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July 18, Live Feed Updates

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9:01 BBT: Dustin and Amber were getting into a roe and the feeds changed to Jameka and Kail out on the couch again and they are still talking about the way the votes are goning to go... I don't know what is going on with Amber and Dustin... Kail is telling Jameka that no-one is telling her they way they are really going to vote, because they are scared she will go back and tell Evel... Dick walks up and they stop talking again...

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9:04 BBT feeds switch back to Amber and Dustin and they are in the bathroom laying on the chase and she's laying on top of him... They get up and she asks him what he can do every day to make her feel ok and he says give her a hug every night, she says no every morning... He says why wouldn't I do that and they leave the bathroom and go to the kitchen where Dustin asks if she would like some wine and then he says aaww never mind and she says yes it sucks that i am on slop... and the feeds switch to Daniele in the BR then to the kitchen as Amber walks through.... Now out in the BY where nobody is even talking...

9:09 BBT: Jameka and Jessica are in the little BR talking in wishpers that you can't really her... Joe comes in and Jameka says just her and Joe says something I couldn't understand and then Jameka says yeah I'm gonna call you back... Joe leaves and the wishpering continues... I can't understand anything they are saying... Something about Kail trusting Jameka...

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9:24 BBT: Zach is asking Dustin for wine and Dustin says sure you guys can have a glass... Dustin then comments on the fact that Jen got her "own" bottle of wine and he wouldn't drink any of it if they forced it, the bitch... Zach then says let the games begen... Zach then goes in and gets a glass... He goes back to the hot tub and Jen says she still has wine and that it's really bad when she drinks a whole bottle of wine in the hot tub because she doesn't usually drink at all...

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Jen and Eric are in the hoh room. Jen, after a bottle of wine is sure Dick is going home. Eric says he has some votes, he doesnt name names but he doesnt think Jen should be so sure. Jen is also almost falling out of her unitard bathing suit.

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10:34 BBT A drunken Jen telling Eric that Nick is part of the Mrs Robinson Allinace to Eric. She's tryinh to persuade Eric to vote for Joe to stay. Jen telling Eric that they are not targeting Jamekka or Jess or any of them.

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10:37 BBT Jess still being hounded by Kail . They are heading to the HOH to try to talk to Eric to vote for Joe to stay. Eric trying to say he's only 1 vote out of 10.

Kail says after the live show everybody will know where evrryone stands. She tells Eric after Thurs they'll know how he voted. Eric disagrees people will know who votes for who. Eric refuses to tell them who he's voting for.

"I don't know who I'm voting for" He says he hasn't had a chance to speak with Dick and after he will be further apt to reveal where he's leaning.

Kail says he's not worried he'll put her up because "he owes me a favor"

Eric says with Dick it's what you see is what you gets.

Jen obnoxiously explaining that she'll go up if Dick stays.

Eric asks why his vote impacts on what they do he asks Kail. Kail says everyone is "intimidated by Evel" Kail doesn't want to be one of three or four. That's her self- proclaimed honest answer. She doesn't need to be cussed out everyday and be stared down by Dick

Jen says is anyone gonna put up Evel.."Jen will put up Evel"

Kail says she has 4 maybe 5 maybe 6.

Eric says everyone's on the fence and both are confident he'll stay. He says he will not commit to anything until he's given Dick a chance to stay.

Jen rambling and Eric speaks drunk and clarifies what she's saying. Jen says "I'm scared of both of them" Kail says she's not scared of Joe.

Eric asks setting aside comfort of the living what does Evel have in the game if he doesn't have a lot of people in the game. Jen and Kail says he has a lot of people in the game.

Jen and Kail trying to get Eric to believe that no one will put up Evel and they put that question to Jess and she said yes she could.

Eric ask "Would Joe do the same thing" Kail says Joe doesn't have the numbers. Kail says it's hard just to get the 5 votes.

Eric asks who would win HOH? They say Joe. But they say he's putting up Dustin and Amber. Eric says do you believe that.

Drunk Jen leaves.

Kail in begging mode saying this is their only chance to get rid of him "he lies" and telling her that he plans to talk to her afterwards.

Eric says comparing Joe and Dick is like comparing Apples and Apples...they are the same player..Kails says his game is a game of intimidation and in the next breath that he doesn't intimidate her.

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10:59 BBT Kail's repetitive argument still being presented badly to Eric.

Kail says he'll make it to the end. Eric says no. Kail says nobody will ever nominated and Eric asks who are these people going to put up then?

Eric "I'm not in an alliance with anyone" He does each vote on a case by case basis.

Kail's argument of Dick as a liar is rebuffed by the question doesn't Joe lie by Eric. He answer is Joe will be easier to get out.

Eric reiterates to a thick sculled Kail that he needs to talk to Dick first before he makes any decision as to how he'll vote.

Kail says "i was the first to be open" about Joe to stay.

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Just in Case someone hasn't noticed ... In the HoH There is not only Kail and Eric . But Jess is just sitting there quietly taking all this in without even one comment. Interesting :animated_scratchchin:

oOOOoooWWwwwww Bug Crawling on the Arm of the Chair Jess is sitting in .

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11:06 BBT Joe outside talking to Zach telling him tthat he's not going after "strong players" but weak ones. He is trying to make a deal with Zach telling him that if you keep Dick it's a guranteed vot for Danile to stay.

Zach say that he finds it intrusive when one and one argument. He finds a change in it because of his position he's in.

Joe says he'll be a new person in the house if he stays.

Joe says he knew he wouldn't bring up the Carol situation because he let him knew..but claims he had already changed his mind before Joe came up to let him know.

Joe says he'll attack people who just hang around.

Zach tells him he appreciates the change in attitude and the person he is noe. Joe blames Dustin being there for his behavior.

Zach says before this convo he would be 90% against him but now he's 60-40 of eviction.

Zach asks what strategy he's bringing to the game now? Joe says he won't attack the strong players. Then he tells Zach he thinks he throws comp and tells him he'd like to see him step it up. Joe says he'll step into a leadrship position and get things right.

Zach tells him that "could be a double edged sword"

Zach asks how he'll benefit from him staying. tells Joe he's close to Nick. Joe tells him he's seen his strive especially with other players. If he progresses to see him grow than he'll keep appreciating it.

Joe tells him he's closes to Jessica.

Joe says he's threatned personally by Dustin and stategy wise Danile even though he likes her very much. Zach agrees with him.

Zach "I got to figure out what my votes worth to you" saying he hasn't figured it out. zach says he needs some kind of reassurance and deal with him because he doesn't trust him. Joe says why? Zach says if you bring Jessica into it and Joe say he can't bring her into it and Zach says he needs it.

Zach says there no advatages to keeping Dick.

joe says he doesn't know if anybody is 100%. Zach says sine he" has the audacity" to come to him and thankful he "has the guts" and when he's 100% he'll let him know.

He doesn't believe he'll go after Dustin because he'll probably won't go. He'd be interested who he would put up.

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11:29 BBT

Joe says if he's the one person he has to make deal with he'd be the only one since he's never made a deal with anyone else. Zach says their is a possibility he may vote gain 60-40. Joe tells him about his talk with Dustin and all his apologies for stealing his friend and Zach said "closure" and Joe says no just to get to tell him soory and really mean it "is all he ever wanted" and the Joe says "to bring closure"

Zach says he'll think about it. Tells Zach he's been in one of his dreams and Zach says he doesn't want to know.

Jameka talking to Jen says she will not be that person here. She's working on her mouth and believes DNE do not engage.

Jen says she doesn't care she has a target on her back from HOH. She just wants to get out the bad. Jen talking about Dick blowing up Jameka tells her that's been her experience. Now she's talking about Danile being negative and Jamekka says she can see it.

Jen tells her that that Dick and Danile vote for each other the rest of the season.

Jameka says it's hard . Jen brings who will be harder to get weeks ahead. Jameka goes down to eat to be free from the drunk.

Jen "ya finally a party in the HOH" with Zach Kail and Eric and a passing Dustin in there to use the bathroom.

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11:41 BBT

Dick is talling to Amber outside discussing the POV.

Jameka asks a question to Amber when she leaves Dick say he's not sure about her and Amber says neither am I. FOTH

Zach came out and tells Dick about his convo with Joe. Pretty acurate. Dick says Joe has been telling people that he's been promising to quit smoking if he stays.

Zach says that Dick hasn't offered him anythin either but enjoys Dick's company more. Zach says he'd never keep in touch with Joe because of the person he is. Seems Zach is dishing an offer from Dick. Oh dustin is outside too.

Again Zach keeps bringing up the offer in front of Dick. Zach tells Dustin that he has 4 people and if he needs him he'll after give him a deal. Zach says his mind is made up because Joe doesn't bring the right energy into the house. says Dick is an asshole to Jen but Jen has dug that hole herself.

Dick says from all Joe's bullshit he had to pull him aside to says he's not campaigning.

Zach talking about his beef with Jameeka.

Dick says he'll tell him something if wants Zach promises not to say anything. The problem with Jameka started with the wake up song with Zach saying who picked this shit and Jameka saying it was racist and Dick says that all the people who made "snap judgements" are over it.

Zach says evrthing says that evrything gets blown out of proportions. Talking about the Africa comments from dinner. Zach telling him about the wiping his hand incident. Dick says Jameka's reactions are bullshit and told her that they need to chill the fuck out. Dick starting to bash Jen .......

"jameka is on my list"-Zach Dick is telling Zach that Kail is campaigning to get him out.

Zach saying he told Kail that he'll keep Dick.

Dick said that when she was HOH and asked her not to put Danile up. Dick say he told her he owes her one. Dick tells Zach he confronted her about her campaigning to get him out.

Jameka talking about her gas. Again. Dick explaining what a dutch oven is .

Dick continues says he told Kail she's wiggin out because she was with the normal people. Dick bringing up the radar question.....he says when they were on the hammock she accused him of rounding up the troops against her and says he told her for being stupid for lining up with the most hated person in the house[Jen]. Dick says Kail would leave against Jen.

Zach turns the talk about his checker game with Danile. Dick says she's a nice girl but has her issues. Zach says she talks about him a lot and Dick says good or bad. Zach says good. dick says his game will be a lot easier if Danile was gone and Zach sais her game will be harder if he left.

He continues telling Zach about his talk with kail telling Zach she should leave Jen and this is the most she's talked to people because she was trying to get him evicted.

He tells Zach he has 110% he has nothing to worry about. Yesterday she tells him she would keep him and today she's campaiging to get him out. Zach says he thinks Joe has an offer with Kail which he says he doesn't about when Kail came to him and changed her mind to evict Dick. zach says he doesn't want to miss the golden opportunity of getting the biggest asshole[joe] out of the house.

Zach tells Dick he should find out the four votes and try to talk to them and see what Joe has offered. Dick says he doesn't give a shit.

Dick says he will just let Joe go with his mouth and just let him get in trouble.

Dick says that if Joe says he has 4 votes that means he has two. Zach say Danile and// and Dick says Kail and Mike and Zach says he has Mike by default because he doesn't like Joe. Zach says he might have Nick. Dick says he's the all American kid he would have like to be like.

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12:19 BBT

Dick says that Danile's boyfriend must be stressing [wonder if he saw last nights bed action].

Zach says they'll fight but get over it. dick says Danile has her issues doesn't talk to her mom and doesn't talk to her brother..FOTH

There is something going on in a bed can't see who it is feed 2 and 3

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12:24 BBT

The bed action was Nick and Danile when a voice came over and told them they must wear their mics if they talk. It wasn't on house speakers either.

Were they talking or??????

Kail did walk in on it to get something out of the dresser..lol I don't think she saw.

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Daniele told Dick that Eric is on the fence and Dick says that's unbelievable and needs to have a talk with him. (They are supposed to later tonight).

Daniele is bawling saying "I hate this. I want to go home."

Daniele says the last time she had feelings for someone she quit her job. She hates being in this position. (She is really bawling).

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12:29 BBT

Danile's done with Nick and comes out to inform her dad that Eric is on the fence. Dick "are you fucking kidding me"

He says he needs to talk to him "my my my how things have changed" Dick says to talk to Jess for him. He asks if she's ok and says "do you think I'm going" "i don't know"

Danile is frustrated [probably getting caught] "I just want to go home. Danile is crying and saya she just wants to go home "it just sucks" "i don't want to hurt people" dick asks if she was having feelings for Nick. She's really crying.......

Dick telling her he knows how it feels. She just keeps saying she wants to go home and wants to "talk to chris" and doesn't want to do something stupid jus because of the situation she was put in..

[i think she could kiss Chis goodbye]

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Dick knows it's the Nick situation but asks Danile for an explanation.

Dick tells her this situation is different . Tells her that she has to do the things that is right for her. Tells her in really likes Nick and that he doesn't know her boyfriend since he only met him once and remind her in lives in MInnesota and is a country boy and think about asking him to uproot to LA

Danile says she's 100% correct for Chris and she waits for him at the door nd she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She's going on how she hates it..

"what you have outside is your life" and what she has in here is her "TV life" Dick says he understand but she says "not like this" because she can't call him......Dick says to tell Chis "you love him" to the cameras.

Talking about being pressured by Nick to talk about her life because you can't be open and honest. She says Nick tells her how he feels about her being open and honest and she can't to the same and she feels horrible about it.

Dick suggest to tell him how she feels and he thinks Nick would understand.

Dick being very understanding and says he wants to be there. when it's' good it's good and when it's bad it's bad. talking about relationship telling her he will never give up on his relationship with her. telling Danile she can always depend on him.

tells her "he loves her very much" danile says she doesn't want to talk about it because they will go in circles.

Starts talking about Nick FOTH

Danile sitting with Dick as he's being very understanding and trying to explain that he could understand to a certain degree about Nick and that he can only be there for her to talk to. Telling her emtions are being pounded with nick and Chris plus with him being here.

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12:55 BBT

His advice to her is to be as open an honest to Nick. Tell him that she doesn't want to hurt him or her boyfriend and how she can't tell him how she feels because maybe she doesn't know or maybe she doesn't want to hurt him .

Danile goes to bed and Dick says he'll be up if she needs to talk. tells her again she loves her

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12:59 BBT

Danile returns to her room and finds Joe molesting Nick. joe asking Danile if she needs anything and says no.

Nick asks Danile what's wrong and Danile says nothing. He says someone told him she was crying outside and she tells Nick she's fine.

Tells her "goodnight" and she says goodnight.

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1:05 BBT Joe Dustin and Jessica spinning in the teapcup and Dick smoking in deep thought on all four feeds

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1:10 BBT

Feeds return to the group in the kitchen and Dick asks jameka about her gas and Jan=meks alerts the that its subsiding.

Amber Zazh Mike Dick Eric talking that if they were actors they would have to be feed every 6 hours but Eric says that they are not union so it doesn't apply.

Amber asking Jameka what her lucky numbers and she says 2-7 and Amber says her are 3-7 and alerts her their pics are # 3-#7. Jameka says she would have picked 3 but didn't count herself because she wasn't selfish.[lame]

Joe talking to jess who still feels like she's spinning from her antics from the spinning tea cup.

Jess tells her she doesn't want him to go and says he doesn't think so and he's worried about Nick. Joe thinks that Danile crying was her realizing that her dad's going.

Jess tells him that Kail has been campaigning hard.

A lot of talk about Jameka and Jess opening up to Kail.

"do you have a meeting at four?" is the code to let people know that they are in fact keeping joe. they will answer yes I have a meeting or yes I'll be there means yes to keep joe.

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1:26 BBT

Eric tells Dick says he will support Dick "period end of story"

Dick says he will be going after "that bitch" and if he thinks he's going to honor their agreement.

Eric says if all the people say they will vote for him than Jess and jamkeka will vote for him to say.

Laughing how this was the most Kail has ever talked. Dick says jessica told him she would vote for him to stay.

Eric telling Dick Jen was drunk and basically had "diarrhea of the mouth" saying so much stuff.

Talking how Joe talking so bad about his own "cronies".

Dick talking about the Daniele boyfriend/Nick situation with Eric

Eric offers his outside opinion that he would never give something up outside for two years for something possibly not real. Eric saying how could she possibly know it's real and that for all they know Nick could be having something with Jameeka. The "pressure cooker" plays games on them.

"eric says "it could be real but it's probably not real" and giving up your life to see and the end you were played. Referring to the Boggie situation from last season.

Eric says the "once she crosses the line here what she has outside is over"

Dick grateful for Eric's insights

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1:49 BBT

Joe jess and Dani talking about the first night how they got to watch everything from the hoh comp to the rooms and even watching them change for HOH comp.

Jess says that she was just scared from the immediate reaction. Jess says that she barely mentioned Carol in pre interviews.

Joe said He told the about Dustin. Jess sais she told them different names and without last names and still found Carol. Jessica admitted that Carol wasn't her worst enemy and that she didn't really put the name of her true rival.

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2:00 BBt

Kail says if Evel leaves she will throw the HOH comp and if he stays she'll win it.

Taking about Eric and Jen saying she'll talk to him a let him know what he has to lose.

Jen seems to have sobered up

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2:07 BBT

Outside Eric talking to Dick and Dustin about Joe.

Eric says about Joe "if he leaves there will be 150% less bullshit to sift through"

Dick againg talking about the Danile "situation". Dick crying about how the situation "tears me up" and Dick says what could I say. Saying it is way way harder than he thought it was ever going to be. Dick says he's only seen her cry like that only a couple of times in her life.

Dustin says be thankful that she pushed the issues aside even if "it's a wrinkle in time" to go to him.

Dick talking about how the kids as they get older their problems get more complex. "when they hurt you hurt"

Dustin crying and thanking Dick for showing his emotions to him.

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