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July 7, Live Feed Updates

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Dick finishes setting up & blowing up the slip-n-slide then gets called to the DR. Carol keeps saying things but she is getting ignored. It's like she's a dead woman walking. Jameka & Joe come join everyone. Carol manages to get some attention by laying on her side & doing a lil boob/pec dance. Carol says they hate her in the DR. Zach says in the DR if they ask him about stuff he doesn't wanna talk about he tells them to eat it.

Feeds switch to Mike running around & putting flowers in his pocket. He goes up to the HOH to pick up Jen for their date & gave her the flowers (I hurled a lil bit in my mouth) Now Mike & Jen have gone in the BY for their date... in the hammock. They are laying there & eating frozen grapes. He tells her she looks nice. Mike tells her he hasn't talked to her much so he doesn't know if she is being funny or sarcastic when she talks. Jen says from her looks it makes her seem dumb but she did very well in school :rolleyes: The date conversation is pretty lame on both sides.

The slip-n-slide isn't working out too well with big adult bodies sliding down it.

Dustin & Carol are upstairs outside the HOH. Carol says she thinks she has 2 votes & Amber has 2 votes & everybody else is on the fence. She is scared that Amber is fighting & that other people have told her that he is out doing Amber's fighting for her. Dustin denys it. He says he is not gonna ask who has told her that but if people are telling her that they are lying. Amber starts singing into her mic "you guys are gonna hate me, if you don't already you're gonna hate me even more, just f.y.i." She is set on what she wants to say (as in the DR I think). She says she wants to flip the cameras off. Dustin says every time he reaches for to take his pants off he hears the camera moving sounds. Dustin is picking at his ear & then sniffing it (Ewwwww). Carol says she should not be there & this should not be part of her life. She loved her life before as it was simple & peaceful & she just can't be happy in the house. She is scared she is going to come out of the house changed & not be as good a person. Dustin starts to rub her hair as she is truly down (IMHO shows he is a truly caring person). Zach comes up & gives Carol a massage. Talk turn to sex & Carol tells us she likes to be ob top & she even offers some visual confirmation of her fav position.

(it has now reached 10PM BBT)

The Mike/Jen hammock date is moving. They are both putting on the swimsuits to get in the HT. Mike was attempting to open a bottle of wine & it wasn't pretty. Jen is wearing a hot pink swimsuit tonight but just like her suit from last night it look 2 sizes too small in the arse region. Jen is flirting with Nick while she is waiting on Mike but Nick is refusing her.

Carol says the cameras are following her & it is pissing her off. She yells at the cameras & runs downstairs.

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just an update, dustin and carol are in the hoh hallway talking can't really hear their mics are to far. everyone else is still outside

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9:23 BBT - Jen and Mike are starting their "date" on the hammock. They are eating frozen grapes from Kail's hoh room. Joe's advice to Mike on 1st date: 1. If she wants to sleep with him, go for it, but the relationship won't last. 2. Make sure she's clean. 3. If she's not clean, wrap it twice.

Jen: Got A's in school, did all the extracurricular activities.

Miek: Also straight A, but not a lot of ex activities. All the WI schools wanted to recruit him.

Jen: "The slip and slide like looks fun. We'll have so much time like to do that like this summer.

Very superficial conversation about the one star they can see in the sky and how much more Mike can see in Wisconsin. Also, riveting conversation on how quickly Mike's shirt wrinkles.

Jen says this season seems really extreme - slop on day 2, longest veto comp ever, destroy the house.

They're speculating on the eviction schedule for this week. Possibly a double eviction. Finally some strategy talk - Jen isn't sure who she's voting for. Mike says he's going to vote majority. They want to talk to Kail. Jen says Kail doesn't want to make the decision who is leaving - she wants to leave it up to the house. Mike has talked with Amber more than Carol. Jen shared a bed with Carol, so she's a little closer to her - hasn't said more than 10 words to Amber [How can you spend a week in a house with 13 other people and not talk to one another???]

They're talking now about how much they packed - Jen brought "like" 10 dresses and 20 bikinis. Mike packed light and had room to spare in his bag.

Jen is talking about shirts she made before entering the house - she started the trademarking process for "Jenious" "Good Jenetics", etc. She has a friend finishing the process so that she can wear the shirts in the house.

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Dustin and Carol tallking about the vote, she's asking if he is going to try and keep Amber. He's says no. Now Carol saying she wants to go to DR. Telling us "you guys are going to hate me". Carol talking about how she hates the cameras, wants to flick them off. Thinks

she 's going home, the game is "breaking her down" she is "feeling sorry for herself". Says the game is getting to her.

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Carol feels like she doesn't belong on this reality show and that it is changing her core and not in a good way. She wants to stay and needs to figure out why. She feels the psychological game is hurting her. She hates feeling sorry for herself and has never done that before. She feels every friendship she has formed is fake.

She also wants to take a baseball bat to every camera in the house. Carol is still waiting to go to the diary room.

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Zach is massaging carol and it looks like jen and mikes date is over they talked about changing.

They are changing into their bathing suits and i think jen has won the record for quickest change i have ever seen.

Mike passes nick in the bathroom and asked him where he grows hair on his body

Carol must really not the cameras, she was still lying on the floor and was talking to the camera and compared it to a dog in the window.

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Zach & Kail in HOH. Kail says we can't be the only alliance in this house. Zach thinks Amber/Dustin/Jameka & possibly Dick make up an alliance of 4. Zach says Dick keeps saying He & Dani are not an alliance & won't vote together. Kail doesn't know if Dani & Dick are together that Dick is truly upset because Dani won't have anything to do with him. Zach says Jen bugs him because she uses her looks to get things. They say the Dick/Jen catfight was fun to watch today. Jameka & Nick join in. Mike says Jen is getting on a lot of people's bad side. Kail said Jen said she did not want Dick to touch her during the butter comp (??). They all say Dick is a really nice guy & the stuff Jen said builds up & is hard to get over. (man why were we on FOTh when the good fighting was going on). They won't give good details on the mega Dick/Jen fight (dammit) but they only say that Jen would not admit she did anything wrong when she should have copped to something.

They talked a bit about the POV... I think they all hid something & the person whose thing that didn't get found was the winner. They said Eric was very upset after the POV when he saw the condition of the house & he had to go calm down in the kitchen after he saw the mess. (has Kail left the HOH or socialized at any time unless forced to by a BB lockdown?) Zach says the person that needs to be watched most is Jen as she has watched every episode 7 dated everyone. Jameka says Eric need to be watched too.

Dick & Eric at kitchen counter. Dick goes out to smoke. Dani & Nick in the hammock. Nick asks what she is thinking. Dani says it's just weird having her dad in the house & she is sick of it already. Dani asks how the vote is leaning. Nick says for Carol to go. Dani asks Nick if he is going to gun for the next HOH & he says he is good with everyone in the house & thinks everyone wants Jen out & he might even be willing to be put up beside her. They are major flirting like lame 13 year olds. Dani complains about her dad some more.

Dick comes over to the hammock to join them but keeps his distance when he gets no recognition from Dani.

Joe & Dustin have an awkward convo in the BB room about the awkwardness. Joe is going to give Dustin his time & space so that they can continue to have fun like they did today. Dustin says "OK, sounds good". Joe leaves the room & Dustin laughs to himself.

(These people need some alcohol, they are boring!!!! Good nite, sleep tight, I am off to bed everyone 11PM BBT)

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Zach and Kail are talking in the HoH. Zach tells her he doesn't like Jen because of the way she has everything handed to her in real life. He begins talking about Dick and Daniele when the door bell rings and Jameka enters.

Zach changes the conversation to the argument Dick and Jen had earlier.

Then Nick enters and he says he doesn't get along with Jen either. Kail asks Jameka what she thinks and Jameka says Jen has grown on her.

Zach says its not what Jen says it's how she says it, that she is inflammatory.

Jameka relates a problem she had with Eric over drinking the Gatorade. They both ended up apologizing to each other.

Zach asks about the competition and how it was for them. They went for 3 rounds without anyone finding the vetos. The winner was the person whose hidden veto was never found. It took 5 hours to complete.


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pretty much direct quote from Jen while on her "date" With Mike in the Hot tub...

"I'm like glad they get to like watch us online. If like someone like watched me like all the time I think they would like get me, and like get how funny I am like above how stupid I am."


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Nick and Danielle on hammock talking about Jen. Nick tells her that others want her (Jen) out next week and Danielle says that Jen doesn't like her. Now talking about what they will eat on Monday.

Jen and Mike in hottub. Nick and Danielle overhearing their conversation and making fun of Jen giving up everything to be here.

Nick flirting with Danielle. Telling her he was taken back by her when they met, she seems one way but ask another.

Danielle voted class clown in high school, Nick telling her that she has everything going for her. Zach getting on her nerves.

Nick likes Danielle's Dad, she says it different when he's your Dad. Zach walks up then Dick, then play tetherball.

Nick ask Danielle if she wants to inside to gaze into each others eyes. (jokingly)

Making fun of Jen and Mike talking about their modeling carreers.

Joe reminds her of Beavis and Butthead.

Ask will she pose for playboy she says no, she ask him he says no. Mike talking about wanting to teach PE, Daniellle wants to teach second grade.

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Daniele and Nick sitting in the hammock chatting and flirting dryly.

Talking about what they want to do after BB.

Daniele: Amber's really funny

Nick: Who?

D: She is

N: I really like her.

(talk about who should do the Bachelor.. something about how Nick should do it. )

D: Tell Jen to do the Bachelorette (they laugh)

D: Shaved your perv stash today?

N: A little bit.


N: I love Joe. In a heterosexual way.

D: Yeah right.

N: Okay fine. In both ways.

N: Close your eyes. I'm trying to make you picture something.

D: I dont know if I want to.

N: I'm trying to make you picture Joe having gay sex.

Now Joe invaded and is sitting on the hammock with them.

J: This is a really shitty date.

N: Yeah she won't even go near me, she's like "she has a boyfriend" (jokingly)


J: I came over to talk a little strategy... holla!

N: Yeah she has to go right? (he points at Dani jokingly)


J: None of you guys got to spend that quality time that we spent with Jen in the HOH room.

D: Tell me what happened!

J: I slept for the first 2 hours, then when I woke up I was in a bad mood and everyone was in bed but Dick and [cant hear name] was in the bed. Everyone was loud so I went to sleep in the bath-tub. When I came out (blah and blah and blah) were on the bed. Dick said that when he got up to go to the bathroom they pushed our chess game off the bed and laid on there and I was like "well thats extremely rude." And Jen was being bitchy again and I was like to her "You sort of have this attitude." And she was like "No I don't" and then...


Joe, Daniele and Nick talking on the hammock.

Nick keeps trying to flirt with Daniele but Joe keeps interrupting with strategy and stuff.

Sounds like he wants to make an alliance between himself, Daniele, Nick, Jameka, Jessica and another guy but they're not sure who.

They say that they're all cool with each other (the three of them in the hammock)... they're like "super lovers" (they keep mentioning that term) but everyone else is too obvious about alliances and stuff especially Dustin and Amber. They're secretive about it... Joe just said that Dani and Nick are too obvious with each other. Nick said that they pretend to fight but no one believes them cause it's their way of flirting.

Joe says that in every season there's a good cool alliance that everyone likes and there's a nerd alliance. He thinks they're the cool one but Dani jokes that they're the nerd one... but Dustin says no that Jen, Kail and Mike are the nerd alliance.

Joe suggests a name for their alliance as the "Super Sexy alliance... the SS Alliance"

Joe suggests bringing Eric over as a guy maybe.

Joe thinks they're going to be the cool alliance that everyone roots for and stuff. He said they should have a secret meeting to discuss names and stuff on the hammock.

Later after Joe leaves

D: Do you trust Joe?

N: I dont know... do you?

D: I dont know. I dont know if I trust you!

N: I trust you!

N: Do you think im attractive

D: I dont you, i think you're cute.

N: Dont think im just sitting here and not hearing anything. I sit here and listen to it all. But he's right, he and I dont talk and I feel like we have a really good repor.

D: Yeah but he tells everybody stuff you know? I feel like you have to watch who you talk to.

N: I dont know. I trust you. I probably shouldnt but... something about the way you look at me. My heart melts.

D: Shut up.

N: I like our late night looks at each other.

(they sit and smile at each other)


N: Jen has like 8 websites.

D: One of them is a porn site probably.

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Just a funny thing that I have noticed while watching the feeds tonight are that these people change a lot. Going from bathing suits to clothes back to bathing suits.

Joe, Danielle, Nick on hammock talking about Monday when they get food they are going to make a ton of it and eat all day. They must be on SLOP.

Amber, Dustin in bathroom sprucing up for somebody????

Well all it is a good night for me see you all in a couple of days, working til monday night on and off.

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N & D are talking about how Joe always smiles to the camera and Jen always adjusts her bathing suits to be up her butt.

Dani says the swim suits she wears are sold in stripper stores

D: She's probably a nanny/stripper.

N: Yeah well I caught her in a lie... the first day we were all together her breast situation came up. She said they're real, they're mine. I said wait a tick...

D: Yeah right

N: And I was like hm... and then a week later just yesterday I caught her saying "What do you think?" haha, as in she does.

D: That and she said she doesnt drink but she does and all that stuff.

More gossip about Jen.

(talking about alliances)

N: So joe wants you, me, him, Jameka, Jessica...

D: Joes really really close with Jessica. Like REALLY close. Something to watch for.

N: I honestly think that Jen will be going home the one after this.

D: I hope so, I really do.

N: Then after this I dont know.

D: I think this week it's more people making friendships rather than playing the game. Then after this week it will be game game game.

One of the guys, I think Zack came over to annoy them with a moth... asking what they're talking about.

N: They said no one's ever voluntarily walked out, but she and I (Dani) are going to walk out hand in hand. I'm going to propose (says hes going to propose to her with a chocolate chip cookie) I'll say "will you be my chocolate chip wife?" I'll probably spruce it up with a glass of milk.

D: Yeah I hate everyone.

Z: You probably want to get back to your normal life.

D: My name's not Carol.

Z: Thats mean (laughs)

Zach's sitting on the hammock now being annoying.

Dani asks him if he wants to sit down and he says he's not sure what he's doing yet.

General awkward chit-chat.

Dani: Everyone in here has quite the colourful mouth.

Now they're talking about rap. Exciting stuff.

BTW, it's about 11:43 BBT at the moment.

Nick and Dani keep smirking behind Zack's back as he sits there, his back to them, chatting.

Zack: Alright I'll lay down for a sec.

He lays down beside Nick much to their delight. *sarcasm*

General boring talk about veto at the moment.

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11:38 BBT

Nick and Danielle on the hammock in the backyard. Zach comes over with a moth. Zach wants to know what they are talking about. Nick tells him "marriage" Explains that he will hide the ring when asks the girl he marries in a chocolate chip cookie.

Danielle offers Zach to lay down with her and Nick. Zach sits down and joins them..just small talk

Danielle says everyone in the house has a "colorful mouth"

Foth (talking music lyrics)

Foth (singing)

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On the patio Jameka Dick Joe and Jessica

Dick talking about eating pizza .

Jameka says someone else is gonna be HOH next week

Joe thinks it will be on Sunday and have a week of activities including a double eviction

Dick says it's too early in the season.

Jameka asks Jessica if she's going to take Carols bed if she's evicted. Jessica says whatever happens happens. Dick believes it will be a slam dunk for eviction . Jessica belives a lot can happen in a week. However if the eviction is Sunday as Joe believes than it will be a slam dunk

Dick talking about Danielle and realizes that he doesn't know his daughter as well as he thought. Jameka jockinly asks if he would accept Joe as a son-in-law. Dick says he could but he would have to stop "fucking men"

Joe talking about parents and Dick talks about his very religious parents. The hard times he had with disagreements he had with her

Camera switch

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Dustin and Amber talking in the backyard Talking relationships ..Foth

11:53 BBT Back to the Patio talking about giving his MOm the rights to the kids and he trusted his mother with visitaion like on Easter he was talking about all the "bullshit" when we get FOTH

Mike and Jen upstairs at the chess table talking about their date.. Not too much convo..

Joe talking to Carol in BR and tells her that he may be able to get her the votes if its Thursday and if the eviction is Sunday than he believes that someone will be voted back in my America. And the consesus in the house is Jen will be going up next week and if its her and Jen up for America's Choice she will be voted back in.

But Joe is telling her tha Jess telling her that if it doesn't concern her she's not worried about it. Carol says it's those comments she did in high school that made her "such a snot" Carol tells the camera and people behind the walls she wants to go home.

Joe now talking to Jess and Jameka telling them that if it's Sunday it will be a slam dunk eviction for Carol. Now he's making fun of Jameka's "Granny Panties" he says tyhey are for men because it has a"penis patch"

Now Jameka is showing the what granny pannys are really are.

Talking how Eric has been in the Diary room for awhile.

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12:05 BBT

Zack was awkwardly sitting there not noticing that he was unwanted.

Eventually Dani got up and went inside.

After she left, Nick whispered "I'm in like with her." then he went on to say that she's beautiful, and the first time he saw her he was struck by her beauty, but now he knows that she is actually funny and smart too, which is rare in a girl.

It's really quite sweet.

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Still in the BR Joe and Jess 12:05 BBT and telling her he's starting to see alliances in the house. Jessica says "really?'

Now he talking about a "red lobster" story when he was young and went with his bro and he pooped his pants there.

Joe whispering something to Jessica didn't hear

Jen leaves Mike Kail and Jen have an alliance says joe. JOes says Jameka, him, Jessica, Nick Danielle and Zach because he's a loner should be an alliance. Jessica Agrees

Joe believes he can trust that alliance and it would give them number. Joes says that eveyone he's talk to about it is down with it.

Eric enters from the DR. Eric talking jibberish when we get FOTH.

Warning from BB about not discussing DR session with other HG.

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Jen talking to Mike about what she would get an eyemask if she got HOH. Both are in the kitchen.

Zach comes in asks about the date and how Jen taught him how to play chess and they are making a late night dinner.

Small talk about how no one does dishes but if she doesn't than there will be a million dishes. Complains that Danielle never does dishes. Complain she doesn't like doing other peoples dishes. Doing them anyway

Mike reading direction on tea box to make iced tea. No substantial convo going on.

Jen says Zach seems mad about their date. Mike says he's sorta is.

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12:23 BBT back in the BR..Zach just left after playing around with Jameka . Zach is back putting zuchinni in someones bed. Camera switches back to Jen and Mike cooking in the kitchen

still no substanial convo from them.

They are now eating on the patio talking about late night binging. small talk about eating on All four cameras

Jen wonders where the hot tub covers is since BB insist the HT should be covered. Mike says it's been missing since the veto comp. Jens says one less thing thaey have to do

Mike wishes he could sllep outside in the hammock but can't since it's not allowed. small talk............

Jen can't believe it's been 7 days since they been in the house, Jen talks how she was given 30 minutes to pack which turned in 2 hours than FOTH

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12:34 BBT

Conversation between Jen & Mike outside (all 4 feeds are on them. Joy.) is too dull to repeat.

Now 2 of the cams are focused on Amber & Dustin, sitting outside and talking about boring gossipy stuff from outside the house. There is plenty of swearing.

Dustin: You better treat that man right now.

Amber: I love him, Dustin I love him.

(talking about a guy Amber is seperated from perhaps?)

Amber: All of my family and his family tried to break us up.

she's talking about how much she loves her "husband" and how she wants to wake up with him and grow old with him, and how they were obsessed with each other, etc etc.

Feeds switch into the kitchen where Jen, Mike & Dick are chatting about how interesting they are, and how if they were boring they wouldn't be cast (uh huh sure whatever).

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12:36 BBT in the backyard we have Dustin and Amber talking about how much she "loves him" (her boyfriend) and how all his friends his family tried to break them up. She talks how she was addicted to him. camera switcches to kitchen..

Dick Mike and Jen... talking "if any of us sucked we wouldn't be here" Jen says even if we were boring. Happily tells Dick she did the dishes. Tells Dick not use the eggs since there's not even a carton left. Dustin and Amber come in and out

hear a lot of convo in the background while we have mustard and mayo talk from Dick, Jen, and Mike on all four cams

Jessica, Jameka and Eric come in and Jess talks about burping. Eric asks if they are still on their date and lausghs its been a 4/5 hour date. Joe comes in. Eric talks about breakfast and how he will eat anything but no eggs

In the kitchen we have Mike, Dick Jen and Jameka talking about jewish people and how Jen wanted to be jewish because their tightness of bonds

A lot of joking around with Eric says he never seen a black jewish person..everyone laughing.

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1:00 am BBT Eric asks Jessica if "you're friend awake?" what friend she asks "carol" Jessica talks about their beef with Carol. doesn't get into specifics.

Jameka apologies fror the 4th of July and the slaughtering of the food from today(maybe POV contest)

1:11 BBT Amber and Dustin getting ready for bed and insists that he nudges her hard if she starts snoring. Gets out to get her mic So far no convo

Dustin explains that Joe thinks people think they are fake and Joe is gonna start talking more shit about him to prove they hate each other so it will work in their favor. He tells aber that Joe is really trying to show he loves him. Amber jokingly say "love you?"

Talking how they don't notice the cameras. Amber tells dustin to listen to Joe for 5 mins. He will and hopes that it will work to his advantage when Joe "talks mad shit about me" that's what he's guuning for right now.

Asks Amber if meth and speed are the same thing. Starts talking about his mom and foth

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