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July 7, Live Feed Updates

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Eric is now wearing a pink "Jenth Degree" tank top. Dick is saying he needs the bottoms with his ass hanging out to go with it(making fun of Jen's bikini).


Back and the HGs are talking about being naked in front of the cameras. Eric took off the tank top and said it smells like Jew now.

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1:30 BBT Jamekka taking that she doesn't have white friends but white co workers and Danielle says she has an Asian friend and stereoptypically says "the worst driver ever" [ oh brother]

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Jameka, Danielle and Nick in the short room talking about random TV shows and the America's Choice. They're talking about how they would feel if they were voted to be the most hated person in the house. They all voice their opinions and then they start to talk about when that will start and Jessica appropriately states, "In a few weeks". Jameka begins to talk about Jen and the fact that her personality isn't an act but states that she hopes "40% that it's a character."

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1:44 BBT Mike Jen and Erica in kitchen joking how that the live feeds and Showtime is really boring since the first 5 days were really hectic and last night everyone was in bed early and today they were all stuck in a room complaining

Dick came in talks about his diary room session and FOTH

Talking about slip n slide and how they are unable to anchor it to the concrete under the fake grass. Dick suggest they use black platic bags

Eric jokingly says they should use dried slop to anchor it.

Mike pigging out.

Eric talks about trashing the house today (maybe POV comp)

Eric says it was a pointless day because of the 10 hr lockdowns.

Dick says tomorrow the POV ceremony should be short talk about what will happen and FOTH

Eric heads to bed

Jen and Dick Talking about Kail being very religios and conservative Eric is back because the door to his room was blocked with Joe in there telling ghost stories and mad he tried to go in.

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3:30am BBT Eric, Mike and Dick talking on the patio.

Eric dominating conversation covers Jameka cheating and eating well past the pizza dinner and having to be told by BB that people on slop cannot eat.

They acknowledge that most of the people are pretty cool once you take the time to speak with them.

They think Jessica is afraid to be herself, she was more animated before meeting the whole group and occassionally will show that in spurts.

Eric and Dick question whether Amber's helpfulness is sincere or because she is on the block.

Just random conversations about the pressure of being in the house and not having time to get over small irritations.

Eric relates how Joe playing around woke him up and he leaves the room to not start a commotion but then Joe lets out a loud scream. They wonder if Joe can keep this whole over the top persona going without annoying people too much.

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Eric talks about how weird it is to meet people who've never met a Jewish person, how he is not pushing his religious beliefs on anyone. They laugh about making a big deal out of it but then people might think they now know how all Jewish people are.

Conversation turns to Kaysar and how he was ousted 3 times from the house. They crack up when they talk about his last ouster on his birthday where Kaysar says he wasn't cut out for the game but that he was glad he made good friends of Howie, Janelle and James. Then Julie tells him about James working against Janelle and Kaysar and oh Happy Birthday.

They say Julie will rub salt in the wound with a smile.

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Apparently Jen was recruited for the show, she had gone pretty far in the casting for Survivor (FoTH)

FoTH cuts in and out as they discuss conversations they had with Jen.

Dick talks about the first night confusion with Julie Chen talking to the groups as a disembodied voice.

Eric can't see how Joe and Dustin was ever a couple since their personalities are so different.

Eric is concerned about when and where to masturbate, maybe under a sheet in the teacup. They laugh about the situation of doing it in the bedroom with no privacy. He feels there should be a scheduled camera out alone time, this could become a problem.

They are sure the girls have been on the Jacuzzi jets at least once since most of them are either now or recently in a relationship and getting regular sex.

They start to talk about the Jack Shack, think the storage hut could be a possibility.

(Mike has left the backyard)

Conversation turns to Daniele, Eric feels she has changed towards him since they were closer the first few days. Dick thinks Jen is jealous is of Daniele. They talk about how the women are in competition with each other over small things, even the time Eric spends with one over another.

Mike returns, Dick asks him to recount his intro to the group. Mike 26 from Wisconsin currently living in Orange County.

Eric returns to the masturbation conversation. When the producers learn he is doing it, will they tell him to stop or ignore it or focus the cameras better. Mike says D all of the above. They have great fun laughing about possible scenarios and the producers direction.

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Eric goes to use the bathroom, Mike and Dick begin folding the laundry, talking about how funny Eric is once he gets over his little rants about the game.

Eric returns, they continue folding clothes and putting things in the dryer, while discussing taking the teacup for a spin. They feel a little awkward folding someone's tiny undies that were left in a pile on the washing machine.

Dick tells how he was in the bathroom and Nick was in the shower. Nick asks him "Are you joining me?" Dick laughs it off and as he leaves Daniele is entering the bathroom. He hears Nick ask her "Are you joining me?". Dick goes back in and says so you propositioned a father and daughter within the span of 2 seconds, are you looking for a threesome? Daniele gets mad at Dick and calls him a pig.

It's 4:30am BB Time.

Mike and Eric start to talk about work we get FoTH

(It's 1:30 my time, so I'm out)

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By 5:30 BB time Nick and Eric have already gone to bed, Dick buzzes the DR, and Mike gets into a round bed. Dick joins him a few minutes later, mentioning something about a chess piece.

(Must add something from the Jen/Mike date, 9:30 BBT - hammock)

J: I was so memorized by you that ... (something like) I didn't notice.

M: Memorized? Did you mean mesmerized?

J: Mezmorized. I do stuff like that, use words in a funny way. People don't always get it or think it's funny.

[That was a total cover - she definitely had the word wrong. And in the long run, Mike managed to dodge the flirtation and remained non-commital.]

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Carol is now brushing her teeth in the bathroom. But a few seconds ago it sounded like someone was doing something weird to their mic. Kind of a clicking sound. No idea who it was, can't see anyone but Carol.

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Carol's done brushing her teeth and just headed back to the bedroom, did she go back to bed? Nope. Quick stop off in the storage room and on to the kitchen. (I think this girl will be up for a while now) She just went outside to the washer. She's on a towel doing some kind of stretches (she's wiggling her ass up in the air.)

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7:10 am BBT Carol brushes teeth for over 2 minutes. Checks storage room, goes outside to check laundry for a towel which she gets to lay out on the grass by the tetherball, throwing microphone to ground and begins stretching.

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8:54M BBT

All 4 on the kitchen/dining area. Nick, Dani, Zach hanging around the table. Dani's talking a lot & her voice is sounding very much like Jessica's today (is it contagious?) Eric & Mike are in the kitchen eating real food.

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We pop back to Nick & Jameka in the hammock talking about how much of it is real & how much is a character. They are talking about a she but we don't know who. Jameka doesn't understand why she says "huh?" so much. They don't know about the whole nanny thing so it's Jen.

They think Eric might have a short fuse but they say at least he recognizes it. Talking about how many times they have gotten mad in the house.

Nick says he's not going for HOH because he doesn't need to but Jen needs to get it to see if she can make some connections.

They wonder if the connection between Jen & Kail is real.

Nick says he thinks all the womens in the house are attractive & he hopes his future wife looks that good at her age. Jameka says that she has a friend who got her nice stomach back after having a baby because the nurse was really good & pushed & pushed & got all the afterbirth & fluid out really well after the birth (sry but it doesn't work that way)

9:53AM BBT

Feeds switch to the BY sofa. Dani, Zach, Mike, Carol hanging out not saying much.

Meanwhile back in the hammock Nick is talking about a bad break-up with an old GF.

Carol comes up to lay down with them. On the way she hits the pole ball really hard & is very fidgety (if she stays much longer I think we could witness the 1st ever BB mental breakdown) Carol starts a my BF has a crazy psycho x-GF & we get FOTH. (10:03 BBT)

Back to Carol can't compare him to anybody else in the house. Jameka starts an Ex story.

Meanwhile back on the sofas... Jen telling how she was booked for am alcohol commercial & they told her she was too young & FOTH. We come back in to Jen saying she gets paid extra for her special ability. Dustin/Kail/Zach said they would not have gotten out of bed if they didn't know they didn't have anything to do. They got up because they though they were going to have the POV ceremony. Some go to work out & the sofa clears out (so I'm out for a bit)

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