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July 18, Live Feed Updates

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Jen is in the kitchen fixing something, saying "Good morning" cheerfully to people. Dick tells the BB voice to "lick him" when they tell him to change batteries, and says, "I'm too tired. F--- off." He says that "They just like to say 'Dick.'"

Dick walks to the harem room and throws a suitcase on the bed, saying, "That's one way to get organized." He walks out.

Dick walks into the bathroom (seems to be walking everywhere today) and Dani is at the sink getting ready. She doesn't say anything to him. Jess is also in the bathroom. He claps for Jess (I don't know why).

Dick heads back to the kitchen and says "That's quite a pose," to Jen.

Dick walks outside, where Zach and Joe are. Dick sit down near Joe and says "Thanks for that" last night. Talk of how cold it is outside.

Amber comes outside and does her "The Nanny" impression. (If anyone can do the Fran Drescher whine, it's Amber!---ed)

Nick has the hose and is filling the hot tub, and she sprays it toward the couch.

Zach: Give Nick a hose, and Nick begins to have much fun. (I'm not touching that one!--Cat)

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Kail is asking Joe, "why is it so hard to get 5 people to vote for you?'

Joe "its not. Don't worry, dont get nervous"

Jen comes over "What"

Joe" Dick is going to go around talking to everyone, he is getting nervous. You talk to Jess and Jameka right?'

Jen " ya, not with real words , but ya" :inquisitive:

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Dick is calling BS on Kail

Dick'you are campaining against me'

Kail" I am glad u think i have that big of a voice here"

Dick goes outside.

Kail" intimidation! If he will do that to me he will do it to anyone"

Kail hopes eric jess mike and jameka will all vote Dick out since the heard this.

Jameka said she is still on the fence.

Kail' you guys better stay on his good side. He can't do anything in private"

Mike ran to the bathroom to tell Nick. "dick called her a liar"

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Kail is sitting at the table with Dustin and Mike. Dick comes into the kitchen and leans against the counter and looks at her.

Dick says to Kail that she is campaigning against him--he has been told this. He says she is a liar. Dick says that this is the "Kail show."

Dick: I know how comfortable you are with it.

Kail: You're making everyone else uncomfortable. They're all not looking.

Dick: That's okay.

Dick is being very confrontive and angry. He keeps saying she is lying, etc. and she keeps saying "Okay, that's fine" and trying to end the conversation. He says that it is the "Kail show" several times. He asks her why she is "full out lying?" Kail says she told him she would tell him if she changed her mind. He says that is a lie.

Dick: You're trying to save your ass. You told everybody how it would save your ass to get me out of the house.

Dick says this showed everyone that Kail is very selfish.

Kail says that this should help Dick, then, so he should be happy. He says he is. She asks why he is doing this, then. He says because he has to call out bullshit in the house.

Kail tells him he sounds worried. He says he isn't. She says good.

Dick says he is calling her on her bullshit and calling her a liar, and she can't be trusted.

Kail: Good. Fine.

Dick: You'd better leave!

Kail: I'm not leaving.

Kail: I'm glad you think I have that big of a voice in the house!

Dick says that he will be gunning for her with everything he has, now.

Kail: You already were!

Dick says he would have kept their agreement, but after that talk in the hammock, she showed him how she can't be trusted.

(Jess and others are listening and looking down, uncomfortable).

Dick goes outside.

Kail says "Intimidation!"

Kail: Do we have five right here??

(Mike, Jess, Eric, Mike and Jameka are there, and they don't say anything).

Kail says that Evel will do this to any of them.

Eric says that he can tell Kail that no one really said anything to Dick as he claims--he is just using this tactic.

Kail: Jameka? Please???

Jameka says she is still on the fence.

Eric says at least they all saw it happen.

Jess says she doesn't want that to happen to her, that's for sure!

Eric says, "Wow. It's so comfortable in this house." Eric is thinking of making a "Please don't disturb me" sign.

Kail: So, you guys better stay on his good side, or he will do that to you guys. He can't do anything in private.

Jess: Wow.

Mike goes into the bathroom and tells Nick about what happened with Dick and Kail.

Nick says that "There are a lot of people on the fence, though."

Mike: So, who do you think Dick is gunning for?

Nick: I don't know.

Mike: You told Kail that it was me and Kail.

Nick: I don't know.

Mike: So, why would you tell Kail that??

Nick claims that he doesn't know.

Mike says, "So it's in your best interest" to vote Dick out, then? Nick says "Oh, yeah!" Mike says he wants to make sure--he doesn't get a lot of chances to talk with Nick.

BB tells Nick not to hold his mic in his hands, and this breaks this convo up.

Dick comes back inside. He verbally attacks Kail again.

Dick: If I stay in this house, you are so fucked up!

Dick says that he will come after her so hard!

Dick is very angry, very aggressive. Dani steps in and asks him to please stop.

Kail says "It's okay, Daniele."

Dick says he's sick of her shit, calling Dani her "stepdaughter." (Not sure what this means--ed)

Dick continues and Dani asks him to please stop, again.

Dick says, "Okay, I will."

Dick leaves.

Kail (in a shaking voice, but laughing in a nervous way) says that she wants to hang around with Dani!

Dani asks her if she is okay, and she says yes.

Dick is called to the DR.

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(in the kitchen, others sitting around, Jess/Eric/Jameka, tension in the air)

Dick: you said in the hammock you wouldn't vote for me to leave

Kail: I told you if I changed my mind I would let you know

Dick: you told everyone how it would do you good if I left, but you didn't tell them how it would help them or the house... I'm just calling you out

Kail: glad to know I have such a big voice

(Dick leaves to go outside, where Joe/Jen are talking, Eric/Jess still in the kitchen)

Eric feels it's just part of his act, not that he has heard anything

Kail: how did I handle it?

Jess: you were fine

Eric: you didn't give any reaction that he can carry on about

Kail: just stay calm... Evil, I'm glad you said it, so... (points to the group) Jameka...

Jameka: I'm still on the fence

Eric: I can't decide if I want to make a 'please leave me alone sign' or 'I can not talk about my DR', but I'm making a sign today

Kail: well, you all better stay on his good side, because he'll do that to you as well

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Kail is outside and starts to go inside.

Jameka: Are you sure you want to go in there, Kail??

(Jameka sounds worried for her)

Kail says she's fine.

Amber says that Dick is in the DR.

Jameka says "Oh!" in a relieved voice.

Kail goes inside briefly.

Joe says that things rarely make him uncomfortable in this house, but Dick just really made him uncomfortable when he came outside.

(I missed this, as I was watching the other feed. But from what I can gather, in between the two outbursts to Kail, Dick went outside and confronted Joe and was being aggressive about Kail and what happened inside--ed)

Joe asks why Dick would come outside and says "Sorry, but you're going home??"

One of the women tells him that Dick was just trying to establish to him that he was staying, she guesses.

Kail comes back outside and tells them that they don't have to look so sad for her. She's fine.

Dick comes outside. Jameka starts to tell a story but it is copywrited and BB stops her. So she is now telling stories about her and her sister.

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Jen on patio tells Dick he didn't need to do that to Kail... you have no one else to put up

Dick: she's going to be surprised on Thursday... Joe, I'm sorry, but you are...

Zach/Nick are talking in the bathroom, Zach questioning Nick about telling Kail of Dick saying he(Dick) is going after her(Kail)

Zach: so it's in your best interest to get him(Dick) out?

Nick: yea

BB: Nick, please don't hold the mic in your hand

Nick goes outside, Zach goes to kitchen, Dick back inside, Dani sitting at counter, Dick/Kail making comments..

Dani(in general): please stop...

HGs appear to be nervously moving around the house/yard, trying to position themselves where best to be at the moment

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Kail meets Zach in the kitchen

Kail(whispered): could you tell I was shaking?

Zach(spoken): shaking?

Kail(nervously laughing and joking): there was a reason I was whispering!

(they go back outside with others on patio)

F1/2 Joe/Amber/Jen/Jameka/Kail on the patio

F3/4 Dani/Nick by the pool

off camera somewhere in the yard also are Jess and Zach

(found Jess, she's on a chaise getting more sun)

BB: Eric, please go to the DR (so Dick will be coming back out)

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Everyone leaves the couch except for Jen and Jameka. Jameka asks how Jen is feeling. She says she was feeling good, but now she is picking up on Kail's vibes (of being uncomfortable--ed).

Jen says she really wanted to get this type of negativity out of the house, and that was what she was trying to do with her nominations.

Jen says that she is kind of glad this happened to show everyone that it's not just Jen with Dick that is the problem (with Dick's anger).

Jen says that Dani has been rolling her eyes and things and acting upset with her Dad, and yet she isn't sure she will vote him out. Jameka says she (Jameka) could never vote out her Dad. Jen says she (Jen) couldn't, either. Jen says yet Dani claimed it was her goal to get her Dad out, and now she doesn't understand why she isn't doing it, as she has been saying how she hates her Dad. Jameka says she doesn't know.

Dick walks up as Jameka and Jen are talking about Jameka's Bible. He puts out his cigarette and glares at Jen. Jen giggles a little, uncomfortably.

Kail (getting a drink out of a fridge outside) says that she thinks that "it is completely a woman thing" with Dick. He intimidates them. Jen says that Dick couldn't intimidate Jen, so now he is moving on to Kail. Kail says that Dani has said that Dick was like this with her at home, and Dani has apologized to her for Dick doing this. She told Dani it was okay, and she wants to take Dani home to live with her.

Jameka leaves.

Jen and Kail are talking, and Kail talks about how Eric and Jameka both told her that they are on the fence with their votes, after they had just seen the scene with Dick and how he treated Kail. She can't understand it.

Dick sits at the couch where they are, and there is silence. The audio on the feed switches to Dani and Dustin. Dani says she is afraid that Amber has changed toward her. She says she asked Amber, and Amber said it was okay, but she isn't sure. Dustin claims that it's just that Amber is not a morning person. Dustin says Amber is not upset and Dani shouldn't worry.

Dani whispers to Dustin and says she feels that vote right now depends on Eric.

Kail is called to DR

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Eric, Dustin and Daniele are talking about how a funny twist would be to have a fake houseguest. They made up a profile for him, etc. then talked about My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and The Real Wedding Crashers (a fave of Dani's).

Now the beefcakes are in the pool talking with Jenn and Jessica. Zach??? (the one with tats) was telling how his Croatia shirt was taken by the producers because it was a country and they're not allowed to have countries on their clothing. He then said "I guess they don't want me to be a Jessica, ripping on everyone and everything."

Jessica protested, and he called her on making fun of handicapped people.

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Dick joins Dani/Nick at the pool

Dick: if things don't go the way I want, I'd like a chance to say goodbye

(Dani gets up and moves to the patio with others, where Jam is loudly telling her story)

Dick: I didn't mean for you to leave

Dick to Nick: I felt it was time for me to get it out, tired of the lies

(Nick just sits-torn between alliances?)

Dick: it just makes me ill, Kail sitting there...

Nick gives a very quiet reply

Dick: I told her I want to talk to her(?), Jameka appreciated my...

Patio group clears out leaving Jen/Jameka sitting, discussing who was inside during Dick's calling out Kail

Jen: so why with all her rolling eyes and saying she doesn't like him, why isn't Dani voting against her dad? She says that's her goal, but obviously it's not

Jam: that's the situation I have no idea what it's like to be in

Jen: it's not our fault... should have a talk to the bible

Jam: it always helps, it does me...

Jen: I did the other day.. I don't know anything, but I picked Acts

Jam: so you think it's a good idea to leave it up there

Jen: oh, it wasn't yours... when I was reading Kail's, she's had it since her maiden name, so I wasn't sure if it was a personal thing, if she didn't want me reading it

Jam: I don't mind, because the contents aren't 'mine', now how you handle the contents, if you damage it... but I don't know, that would be selfish

Kail back to the patio

Jen: he learned he couldn't intimidate me, so he moved to you...

Kail: she said that's what she's lived with, she's apologized to me... I feel sorry for you(Jen)...

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Kail: so get this, Evil leaves, it's me, Mike, Eric, Jess, and Jem... I said look there are five of us right here! And Eric said I don't know... I was like after that whole scene, why would Eric do that? (amERICa? lol)

Dani/Dustin laying by pool talking(hard to hear, some comments about Amber and liking her)

BB calls Kail to DR

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11:45 am BBT

Jameka and Dick talking. Jameka telling Dick that she enjoys both Dick and Joe's company but in different ways. She tells Dick to put himself in her position - like if Eric and Amber were on the block. Dick asks if she was on the block and both Dick and Joe said they would vote to keep her, who would she believe? She says both.

Jameka said she isolated herself to try and collect her own thoughts and that's why she hasn't told him or Joe what she's doing.

11: 58 am BBT FoTH

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Dick has joined Jen on the patio, saying Kail has never talked game until now

Dick: she never answers our questions... she sees an opportunity, if I saw one I would to... she's completely obvious, so I called her out... I think you know me now... she lied to my face, then twisted it, it was a confidentail conversation, and she told others, I made a deal with her... I told her I can't honor it if she's going to do this

Jen: I know what happened, and it was after you talked, I know when it was... you were putting us up if you won

Dick: hold on, I wasn't going to put you up... how can she expect me to honor it if she's campaigning against me?

(Dick goes in, finds Jameka in the kitchen, invites her to talk in the 'hooka room')

Dani outside talking about Real Wedding Crashers show

Dick/Jameka go to round bed room

Dick: I don't know what has happened to us the last couple days... I don't know if you are ok with it or...

Jem: I said I'm over it

Dick: but I don't feel you are really over it...

Jem: it's like I didn't know what it was, what the delima was... quite honestly I like you and Joe, I see positive and negative, I like you equally but different... try to think of Eric and Amber on the block, that's what it's like for me

Dick: before she was HOH, I said me/Dani would go up, and Joe as replacement... my reasoning is, between the two of us, whos been the most honest, who's gone behind backs, who can you trust more? I think I've been the most honest real, others are holding back.... look at Mike/Kail, she hasn't said anything to anyone, yesterday she said more to you than the last 17 days to get me out.. it's transparent.... she went to Jen the moment she won HOH

Jem: but that's not it... it's me, I have to be ok with the vote, what I want you to see is I don't know, Joe hasn't done that to me, yea he's talked about others, but he hasn't done that to me

Dick: let me ask you, if you were on the block and I/Joe came and said you have our vote, who would you believe?

Jem: both!

(BB decides to lower Dick/Jem sound and increase BY feed sound :( )

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Dick: the bottom line with me.. trust in this game, in this house, is such a rare commodity

Jam: you're right! What I put out, it's totally me, I want it to be me, my opinion

Dick: what people say, it's what Kail says, Kail and Mike, even when we talked about religion, I wasn't afraid of Kail/Carol's reaction... I've spoked my heart/feelings, haven't held back, I've told the truth, she knows everything I've told is the truth, I've said have I lied yet? Why would I start now?


Nick makes comment about Jeremy(?) being a twin... I looked it up on IMDB

Jen: and their profiles said identical twins?

Zach: there's no Jace on the block

Jen: sometimes people will change their name, and it will look like two people...

(FOTH on all feeds) (new conspiracy for anyone thinking Zach/Mike are twins--- BB is hiding the conversation of Nick/Jen figuring it out! lol)

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Dick is talking to Jen.

Dick says that he won't honor the agreement with Kail, because she is campaigning, so "fuck her!"

Dick goes inside and immediately goes to Jameka. He asks her to go to the hooka room and talk where they won't be bothered. She says no--she's doing the dishes.

Dick: I know you appreciated that (the confrontation with Kail) because at least it was me and it was straight up and straightforward.

Jameka (obviously uncomfortable) sighs and says, "yeah..."

Dick insists on her leaving with him. She says the water is already warm...he insists.

He says that the first thing he wants to talk with is about how he doesn't know what happened with them over the past couple of days. He feels that their conversation was taken wrong and he wanted to talk to her about it.

Jameka says she told him that she is over it.

He says he isn't sure if she is really over it.

She says she will be honest with him, and he says he wants her honesty. She says that she had to think over this to decide how she felt.

She says she enjoys both Joe and Dick equally, but in different ways.

She says that to her, it's like if Amber and Dustin were on the block (for Dick), and she wants him to put himself in her place.

Dick says if Jameka was in his spot, she would absolutely, 100 percent have his vote over Joe.

Dick says, between the two of us, who has been honest, who has gone behind people's back and talked shit?

Jameka doesn't answer.

Dick says look at Kail--Kail has spoken more in the last two days to Jameka than she has the whole time, and it is to get him out. He gets paranoid and looks out and says this is why he likes this room--he can see out and they can't see in. He continues and says that it is as transparent as Zach running to Jen the moment she won HOH.

Jameka says this is not where her dilemma comes in--it is her vote, not someone else's, and he interrupts and says he knows that! She says that she won't vote the way others want.

She says that as far as she knows, Joe has never done that (lied behind her back) about her (Jameka).

Dick: Let me ask you one question. (Dick is sniffing a lot and getting agitated). If you were on the block and I gave you my word that I was voting for you, and Joe gave you HIS word that he was voting for you, who would you be more likely to believe?

Jameka: Both!

Dick: Really? (surprised)

Jameka: For Me. For me! For me, I would.

Dick: Okay...

Dick: There's a reason why Joe has no friends outside this house, and you've heard that sob story.

Jameka: Yes, I have. I don't know. So this is what I'm going to tell you--this is the thing. (Jameka seems unwilling to talk about this, so Dick changes tactics) Dick interrupts.

Dick: I put myself in a really, really bad spot because everybody in this house knows that Zach is a supporter of mine. And what did I do? I tried to get Joe off the block and put Zach on the block. Why? Because everyone, including yourself, wanted him out. Did I have to do it? No.

Jameka: That's true.

Dick: What did Joe do? He went directly to Zach and told him all of this shit, and that it was my idea and that I was trying to get him out, in order to swing his vote. He's a motherfucker and that is what pissed me off. Why would--- You know, I learned a lot this week. I learned that why am I going to go out of my way for someone else when that gives them the ammunition to come back and use what I did for them against me? And what he did was bullshit and I can't stand--

Jameka: But that's one person!

Dick: That really, really makes me mad at him to the point where I won't talk to him again after this, whether he is gone or whether I'm gone. I won't talk to him. That's bullshit. If someone did that for me, do you believe that I would go to them and tell them the whole thing? And you know---I'm probably the first or second closest person to Zach.

Jameka: Mmm hmm

Dick says: I also had to lie for the first time in this house, to him (Zach)! And I told him consider the source. (Dick lied and said that Joe was lying about Dick campaigning to put up Zach).

Dick says that Zach caught Joe in bullshit while he was talking to Zach, and when Joe left, Zach said, "I hate that guy!"

Dick says that he put himself out for Joe and he betrayed Dick, so "fuck him!" Dick tells Jameka he thinks she would feel the same way in his place.

Dick: And if you want to go look over there, there's those chocolate protein shakes!

Dick begins to get frustrated with Jameka. Jameka is looking down, rubbing her head.

Dick: And that thing yesterday, it really, really did upset me, because I felt it was pointed to me when you said, it could be used as strategy. I would never, ever! I'm sitting here watching my daughter wither away to nothing!

Jameka: ED--

Jameka says he promises him, it was not directed at him.

Dick says he really hopes so. She asks who else voluntarily cooks for everyone? She didn't say that to him.

Dick says that she was "kind of whispering" like she was afraid he would hear. He wanted her to turn and confront him about it. She says it was not directed to him.

Dick: I don't think that you are going to sit here and lie to my face.

Jameka: I am not going to play that game with you, ED. Which is why I have isolated myself to try to get my own thoughts, which I why I have not told you or Joe where I am going, because I don't know. I'm really trying to figure out what decision I can live with. Now, in terms of why it is more of a struggle for me this week, obviously like I said, I like you both.

Jameka says she has to think of how they have each treated HER during the game, and for every point that she can think of that puts Dick ahead, she can think of one for Joe, and vice versa. She says it's like Amber and Dustin on the block, and maybe he already knows who he would vote for in that instance. He says he knows, but he wouldn't tell her. She doesn't want to know. But that's what it is like for her.

Dick says it is hard to build up trust in the house.

Dick says it's not just what people say--it's what they don't say--like with Kail and Mike.

Dick: Even when we had the conversation about religion and everything else, I wasn't afraid of your reaction and Carol's reaction, because I have, from the time I walked in here, spoken my heart.

Dick says he hasn't held back, and even when he "went off" on Jen, she agreed that he didn't lie.

Dick says he even told Jen that he hasn't lied to Jen, and Kail has lied to him several times.

Jameka asks how Kail has lied to him.

Dick says that Kail has said that she feels Dani is like her stepdaughter, and that is bullshit, and Dani told him that Kail hardly talks to her.

Kail comes in the room.

Dick: Oh, are you gonna break this up?

Kail says no, she didn't know they were there, and she had to change her necklace. (It is loud, and BB wants her to change it). She apologizes and Jameka says no, it is fine!


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After a very long FOTH, we are back (I've been backing up to get quotes, so the times aren't right--ed)

Dick and Jameka still in the harem room.

Dick is talking about how he hit reply to an e-mail someone sent him, and everyone saw it. He sat and wondered for 4 hours straight if he should send the letter or not. But he decided f-- him, he helped take his house and ruined it, so why shouldn't he do it? Karma comes around. It was one of the only times in his life he has done that, and he felt bad although he had no reason to feel bad.

Dick starts talking about his talk outside with Jen. He says that Dick made a deal with Dick and Kail. Dick says he didn't have a deal with Jen--his deal with her ended when she put him up.

I hate to miss this convo, but have to go to the airport--hope someone can continue!!--Cat)

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12:07pm bbt

F1/2 Kail/Dustin/Jen in HOH room

F3/4 Dick/Jameka in round bed room

Kail: I know what happened between Evil and I... and he owes me, it would be stupid for me to want him out when he told me that, in the kitchen and in the hammock, he said that, I won't put you up or vote you out... and I still think he shouldn't stay here... he's made a deal with everyone in the house but 1 person

Jen: he hasn't with you(Dust)

Kail: and I'm thinking, Joe has no one, if we can't get 5 votes for him, he has no one! Everyone is intimidated and scared of Evil

Dust: he could run and put me on a...

Kail: I don't think he does it to men

Dust: oh, so you think it's a sexist thing?

Kail: he hasn't done it to Mike and Zach...

Dust: you looked so frazzled

Kail: I did? I was trying to hide it lol

Dust: you had it, but you got up and he said "don't walk away!" I wanted to make sure you were ok

Kail: I know you are voting to keep Evil

Dust: because I know a bigger threat to me is Joe

Jen: I should have put up Amber, because she said it was ok, but you would have freaked out, but it would have got Evil out

Dust: but think, no matter what, if Joe or Evil goes, either way it helps the house, it's win or win

Kail: Evil has admitted his strategy is intimidation... he told me in the hammock there wasn't one person Jen could put up that he would lose to... he said Jen lost the POV because he got to her

Dust: if he went up against Amber or Jameka, they wouldn't take it

Kail: but I'm bigger, I'm not going to yell at him, I'm going to be an adult, I can sit here and talk to you, I don't have to get in your face and yell

(Jameka/Dick still talking in round bed room but I'm not focused on what they are saying, sorry)

Jen: I think Joe would be easier to get out than Evil later

Kail: you(dust) won't put him up, Amber won't

Dust: you never know, week to week, things change, this is only week two... alliances will change

Kail: why are you loyal to Evil?

Dust: it's personally strategic to get Joe out, once he is gone, I'll be able to play, it's not a pro Evil vote, it's an anti Joe

Kail: I think strategically, everyone wants Joe out, you would be smart to keep Joe here... why would you want Joe, when everyone wants Joe

Dust: but if Joe is on the block, why not get Joe now?

Kail: that's the thing with Evil... after what I just went thru? There is no one that is going to put him up, he's going to make it to the end... you aren't putting him up

Dust: I can't say that... I have a few suspects... if I get HOH, I have 24 hours to sit and think about it... for people to give me strategy, HOH is a big deal, you can't say who you would put up if you won HOH next week

Kail: probably Evil!

Dust: if you didn't we'd be like, hmmmmm.... it's all hearsay

Kail: the chances of me winning are rare

Dust: let me ask, what are you more scared of, him staying, or you going on the block, or you winning HOH and putting him on the block?

Jen: as a bonus to all those, I really enjoy my environment, and he interferes with that

Kail: I don't care, I can live with it, so that doesn't play in effect in my mind... Evil had my hands tied, he came after me first.. so when I saw him on the block, he told everyone he was putting me up, so he wants to get to know me on these gather dates, but call me Mrs Robinson and try to get me out... if Joe is annoying fine but he doesn't want me out

Dick: at dinner I was talking about starving kids in Africa, I wasn't being racist

Jam: I'm the only black person in here, I'm worried about ignorant people, who think the only people in Africa are starving black children... I didn't do that for you, that was for... they portray Africa as pot bellied kids with flies

Dick: I have friends that invite me to go surfing

Jam: but who knows that, they don't portray it that way... I feel a responsibility, Africa is beautiful, every animal, mineral originated from Africa, history backs that up... all they have to go on is the pot bellied kids

Dick: I've been there, people don't even know Egypt is in Africa... we've been on good terms, and that's why it bothered me, I would come to you and you know I'll come to talk with you, just to keep things squared away, to keep our relationship good

(Jameka is rubbing her eyes, starting to cry)

Jam: it's alot, on my shoulders, when you were going after Kail... I don't know how people are using reality tv to 'categorize', I have to be careful how, I'm going to be myself, but I want to be myself around you guys, but I have to be careful, it's so much, all people have are tv, they don't do movies, they don't have an outside circle, so I'm more cognizant... it's totally not you, anybody that doesn't know, I want them to know... it's akward

Dick: It just put me on the defense, it's not how I meant it

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12:07 pm BBT - feeds are back!

Cams 3 & 4 still on Dick trying to convince Jameka to vote to keep him (in yellow & maroon room). [Jameka looks pretty tired.]

Cams 1 & 2 on Kail, Jen, & Dustin in HOH room.

Kail saying that this is the only time they will have a chance to get Dick out of the house. She asks why Dick hasn't gone off on any of the guys. Dustin tells Kail he's voting to keep Dick. Kail says she knows. Dustin says that's because Joe is more of a threat to him. Kail tells him that Dick told her there's not 1 person Jen could put up that he would lose to. Dustin disagrees. Kail says, yeah, but I'm bigger than to sit there and yell back at him. I'm not not to argue, that's immature. [Meaning she's too chicken.] Jen says she thinks Joe would be easier to get out later then Dick. Dustin says yeah but each week things change. Kail asks why Dustin is so loyal to Dick. Dustin says he's not doing a pro-Dick vote but an anti-Joe vote. "Do you understand?" Kail says, "sort of."

12:16 BBT

Dick asks Jameka, yeah but how many people would have the balls to do what I did and call him out? {not sure who "him" refers to.] Jameka says she won't be forced into telling anyone what she's doing when she needs time to think. But she will tell both Dick and Joe who she's voting for before they go live. Dick says she doesn't have to do that, that everyone should be entitled to a private vote. Jameka says she knows but she wants to, she'll tell them for her. She tells Dick that whoever told him she was swaying the other way was for [themselves? - feed blip so I couldn't her well.]

Dick says last night he said something about starving kids in Africa and she [feed blip - made a face or said something?] She said that she's tired of Africa being portrayed as only having starving kids with pot bellies. There's a lot more to Africa but the only thing ever shown is the starving people. Dick said he knows, he has some South African friends that invited him to surf.

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12:28pm bbtF1/2 Kail/Jen/Dust in HOH stillF3/4 Dick/Jam in round bedroom still

Kail: so you think it's going to be a tie?

Dust: it could be, I'm not going around, I'm letting people decide.. the only ones campaigning are Joe and you(Kail)... and Dick...

Jen: even if he doesn't go home, he still can go upKail: so pretty much, I'm a sitting duck

Dust: you can sit in paranoia or jump out of that, right now you are swimming in it... I think he's worriedDick/Jameka finishing up/hugging

Dick: you know if I'm here afterwards, I'm making you dinner, for everyone, except Kail! lol

Jam: thank you for giving me time(about not confronting her about the Africa issue?)

Dick: I'm trying to find a happy medium, not jump the gun.. (they are walking outside now)

Dick: I don't want to feel like I'm campaigning or anything, but...

Dustin leaves HOH, Kail/Jen watching the spy-cam now, Jameka to the restroom

12:30pm bbt

BB: this is an outdoor lockdown

(HGs question why, I'm guessing it's to get everyone to face each other while the tension is still above normal)

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(not outside for lockdown yet)

Dust/Dani/Nick in bathroom

Dani: what's wrong with you?

Nick: nothing

Dani: liar, I don't believe you

Nick: people are annoying me

Dani: we can talk later

Amber enters bathroom to brush and Joe(who was in restroom), Dustin and Dani exit... before Nick leaves, he whispers to Amber(sounds like he is voicing his annoyance with someone to her and states he can't take much more of it... I'm not sure who he is annoyed with though)

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Joe using the toilet -"initiating wipe sequence."

Nick and Amber still in the bathroom, Amber's brushing her teeth. Amber finishes and says, "I'm so sorry but I've got to pee" and goes to use the toilet.

12:39 pm BBT

Amber: Thank you for waiting for me (to BB). Looks like she heads outside. Cam 4 still on bathroom.

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12:40pm bbt

outdoor lockdown starting... Amber doing her Fran/Nanny impersonation again

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Someone is imitating Fran from "The Nanny" [and doing an excellent job.] She keeps repeating, "but Mr. Sheffield. . ."

Nick and Dustin sitting against wall talking. Nick is talking about someone being annoying. Dustin tells him part of what he said to Kail. Then Dustin walks off.

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