to tell you where people stand

Zach: he asked where I stand, and I said I want Joe out, I said if me and you(Nick) vote Joe, then Joe is going out, but I didn't ask him for names

Mike: shouldn't you question him?

Zach: yes and no, sometimes having more information gets you killed in battle, straight up... today I found out something about someone here that is totally irritating, and I'm not going to share it, it's a personal thing, if I tell you it may influence you or if you are HOH, right now I have a piece of info for me, and I'm not telling, it might affect the game play and us 4, I don't want to believe it but I don't know how to do that, I have to believe time will sort it out, I'm coming to you because I have been honest with you, I'm calling it the way I see it... I'm not in your shoes, cause I'm not the one with the bigger bulls eye, I'm willing to take the risk one of the 5 of us will win HOH by getting the bigger risk out now, I'd rather go for the longer term game kill

Mike: so you want the long term kill, saying Joe is more of a threat than Dick... so if the short term threat takes out one of 5

Zach: 1 of 12 can take out 1 of 5, or 5 of 5 can take out... word is Dustin and Amber are going up by those that hang out with Dick... if you are freaking out about next week, you are playing the wrong hand, you've sold yourself out in the game, you have to worry about 3 and 2 weeks down, Nick and I have your back, if you and Kail go up, we'll have to figure that out... out of all the games of chess I've played, I take the risk for the long term

Zach: if I win HOH, I'd probably put Dick/Daniele back up again... if you beat me in chess... alot, I'd probably go with your strategy, but I'm going with personalities... I'm trying to go with whatever I could, I knew there was a personal issue with him/Kail... Dick told me all about the favor he had with Kail, I'll owe you a favor blah blah, and then this thing about Kail talking to him and scooting around the issue, he went to her said I know you are campaigning against me and she wouldn't tell him why... it's not my problem, I'm telling you that he told me his version, and that since she wouldn't tell him, he doesn't owe him, and I can understand his perspective

Mike: she told me that she shouldn't have to go to him to ask if that favor still exists, and he wouldn't reply, so he was trying to buy time

Zach: sounds like she wasn't being direct.. I'm flat out with Dick... he could be lying to my face, I can't guarantee with him, like a deal with the devil, but I know if Joe stays I've got more problems for us, because he won't go home next week most likely, I think Dick will calm down

Mike: he is what he is, there is a reason he/Dani don't get along

Zach: in a long term perspective, he's already gone, people have picked sides with him, who will stand by him, I don't stand by either, but I can't keep Joe in the house, if Kail can just... she can diversify and associate with others, which she doesn't do, and you need to also, just what I see, you kick it with Kail and Jen but I don't see you outside your element

Mike: also word of advice, about you trying to associate... you are brought up as targeted because of associating with others for talking strategy, people are upset, going back again, some girls have mentioned you being so touchy feely

Zach: with who?!?!? I've never touched anyone

Mike: with Amber... the other day... she has something against you

Zach: I know she doesn't have me... sure

Mike: when you go into scenarios

Zach: I've never talked strategy with her

Mike: yea, I kick it with Kail and Jen, but so be it.. it's already percieved that way

Zach: but kick it with other people, as much as you do with others

Mike: nothing against you, but you aren't by my side 24/7... some are like 3 minutes and... some choose to be like that... Jessica... we talked about her before... so I'm saying there are people that do that, and that take sides, and that separates them from others, they can't create that bond... I still talk with Daniele, I know we are in a different realm, but I don't see where you are coming from

Zach: just saying what I see, you don't have to accept it, any time I see you, one of them are close... don't get aggressive on me

Mike: maybe we've never talked this much... I hope you view what I've told you the same way

Zach: I know I've got problems with her(Amber?), I don't know what to do about it... back to the original... if it's 2-2, I'd rather have a solid thing, but if Nick says I'm voting Dick out, then I'm in with it, whatever strategy I have is dead... but I won't switch unless the group decides to make me switch, I'm firm on that

Mike: what point was Nick trying to make?

Zach: he wasn't giving an ultimatum.. he's pretty sure Dick is staying, so he wants you to stay on the side that isn't going to lose

Mike: that is selling yourself out

Zach: I made my own decision, the fact that I oppose you is coincidence.. we've always had issues with him, he's rough, thinks he knows the facts, but this time I think he is right... I think Dick is going to end up staying

Mike: I don't understand you getting so much more info from Nick, than I get from him

Zach: I don't really, this is the first time I have since him/Dani have done whatever... so I'm sharing with you... I want to with Kail, but she's becoming a liability, I don't have a disagreement with her, it's difficult for her/I to get a moment to say anything, I hope what I told you can be passed on to Kail

Mike: it becomes chinese telephone, it would be better if it takes you a week to do so, when you find the time to do so

Zach: sure, she finds me at the worst moments, and I have to walk away... it's like the move Heat(about bank robbers)

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1:38 pm BBT

We can only see Nick on all 4 cams. Nick hits the tetherball around by himself. Nick lifts circle weight. Nick examines his facial hair in the window. Nick lifts the circle weight again, hits the tetherball, then picks his teeth in the window - all within about 1 minute. [He's either bored or has ADHD.] He sneezes and Jessica says, "Bless you."

1:43 pm BBT:

In the kitchen Mike is eating a salad. Zach whispers something and then they head to the weight room.

Zach: Kail is being very, very, very open and is not discrete in any way and is constantly trying to come at me to get info. Her discretion sucks and is putting me at risk. She needs to wait till 4 am or come at you to come at me. I need to distance myself for a very long time. I don't know what happened out there w/her. I don't know what's going on. I have put out some pretty protective walls for you. Dick approached me and said I don't care if I have your vote or not. Joe tried to make a deal w/me. I can't firgure out any possible way to keep Joe in the game now. Here's why: Dick is going after to Kail. The only reason you're fearing Dick is because your going after him...Depending on how the 4 of us make votes, I made an alibi for you. I'm trying to keep the structure of us as much as possible by not being around you. If Joe stays in the game I don't think the 4 of us will exist. ..I feel like KAil's diggin her own hole. I don't know that there's anything I can do unless 1 of the 4 of us or Jen gets HOH. Jen has figured out about us and that's bad.

Mike: Jen's a smart girl, she figured it out.

Zach: Jen seems to contain the game better than Kail does. I'm not going to stray from you guys; I give you my word on that as a person. I'd rather have you come at me for info or have Nick come out me. These whispering things have got to stop. I know you want Dick to go, so does Kail. I feel that Joe is more of a threat, he's going to wreak a lot of things. I don't think Joe would come after me first but he stirs up a lot of shit. He likes to open up people's sore spots.

Mike: Well then you need to look at Dick, he does that. He systematically strips girls of their dignity.

Zach: So does Joe.

Mike: But not in the same way . . . Dick said that he is gunning for Kail. People are already thinking I'm in an alliance w/ Jen and you. Why would Dick believe you?

Z: IF you decided to keep him in he would see that you did

M: How does it make sense to keep him in if he's coming after our alliance?

Z: I don't like the way Joe influences other people.

M: Nick isn't being honest w/me. Why doesn't Nick know that Dick would put Kail up? I don't understand what's going on. I can make it further in the game out of the alliance rather than being in a dishonest alliance.

Z: I think it's 2 on 2 [in the alliance voting.]

M: Then that's the 3rd lie he's told me. What am I supposed to do?

Z: What am I supposed to do?... Kail - although her loyalty remains w/us I can tell you countless errors she's made. I told Nick outside that I'm trying to pull you into the 3 of us. He told me to tell you, that if you decide to try & stick it out w/Kail and Jen then you're going down.

M: Is that an ultimatum from you guys? Then I'm out.

Z: No it's not.

M: Then reword it then.

Z: ... realistically it's 2 on 2. How do we decide what to do? If you can tell me then you got me, hands down.

M: There's only a few people Dick can go for and it's all people in our alliance.

Z: True but it you look at it as a chess game your taking the easy piece, not the long term kill...Dick wanted to know what I was going to vote. I told him I haven't consulted everyone.

Z: Sometimes having more info gets you killed. I found out something amazing today about someone here & me and I'm not going to share it. It's a personal thing and it could influence how people vote. I have this info and I'm not telling you. It's completely negative and I don't like it. I don't know what to do, I just have to hope time will sort it out. I've been completely honest w/you. I'm not in your shoes. I'm willing to take the risk that 1 of us will win HOH by getting the bigger risk out of the game now.... Just because someone else gets HOH that's not Dick doesn't mean one of you guys are going up. I've heard Dustin & Amber are going up next week from those people that aren't Nick or Dick. I've got your back. You can't look at next week but at 3 weeks down the road. If it's you and Kail then we'll figure it out. The short term kill is Dick. The long term thing is Joe. We have a better chance of getting rid of him if we stand strong. If I won HOH next week I would probably put Dick and Dani up again. [He keeps talking about chess and how he's a better player at chess then Mike.] Dick told me the whole story about the favor w/Kail. Dick told Kail, "I'll owe you a favor if you keep my daughter next week. I understand I owe you a favor but I also hear your campaigning to get me out & I want to know why." Kail didn't answer him. Dick felt that since she was unwilling to come clean w/him he doesn't trust her.

[Mike argues Kail's side and then Zach refutes him.]

Z: It's like a deal w/the devil. I know if Joe stays in the house we'll have many more problems.

M: I think the reason Dick and Dani don't get along is because he embarrasses the fuck out of her.

Z: I just can't keep that dude in the house [Joe]. .. If Kail can try to diversify and associate w/ other people [that would help] and you too.

M: A word of advice: the way you associate w/ other people, it's never personal. it's always about strategy. People are getting pissed off. You're getting touchy/feely.

Z: With who?

M: Amber. I've seen it w/my own eyes. She's got a vendetta against you.

Z: Just enjoy other people.

M: You're not by my side 24/7. I do talk to other people. Some people just isolate themselves.

Z: I have issues w/Jessica.

M: People have alliances w/people and then feel that they can't talk to people outside their alliance.

Z: Every time I'm around I see you w/ one of the other 2....I'm doing it as protection for you...I know that if it's 2 and 2 we can do that. I'd rather have some kind of solid thing but whatever. I won't switch my vote unless the group decides to make me switch. Nick's under the impression that Dick will stay and he thinks it's better that you choose a winning side.

M: Now that is selling yourself out.

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M: You get so much more info from Nick then I do.

Z: I really don't. He just talked to me... I have a lot of info to unload on Kail but I don't know how to do that. Maybe you can tell her.

M: Then it becomes Chinese cell phone. I think it's better that you talk to her.

Z: I will if I can but Kail approaches me at the worst times in life. She doesn't have that skill of knowing when someone needs to talk to her. Jen is a good person but she threatened me with you guys today. She said if I didn't vote _? out then you guys would try to put me up next week...At this point my vote is Joe but if 3 of you want to vote Dick out then I will switch. I told her if she put Joe up then I would not vote Jen out if she went on the block next week. But she didn't confirm it [they didn't make an official deal]. I have no reason to really do anything w/her. [Go after her.]... Jen called out the alliance name by name [the Mrs. Robinson one]. I think that Kail leaked it to her.

Other people can be heard in the house so Mike starts exercising.

Z: If you won HOH would you put Dick up next week?

M: Yes.

Z: I'd probably put Dick and Amber up; I think that would be fun.

M: Who would you want to go?

Z: Whoever the 4 of you wanted. If we could stay solid and get Dani out then we would run the show.

Zach leaves to pee as Jen comes in w/ the digital camera.

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Jen has her HoH camera. She went into the weight room and took pics of Mike working out. then they went ot the kitchen. she took pics of Mike, Kail Zach Eric, etc...whoever was around. Jen left with the camera and left Mike and Kail in the kitchen. Mike is fixing something to eat. He asks Kail if it has been a hard day and she says yes. Eric comes in. Not much talking.

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Eric goes outside. Mike and Kail still in kitchen. Kail keeps looking around like she wants to talk, Mike is eating. Mike washing his bowl, Kail goes to fridge to get something out. Still no talking. Joe comes in. He asks about some food, and Mike said to ask Jen, she might be eating it.

(IMHO...If they don't want to be obvious, why are Kail and Mike sticking together, even if they are not talking??? Appearance of game talk, even when there isn't any).

Jameka comes in, Mike heads outside. Amber also comes into kitchen.

Kail called to DR.

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Feeds switch to BY. Nick in HT, but throwing new balls out. She apologizes to Jessica, must have hit her. They look like Nerf balls, Dick is called out to put on his mic. Going to play Dodgeball. Dick, Mike, Nick. Mike said he has to pee first. Eric said he isn't going to play, they trying to talk him into it. Balls are wet, so they splat when they hit. Zach is playing too.

Eric said there are some sparkly girls shirts in the storage room. He doesn't know if they are new ones or just some being returned (originally taken away by producers).

BB: Jessica, please put on your microphone".

They balls are different sizes, some are larger than others. Eric said easier to throw with the water out.

Dic asks Jesica if she wants to play, she declines. Jameka said no earlier. Dick was wet, dried off then back to game. Amber agrees to play. They ask about Dustin, but he is going to take a nap.

Eric asking about some shorts/bikini. Asked if any cheek would hang out. He said he is pretty modest, wouldn't want to be embarraseeed.

Jen comes out and interrupts the game to take more pictures. Eric told Jess that he already got his pic taken fondling his own nipple. Jess said he was disgusting.

Jess said she doesn't like to smile, she has "Amish" teeth. He looks at her teeth and said they look fine, excedpt one is pointy. she asks which one, and he said the pointy ones, but they are supposed to be. She said she had them "shaved". He asked how long she was a vampire, and she said until HS. They discuss (jokingly) her biting people and sucking their blood.

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(The conversation between Jessica and amERICa had a flirty feeling to it, like a second rate version of the Dani/Nick flirting conversation that has been going on)

Jen gets amERICa to take pictures of Mike laying on his back on the ground, using Jen in her unitard turned bikini as a barbell.

The group is about to start playing dodge ball, but Jen wants them to wait on the game until after she has her camera taken away

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Jen wants Eric to take a picture of her and Mike. She has Mike bench pressing her. She is in her unitard shaped into a bikini. A little different than yesterday.

Joe gets called to DR. He gets called a second time, and finally goes.

Eric taking pictures for Jen of her sunbathing with Jess.

Dustin comes out for dodgeball. Guys are discussing the rules. Nick is going to play too. Looks like Nick, Mike Amber, Eric, Dick and Dustin. Jen making comments. Wants them to wait until she is done taking pictures. Eric asks why?

Guys decided they need to get on some shoes instead of sandals. Dick comes out with his shoes changed, so Eric goes in to change his.

During the wait, Jen gets close to Nick, says something, then she wants a group photo before they play. Jen said they only get pictures for 1 hour a week. She doesn't seem to understand why they aren't all around her wanting to be photographed. she finally goes over to couch and reviews them with Kail. Jameka and Amber on couches, but they aren't looking at the pics. Jen now making everyone get up for the group photo on a timer. She said Dani won't wake up, so she would rather have a group picture with 11 than none at all.

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Dodgeball has started. Jen decided to play even thoug she doesn't know how. Has to keep covering her boobs when she runs, as they are barely covered. Fast moving game. (These HG are more inventive than in past years, and seem to put their differences aside to socialize, like the Strongman comp and now this.)

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Jen stops the game for a "team picture" , then she says "the winning team picture". Of course, she was in it. Game resumes (or new match, same people and teams). Nick is out, now they are going to throw all 5 balls at Dick. Eric whispering to Jen some strategy.

Joe comes out and joins in. One of the girls goes out. Next up, "Dick versus nipple rings". Jen ends up with all the balls. She hides some in the unitard ...what there is of it. She gets Joe out, now down to Dick and Jen. He said she wants to hold everyone's balls, but she has to give one up. Others joke the arch rivals are up. Someone noted she won't throw because she wants to be the center of attention. Jameka tells her she has to throw or someone else can go back in. She throws and misses, but Dick misses when he throws it back. Jen has finally taken Dick out.

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Complaining about it being really hot. Someone asks if the game is over or are they just taking a break. Seems most are hot and lost interest in the game. Amber going to call Eric the Unlover Boy. Dick goes in to make a sandwich. Told Eric he took him out, that was all he wanted.

Feeds show close up of Amber and Eric holding hads and sitting on couches. Kail just staring into space. Nick went in to lay down, Can't seem to get comfortable. Joe walks near camera and just stares into camera.

Jameka asks who is going to get HoH. They say Kail, she leaves, Eric said probably someone out of the main storyline, they say like Jessica. Hesaids yeah, or Zach or Mike or someone. Amber asks if Eric wants it, he says sure. Joking about Amber's revenge. Jameka asks who Kail would put up this time, they know one, but don't know who she would put up against "him".

Talking about kickball. Jameka, Amber and Eric all loved it. Jameka said until she joined a league. It was an adult league, that called everything. She said she didn't make it past practice. It was too hard core for her.

Joe comes and sits down, complaining that he went in to put his shoes on, then the game pretty much stopped.

What are they wearing to the live show? Eric promised Daniele he would wear a tin foil elephant hat like what they put leftovers in at her restaurant.

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Jameka said this was the worst week for slop. There were no breaks. Amber, Jameka and Daniele have all been on it for 2 weeks. Joe is king of slop because he won the slop pass, but he needed it the least cause he didn't mind it. Also, he gave up his salsa so the others could use it on their slop.

Dick comes out eating a sandwich in front of the others. Talking about their last date they had sex. Eric said June 5th. Dick says he doesn't want to see the tampons in the trash can. How hard is it wrap them up? He said it looks like someone has bled to death. They says to change the subject so he can eat. He was glad he didn't have ketchup on his sandwich.

Jameka is on the pill, and doesn't have a period. She said she did it to help clear up acne. Also to regulate. Dick said she doesn't look like she has acne. She said she did at 14. Discussing also preventative. Discuss her parents attitude when she went on it at 14. Hormones are raging. Dick asks when Eric started jerking off. Eric said around 13, Dick said him too. Eric has never had a "nocturnal emmission" in his life. He said he hasn't had a wet dream in his life, Amber said she hasn't either. Dick said she doesn't have testicles, so of course not. Dick talks about being on morphine, not sure what he did.

Daniele comes out and Dick goes inside.

Talking about Jen waking Daniele up for pictures, and she continued to sleep. Amber said Jen really did want a group picture. They took one, but hated that she wasn't in it. Dani didn't care.

Mike and Dick come back out. Dick asked if Amber and Eric are in love. Amber said she just loves love, and Eric lets her love on him. Talking about Mohawk haircuts.


Back, Jen outside, Dani and Dick sitting together for picture. As soon as done, Dick moves away. Discussing the pictures are on the internet at CBS.com. Dani said some are really boring, but Yvette had funny ones. Dick didn't know who she was, Eric explained.

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3:58pm bbt

it's official, it's been said... first time this season(for me to hear it at least), Eric gets credit for saying 'this season is the best looking over all of any season of Big Brother"

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Eric and Dick talking about Scott from BB5 was on Surreal world. He took his pants off and had a big sh*t stain in the back of his yellow shorts. They really ragged on him, and he was completely embarrassed. Eric said he thinks they have the best looking cast ever.(his opinion, NOT mine).

Dick and Eric discussing BB5. dick said Cowboy and Nakomis were really ugly. He said she did the best she could with what she had, but they were really bad.


Jen back outside now sharing the pics with everyone. Also the video she took with it. Kail is staring straight ahead again. she has been extremely quiet today (maybe after Dick called her out), and looks ready to cry at any minute. Sort of a mix between crying and mad.

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Siren can be heard. Dick wants someone to tell the story of what it is. Amber said she just hopes no one is hurt. dick is joking about how cops turn their sirens on just to run lights...then they turn into the donut shop or whatever. "I just had to have a donut".

Dick said Jess is going to be tan on one side and white on the other. He asked if she wanted him to get a big spatula and turn her over.

Jen goes into the kitchen. Dick gets called to DR. As he passes through kitchen, he says in trouble again. Jen calls him a bad boy. Amber and Eric walk through, said they are bored. All 4 feeds on Jen in kitchen, drinking water and getting something to eat. Off camera Eric said he is overdue for a nap.

Eric said he has run out of things to do, and there is still 12 hours left in the day.

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Amber talking to Jameka (Amber blabbing her ear off about how great she is at her job and how much her boss loves her, and Jameka adding "mmm hmm" and "yeah" whenever she can). After Amber was done she turns to Jameka and says "you're a teacher right?" and Jameka responds, "no, actually i'm like a councellor for kids" . I thought that was priceless. Amber loves herself.

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All cameras on BY, where Amber is doing all the talking (about her job as a waitress and that she wants to become a nurse one day) as Jameka interjects with a few words or "mhhmm" when there's a pause. Jameka now talking about if you get a chance to go to school you should take it or you may regret it years later. Amber says she would like to be an inspirational speaker. She wants to be the person who tells people without hope that everything is fixable. Mike, also there, interjects that she(Amber) should write a book. Amber thinks she can especially help people on drugs, because she's been there.

Jasmeka asks Mike is he's awake today. He says he is, that it's easy to throw away routine in the house. Amber asks what time it is...4:23

Dick comes out and Amber says "hellooo". Dick says she's killing him, she says (in an annoyed tone) that she doesn't say it to amuse him, she says it because she likes to say it. Dick says she's killing him, like he's just teasing her.

Dick says he was asked in the DR not to say "sh*t", to use another word. "f*ck", not acceptable either, but he could say "bitch" and "ass".

BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your DRs with other hgs.

Amber says "Evil?" and walks away

all cams now on Mike and Jam listening to Dick talk about his adventures. After Clinton was elected every single person in some island would come up to Dick and ask him (Dick) his opinion. Mike: really?...Dick: "it was cool man"... Dick says there were people from everywhere there but he clicked best with the British. Dick says it was one of the best adventures of his life.

foth now

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