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July 5 & 6, Live Feed Updates

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talk turns to food and exercise, cereal and other non interesting things.

Carol is talking of her love for cereal, and the 2 of them discuss the noise level of the machines.

Now they wonder who can see them. Carol ran 2 miles this morning, and a mile at night.Dustin used to be able to run 4 and a half without stopping, and Carol could do 3 without stopping. Now caorl can barely do 1 without stopping.

D: I'm glad to hear you and Jessica...

C: yeah we're getting along, I can't say I trust her but we're talking. It's funny cuz when we talk the cameras are like ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

C/jessica haven't talked in 7 years. Carol thinks how they got on there was "stupid" cuz there story.

D: just like me and joe...great tv... gotta give it to the producers.

C: I think they coulda done better.. 2 girls who REALLY hated each other.. our story is sooo dull. Like one with a better blow up ending.

D: Well jemecka.. was shaking in her boots... she was like oh helllll no.. she thought it was gonna be her.

C: I still can't talk game with Jess yet.. we can talk but.. not strategy.

D: I wouldn't yet.

C: I'm scared cuz I want her help if I need her. I don't even know if she can vote yet.

D: yeah, I mean give her time. Honestly.. I think you and amber are gonna stay this wk.. i bet one of the 2 of you will get POV and it'll save the other person. And that's why i think...

C: I adore amber. i really do. It sucked it has to be me and her. I hope and pray to god one of us gets it. Nobody is ballsy enough to switch it up.

D: I'll be dead honest... if I had it.. if I can do it.. I'd talk to Kail, Amber and Carol and say i might use this, and what would you do.

C: I need to tlak to kail bad. I need to.

D: The 4 of us could make a strategy... I could say i''ll say carol and kail you put up so and so.

C: I know people straight up don't wanna rock the boat and if they win, they won't change the votes.

D: yeah. I have a gut feeling one of you will win it.

C: I pray to god.

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Dustin: I was calling you in here because of Joe's cockamaney bullshit.

Carol claims Joe hasn't really made a deal, but then she says Joe did mention before that the six should line up, and she says that if they could get together, they could dominate the house, but she isn't sure they could do it.

Dustin: We've got serious daddy issues.

Carol: Daddy issues?

Dustin: Danielle and Dick.

Carol: It's a one-way alliance with Danielle and Dick.

Dustin: And you know that from her own mouth.

Carol agrees. She says she loves Danielle, thinks she is great.

Dustin: But, yeah, for clarification, that is why I called you in here.

Carol: No, I understand.

Dustin: I think from what happened in the bedroom with Zach, you knew that I was with Danielle, and probably knew that ahead of time.

Carol: Daniele??

Dustin: No, I mean Amber.

Carol: No, I know. You guys are bed buddies.

Carol says that she feels she is close with lots of people, and yet she doesn't have that one person she feels most close to, although Amber is her "girl she loves."

Dustin says that Zach is playing "his own game and setting up his own pieces, and it is a question if you want to be a part of his chess board or not." She says she likes that analogy. He says Zach wants a bargain, and it depends on who you want to be up against.

Carol says she knows Dustin wants Amber to stay, but she does ask that Dustin not fight against her (Carol) actively, at least. He says he would never do that. She asks if Amber really loves her like a friend, as she says? He says yes, definitely. She says she loves Amber and she never clicks with girls, but Amber is the one girl she wants to stay with in the house.

Dustin: I hope this conversation shows you that I am not a bullshit person. I know you think I'm trouble....


Carol: That was just the sunglasses!

Carol says that even with what Joe said earlier, she didn't feel he was trouble, and she does like Joe. Dustin says she should not think of him and Joe as a combo. She says that she feels one of them will go--she can't see Joe and Dustin working together. He says that he would not ask her who she would choose at that point--it is too early.

Talk of food, now. Carol says she always eats cereal at midnight at home and she is dying without it.

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Carol and Jessica are speaking - C doesn't trust J but they are speaking / getting along.

KS friends probably think they're retarded for being on BB as rivals together. C & J spoke 3 times in HS, but had all the same friends. Not much of a back story - could producers have found more of a rival pair than them (according to Carol)

On other feed - Daniele, Jen(?) Nick, Joe, Eric & Mike (or Zach) in hot tub talking about Winnie the Pooh characters and GI Joe.

Quick comment from Eric about eating slop and being in heat.

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FYI F1 and F2 are in the workout room. F3 and F4 are in the hot tub. The Showtime channel is showing F3 right now. The t.v. is a little faster than the speed of the internet feed, so it shows things a second or two earlier.

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D: this whole story went to the internet.

C: Hello america!

D: well who do you know that'd buy it?

C: well.. my parents.. my boyfriend..

D: I think you can only get it for a day for free

C: it's only like 29.99 or something

D: that's it?

C: I think so. we're like hamsters... or an incubator.

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Carol tells Dustin that she knows that people who want to play POV have told her straight up that they will keep the nominees the same--they don't want to rock the vote.

Carol: I hope she knows that I will save her if I win.

Dustin: She knows.

Dustin: The same thing goes in her boat.

Dustin: You know, this whole conversation went live to the Internet.

Carol: Hello, America!!!!

Dustin asks who she knows who would buy it. She says her parents and her boyfriend. He would watch to make sure her girl is being good and loves him as much as she says she does, and she does!

Dustin: I feel like we're hamsters in here.

Carol: I feel like we're in an incubator.

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Talk of weight. Dustin is 155. She is 120. She would like to get down to 115. Carol: I could stand to lose it. I'm working on it. I could stand to eat healthier.Dustin: I'm glad we had this talk.Carol: I am, too. We'll talk later.Dustin: OK. Bye bye!Carol: Bye bye!Carol walks outside. Amber is practicing outside with the oversized golf clubs. Jameka says "Good job, partner! I've got this one!" (Everyone seems to be very friendly with Amber)

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Outside with the golf clubs, there are oversized balls and clubs, and there are normal-sized clubs and balls.

Zach is practicing. He is in the red shirt, blue jeans and backwards ball cap.

Jen is standing in her bikini next to Zach. Amber is practicing, too.

The golf balls are yellow, with red writing on them, but I can't read it.

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Carol is sitting next to the hot tub, with her feet in, and she is talking about the comp. She says she hopes it is physical, because she thinks she can do well with that.

(Carol seems down, and she seems alone)

Jen is gabbing about how she hopes they will be told whether to wash their hair, what to wear, she wants to look good....

Eric is in the hot tub with Jen, Daniele, and Carol. He is trying to tell them that maybe they will have to shave their heads.

Eric says that a wiffleball set was the top thing on his list of things he wanted for the house.

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Eric says that he turned Jen down three times for a "hammock date." She says she just really likes the hammock--it is comfortable.

Daniele is being silent. Watching everyone.

Some of the topiary bushes have roses stuck in them.

Jessica is over on the couch outside, on her stomache, waving her legs around.

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Zack and Jameka joking around in the backyard. Jen wearing a itsy bitsy bikini. Dick and Amber are playing golf. Nothing really is going on just evreybody enjoying themselves for now. Zack joking around that him and jessica should make out when the camera focuses in on them. Hes saying something about saluting the Marines yesterday because of the 4th of July. Now hes giving Dick a hard time.

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9:42 BBT: Carol and Jameka are talking about the slop and Carol asked Jameka if she ever found the shells in it... Jameka said yes...

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Joe is outside doing the maintenance on the hot tub.

Jameka is in the kitchen.

She is making slop, and says it is "so scary."

Carol: What? The slop?

Jameka: Yeah. But what can you do?

Jameka says she likes the slop runny because the oats don't cook enough. She says she will be in there working on the slop for about an hour.

Carol says that it is so gross--she can't believe Jameka has to eat that.

She says she felt so bad for Jameka.

Kail comes in and snacks on something standing right next to Jameka.

Kail asks if Jameka was the one singing? Carol says it was her, but "it was gospel!" She says she didn't think there were copyrights on gospel songs. Jameka says some people write songs to make money, even if they are Christian songs.

Carol: I need my church. I gotta do it on my own, now. I don't have anyone preaching to me.

Kail: I guess.

(Said in a sort of snotty tone, IMO)

Joe comes in and says "It must not have been in God's plan..."

Carol says we make God's plan--it was their choice to be there, not His.

Joe says that he doesn't understand the slop rules. If you can eat a pickle, why can't you eat a cucumber?

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Jameka and Carol wondering wether they can sing gospel or not. We get the blue hole for a little bit. Jameka is making slop. Carol is not on slop from what ive seen. Zack said earlier he was on slop. Dick isn't on slop.

The houseguests are messing with the slip in slide in the backyard. Eric asks jen wether he wants to have a hammock date. He calls her a desperate bitch jokingly.

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Joe had told Carol that there were shellfish shells in the slop. She thought that was what was crunchy. She just found out that it wasn't true--he made it up. She says she believed him, and hates him. (joking).

Joe claims that when he was told they couldn't sing, she threw something on the floor and said, "I'm outta here!" Kail says that isn't something they will hear from her!

Talk of American Idol. Joe says he would be like "William Hung."

Joe is complaining because someone left the dregs of iced tea in the pitcher and didn't make more.

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joe singing i had gonnorhea

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Jessica comes inside to the kitchen. She talks in a baby-girl voice. She is carrying around little bottles of makeup with her wherever she goes.

Jameka is talking about Chicken George having to eat slop the whole time. Joe knows about it, too, and they discuss it. He says George didn't think he would have to eat it, but he did.

Joe complains that the people who got to eat "all that gorgeous food didn't bother to do their own f--ing dishes."

Joe says he is just kidding--they will get done (the dishes)

Joe sings "So, everybody knows...I have Gon-or-rhea!"

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jameka playing stupid asking what is america choice

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Joe says that he didn't think about it (the clap comment) being broadcasted. Jessica says you pretty much have to assume that everything is going to be aired.

(And now, my hatred of Joe is complete, as he says)

Joe: It's just funny to think that there is some huge-assed freaking nerds watching us right now, who have nothing better to do. (At least we have our plural cases straight, Joe--ed.)

They wonder how many scoops Jameka put in the pot, and Joe says,

Joe: Hey, Internet Nerds! How many scoops did she put in it??

Jameka says he will hurt people's feelings, and they will put it in their diaries.

Jessica: You definitely won't be winning America's Choice.

Joe seems to sober at this idea. Joe: Oh, yeah......

Talk of America's Choice

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Joe keeps talking about all of America knowing he has Gonneria. He calls all the live feeders "internet nerds".

Eric in the hotub dropping a lot of F Bombs. The HGs are wondering when the Food competitions will be shown.

Dani gets out of the hotub and sits on the side. She has some star tatoos on her hips just above her bikini.

Eric still cussing constantly. The hot tub crew are wondering what will be shown on Showtime. Eric is glad he can cuss on it.

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