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July 7, Live Feed Updates

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Outside, there's a group in and near the hot tub or the pool. Amber (who knows how to keep herself in the house) is giving Zach a back massage. She's even scratching the back of his head! Joe is standing in the water. Nick is sitting on the side, as is Jessica.

We can now see that Zach has a tattoo on his right shoulder. It looks like a stylized dolphin. Nick has a huge tattoo on his right shoulder and the entire top of his arm, and it just looks like a design with a pattern.

Jameka is sitting on the couch alone. Carol is joining them in the hot tub. Kail joins them and sits next to Nick.

Talk turns to the bat. Carol thinks it is dead, but Joe says it is breathing. Kail suggests that they kill it while it is there. Joe is horrified, and asks if she is kidding--it's just a bat! Kail says, "Yeah, I'm from Oregon! I'm really kidding!" in a sarcastic way. Joe asks if they have bats there. She says yes. Joe says again that he can't believe Kail wants to kill the bat. She says it's not like it's an endangered species! He says that it's one of Jesus' creatures. One of the girls mentions that they get in womens' hair, and Joe says that is a myth.

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Jam & Dan talking on back yard couch. Dani stating that everyone wants jen to leave... jam makes a comment that they need to get the guys out. That she doesn't see any of them going to leave.

BB- The bedroom lights must remain on during the day

ED- who's in the bedroom

someone says it must be the hoh room

Ja and Dan continue to whisper about each of the HG.

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Around the hot tub.

Eric suggests dating stories.

Carol: I dated a klepto! SHE was bad!

Eric: You DATED a klepto??

Carol says she lived in the same sorority with this girl and she stole everything from her. She ended up getting thrown out.

She said the girl lived in "Lawrence."

(I'm still not sure if she meant dated or lived with because of the sorority, but she definitely said DATED.)

Jen is sitting next to the hot tub, and Eric is next to her. Jen has a t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt on, for some reason. Eric is dressed in long-sleeved dress shirt, and looks odd in it.

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Amber is in the bathroom area.

She's talking to Dustin.

He asks if she feels good about this week, and she says yes. She says that Joe came up to her in bed and told her that everyone thinks he is voting for Carol, but he's voting for her to stay, instead.

She starts to list the names of people she has with her. He says she doesn't need to list them.

She says that she was just naming the names to name them. (for the heck of it).

Dustin says he is worried for himself for next week.

Amber says she will do whatever she has to do to make sure he stays in the house.

Dustin starts naming the people who applied to get into the house, and those who didn't apply. We keep getting FOTH as they keep trying to talk about it. Amber thinks that Daniele might not have applied. Dustin didn't apply, but Joe did.

Too much information time:

Amber says she hasn't showered at all today. Dustin says he only washed his pits and crotch. Dustin proceeds to curl his eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Amber says that she thinks she's going to start her period.

Dustin says that he is worried because people want those who didn't apply to get out of the game.

Amber says they just have to win comps or vetos and he'll be safe.

Dustin says he is "flipping out, and I can't put my finger on it."

Amber tells him not to worry about it--he is not a target right now.

Dustin: I feel like I need to talk to Nick, because Nick talks to everybody.

Amber: I talk to everybody. I have Nick, like (snaps fingers).

Dustin says he knows.

Amber says she was talking to Jessica today, and she said she would ask Joe how he was voting.

Amber realizes this is why Joe reassured her about his vote.

Dustin says that he doesn't trust people in this game, and he is glad that he has Amber.

Dustin says he has a one-on-one relationship with Zach.

He says that Zach told him that Dustin defied every idea he used to have about what a gay person was like.

Amber says she has a one-to-one with Nick, and also with Dick.

Amber: If anything goes wrong with you, I can persuade Nick and Dick to go my way.

(So, it looks like Amber and Dustin are an alliance, and they are making sure they each cover other people in the house so they can persuade them to keep each other).

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Amb and dust in bathroom.

am: I am so comfortable with you

D: thats kewl

am: I mean I am sitting here shitting in front of you and normally it takes alot longer for me to be that comfortable

D: That means a lot

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Amber to Dustin: I am just so not embarrassed around you! It's f--ing ridiculous! I'm shitting right now! It takes me a long time to shit in front of someone!!!

Dustin: It says a lot.

Amber: It does.

(This conversation was said completely seriously. I am not shitting you. Okay, pun intended. --ed)

Dustin says that he wants to go after Kail and Eric. (When he says this, it sounds like he means he has to go and get close to both of them--not target them. I'm not sure, though.)

Amber says Nick is cool with everyone.

Dustin: Okay, those are my three. Eric, Nick and Kail.

Amber agrees he needs to focus on those three and make relationships with them. Amber asks about Mike. He says no one is close with Mike, but the two of them are cool.

Dustin: I can look at him across the room and smile and he'll smile and like, get me. You know what I mean?

Amber: Yeah, totally.

Dustin: It's like the eye connection.

Amber says Mike is like that with her, too--he's like that with everybody.

Amber says that Zach loved the massage.

Amber says she feels like she is going on a real date. Dustin asks if she is excited, and she says she is. She says he (MIKE) is not her type, but she has to flirt with him. She says that she checks him out and then turns away really quick, just to make him think she likes him.

Dustin: Just to play it up.

Amber: Yeah. (Then Amber whispers: Such a weasel!)

Amber: Dustin, I'm such a weasel!

Dustin laughs.

Dustin: Nick and I have a yoga date for this evening. I'm going to talk to him then.

Amber: You do, really? You do yoga?

Dustin: Uh huh! I'm going to practice to I don't make an idiot of myself. I get embarrassed around him. That's why I'm scared to talk to him. I'm like uhhh!

Amber: You have a crush on him?

Dustin: Kinda, yeah!

Amber: So do I, kinda.

Dustin says that he doesn't get crushes, and it took him 20 years to even date Joe!

Amber: I see what you're sayin'. It's a WS.

Dustin: It's a total WS! (Whatever that means --ed)

Amber asks BB for wine for her date.

Amber: Isn't the WS hilarious? Nick knows the WS.

Dustin: I would totally say AS, for awkward scene.

Amber explains, it means "Weird scene."

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Amber says she really doesn't talk to Nick, but she has a bond with him. Dustin says that Nick has that with everyone--a thing with everyone. He says that he purposely hasn't had a thing with Nick, because Joe would sit in a catapult and launch himself at Nick, if he could. He says that Joe is in heaven because Nick and Dustin are in the house.

Amber and Dustin agree, it is a WS.

Amber again insecurely talks about the weird dish she made for lunch, and Dustin reassures her they were really good.

Dustin and Amber tell each other that they feel like they depend on each other almost too much, because they need each other.

Dustin says that he feels he needs to distance himself from certain groups of people.

Amber asks who, and why.

Dustin says until he can keep his stories strong, he gets up and walks out of the room when Joe walks in.

Amber tells him not to do that.

She says she understands and could never deal with that situation.

Dustin says that he just doesn't even like Joe as an individual.

Dustin says he feels it makes him look bad when he leaves after Joe walks in.

Amber suggests he should not try to mesh with Joe, but when Joe says something stupid, people look at him to see if he has a reaction. Dustin says when Joe does that, he is stonefaced. He says that's not really a problem.

Dustin: I don't know--I'm just panicky.

Amber: Why?

Dustin: I just need to get to work (on the people who aren't friends with him).

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Dustin says he is nervous to chat with Nick, because he doesn't want the conversation to lead to him and Joe, but it will.

Amber suggests he should say "It is so hard for me to be in the house with Joe" and talk to him like he talks to her (Amber).

Amber tells him she loves him.

Talk turns to tans. Dustin got sun on his stomach, but it is "bad color." Amber says she is now a "f--ing tanned woman!"

Amber asks how Dustin knew Nick did yoga. He says Nick asked him when they were weight lifting, if he wanted to do yoga.

Amber: Let him bring it up to you, then. Like just be sitting out there and..I don't think you should really...

Dustin agrees he should just "lurk."

Amber tells him as he goes outside to tell Mike she is almost ready.

Amber is wearing a white miniskirt and a aqua blue and white striped top.

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Eric is in the hammock with Jen. He is stupidly telling his strategy to her. He says that he is that "middle ground" person. He hopes they will think that he isn't after anyone, and he isn't good at athletics, but in reality he IS good at athletics. But for some reason, lately he has thought that maybe there are five people or so who might actually want him out. She says not to feel that way.

The feeds switch to the stupid date between Mike and Amber. They have to sit on the lounge chairs, as the hammock is taken. Mike says this is really nice, by the "ocean." It's not a big ocean, but it'll do, and they have to make the best of the situation. He brought cookies to the date. All four feeds are on the insipid date.

Mike: So, how are you feeling in the house?

Amber: Ummm. Cool!

She says she feels okay, and she doesn't want to go home and she feels a little nervous, but if she goes home, she goes home. She says that it is scary on the block. She says she had an instinct she was going up, and she told Carol that she felt the two of them would go up.

Amber hid her veto thing in the pillowcase, Nick hid his under Zach's bed, Kail hid hers in the tea bag container under the bags, Danielle had hers in the slop, and Jameka hid hers in the weave bag. Amber looked in the tea container, but not under the bags. She also picked up the weave bag a few times, but didn't look in it.

Dick interrupts the date. He asks if he can get them anything. Amber says champagne.

Mike tried to get cookies and they fell apart because they weren't cool yet. Mike asked Dick to check them. Mike made the cookies for the date.

Mike says his life is food, so that is why he would incorporate food into a date.

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