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July 13, Live Feed Updates

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1:17 BBT

Jen and Nick still up in the HOH. Telling Jen not to be so out there and not be superficial and not talk about herself too much.

Jen says a lot of the time she's just joking. People don't know her well enough to know that.

Kail is sleeping downstairs because she should talk to people since nominations are tomorrow.

Kail says if Danile is gone than she has Nick to herself.

Mike says that a couple more HOH than they would have it wrapped up. Kail says that she still afraid of Evil Dick.

Kail says that she told Jen that Jess was after her but she didn't seem to care. Mike wants Nicck to finish so he can talk to her. Nick's out going to bed

Kail asks what Evil said. If he didn't put her up he wouldn't put her up. Jen laughs because he would never win HOH. Jen says she just wondering what order to put the keys in.

Kail wants her to make a deal with jess. Kail say "who can you make a deal with" Eric came up.

Everyones in bed as Evil Dick is the only one up. Jen says she may have time to talk tomorrow.

Mike says he ate in fear of tomorrow

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1:31 BBT Eric up in the HOH talking to Jen.

Going over the HOH comp.

Eric says that if she hadn't won that in would have been combination of you me Kail and Mike taht would have ended up on the block

FOTH maybe because they don't want to let us know who America Picked.

Talking about Jessica and eric says that she shouldn't trust what Carol says. He says he has some distrust of Jess even though he thought he was cool. Talks about Jessica was really cast and that she must have really destroyed Carol on her application. Eric says that Jessica really dragged her name through the mud.

Eric says that Amber thoughtit was 5-5 and said he purposely waited to tell her. Eric blabbing

Brings up Jessica promised her the vote and mocks her for saying "no way" Eric said personally he's had nice convos but not having some shit ass 21 year old think she has him by the balls.

Eric warns that she's up to more than she leads to believe.

Eric says that him kail and Mike is safe and Zach. He would be surprised if Jameka would get a nom because she's not a great threat.

Eric tells her everyone was going to put her up

Dick Amber Daniele Amber Jess Joe and Dustin are who he thinks Jen will nominate. Eliminate Dustin as a threat. Eric says that there are million combos that she could do

1. Danile and Jesica- very similar and get two threats out Says that she w

2.Dick is an obvious choice but will dick win HOH

Eric tell Danilele and Joe are the negative in the house. Eric say Daniele is the biggest fucking bitch in the house. Jen says she's not a princess but she's "white trash"

Eric says If it was Dick vs Daniele it would be close. Eric says he wants Danile out because she's a fucking bitch.

Eric says that put Daniele and Jessica, Danile against Nick but would make her look petty. Put her against Joe but Jen says she doesn't want to put up Joe and not risking her.

Eric said he was worried that Nick and Daniele, Amber and Dustin spending a lot of time together.

Amber putting her up would mean she's not creating new enemies.

Eric say Nick and Daniele and Eric says will Nick help her later in the game.

Jen says if nominates jess she may never forgive her if she couldn't get over a rivalary from 8th grade.

It's looking like America's Players choice was Danilele.

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2:01 BBT

Eric tells Jen go after people who hate her. Jen says they have two/three speeches.

Eric says Dick would never vote out Danile. The one you really out is Daniele. Dick will probably never win HOH.

Daniele knows this game. She is way more dangerous than Dick. Eric says to tell people you want Dick out to send Daniele Home.

eric says you have 4 guaranteed votes to eliminate daniele. Tells her Nick will definitely vote for her to stay.

Eric says everyone wanted her out and talk about she won't be afarid to use the veto if she wins it.

Jen says should she make Mike and Kail nervous.

HOH comp talk.

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2:15 BBT

Eric and Jen still talking. Eric seems to be really pushing for Jessica to put up against Danile. Jen wants to add a few other people to get people nervous

FOTH means my exit til tomorrow

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Dick is still up with Amber and dick does not want amber on the block. Dick would be okay with Joe and himself, since Joe would be freaking out, and having everyone pissed off by next live show.

if you have danielle vote, you have jessica. Dick and Amber both think that it will be Dick and Joe. Dick would allow Joe to self destruct.

Kail knows that Joe talks shit. How funny was it that Kail was up in the HOH and once it was announced that noms will be tomorrow, she ran back downstairs so that she could listen to everyone to get with mike and zack to decide who to put up. Jen is so shallow, and it kills Jen that Danielle is the princess of the house, and not Jen.

If it is danielle and dick, dick will pick jessica and let danielle pick nick since both would use the veto to remove danielle and then dick would stay on the block.

Dick does not trust Mike and kail, since they are both sneaking around all the time. Amber said that Kail, Zach and Jen are the next targets for her. She does not want to be stuck in sequester with them. Jameka came to Dick yesterday and said I don't want an answer, but if I get HOH you have nothing to worry about.

Jameka said "ED I love you, you have nothing to worry about. Jessica came to dick and said the same thing. Everyone in zach's bedroom hates zach. Danielle hates zach, and wants him out.

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8:00 BBT FotH... (might be wake up call)

8:12 BBT and we are back from the feeds... We hear a BB male voice say good-morning house guests its time to get up for the day... We see Jen and Kail up in the HoH room... Dainele is up, Zach, Eric, Jameka, and Dustin are all up... BB tells them that there are fresh batteries in the storage room...

8:21 BBT Zach is in the shower blowing his nose into the shower... Nick is up eating... Jen is all excited that she doesn't need to play in the food comp so if it's gross she's good with it... Eric is also in the shower... Daniele is putting on makeup... Jen is now up stairs outside the HoH room streching... Dustin joins her... Jen has on her Jensa member t-shirt...

8:24 BBT Daniele takes Jen into the gym to talk... She tells her she isn't the type of person to kiss her butt, but that she doesn't want to go up... Jen is telling Daniele that she (Daniele) takes herself away from others... Telling her that she will be putting up people that are negitive to the enviorment they are in... Saying she cares about her and the other's enviorment... Daniele seems to be hinting for Jen to put up Dick... She says there are people that she is so done with in the house... Daniele says that she just isn't the type to kiss butt and she knows that Jen is getting a lot of that... Jen says yeah Kail the bitch... Daniele laughs and says yeah she would... Daniele is now saying that she has a boyfriend outside the house and that she and Nick just click, but it's not romantic... Daniele thanks her and leaves... Jen is now going back upstairs to strech with Dustin... Kail tells her she made the bed and Jen says that Kail is trying to get her key outta the bag...

8:45 BBT: FotH again... Very short and we return to Daniele telling Nick about her conversation in the gym with Jen... Eric comes in and Daniele says we are talking about you can you leave... Eric says sure and Daniele says I am only kidding... Then she and Nick leave the room...

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(catching up on feeds this morning)

about 20 minutes ago (8:30ish bbt) BB: the food comp will begin in 1 hour

(I'm guessing about a 10am bbt start to the food comp? Will it be shown on the feeds though?)

Danieile quickly shared with Dick the conversation she had with Jen, about people having a negative impact on the house

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9:00 BBT: Kail talking about the cancer scare with her daughter... Kail said the throat tumor and hole in her daughters femur was not cancerous, but for 4 days they thought it could be...

Dick talking about his health scares and how hard it is to be a parent when things like that happen...

Kail says they are an hour away from any hospitals, emergency services, etc...

Dick tells her she's really opening up...

Kail laughs and they talk a little more about health and then Kail says she is going to go brush her teeth and that maybe the taste of toothpaste will kill the taste of anything gross they may have to eat...

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9:20am bbt


D: I can't stand Zach... I told him everytime you walk in the room you have something negative to say

Eric states to Amber his fear of slop is being off mentally and shooting himself in the foot when he's on it

Amber says she would be ok with being on slop


Dick/Nick didn't remember BB seasons had 'fear factor' food comps, then remembered Marcelus going crazy once

Dani/Jameka in kitchen commenting again about the Jen/Dick blowup over Jen waking up Dick

Then they agree to go after 'him'(Zach? I was away from my computer for a minute)

Dani: you and me... we are on the same page

(dani positioning herself into another alliance)

Eric/Amber soft talking on couch, mainly Eric talking, hard to hear over other feeds

Dick comes into kitchen, Dani says 'they are all in the round room', Dick says then that's the room I'm going to...


(feeds stay on Eric/Amber on couch and Dani/Jam in kitchen)

Eric: end of the day, he could be strong, but he doesn't have the brains or the charisma

(Eric loves to talk as much as Jen loves herself)

Dick returns to the kitchen, Jessica now at the kitchen counter as well

Dick using salt/pepper shakers as maraccas

Joe in kitchen also now

Jessica mentions during Thursdays show, BB told them they had a '7 minute package' so you are free... speculates if it was about Dick moving things around late at night

Dick: or hometown drama, let's get it out before they leave


feeds switch to Zach/Jen in round room

Zach: I invested in Marvel comics a long time ago

Jen: I invested in a movie... I'm a line producer, documentary about poker


everyone still wandering around/antsy about the food comp starting soon


Kail/Zach/Mike in round room

agree they are in the clear

Kail: I think she wants to talk to you(Zach) alone... I talked to her a long time, I know what's going down, but I want her to tell you

Zach: Nick, Evil or Joe?

(Dick comes into the room and lays down, talk of food comp starts, then the room temperatures, BB wake up call today)

Jen/Jessica in kitchen wondering if BB goes to Nabisco to discuss giving Jen Nutter Butters

Jen: obviously Pepperige Farms is a sponsor, because they give us all these(holds up some other package)

Dani joins Jen/Jessica, talking about Carol

Dani says Carol was refusing to do/talk about something BB was asking... why come if you didn't want to play?

Dani: she said they told her she was tops in fan favorites... she wanted to go home, so they were telling her stuff... she told us when the food restriction would end... but she got the POV wrong, when it was... but after all she is best friends with Robin, they had a bottle of wine every-FOTH

and she was talking about your mom(Jessica) that was really mean

Jess: whatever

Dani: she said it make her look bad by hanging out

Jen: I wonder if they air stuff like that, like me going to the HOH room and being upset about it? (uh maybe?)

Jess: people know about the drama I had with Carol... whatever

(Kail joins them, tired)

Dani: are you ready? are you tired? why?

Kail: because I'm tired

Dani: shut up! (pause) grandma! (lol) but you're a young grandma...



Jen is oldest, her dad is oldest

Dani has a great grandma alive... so if I had a child, she'd be a great great grandma...

Jen lived with her mom from 0-10, lived with dad 10-14, ran away at 14... lived 'around, just houses and stuff'... lived with grandma for about 3 months, but she didn't have any rules, which was fine, because I didn't need any... lived with my boyfriend when I was 16

Dani: where do you live now?

Jen: with the family, because I'm a nanny

Dani: in 3rd grade, we lived with my dad for 4 months, then we kinda ran away, had a plan with my grand parents, to live with them

Jen: my grandma grounded me, I wasn't allowed to drive in a car under 24, could only go out 1 night a week, had to baby sit my two brothers... have 3 half brothers

Dani: I have 2 half brothers, a half sister, and a whole brother... 3 little ones are my mom and step dad

Jen: I was 10 when one was born

Dani: mine are 10, 11 and 14... my youngest and oldest brothers are 13 years apart, but one day apart... oh, one is today!

Dustin/Joe/Jessica in tall beds... Eric/Dick/Zach/Nick/Mike on couches... all waiting for food comp...

Jen/Kail in HOH

Jen: Evil has totally given up.. what's he going to do

Kail: the two of them can't campaign(Dick/Dani both nom'd)

Jen: well they can... I feel he cares more about himself, but we'll see

Dani goes to tall beds where Amber is also, starts whispering about Zach to Amber

Amber mouths(I think?): do you want Zach to go?

(Amber/Dani talking strategy, too soft to hear, with Jessica/Joe laying on the bed next to them)

Dani still complaining about 'him'... staring at her

Amber: he reminds me of a big ogre, would take a girl back to his cave

Dani leaves to return to kitchen, where Jen has joined guys...

10:13bbt (brief FOTH)

Dustin has joined Amber, laying in bed next to each other, whispering , faces not visible

Jen/Zach upstairs playing chess

Eric/Nick/Jam/Dani talking

Eric: he said have you heard anything, because I couldn't sleep a wink I was so nervous

Nick moves to bed with Amber/Dustin, Nick appears to be laying on top of Dustin, Dustin asking Amber to lay on Nick, which she does (ie, Nick is now a Dustin/Amber sandwich lol)

Jameka asks Joe, do you know what impiety means?

Eric: the opposite of piety... must be the practice of not being religious... I'm not literally starving (didn't eat because of food comp)


back from a couple minutes of FOTH

BB: Kail, please go to the DR

Dani trimming her bangs with nail clippers, Jameka noticing and comments on how she's a freak

Dani: I like how you can tell who certain people are when they walk in the room

Jam: you mean the sweats?

Dani: yea, the swish swish swish

Nick enters and starts dancing around, entertaining Dani/Jam

back to Amber/Dustin whispering, going over giving HGs colors(please just say their names!!!! lol)

Amber names a color, Dustin assigns a HGs, they have fun with this(not serious enough for it to stick I feel)

(Zach called to DR, I'm caught up on feeds, no food comp yet at 10:35bbt, I'm running to lunch real quick)

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9:36 BBT: Someone was singing and we got FotH... We come back and Dick is saying it's Vincents birthday today and he is going to do a happy birthday without the song later tonight...

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Jen commenting on Her Nuuty-Buddy cookies She got for Her Hoh package " If says on the package Nutty-Buddy cookies are now made of real Peanut butter... I wonder what they used to be made of ?" (Such are the Mysteries of life haha .ed)

Jen grew up with Her mom until 10, then lived with her dad till 14, then ran away eventually living with her Grandma who had "No Rules" which Jen said she didn't need anyway. Then she moved in with her BF at 16 and now she lives where she Nannies. Misses the lil rugrats ...

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Jen comes out of DR and it's time to go outside... oops... wait

BB: Jen, could you do that one more time, come thru the door


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12:51bbt back from food comp!

trying to figure out who is on slop... Jameka is, says she will have killer abs

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they had to name ingredients.... Nick is talking/consoling Dani(Dani is on slop?)

Dick: we were down 4-2, that was a good come back

Eric: when I was up against Kail, and you were saying make her eat it...

Eric: I'd rather have it be days of the week, or food groups... they were saying things to me, and I was ignoring them

During the week, I was telling Kail I felt bad they were on slop, I didn't want them to be on it, and now they are making up things, saying I wanted them on it.. the fact they are making out that I wanted them on it, is so inacurate

BB: indoor lockdown

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