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  1. You big BB fans in here, you might want to go to YouTube and check out PoisonStinger's partner vids. He is actually quite good and funny at the same time. Just type in PoisonStinger in the search box.
  2. Couch Potato no longer has any live feeds at their site because they received a notice that thier videow were in direct violation of copyright law. Thus, they were asked to take them down, which they did. Reason I brought this up is it may play into the promised previous seasons of BBAU. Thus? thus?
  3. Viewers voting.... The viewers were still able to vote during the first part of the show where Kyle & JackieO were hosting, and their comments possibly!?! swayed the audience viewer vote. Just IMHO
  4. ERIC ~ message #314, dated July23, that is what I meant about 2010 being so far in the future. I want to see it sooner than 2010!
  5. Reason for axe: Conspiracy! Conspiracy I say!
  6. As everyone is probably aware of Moosie's likes and dislikes of BB, I HATE BBUSA. HATE, HATE, HATE it. For me, there is never-ending strategy and so much hatred, fights, namecalling, and abuse. This year's BBAU was not just entertaining, it was a story of their characters unfolding and being exposed to me. In a positive way with nary any abuse, etc., I got to know them for who they are. The competitions were highly entertaining and fun. The weekly tasks were a daily break from the ho-hum daily living. BBUS will not be on my television at all, now that I've seen the first two weeks of it. If BBAU becomes like the viper pit of BBUSA, then it can slither its way without me. Too bad when a good thing is "got", the lesser quality is always put in its place. 2010 is too far into the future.
  7. Yeah for Rory ! ! Yeah and Congratulations Terri ! !
  8. You don't know how difficult it was for me to sit through the very last day of their pampering themselves, nibbling special treats, preparing themselves for the finale, and doing all of this in dread and in anticipation for their final walk out of the house and MY last day to watch them. Before leaving, and while watching the newscaster Sully for the past 85 days of news as a "catch up", it was funny when said he was shocked that she knew who he was. I understand that in Australia, unlike the US, folks can become stars just by being on a show like BB. <don't know that for sure... read it somewhere> During this news "catch up" Ollie visited them. Then the last evicition turns out to be...., and then out of the two that are left, one of them wins. Even with this spoiler I'll leave it to you to find out rather than me just telling you. Someone at Network 10 told me who it was. I think the other four of the five were fittin' to win also. Wow! Gasoline is almost $7 a gallon in Aus Maybe I'll "see" you at Survivor or Amazing Race and.... HAPPY SUMMER ALL OF YOU. Ciao http://youtube.com/watch?v=u9DPl3v1qW0
  9. Kyle was not kind to Alice at all with all his unkind remarks to her. Then at the end, right before the eviction, he says Good Luck Doll, Good Luck. What a snake Kyle is. If I never see Kyle again, I'd be happy with that. If I took it all wrong, then..... I hope I never see him again anyway LOL I think Alice being evicted was influenced by BBAu by bringing up the treadmill. OMG She doesn't use it in abundance. What if she ran on the grass? Would that be any different! <angry about this> I'm disappointed in the gifts they were given. Seems to me with all the HMs have gone through at BB's whim, and the money they get for merchandising, etc. at the HMs expense, the parting gifts should be extraordinary at this point of the game. They are actually disheartening... or..... am I off again? Do any of the runner ups get cash money like BBUS ? After seeing some footage with Nobbie... I have to admit, I DIDN'T miss him one iota. I don't remember ever thinking about him after he was evicted.
  10. Thanks,SerenityNow. I must've skipped that part. I skip through the audience and most of the entertainment (like singing & dancing). With your answer, that sure clears things up.
  11. I may not be back here after the next episode (if it's the last one), and I probably won't get to "see" you again. I refuse to watch anymore of the US's BB drivel and trash after the first several viewings, and the extras I get online. Here's my thought to you... May all your days be what you want and all your goodnesses be blessed. Perhaps at Survivor and Amazing Race, we'll meet up again.
  12. Am I a goof or what? I cannot figure out why Rory is called to be evicted Sunday. Isn't he the HOH this week, and can get himself off if he were listed? Perhaps now, the eviction process has changed. Let me in on it. I think BB set Alice up for leaving with that treadmill incident. I think they don't want her in the running to win. Just for that, I hope she is left for the ending three. That was so wrong to bring up that incident to show Alice in such a bad light. I agree with Alice... Ben made the choices, and it shouldn't have been put on her shoulders. It was the principal of the thing. In no particular order than alphabetically: Alice, , Terri, Travis, Rory HAHAHAHAHAHA... Travis talking about breasts and all that he's touched and Terri said that she didn't put his hand on her breast. Travis said, "We still have 2 days!" That's too bad Rory had to say it was Stupid of Alice to not think about adopting. It definitely is not. He really could've used a better-fitting word. All season Alice and Terri talked about a bench and how it was continually left dirty. Did I know what that was? Did I think it was something to sit on!? yes. Today I just figured out it was the counter LOL But then.. is it the counter? I'm just guessing. Rory off of bland diet. Looking back, I never noticed him complaining about it much at all, but I don't have the live feeds. Wow! Two left and now there are "Three in the bed and the little one said....." "Goodnight", second one says, "goodnight", and the last one says, "Goodnight"
  13. I was referring to the times Travis "poses" and while posing, he opens his mouth. . . same as Zach. I actually thought Zach had the winners list topsy turvy. . Alice first, Rory second, Terri third, Ben fourth and Travis. <shrugging shoulders and grinning> But then, I want 'em all to win!



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