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  1. Can't wait for tomorrow! I opted not to get the live feeds this year. I tried last year and never really watched (good thing I got the free monthly music downloads to make up for the cost). If the season starts out exciting or any of the houseguests knock my socks off, I may reconsider. Looking forward to chatting and checking out the updates again this year!
  2. 8:26BBT Jordan drying her hair, Rachel Brendon, Jeff in HOH strategizing what next comp will be and what they may need to know from prior comps - how many bricks, how many gallons, how many cubic feet in a gallon, etc. In kitchen rest of hgs hanging and cooking.
  3. Kalia, porche, jordan in bathroom chilling and cleaning up. Not very talkative
  4. 8:16 BBT - feeds back, jeff, rachel & ? talking on couch about comp Rachel/Brendon won POV
  5. That blog is from July 2010, not this year. Fun to read though!
  6. The more I think about it, the more I like the twist. The partners in the past seasons were left out to dry once their other half left. This, at least gives them a fair chance at surviving until it's a singles game. Or, after 4 weeks, they shuffle and everyone gets a new partner - that would be a twist!
  7. I liked her through the preseason interviews, but was that all talk? Why not step up and pick a partner rather than waiting to be picked? It's her own fault she's partnered with Lawon. Who knows, it may turn out ok for her if neither are considered a threat right away.
  8. She didn't seem happy at all to be back in the house when she got there and the first DR with Dick. Why do it if you know you'll be there with someone you're not speaking to? Seems like all part of the game - I'm sure they've got a plan that will unfold as the days go by.
  9. I wasn't a fan of his last time and hated that he won, but I have to say it's nice to see him back. There is so much power coming from him and he's not even HOH. Rachel would be stupid not to nominate him and Danielle.
  10. That laugh is like nails on a chalkboard - ugh! Tough to tell in the first hour what she'll end up doing. Can't wait for the feeds to come on to see where the chips have fallen.
  11. Lights and makeup really help her out. She looked like a completely different person on the show. So far, I'm not a fan of hers.
  12. Very cute clip with The Talk gals. It was good to give Julie a taste of what it's like inside - although 4 hours is a drop in the bucket compared to a regular season. It would have been good to have them spend the night.
  13. I finally have availability this summer - last time I had the feeds was 2008! We were busy moving out of our townhouse summer 09 - then we rented, spent summer 10 looking for a new house. We're all settled now and I have a new laptop and BBLite, so I'll do my best to contribute to updates.
  14. I'm torn. I would like to see all new ppl, but it will be nice to have 1/2 as many names/voices to recognize. As long as BB mixes it up and forces the couples apart for comps, I'll be ok. If it's all old versus new, that'll get old quick.

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