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July 5 & 6, Live Feed Updates

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Talk turns to when Joe is HOH. Joe says it will be like "Caligula," with sex going on around him while he smokes a cigarette.

Joe says that he overheard Kail talking to Amber, and she said that if she is still here, everyone is going to throw it, because they know Joe will win it.

Jameka says that changes the whole gameplan.

Jameka: Now we got us a game!

Jameka says that BB could care less about her. She hasn't been to diary all day.

Joe: F-- 'em. It ain't nothing but two tears in a bucket. F-- it.

Kail is called to DR. Jessica complains that Kail is always in the DR. Then Jessica says, "I guess she IS HOH.

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Jessica complains that she has only been up for ten hours, but she is tired.

Jameka: I wonder if we just screamed, would they have big problems with that?

Jessica: Probably.

Jameka: That would be an automatic DQ. That wasn't funny--you made her deaf in one ear, now!

Jessica: You little snot!

(Yeah, that would be hilarious.... --ed)

Talk of the veto comp:

Jameka: Really, the only way of saving yourself is to save yourself, and that's scary. (Wow, that's deep. -ed) Jameka thinks it will be endurance. She wonders who people will pick for the veto if they get to pick the players.

Interesting note: When the feeds are on FOTH, it looks like Showtime doesn't necessarily have FOTH. Although, there are commercials for Showtime shows, at times.

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Jameka and Jessica (I think it is her by that voice), are talking about how Jameka already promised Amber her vote, Jessica wants to know if she can vote. Jessica is saying how Carol really wants to win for her dad and how Carol is saying if she gets to pick she is picking someone who is on slop.

Jameka thinks it is going to be indurance because they have already had a physical and mental comp. Jessica said that she wanted to tell Carol not to pick Jameka because she would make sure Carol didn't win. Jessica is really working Jameka about how Carol changed her mind about not wanting to go home.

(side not ............Jessica is NOT the normal kind of Kansas woman so don't judge us all by Jessica. : ) )

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10:05 BBT Joe said that TV Guide asked him if he was Dustin... He said that he knew something was up so asked and they told him no no and so he didn't have a clue when he got in the house and then we got FotH...

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Jameka is not trusting Dustin, she said it appeared back stabbing to her. She said she isn't sure but she is watching. Jameka asked Jessica who really isn't standing out to her, Jess said that Carol and Amber till today, Kale is standing out only because she has HOH.

Jameka wants to change the question to who is standing out, Jess says Eric, Dick, Joe and Nick, only because they know what he is doing. (there was one more name but I didn't get it)

Jameka says that Dick and her are fine now. Jessica says that there is no way Jen can win it, Jameka says it is because of the soriety thing. Jess says that Jen doesn't bother her as much now because she has gotten use to it.

Jameka is making more slop and saying it takes an hour to do it.

I think it is Eric comes in and says something about the hot tub, Jess says she isn't a hot tub kind of girl, she likes the pool during the day. Eric says the slip and slide will be fun, but Jess is afraid she will hurt herself when she lands.

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Jessica must be on slop to because she is talking about licking her foot after she put body paint on it. Said it tasted like Cherry and it must not be against the rules because no one said anything to heer and now she is "cheering" about attitude and giving the credit to Eric for her attitude.

(once again she is NOTHING like us Kansas girls. )

Jameka is saying how no one will know who is in what alliance till vetos and who pulls who off the block.

Eric and Jessica are laughing about how someone won't win HOH and Eric wants to make a genital shirt for her eviction. Now they are talking about who Kale will put up. Jessica wants "one person" to go.

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the people in the hot tub are gushing about their favourite celebs

They all agree on Ryan Gosling being quite the hottie

All the guys agree that Rachel McAdams is one of their favourites...even Joe

Nick really likes Ryan Reynolds, and Joe chimes in that Ryan is the reason he is gay.

(all canadians so far, nice.)

Danielle's "guy" is Jude Law

One of the guys, either Mike or Eric, really likes Matthew Maconahey

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Jen and Zack were in the hammock talking about going to parties and about how if you dont play for POV you shouldnt be able to be put up. They also talked about how Zacks mushroom during the HOH competition was going faster then anyone elses.

Jessica and Eric seem to think Jen isnt capable of winning HOH Jameka laughs. They seem to think she is very dumb.

Jess said if veto was used Zack would probally be put up.

Eric is talking about making a shirt that says Jen-ital. Jessica thinks it would be funny if Jen was evicted the first week.

Jessica thinks that if Jen were HOH this week she would put up Zack because he was the second one to fall down in the HOH competition.

Jessica cant play for veto because enemies cant play. She does not want a certain person to win it.

Jen was called to the diary room.

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Jameka asks Jessica who "stands out" for her. Jessica says "Carol until today, Amber until now, Kail but the only reason she has is because she is HOH, Dustin, Mike..."

Jameka: Let me rephrase that. Who is standing out meaning, I don't know, like ==== he stands out.

Jessica: Okay, Jen.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica: Joe.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica: Dick.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica: Eric.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica; And I'm gonna go ahead and add Nick to that, just because we know what he is doing.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica: I don't see you, I don't see myself, not Daniele.

Jameka; I see myself, honestly, I think Dick and I are fine. I don't see Dustin...I don't know.

Jessica: It just depends on who wins HOH next week.

Jameka: Right.

Jessica; I honestly don't think there is any way Jen can win it.

Jameka: You don't?

Jessica: She might. I don't know.

Jameka: Cause of the sorority thing.

Jessica; Yeah.

Jessica: Carol's really nice, and she said, I can't stand her.

Jameka: I know. It's not reciprocated. Whatsoever.

Jessica: She doesn't bother me as much anymore, because she hasn't been loud around me that much.

Jameka: Yeah.

Jessica; My God. I was thinking, I have no idea, who I would.

Jameka: Yeah.

(Note: Jameka gave no info during this conversation--but she got a lot from Jessica--ed)

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Nick in the hot but with Joe and Danielle, talking about how his dad thought he was gay since he did not date much and did not bring gals home, etc., and then said that he had given a guy a blow job once. Now they are talking about his pink finger nail polish and how it is chipping, and Danielle said that it looks like he painted a piece of hair into his fingernail polish.

Feed 3 now.

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Zach and Jen are in the hammock. She seems to be flirting with him, in my opinion. Talk of parties.

Zach says he is "over that shit, though." Jen says she goes if there are "goody bags." Zach says they have like, facial crap.

They got body paint. Mike is playing with it. Daniele came in and asked if that was body paint, and said she wanted to eat it. As she went behind Mike, Mike had an irritated look (IMO) on his face. She says she doesn't care--it is food. She comes to the bar and tastes it and says it tastes awful, though. (So, definitely Jameka, Daniele and Joe are on slop). Daniele thinks that the body paint is for the challenge tomorrow. Eric is brushing his teeth and questions if they are allowed to eat the body paint.

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Daniele is putting on body lotion. He says she smells funny. She asks if she smells funny? He says no, it smells kind of good. She says she likes it--it smells like "fresh summer air." He says that she is taking it too far--it doesn't smell like fresh summer air, it just smells like she finally showered after five days.

They are laughing and joking. He says it is good to see he isn't feeling reserved anymore.

With the body paints, they have stencils. There is a slip and slide, as well.

Mike is checking himself out in the mirror.

Jessica says she is starting to get hungry, and she doesn't want to eat slop again. So, she is on slop, too.

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Nick is in the hot tub with Joe and Danielle. Nicks dad thought he was gay untill he was 21 because he never had a steady girlfriend and he gave a guy a blowjob once and then he said him and Danielle are going to have to get it on so his dad could see he wasnt gay. Nick said he painted his nails so he wouldnt bite them.

Danielle wants to play with the body paint. Nick says he wishes he was at his ex girlfriends cabin.

Jen says that the body paint tastes like something you taste at the dentist.

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Dustin says it is kind of funny--the first night they go live on the Internet, they are given "copious amount of alcohol" and body paint. Jameka says they are actually kind of dull tonight--other nights, they have been more lively.

Jen walks right into the HOH room like she owns it. She starts playing with the remote, so she must see video of people. The room has silvery-white square tiles on the walls that are sticking out at weird angles on the top half of the wall, and blue tiles on the bottom. There is a burgundy area rug. The bedspread is blue striped (vertical) and the chairs are tan. I'd say the colors are ocean colors. Close up of the bedside table, and it is wild! There is a lamp that is sticking up out of the table at an angle, as if the lamp sunk down into the table, so just the shade and a little part of the base of the lamp stick out!

Jen put a stenciled "JEN" on her arm in body paint, so we see that. She is in a blue bikini.

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Back in the kitchen with Jessica and Eric. Eric is giggling, talking to Jessica. He seems to be flirting with her. She is wearing a pink t-shirt with "Delicious" written across it.

It is obvious that Jessica is not thrilled with the attention. She says "Eric, you are so young, you don't know the ways of the world, yet."

Eric: I'm going to win you back tonight.

Jessica: You can try to win me back all you want, Eric. I don't come cheap.

He says that by the end of the night, they will "reconnect," and he will win her back.

Jessica asks if he will re-organize her drawers tonight.

Eric says he will have Jen do it, when he is on his date with her.

Jameka: Eager Eric always gets what he wants. That's gonna be your catchphrase.

He says that's not it.

Eric: I told you, it's "This little Jew is gonna barmitzvah the competition!"

Jessica; You light up my life, Eric.

Eric: We're back on!

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Eric is giggling, playing pals with all of the girls. He is acting like an awkward, sweet guy. --ed.

Eric tells Kail that she was supposed to stop him, and not let him get into this trouble.

He says he is romancing three women in the house and they are comparing notes.

Kail says that he opened his mouth and got into the trouble. (She seems to like him in a little brother way).

He says that she was supposed to tell him to shut his mouth.

Eric is on slop, too.

Dustin is not on slop.

(The slop delineation seems to have made the slop people friends--ed).

Eric asks Jessica if she will stencil his body. She says no. He asks if he can have one of the other girls do it? She says no.

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Amber Dick and Zack on hammock talking about if somone uses POV who Kail will put up. Amber said she would be safe against Joe. Zack said if he went up against Amber Amber would go. Then they talk about how Joe follows Justin around. Nick joins Dick, Zack, and Amber on the hammock and they talk about how "the Six" paired HGs . Amber says the only person she feels comfortable against is Joe. She said Kail wouldnt put up Zack or Jen. Dick says if he was able to be on the block this week he would totally be up. Amber says Kail dosnt know who she would put up if veto was used. Thats why Amber says Kails sick about it. Thats why she wants noms to be the same. Dick says that Kail should be sick about it if she dosnt put Zack or Jen up she will be full of shit. Amber says if she were up against Zack she would go home. Zack saying if she puts him up it will fuck him over bad. Amber said she wont. Zack saying the ideal scenario is that Amber got off saying they shouldnt worry about who will be put up. Zack saying theres a disadvantage against the singles.

Amber talks about supporting Dustin and about how Joe has been saying things like "You dont love me anymore. Amber says that Joe just wants them to get over it.

Dick thinks Carol and Jessica have a big rivalry more then they show. Carol was talking about Jessicas mother. Jessicas mother is the reason why there freindship broke down.

Amber and Zack are aligned with Dustin.

Dick says he dosnt know whats going on with Danielle he hasnt spoken too her since the game started.

Amber says that she likes Carol and about how Carol would save Amber if she won POV because she wants to go home.

Zack asks about Dicks tatoo.

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Dick says that he heard Jen and Kail "cackling" in the HOH.

Dick is telling Amber that Danielle hates Jen. Amber is wondering if Daniele likes her or not. Dick says if he talks to Daniele, even though their communication isn't great, he doesn't think that she would like to see him go out so early in the game.

Dick: One of the things she said is, you need to slow down--you are coming on really strong. It was on the second or third day or whatever. So, she is kind of looking out for me in the weird way sort of deal.

Amber: I know what you mean.Dick: So, if the vote stays the same, I can corner her alone and ask can you keep Amber in, because she is --FOTH

Dick: Here is something, too. You gotta remember that Jessica and Daniele are talking alot. IT's probably her closest friend in the house, is Jessica. To get Carol out. So, I would mention it to her and hope that she would go that way.

Amber: Yeah. HOpefully I will get Zach's. After Nick talks to Zach, hopefully I will get his vote, but I don't know what Carol is putting in his head.

Amber: Carol told me that Jen told her, I want you (Carol) here--you have my vote.

Dick: Why would Jen say that to Carol?

Dick: Carol is a little princess bitch, and if I had to guess I would think she would vote Carol out to be the center of attention.

Dick whispers: If Jen, by a stroke of Zeuss, got HOH, she might even put me and Daniele up, because Daniele is her only competition with Nick, and we hate each other, and that would guarantee one of us would go.

Dick says that Nick likes Daniele, and she spends a lot of time painting his nails.

Amber says she and Nick have a thing that they've had "since the first day in LA, I looked into his eyes, and.."

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Jen is alone in the HOH watching the spycam.

Dick and Amber are still talking game. amber is telling Dick about how Nick was a virgin untill he was 21 and about he has only has slept with 5 girls.

Dick and Amber dont find Jen pretty at all.

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Amber: Do you even think Jen is pretty?

Dick: No!

Amber: Me, neither!

Dick says that Nick is a goodlooking guy, and Mike probably get his share of p---- (derogatory term for female parts).

Dick says that he has f---ed girls on a regular basis hotter than Jen.

Amber says that Nick lost his virginity at 21 and has only been with five girls. Dick can't believe that.

Amber says that Dick can't tell that she told him.

Amber: See, he doesn't flirt with me. That's the thing.

Dick: Enough about me. We gotta worry about you. Get out of my f--ing world.

Dick: How do you feel about Joe?

Amber: I don't like him! He tries too hard. He tries to be everybody's best friend.

Dick starts to talk about Dustin, and starts saying "The thing with all gay guys.." She stops him and he says make a note in her brain, and he will continue it later and she will know what he is talking about.

Dick says that he has named Joe and Dustin "The gonorrhea guys."

Dick: They started it, not me!

Dick: Nick and Mike are the fraternity boys. And the little f--ing Mrs. Robinson thing between Kail and Mike. I've given all of these names to these people. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The Rabbit. Daniele is Alice. The f--ing queen of hearts over there. Everybody is like, you're the cheshire cat. Mike and Nick are like the guards of the queen.

Amber: Mike's not into Jen at all.

Dick says Jen is average.

Amber: Do you think I'm pretty?

Dick: Yeah, I think you're pretty!

Dick: I mean, she is wearing a ten-year-old girl's bikini!

Dick makes comments re: a cameltoe...

Dick: The wind picks up and it's like hearing applause....

Amber: I need to talk to Eric.

Dick: You know what? I'll talk to Joe.

Amber: Yeah.

Dick: Joe knows that all six of us are targets. Everybody knows that I'm a lot closer to you, so...

Amber: YEah, everybody does.

Dick says they should talk after POV tomorrow, because she could be campaigning against Carol and then she gets off the block, so she should wait until it is set. It could be that neither of them go up.

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Eric joins Amber and Dick in the hammock.

Dick asks if Eric is feeling more comfortable now. Eric says that he knew it would pass--the slip and slide and clubs helped him have something to focus on, and that helped. Dick thought it was so great of BB to give them that stuff.

Joe goes over to talk to them.

Dick asks if they mind if he smokes in the hammock.

Dick is alone with Eric. He asks if the nominations stick, how would he go? Eric says he was thinking something else yesterday, but now he is thinking to keep Amber. He at first thought to get rid of the good player (Amber), and keep the "non-entity," but Carol is "pissing him off" and he really likes Amber, so now he is thinking he will keep her. Dick says that Amber will owe them after that, too!

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Zach and Mike are whispering in the room with the round beds. Zach is filling him in, and says that Dustin and Amber are together, 100%. He says Dick came over and talked to him about Amber today, so Dick wants Amber to stay. Mike says Amber and Jameka are tight. Zach says that Carol has no one. Zach says that he thinks they can get Dick on their side, once Daniele is gone.

Zach says that Kail is not discreet, and he just walks away from her, because people are ten feet away! He says that if Kail wants to talk to him, then she has to go through Mike and Nick--he will not talk to her directly any more. Mike says that he doesn't want to be the only one talking to Kail--Nick isn't talking to her, either! He says that he was in the HOH with her a long time today, and he wants to avoid that!

(Definitely, Zach is the "leader" of this pack--ed)

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