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July 18, Live Feed Updates

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Feeds switch to BY. Amber is talking about waitressing. She said the difference between an bar and a lounge is in a bar the bartender makes the drinks, in the lounge you ring them up, and get the glasses and stuff. She said she doesn't drink much, so she doesn't know what a lot of them are. She would have the customer explain it to them.

Jameka asked how much her best tip was. she said $500 from one guy that was drinking Kristal. She likes working in a lounge rather than a bar, because with her personality she gets better tips as she chats with the customers in the lounge. In a bar they don't talk with the waitresses.

Amber still rambling about her job, how she had to get a leave of absence but couldn't say why. She did tell him it was reality TV. She was worried she wouldn't have a job. Her boss worked it out for her. Jameka loves her job, looking forward to getting back to it. Amber asked if she was a teacher, she said no, she is a counselor, kinda like a mentor.

Amber wants to be a nurse. She said she knows how to make people comfortable. Mike and Kail outside with them, not saying anything. Amber REALLY wants to be a nurse. She said she has watched them, and told them she wants to be a nurse, and they wanted to know if she knew what she was getting into. Not sure how she can get the school with her schedule.

Amber also wants to be an inspirational speaker. She has been through so much in her life. Maybe a relationship speaker. Things are not as bad as they seem, everything is fixable. Mike said she should write a book. Amber also thinks she could talk to people on drugs, considering what she has been through. She knows how they think.

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Back to all 4 cams on Jen in Kitchen. Amber is there too. Jen seems to be cooking and talks about baking. Amber sitting across from Jen at counter, not saying much. Jen tells Amber that she still wants to hang out with her (Amber) that she had fun when they did and doesn't want it to be just that night in HOH.

Cams 1 and 2 on Dick still talking to Jam and Mike in BY abouy how he doesn't want his old life...foth

...Back to all cams on Jen and Amber in Kitchen. Jen loves her unitard and says something about creating a line of them...Amber says it was supposed to be a joke...Jen says it was supposed to be a punishment but, she loves it. Kail is now sitting next to Amber. They say all others are sleeping.

Amber talks about having the feeling she would be nom before she did and how she's hoping to get the next HOH. Amber's lucky number is 3, so she thinks she should be the third HOH.

Kail says nobody likes her "Sugarland" cd. wonders why are they awake today, Jen says "no reason". Jen says she's been away from home now for 19 days. Amber says "yeah". Jam now in the kitchen too fixing herself something to eat.

Jameka asks if there is someone in DR. Jen says "I don't know. I can't confirm or deny that".

Zach is in the kitchen. Jen tries to make small talk with him but he's short and dismissive. Jameka is eating and crying, I think. Amber is rubbing her back consoling her.

2 cams on Dick, Kail (napping) and Mike in BY. Dick is talking about a weird club in Germany.

2 cams on Zach sitting on counter while Jam eats and sobs as Amber rubs her (Jam's) back in the kitchen.

Jen joins M, K, and Dick in BY. dick is still sharing his worldwide clubbing adventures with Mike (Jen, sitting next to Mike, is now napping also)

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Outdoor lockdown commences.

Cam 1, dani drying her hair. Amber Dustin and Dick on chair in bathroom, talking about his burn from the grass when playing dodgeball earlier.

Kail and Mike have joined the bathroom, brushing their teeth.

Dustin tells Amber "no more tanning for me, it's too much." Line has formed for bathroom breaks.

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Mike is talking to Jen. she just told him that Dick is the only one who has beat Zach playing chess and that's why Zach is siding with Dick. Mike says Zach did tell him (Mike) that he couldn't even beat him (Zach) in chess and mike was like "dude, I've only being playing this game for ten days". Jen Thinks Zach is dumb because Daniele hates him and she's with Dick. Mike says he was getting frustrated with Zach today while they talked.

Mike tells Jen that Zach told him that if Kail keeps drawing attention to them (the Alliance)

that Zach would get out. They talk about how eventually everybody is going to know who's with who because of the way the votes go. Mike and Jen think Zach is boring because he can only talk about game and he doesn't listen when they try to help him. Jen doesn't think they need Zach's vote anyway, she thinks Nick is voting with them, but he just won't admit it.

Jen says that hopefully when Daniele votes to keep her dad it will show the HGs that Dan and Dick are together and will be voting people off every single week. Mike says he noticed in the kitchen how Jameka is still on the fence and he thinks Eric is too

Mike is talking about giving each other a sign (puts his finger on his cheek) during the live voting so that the others feel more comfortable voting for Dick to go. 4 cams on Jen sleeping and Mike listening to music in HOH.

There's foth on all 4 cams but I can hear Joe talking about votes. I don't know who he's talking to. Joe: the way this is going to go down is: "Are you going to the meeting at 4?". like, Jess will come up to you and say "Are you going to the meeting at 4?" and you're like, yeah...and so on ...Joe thinks it's a perfect code...(I still don't know who he's talking to, it's a guy though). There are 2 cams on Joe smoking and two on foth for a sec, then back to all 4 on foth, but I can hear the convo...Joe says "and then there's Daniele"...seems Daniele has joined Joe and whoever he's talking to.

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Joe talking to Nick in the HT. Joe shares that "are you going to the meeting at 4?" a yea answer means that they are voting out dick. Joe thinks that he has nick, jameka, mike, kail and zack.

I am going to supper, be back around 10 30 for the night, and will be watching and updating the log.

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(my first update for BB8)

as i turn on the feeds i am greeted by a banshee cackle (kail, laughing about the chess game she and zack just finished...whoop dee doo)

joe and daniele are sitting beside the hot tub talking to nick who is in the hot tub (not about the game, about places they've been, people they know, dumb crap like that)

eric's on the couch outside talking about how all the diehard BB fans already know everything there is to know about each of them (he's stuck talking to boring kail and zack).....intermittently it switches to foth for no apparent reason, which frankly is more exciting than these conversations right now

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daniele has been lured to the kitchen table to play chess with zack

dustin and kail are outside on the couch talking...and eric is there just listening...oops, spoke too soon, now eric's talking about how crowded new york is

kail asks whats going on around the twin towers, eric says he's not near that area.....daniele keeps slurping her drink really loudly (im watching quad cam) and saying something unimportant every few minutes

kail asks eric if he ever has 'celebrity spottings' in new york, and he says no never.....

(ok i have picked the most uneventful moment to actually watch the feeds and share what im viewing....im going to go trim my toenails instead of watching this)

quickly joe walks up to kail (who is washing dishes) and he says 'are you going to the meeting at four?' and giggles all over himself, she says yes, he says 'i've told everyone to say that, its better if he thinks he's safe'..kail asks if he is sure he has jameka, and he says he is 100% sure and he trusts jameka and jessica....he tells kail that she can trust him if he is still here after tommorrow

(side note, someone somewhere had predicted whether or not there would be uggs in the house...those ugly ass boots...daniele has on a pair of black ones...i guess they are uggs, they are ugly ass boots at any rate which just look especially silly walking across astroturf in the summertime while holding a fred flinstone sized plastic golf club)

zack nick daniele joe all outside playing golf....sorta...mike silently rolls across the screen every so often

jen's asleep in her hoh bed

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7:36pm bbt

(back after leaving work, going home and trimming my toenails, here for an evening update)

F1/2 Nick/Dani/Joe/Zach outside playing golf

F3/4 Kail/Jameka on the upstairs couch reading the bible and consoling each other(Jameka seems depressed)

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kail and jameka sitting upstairs outside the hoh room

jameka says she can leave anytime and be ok because she has played with integrity and has not lied

kail asks if she considers keeping other people's secrets to be a lie?...jameka says no

finally kail gets what she wanted out of jameka: jameka says 'im still undecided, neither one of them has done anything dishonorable to me...for myself i havent experienced things that other people have that make this a concrete decision for them'

kail says Dick's intimidation did work on her, she says it shut her up....she says his yelling at her did make her decide that she's not going to say another word.....so of course she continues to talk, and says she is sure she's made mistakes but Dick could have come up to her and talked to her in a normal calm way

kail continues to talk about how Dick's yelling at her has 'shut her up'...she says 'he came at me verbally attacking me...he said he's coming after me' jameka says 'well then you gotta work' ^_^ kail 'but he shut me up, i feel like i cant say anything now'......jameka advises that she needs to act and think like Dick isnt even here so kail can stay focused....kail says she feels so much better by talking to jameka

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Kail and Jameka continue to talk game outside of the HOH room. Kail only talks when she believes in something and for the past 2 weeks she really did not need to talk, so that she did not draw attention to herself. Kail has had plenty of one on one conversations.

Kail does not understand why Dick has always pointed her out since day one, more than anyone else.

It is very hard to hear Jameka and Kail well since they are whispering so quietly.

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kail now expresses that Dick has bothered her by zeroing in on here 'since day one' ..down to when and where she got her earrings from....jameka is being very gracious by listening attentively and offering words to comfort while avoiding saying anything negative about Dick herself (all four cams are on kail and jameka so there is no more interesting alternative) kail just keeps saying the same things over and over that she is a more private person and she doesnt just tell her whole life story to anyone (Dick)

jameka: you need to take a stand to his intimidation....you are one person, that is your vote, one person one vote (she's basically telling kail not to change her vote just becaue Dick scared/intimidated her today)

kail does have on makeup tonight and doesnt look as scary as i have sometimes seen her

jameka's back to reading her bible now that kail finally went away...kail's brushing her teeth now

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well dammit now amber is awake

she's in her bed talking, Dick is leaning over the end of her bed

quite the opposite of kail tonight, amber is sans makeup when it is most surely needed

because the chlorine has bleached much of the color out,Dick wants amber to touch up his hair color on friday 'if im still here' (way to work that into the conversation)

daniele comes in and says their bedroom is a disaster (it is, joe and dick's clothes are splattered everywhere)

(im done...sorry but this sucks, maybe the feeds will be interesting to me after tommorrow night....out)

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Dick & Eric in the BY. (I am coming in on the middle of their convo) Something about how Joe ran & told Zach something. Eric says he told everybody that at least they know where Dick is coming from. Amber joins them. Talk moves to strap-ons & anal probing. Dick tells Amber her feet stink. Amber raises her foot & gives a sniff & says they don't stink.

Dick says Kail is up doing her last minute plotting. Eric says the jig is up & Kail expressed herself yesterday & showed she is not as innocent as she wants everyone to think. Dick says Kail can suck a big weenie (but he doesn't say weenie) They say Joe just grabbed Jameka for a talk. Eric says he is going to tell Jameka & Jess that the vote is locked up at 6-4 for Dick to stay so they should vote for Dick & not stand out. He asks if they think that would be enough to insure that the 2 gals for for Dick. Joe comes out so convo changes. Joe says they are doing DRs finalle. Dick says & goodbyes. FOTH.

Pretty random convo going on... Dick says he let the best fart of all time at the onset of the strongman comp. (good times ehhh sick009.gif) Amber keeps putting her hand on Eric's leg. Dick's dick gets hard when he sees Amber eating a big pickle. Dick starts talking like Darth Vader.

They talk about how the live vote will work & how in the past people have awkward reactions as they pass each other in the hallway on the way to & from voting. Dick says on the first show that the worst was when he was talking about Julie Chen's perky (shall we say) boobies & she all of a sudden popped on the screen. They wonder if Julie makes as much as the winner for hosting the show then they decide she makes more. They talk about if Marcellas is or isn't hosting HC this year.


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Eric told Amber, in front of Dick, he is going to tell Jam and Jess that it would be in their best interests to vote to keep Dick because he had the votes to stay. Eric is going to tell them that they don't want to deal with the "wrath of Dick". Dick said, don't say wrath, and Eric said it would be more believeable if he was acting like he was protecting them instead of protecting Dick. Amber says that it sounded good but Jess wasn't on the fence and Eric said that he doesn't want to take a risk.

Joe came out, Eric tried to kid around with him and Joe didn't say anything. Earlier, Jam told Joe that he didn't have the votes and that she was going to vote to keep Dick to stay with the group. Joe asked her what he could do to change her mind and she said nothing. Joe seems down now since that talk. Zach came in and interrupted Jam and Joe's conversation.

Now Amber, Dick and Eric are joking around about Julie Chen's nipples and how hot she looked in that silk outfit she had on the first night. Needless to say Dick is doing the talking about Julie. Dick wants to know how much Julie makes doing this show, probably more than they make if they win this. He says this isn't a big time job for her, she does nothing and gets paid for it.

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