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July 13, Live Feed Updates

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Dani says that if she gets nominated, this will be the worst day of her life. (Going to be one heck of a day if she is nominated).

Amber, Eric, Jessica, Jameka, and Daniele on slop.

Eric is pissed because Daniele, Jessica, and Jameka are blaming ERic for their loss and calling him a Dick.

Dick NOT on slop.


(sounds like a team comp, so 6 people are probably on slop... trying to find out the sixth)

Eric said there were teams. Eric and Jameka talking and Eric is venting saying how he doesn't like to be made out to be some sort of asshole that he is being portrayed as.

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Okay, Jen just confirmed that Kail's on slop. She feels bad for her. The six people on slop are Amber, Daniele, Jameka, Jessica, Kail, and Eric.

Jameka weighs 135, just to let you know. She just weighed herself in the bathroom. Cameras constantly keep switching.

Daniele, Eric, and Jameka in the BR. Eric and Daniele not talking (awkward)

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Zach/Dick meet in SR... Zach offers to get Dick off the Nomination block, Dick says he expects to be on... concern by both is that Dani will be target... Dick says he has Zach's back if Zach has his

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Jess and Jen are talking in the HOH. Jen is saying she wants to get rid of people who are negative.

Jn: I don't like the negativeness that is going around and it spreads like wildfire. Even ED is trying to make deals with me.

[Fun fact: this is the first time in BB history that the first two HOH's are women.]

Jess is trying to say to Jen that guys want the girls to take each other out.

Zach just joined. Jen just noticed she had her remote back to spy on people. The TV is working now.

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1:56bbtJen/Jessica in HOH room... Jen says that other HGs have said Jessica has been targeting Jen, and wanted Jen put up.. Jessica acts surprised as if there was NO reason for anyone to think that.. Jen agrees that it doesn't seem realistic, but wanted to ask...

Jen: Joe wants me to put up Dustin/Amber

Jessica: you are definately not on my target list

Jen: Carol was one of them... like Jessica wants to be the only hot girl in the house

Jessica: so are you leaning that way?

Jen: well I wanted to talk to you, Daniele already talked to me

Jessica: I thought we were good

Jen: we were talking about getting rid of the boys... but they were like you are on the outside of Jameka and Daniele and Jessica... I've been up here and neglected

Jessica: honestly, if I got it this week, I would have targeted two guys... I would not have put you up, not right now, you know...

Jen: I don't hang out with that many, so... (talking over each other)

Jen: I was thinking why would she say that to others... you are the only one that I really like, you and Carol... I'm not going to lie to people... so is there anyone you'd get upset if I put up?

Jess: not really, everyone thinks me and Joe are close, but he runs his mouth too much

Jen: I was thinking, I don't want negative energy, I kept telling Carol... I was thinking get rid of people who are negative

Jess: oh, I see what you are saying

Jen: it spreads like wild fire... akward moments that we don't need... even Evil is trying to make deals... I'm like come on you can't even make deals with me

Jess: some are like outward rude... if you went, I'd be the next one they'd do that to... how can they be that rude?

Jen: my clothes are small, but I have a body that can wear them... I think I'm like a 13 yr old boy, I like to play computer games and have fun

Jess: you won, you beat out everyone

Jen: I'm good at channeling my energy to good, everyone was hoping Jen doesn't win, but I was calm about wanting to win, and that's how they were answering

Jess: cool!

Jen: Zach wants to rub oil on me

Jess: that's the one person

Jen: what did you go out on?

Jess: the investment one...

Jen: Mike and you, out on Kail.. that was a tough one... I think I switched that one

Jess: well thanks for talking to me about it

Jen: I won't be the backstabing one... ok you are safe...

Jess: changed my mind...

Jen: they'll want me to make it like it's a hard decision.. well hopefully we can be closer

Jess: I wouldn't mind working with you, if you know what I mean(editing out the 'girl' talk where they agree with each other's statements and say 'definately'/etc during the conversation)

Jen: wonder when we will do our thing... do I take a shower or not, work out, tell me the time... work out after, don't want to look bad for my first ceremony

Jess: obviously people will be mad, but, oh well

Jen: awkard...Zach rings the bell and comes in

Jen: my first doorbell ring... oh, I got my remote back!

Zach: I wanted to come up because, not to be mean(to Jess) but that meal was good... Zach asks about Jen's pictures, brothers are half brothers

2:09bbt Dick/Kail outside talking about what their family is thinking of them in the house

Amber/Dani at the patio, they think it's Dani/Joe getting nom'd

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Feed switches to Kail and Dick talking... then to Amber and Daniele.

A: I think Joe is going up.

D: He's gotta go, I think I have the votes against him.

D is counting votes that she would have to stay. She doesn't know about Kail and Mike.

Amber thinks it is going to be her and Dani. Amber says it's not possible for D to go home.

D: Jen told me that nominatinos are going to be to get the negatives out of the house b/c she wants a funhouse, something retarded. You know this is not her decision, it's the two puppet masters. Kail totally sees me as a threat and I know she does. I don't get that vibe from anyone else except for her


ED and Kail join Amber and Dani

*awkward silence (mostly because Kail is there)*

Danielle then says "AWKWARD!"

Just small talk now. Nothing worth writing down.

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Zach giving Jen advice. Says put up Amber and Daniele. Dick will try to save Dani. Zach will vote however Jen wants. Kail will probably vote however Jen wants, since she and Mike get along, Mike will vote how she wants, and Zach will vote how she wants. Jen said she doesn't want to put up 2 girls, cause the girls would hate her. Zach says they don't llike her very much anyway. Jen wants to pick who SHE really wants out. Zach suggests Dick and Daniele. He would take out Daniele. He has no reason to keep her. She has Dick, Nick, Joe...multiple cookie jars that she has her hand in. Zach thinks she is getting pretty powerful. They mentioned Joe, and Jen feels he will self destruct. She says the only way would be if Veto was used. Zach says, yeah, backdoor.

Jen said if Dick, Daniele or Joe went home, she would be fine.

Jen said she talked to Jessica to see how she would vote. She thinks Jess would keep Dani in the house.

Zach asked what Kail thinks. She said Kail doesn't really care. She would love to see ED out. Zach doesn't think anyone would use the PoV to save either, except maybe Joe. Jen was surprised at that. If Joe uses the Veto, she would have to put Amber up.

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2:36bbt (was away, checking back on feeds)

Zach/Jen talking in HOH, Jen sharing what her/Jessica talked about in the HOH an hour ago

Zach: if you put them up, no one would be mad... since they can't vote for each other, I can't see anyone using the veto on them... (still thinking Dani/Dick as noms)

Jen: I think I have four people I'm ok with going home

Zach: I think if Nick won the veto, he wouldn't use it on Daniele

Jen: and Joe wouldn't either

Zach going over decision for Carol to leave, that he never gave confirmation... Joe came to Zach on Carol's behalf, but didn't really defend Carol... if he's going to be half way about it, why should I go for someone... at the last minute, Joe came to me and said I'm changing my vote

Jen: no one came to me...

Nick/Daniele whispering in bedroom, Dani again saying this is her worst day of life

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Zach and Jen talking about the Carol/Amber vote. Zach telling story about Joe defending Carol, but didn't tell him anything new. In the end, Joe told Zach he changed his mind, and was voting to keep Amber in. Evidently Jen is the only one who voted for Carol. They said she was nice, but didn't play the game early.

Jen wants to go to the end with Dick or Joe because she thinks she could win against them.

Talking about Joe and Dustin, andhow Joe made Dustin out to be the bad guy. They think that is opposite of what they see in the house. Joe tries to get under Dustin's skin, and Dustin knows that. So does everyone else. Zach said the 2 might have had a bad relationship, but Joe seems to be the problem.

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Zach tells Jen that Joe was going to put up her and Dustin. He told Jen it was Nick and Dustin. Zach said Joe told him if he (Zach) threw the HoH competition, that Joe would put up Jen and Dustin. Zach said he would never throw a competition, but then he thought and said,,,but then I did say I wanted to put butter all over you!

Nick comes into HoH. Said Zach has been in there a long time.

In BR, Dani and Jameka discussing slop and power shakes.

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Nick wanted to know if they were thinking the same. The only person he is really worried about is Joe. Joe has his hand in several cookie jars. But, he is so annoying, whenever he gets put up, he will be gone. She doesn't need to put him up. Nick names several people who think she will get put up. Dick, Dani, Nick, Amber... All the people she has had some sort of blow up with. Joe caused the trouble between Nick and Jen. Jen wants to know why so many people want her to put up Amber when she got a 10-1 vote to stay.

Zach asks Jen to have 1-1 time with Nick in the room for 3 minutes. She leaves.

Zach asks Nick if he is still in it with him. He said of course. Zach said some people in the group think he has switched. Nick said no...but how else could he get info...If he is close with Dani, others won't suspect him with the 4. Zacvh wants to sit on the back burner and chill. Zach suggests he re-affirm the connectivity with the group. Nick said everyone wants Kail out within the next few weeks. Kail and Jen are close, and Kail doesn't connect with the others. If she doesn't get out in the nect few weeks, she will be fine.

Jen comes back, Zach leaves

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3:00 bbt

Jen/Nick having their HOH talk

Jen still feels Nick isn't over the incident from the other day(jen saying he tried to kiss her, and him confronting her about it)

Nick says he IS over it... they agree it's hard to talk game... she doesn't want to look stupid, talking with him and having him go to the DR and laugh at her, like Boogie did to Erika last year

Jen wants to flirt with him... asks what he is wearing besides the towel around his waist(he opens the towel to show his shorts)... she asks if he wants to sleep in the HOH bed(he says he can't now he isn't the HOH, but may come take naps during the day)

Nick: I think Dick has upset alot of people, you aren't the only one he's offended, I'd rather see Joe go... if Joe was HOH, he'd put up me

Jen: he was so mad, he ran in the DR and said it wasn't fair, that they had two answers

Nick: there are going to be alot of lies

Jen: so how can I know I can trust you

Nick: you can't, not with anyone

Jen: I felt something genuine the first day

Nick: it takes me a week to get over something, and then I'm fine

Jen: so you wouldn't get upset if... Daniele went home?

Nick: no... everyone is going home

Jen: someone said if I did that, you'd use POV to save Daniele

Nick: no, I wouldn't use it except for me... unless I felt I could beat the person... I'd pull a Marcellas... well, I wouldn't use it on anyone else

Amber/Kail on the hammock

Kail states her time with Dick will NOT be a date, it's "Get To Know You Better Time #2" lol

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Nick and Jen talk. They are re-hashing blow up. Jen wants to know when Nick will get over it. He said he is. He has trouble trusting ayone. He said he has heard things she has said. She said people are just stirring the pot. He said there is lots of pot stirring. She said she doesn't want to be know as Erika and Boogie...close to each other then in the DR they laugh and make fun of the other.

Jen said she is not going to put up one she wants to go home, and one she wants to say. she will put up 2 people she wants gone.

Jen said she is a happy person, and there are more than 2...3-4 that are negative and the evilness spreads like wild faire. She doesn't like the negative energy, and that is what she is basing her decision on.

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Jen wants to know if Nick is going to sleep in the HoH room. He doesn't think so, then says he might take a nap up there, he takes like 5 naps a day. It is a really big bed, could fit 3 people.

They think noms will be soon. She said Dick has tried to bargain with her about 4 times.

Jen wants to know who he would vote out if she put up Dick and Cani. He said his vote wouldn't really matter. He said he thinks the house would keep Dani, which surprised Jen. She asked if they didn't see she is in several groups and really strong. He said Dick has pissed off a lot of people, he thinks Dick is gone. He said it would be easier if it were Joe.

It is just a game, someone has to go home. He wants to check with the rest of the house so he doesn't end up like her, being the only one voting the other way.

Jen asked if he would use the Veto on Dani. He said no, he probably wouldn't use it. He would pull a Marcelles and not use it, then go home. She laughs and said you ALWAYS use it on yourself.

Nick said people think getting into the house would be so sweet, then it turns into high school once you are in there. Nick gets ready to leave, wants to know if she is going to the pool or HT. She wants to know when noms are first. He will come back later to listen to her CD

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Amber and Kail in hammock. Amber is discussing her sister's health, and her own. Going into detail about her sinus surgery in February. Kail is making an occasional comment, but looks bored to death. Amber is REALLY talking a lot about the surgery.

Feeds swith to Mike and Nick whispering in the kitchen. think it is Nick reassuring Mike he is still part of the group and Dani is his cover. Feeds 3&4 on Mike and Zach playing chess.

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Jen goes downstairs, checks on people in the BY. Jameka asks her if she is chillin'. Nick is getting the HT open, Jen watching him, then she moves on.

Amber is STILL talking about her nasal surgery. Jen walks over to hammock, listens for a couple of minutes, then walks away. Jen over to outside couches, chatting with Jameka.

Jen comes in...goes to workout room with Mike. Asks who he would vote for between Dick and Dani...he said someone for sure, couldn't hear who but they shook on it. did anyone get that? Mike goes to take a shower.

Jen looks at picture wall, then goes into bedroom. Two people sleeping in there, not sure who. blonde hair on one, orange shirt on the other...blankets over faces. Jen gets something out of a drawer then leaves.

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Jen comes in...goes to workout room with Mike. Asks who he would vote for between Dick and Dani...he said someone for sure, couldn't hear who but they shook on it. did anyone get that?


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Feeds switches to outside couches. Dani and Jameka chatting. Dani said she is hungry, Jameka said if she wants to eat (slop) she will talk with her. she said she will eat it in the bathroom over the toilet and throw up between bites. She said she is whining like a little baby. Jameka said no, and that if she gets 3 tablespoons down that would be good. Dani says not today, but she will tomorrow. That is her deal with her. Jameka says ok.

Nick in HT. Barbs back and forth between him and Dani. Jameka and Dani now saying "Shut your pie hole, no YOU shut your pie hole". Dani gives a shout out to her brother Vincent for his birthday. Nick does too, and offers him a cannolli. Jameka said she has had 2 before, and doesn't see what the big deal is. Dani wants one really bad, and loves them. Dani moves next to the HT, can't hear her or Nick...plane going over, water sounds, and the whipser REALLY quietly!

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Dani tells Nick that if she got HOH next week, she would put up Zach and Kail.

Jen in weight room with Dustin and it appears that Jen is going to nominate Dick and Dani due to the family thing, and Dani is too close to too many people. She is going to put up 2 people that she really wants to go home and she really does not care who it is. Joe is also being considered by Jen, and heavy lobbying to send Joe home going on right now by Dustin.

Jen is looking like she is going with Dani, Dick and Joe, and if POV is used, she will put up the 3rd for sure. Jen does not want Dani, Dick or Joe in sequester with them.

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