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July 13, Live Feed Updates

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Joe is asking Jen what he should do to make a more positive influence in the house.

She tells him to quick naggin on Dustin and bringing up their past all the time

Nick is there just being Nick

They are in the hottub

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8:26 PM BBT

Joe is still in the HT schmoozing with Jen, she keeps talking about her "Jenious" win with 41 for the HOH contest.

Eric, Dani, and Jameka in their bedroom. Eric was explaining the Jewish religion to Jameka.

Dustin and Amber in the big bed bedroom whispering (I can't make out what they're saying over Jen and Joe talking in the hottub)


8:29 BBT

Dustin off to workout. Amber sitting out on couch in BY, Jen says "Hey Ambuler" Amber says "Hey girl!"

Dick comes out and grabs dirty glasses off deck, Amber walks in helping him carry them in.

Dick talking to Mike about contact lenses.

Dick and Amber now back out on BY couch chatting...Joe and Jen still in the HT.

Dick tells Amber "It'll be really hard not to put my boot up her ass by the time this week is over" (referring to Jen)

Amber says "Stop it!"

Dick talking to Amber, can't really make out what he is saying (whispering) something about told Carol the same thing.

Dick and Amber discussing the order of the Key placement in the Nomination Ceremony.

8:42 PM BBT

Jameka, Eric and Amber now in the kitchen. Jameka is making some slop. Eric and Amber joking around.

Jen pulling clothes out of dresser that was Carols.

Dick and Nick have joined the kitchen crew.

Daniele alone in her bedroom.

Dick and Jameka discussing the possible outcome if the vote ends in a tie...Dick saying that it works for Jen in several ways, she hates me (referring to himself) and if Daniele goes, it gives her the Nicks attention and I'm the hottest girl in the house thing.

Joe is in the shower and Amber and Nick are at the sinks in the bathroom. Eric and Dick doing dishes and talking about Jen and voting/outcomes. FOTH

Amber in the exercise room talking to Dustin on the treadmill.

Jen upstairs hanging over the rail telling Jameka she's bored, Jameka talking about slop.

Dick and Eric still chatting, Eric started signing FOTH for a moment.

Zach and Mike out at the hot tub chatting. Mike is squatting next to him.

(I've got to log for a bit if anyone wants to take over)

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Joe and Jen still in the hot tub.

Nick has left.

They just keep hashing over the nominations and the decisions behind it.

Jen doesnt care which one leaves

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