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July 13, Live Feed Updates

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Jen is getting her HOH room.

8:45 BBT - Jen walking up the stairs, Dick is outside not going to see it.

It's basically the same room. Nothing has really changed.

I see 12 people in HOH - Jen, Dustin, Kail, Jameka, Mike, Joe, Nick, Eric, Jessica, Amber, Daniele, Zach

Dick isn't there, he's in the BY smoking. He's the only one who didn't go up.

Dick walking to SR then to K (Kitchen)

People coming down - Nick and Daniele came down.

Jen upset with pics again

Zach came down, Amber, Dustin, and Eric came down.

Dustin and Jameka came down

Joe campaigning to get Dustin out.

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8:56 BBT: Joe and Jen are the last ones in her HoH room and he tells her if she will put up Dustin he will be her BBFL... She says ok we'll see...

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The scroll at the bottom of the SHO After Dark feeds just said the noms & food comp are both tomorrow afternoon.

9:28PM BBT

Not much going on. Most HG are in the BY. Jameka & Amber are in the bathroom chit-chatting. Dani comes in & they start bashing Zach. He is rude to Jameka & Dani can't stand him. Jameka says Zach ignores her. Dani whines that Zach was rude to her today when her & Nick were sitting in bed. She said that Zach said he was sorry but all of us aren't a little princess like you & get everything we want (you go Zach). Dani says her dad will get nom for sure because he is begging for it but what-e-ver, what-e-ver it's not her problem.

Meanwhile out in the HT, Jen has on the smallest bikini bottoms yet (she def waxes downlow).

9:53PM BBT

Jen & Kail go to the HOH. Jen says Nick, Dani, & Dick are abviously so worried. Kail says she needs to get 3 noms in mind to have veto covered. Jen says she can think of like 6. Kail tells her she should pick someone in an alliance & someone who is coming after her. Kail starts to name off the alliances (she forgets to name Mrs Robinson rolleye0012.gif ) Kail says she has to go after evel. Jen swears Kail to secrecy & says she is thinking of putting up evel & Dani together. Kail says that is perfect. Jen says everyone will be happy with it because they can't be here together. Kail says evel will be gone. Jen says she would never do evel & Joe. Jen says she may not do Dani/evel because what are the chances of either one winning a comp. Kail says Dani just won POV. Kail says she could call evel up & make a deal. Jen says she kinda doesn't want to put any girls up because their are more guys. Jen says the only people that she knows would put her up are Dani & evel. Jen says if she puts them up she will be putting the house at ease (because of the family tension) & letting the house choose which one stays. They say Jen has so many options for noms. Kail says evel is grating on everyone's nerves & if she noms him he will def go home. Jen says Dani is sarcastically mean & everyone else is starting to act like that too. Jen doesn't like that kind of funny. She thinks Dani would get voted out over evel. They make fun of Jameka & say she cried last week thinking Kail was gonna put her up & Kail says she is in the bathroom crying about it right now. They laugh & wonder if Jameka will cry every week.

Meanwhile Dick, Dani, Jess, & a totally non-crying-Jameka are hanging out in the tinyroom. They think Kail, Jen, & Mike are in an alliance because why else would Jen assume she could sleep in the HOH room so early on when Kail was HOH. Dick says it is best if they are not seen talking until the noms are announced. Dick says he is not worried about getting nom & that he expected to be nom at least 3 times if he makes it to the end.

Back in HOH, more strategy rambling with Kail & Jen. They decide to go join the others in the BY. Jen announces unselfishly that she put the coffee drinks in the non-HOH fridge for everyone because she doesn't drink them.

(Good night, I'm off to bed)

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BBT 9:30 pm

(Showtime) Jameka,Amber,Dani in the BR discussing Jen's reaction to the pictures that are in the HOH room. Jameka said she would be sad if she was Jen's mom, they can't believe she would have rather had pictures of her friends and the kids she Nanny's for than her family.

Amber said Jen told her she looks forward to getting to know her this week because she couldn't last wk because it was so ackward. (sp?) Amber said she thought "Oh, come on!"

Dani talking about how BB had to have set them up for this because of the way they ask the question.

Convo switches to Zach but showtimes goes to a COMMERCIAL lol

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9:23 BBT: JAMEKA: [Zach] knows I would put him up.

Amber: He's so fake... I hate fake people... God You should hear me (in the DR) I go off on

fucking fake people...

AMBER: I can't wait until I get HoH... My pictures are going to be the best...

DANIELE: I'm so disappointed I got out so soon... That's ridiculous...

AMBER: How was mine out of all the questions...

Daniele complaining about Kail coming in and listening so no one can talk...

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9:43 BBT: Jameka: Zacks got one more time to come out his mouth wrong to me...and thats all I got to say about it he got one more time so help me god I will ...when I say my fucks me up...

Daniele: You should call him out on it...

Jameka: I need confirmation like today... He carressed my leg on the couch...

Daniele: Like me too I totally know...

Jameka: You better get your boy Im gonna pray about it... not let my mouth get me in trouble... it'll work itself out...

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Kail is saying this is an alliance: Jameka, Amber, Dustin, Evil

Jen is saying she wants to put Evil and Daniele together. They're talking fast so a lot is missing.

Kail: Zach is probably thinking that is what you are going to do. Everyone thinks you are going to do Evil and Dani or Evil and Joe.

Jen: That's a waste of my time to put up Joe. What are the odds of Evil or Dani winning a contest?

Kail: Dani won a POV.

Jen You picked her probably because you thought she wouldn't win.

Kail: Yea! (laughs)

Kail: What about Jameka and Jessica?

Jen: Carol said Jessica wants to be the hot girl in the house and would put up Jen. But I don't want to take anymore girls out because the guys would have the power.

Kail: What about Joe and Dustin?

Jen: I have a million options

Jen: People will go after Joe and Dustin and like they should concern me and they may put me up, but I'm not 100%. I feel that Ev and Da would put me up 100%.

Jen: I'm never going to put you up or Mike because I like y'all. I know I'm not putting up you, Mike, Eric, Zach.

Jen: I'm also thinking about putting up Nick and Dick (that makes me laugh for some reason. haha)

Kail: You have so many options and could go wrong with any of them.

Jen: Joe comes right out and stayed in here the longest and says can I talk to you for a second.

Kail: He doesn't get along with Dustin huh? Dustin is rejecting Joe and Joe has said taht Dustin is only here becuase of Joe. Same thing with Jessica and Carol.

FOTH. to move the headphones away from the mic

Kail: Dick is the first one to congratulate me and then goes behind my back and says he'll put Mike and me up. How about Jameka and Evil? But he's good for tension

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mike and zach talking with amber about having sex with her. She says that they both have a 1 in 1 chance.

Joe in BR talking with Jameka and Jess, and telling them that Jen is putting up Dustin and Dick the remaining 2 of the 3 that still have a friend, (dad/daughter, bf/bf) left in the house.

Jameka tells Jess that Mike is working with Kail, and that neither one will be put up this week.

Jameka wants to know if the original decision was to vote Carol out, and then Mike and Kail changed things up and left Jen out of the decision.

Dick talking about the fact that he told Jen to fuck off, and then 10 minutes later she wins HOH.

Dick is going to try to make a deal with Jen, to not go on the block, and in return he wont put her on the block, and if she is on the block, he wont vote to evict her, and if she takes it she takes it, but I am going to be lying to her the whole time...

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BBT 10:00 PM

Jen just told Kail she will probably put Evil and Dani up together. They can't vote for each other. She told Kail not to tell anyone and she's not telling anyone else so she'll know if she tells anyone. Now they are talking about several scenarios. She did say she would not put up Evil and Joe. Jen said she would never put up Kail or Mike. Jen says she also is thinking about putting up two guys like Nick and Dick. Kail says if Carol told her Jess said she would put her up, she should maybe go after her. Jen says this is so much more difficult than Kails, hers was easy.

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8:56 BBT: Nick just said that he hope's someone made a fan site for him and there was a millionaire gay man out there sending in offers saying I got a little change for you for sex... He said hell yeah I'd do...

They go on to talk about Eric and Nick saying they said they would sleep with each other and let it get filmed for $ 500 thousand...

Nick says offer me a charms blow pop and I'd do it...

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More with Jen and Kail

Kail: I think Evil is starting to grate on everyone's nerves, I think he would go.

Jen: I bet everyone wishes I was HOH a couple weeks from now so I could put up Evil. I feel bad about putting up Amber, but she is with Evil.

Kail: If Amber got HOH next week, you and I would go up.

Jen: I really do not like her because she never talks to me. What am I going to do? I don't know. I'm pretty good at readin gpeople usually. I know tha tNick and dani need to stop. Everyone gets along with her but she annoys me too. She's sarcastic mean and that's not how i like it and it's really contagious. I don't live like that. i like to be always... you know. Eric has been a little meaner lately. I think it's just an evil family.

Kail: Who's Jessica with?

Jen: Eric

Kail: She is?

Jen: She's closest with him.

Kail: She'd put up you and Dani cause you are the hottest.

Jen: If I put up Ev and Da, I think Da would go home, but I don't really care.

Kail: You should ask zach and mike what they think (I wonder why?)

Jen: I think that me, you and like Mike and Eric together, we're like, you know what I mean?

Kail: I don't talk to Mike (haha)

Jen: He's kind of on his own.

Kail: He's probably feeling safe with you in power.

Kail: Who wouldn't put you, me, eric, mike, or zach up?

I switched feeds to Evil, Jameka and Dani

D: You're close with Kail

E: She doesn't tell me shit.

D: She doesn't talk but follows you around

E: She talks to Mike. Kail made that alliance. Where does Jen fit in? It doesn't make sense.

They're talking about Kail and Jen, alliances about them, how Jen and Kail are close in the HOH.

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Mike and Zach want Jess and Joe to be the nominees, and send out Joe. They could get 6 votes to throw Joe out. Zach also thinks that Jen will put up Dick and Joe, with the target being Dick, and then we can send Joe packing due to us.


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I am watching a little delayed, but Joe, Jen and Jess were in the Hot Tub discussing how America was going to be pissed at the HOH. Sd Julie hesitated by asking Joe what his answer said and was ready to either go with the Tea Cup being completely full or the deal with the open door and only being nine gallons. MMMMMMMMMMMM........

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11:26 BBT Zach comes out of the DR and annouces that there will no liquor since there is a food comp tomorrow. He said BB wants everyone to be well rested

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11:29 BBT Mike Zach with Jen complaining she didn't get her satin sheets and that her pictures are from 4-5 years ago. She says that her contact had more recent pictures that BB could have easily got em.

Jen says if the food comps is tomorrow are the nominations Saturday? Zach said he didn't know.

Jen said whoever picks the the sweets and the breads in the food comp will get nominated. Zach said all he wants meat and seafood.

Jen talking about her inarticulate answers to Julie and she said someone said if she answers questions like that how is she going to do outside.

Mike yawns in boredom as brown nosing is tiring work. Mike said he's tired despite having two cups of green tea. Jen said she got wine because she doesn't drink soda.

Jen says that yesterday she said she said that she would be the funniest person to get HOH. She says that she was on everyones thought that why she got it.

Mike said that he notices everyone being extra nice to her. She said she likes it.

Jen says she has to put him up from the confrontaion earlier. She says she has to because she doesn't want to stuck in sequester with all the smoking. Mike agrees.

Mike says he would put up Jamekka Joe Daniele if he would het HOH because he thinks he may be at the top of their hit list.

Jen send she get second Mike said he would gladly be there with you because I would take first. Jen says she be cool with it and would only fight for it if she up against Joe or Dick.

Jen tells him she's afraid to get rid of a girl since the guys could gang up on the rest of them

Mike just told Jen she pulled a Janelle by winning HOH.

Mike said he was sure of all his answers whether they were right or wrong. Mike said his ending number would have been way high because he would have not thought about the door being off.

Jen said she kept her number low since she didn't want to go over.

Jen said that if she didn't get HOH her ass would have been gone

Jen said she will use HOH to get in good in some people's graces.

Jen said she felt safe with Eric him or Zach would probably put her up but may have been influenced by Nick and Daniele.

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11:47 BBT Jen sais she is not putting Mike Kail and Eric up and maybe Zach. Mike says a lot of worried people around

Jen says she needs to get on the stronger people in Ambers alliance because without the she's noting. Mike said they are concentrating on Joe getting out.

Jen said I can't wait for the Keys.

Jen says between Me you and Kails we can win comps. She said she's a good Janelle. [yeah right]

Jen thinks a food comp will be an individual thing rather teams. Since its even Jen believes she will be host.

Jen calls Dustin shady.

Mike asks if she's got a good read on people. She says yes except on Jameka but wonb't nominate her since it will make her mad unnecessarily.

Jen said she's almost sure she will be nomination Danile and Dick. She doesn't like them because their rude and not happy people.

Jen says she's talking to everybody.

Jen says Nick is scared. Nick was trying to avoid her and told him you'll only talk to me if I'm HOH. That's why he hasn't talked to her. She says she's going to try to get into good graces with Nick.

Jen Happy all her friends and Family saw her win HOH.

Jen it sucks to be around Dick and Daniele.

Asked Mike who he would vote for between Dick and Daniele. Jen thinks Daniele and Mike says Dick. Mike says Daniele

Jen said Carol told her that Jess would put her up because she wants to be the hot chick in the house. Mike says yes. Jen says why? Mike really couldn't answer.

Jen says the only prob would be if one of them winning the veto. Jen says thet aren't capable of winning challenges.

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12:02 BBT

Zach outside Mike went to the bathroom.

Zach Jen talking about trail mix.

Jen still gloating about her win. Jen says she fells obligated to let Kail stay in her HOH but would like to let other people stay.

Again Jen saying Dick is scared even after he she won HOH and Zach tells her at least he's a true person. Jen tells Zach that he's on the not list.

Jen says she's keeping her HOH locked. Mike is making green tea for him and Zach.

Jen has been called to the DR

Zach tells Dick that he's definitely on her [Jen] list. Dick knows and says it doesn't matter.

Talking about the Joe Schmo Show. Joe explaing what it was.

Zach says "I fear slop" Joe says he hopes they are playing for days of the week but has a feeling it will be like last week since they had free days.

Zach wondering if the hole in the outside tarp/roof. Joe and Dick said it was. Zach says he's turning in because he doesn't want to eat slop.

Zach said he's seen every sunrise except the night Jen stayed up and couldn't take her.

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12:13 BBT Eric comes out and says that he can't believe that their cast has used the hot tub than past seasons.

Dick said he never belived he would be on the block less than 4 times.

Eric says that maybe he won't.

Joe says that Mike isn't smart he just has two weak minded women as an alliance which makes three.

Eric talks about Jen's victory and he was "flabergasted"

Eric ask what he's anticipating.

Me Dustin dick Danilel and Amber is what Joe said

Dick said Amber himself and Danile.

Joe say she may go after girls because they have been bitchy towards her.

Eric says that Jameka and Zach are safe.

Dick says it "all about attention" with Jen and making fun of her that she wished there were a 1000 pic in her hoh room.


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12:21 BBT

Eric say does anybody believe they could approach her.

Joe says that he would have seen Dustin have HOH than Jen. Dustin says really

Dick says Best TV is her winning HOH..Best TV is him winning POV.

Eric says he's not sure Dick will be nominated.

Joes says she's talking Kail and Mike about who to put up. Joe says who's the greatest threat to Mike and kail.

Eric says to some degree that they are all nervous since they just spent the last 5 days trashing the shit out of her.

Joe says it could be any of the guys but Mike.

Dustin asks if there's a possibility she would put up Amber. Nick says maybe as she was talking shit about her.

Dick said It's definitely him and either Amber

Jen comes out

Everyone gets quiet. Dustin says something about doing abs.

Talk turns to food comp

Jen says she'll be hosting since she's just out of the DR I'm guessing this true.

Jen says it will probably days of the week.

Dustin and Jen ab talk whether to do or not but decide to do it tomorrow.

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12:34 BBT

Dick talking about how he went off on her and Joe is upset he missed it.

Eric says that her week in power will alinate people more and she will be gone next week.

Eric wants to know what would be the best from Jen

Everyone says Jameka joking as she coming outside.

Jameka informs that Kail may move back in with the guys.

Dick has another date with Kail tomorrow but doesn't expect much.

Dustin says that he's tried to Talk game with mike but he didn't say anything and felt uncomfortable.

Dick says that since Mike Jen and Kail became an alliance when they moved in the room. Eric says no that it was just Jen leeching on.

Dick talking about things he tells kail she does something about. Like Mrs Robinson.

Amber outside joining the Jen bash party

Everyone talking over each other.

Food comp talk. I think Jameka is going to make waffles.

Jens outside and joining the rest in her bashing party. She wonders if since she's HOH if she will be exempt from slop. Thay all say yes.

Talk turns to going to bed early.

Mike and Kail in Kitchen

Mike says he wants to talk to Jen before she makes her nominations as nominations seem to be tomorrow.

Nick comes in talking about making shit food before the comp.

Dick comes in says he was going to do towels and throw them in the wash. Kail says she did most of them

Dustin heads to bed.

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12:50 BBT

Mike pops his neck and Kails says it sounds like it hurts. Amber joking around with Kail as she makes her tea.

Joe tells Amber the story when Zach referred to him and Dustin as not really guys ...

HOH room Jen and Nick talking and Jen telling him that he avoided her because the ordeal that he thought she was lying about him . Jen tells him that it was too long tp avoid her considering the situation.

Nick tells he that he's one of the people that she's hard to swallow. Nick says she's beautiful and a great body and not care how she looks in pics and that its a hard pill to swallow and comes of arrogant.

Jen tells him she understands. Nick says people think she's superficial. Jen says its hard to play the dumb girl when she's not. Jen says she upset because she thought they had something but than he's hanging around Daniele. She says it bothers her that he hangs out her bed.

Nick says he cools hanging out and talking to her again. Nick says he hangs with her cuase she is in his room. Nick says he's a flirt.

Nick says he has no clue of who shes putting up. Nick says Dick. Jen said she would look stupid if she didn't put him up.

Daniele says Nick. Jen says that danilele doesn't talk to her. Jen said Joe wants him and Dustin up.

Nominations are tomorrow.

Jen wishes they weren't tomorrow. Nick says he doesn't a have a plan in the game and that he's just chillin right now. Again Jen confirms she won't put up Kail. Jen goes into her HOH winning story.

Jen says what if I put you and Daniele up. He says go ahead and do the fuck you want It's just a game. NIcks and Jen says they are not doing it for the money ans some people are.

Nick says in the last relationship he was in [people back home don't know about] he was constanly lied to and that's why he flew off the handle when she lied.

Jen says Joe and Dustin are really a team. She says Joe is trying to use reverse psychology.

Nick says he wasn't going for HOH when Jen asks if he would let her sleep up in there if he won.

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1:07 BBT

Nick said he wasn't worried about put up on the block because he had the votes to stay.

Jen says she was just upset when he wouldn't talk to her. Nick says he just shuts down and leaves.

Jen says about putting up the most negative people. Nick asks who...

Camera switch.

Kail and mike in kichen Kail says the most hated girl inthe house win HOH.

Mike and Kail says that jen has been treated like crap and they feel sorry for her

If Jen says Daniele home then Dick will go after her big time.

Mike says that Zach and Nick were feeling pretty good after the HOH. Kail says that she doesn't talk to Nick and wonderer if he's spilling his guts to Jen. Kail says with Daniele up they can see if Nick is really with them

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