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July 5 & 6, Live Feed Updates

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Eric is outside still talking to Dick. Eric says that he is saving all of his serious talking until after Showtime is off. He says that he knows the cameras aren't focused on them, as they are boring right now.

Jameka is asking Jen and Jessica about their birth orders. Jen is the oldest, but she calls herself an "only" and says that then the other two came at 12 years old, so she considers herself an only. Jessica is the oldest. Jameka is the middle child. Jessica's brother is in the military, and she will miss his homecoming when he comes back from America. Jameka questioned her, as she had said she would "miss his homecoming," and she didn't think that was right, as that was in high school. But then Jessica explained she meant when he came home from the military. (Jameka is asking questions all of the time -- ed.) Jen is wearing a pink sleeveless tee that says "JENTH DEGREE."

Jen leaves, and Jameka and Jessica whisper.

Jameka tells Jessica that Joe told Amber that if he used the veto and saved her, she would owe him, and they think maybe owing him would take out Dustin. But then, they also think that maybe Dustin and Joe are working together.

Jameka and Jessica agree that in comps, they need to either win them, or be in the middle--not second.

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Amber goes to bathroom and now Eric is on the hammock with Dick. Dick asks if noms stayed the same who would he keep. Eric said he would keep Amber because Carol is a better competitor. The others come out and talk of game stops.

Zack and Mike are whispering game talk. Zack says Dick and Dustin are voting for Amber to stay. He says Amber and Janeka are tight. Carol dosnt have anyone. Zack says "the six" thing is bullsh**

He thinks they can get Dick on their side once Danielle is gone. Zack says they need to get Kail out but they cant.

Lights out for Nick danielle and zack.

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Jen is in bed, talking to Kail. Kail asks how she is leaning. Jen says she will do what the house tells her to do, but neither person on the block has talked to her.

Jen says that Zach told her that he was going to vote out Amber.

Kail: Zach said that??

Jen: He said it would be the smartest thing to do.

Kail seems very surprised. She says she needs to talk to Zach.

Jen says that Nick wants to keep Amber. So does Dustin. Kail continues to act surprised. Jen reminds her that Dustin and Amber are bed buddies.

Kail says that Dustin and Carol were in the weight room forever, and she asks if Jen is sure.

Jen says yes. They sleep together in that teeny bed.

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Eric- Its 2:23 in New York nobodys stupid enough to be watching me. If they are theyve seen some pretty interesting stuff.

People are just lying in bed talking about random stuff like who has good teeth who had braces. Eric saying Jessica made fun of people with down syndrome. Jessica denying it.

Kail and Jenn talking. Kail saying how she saw Dustin and Carol in the weight room forever. Kail curious about that. Jen dosnt think the 3 (Dick, Jessica, Justin, get to vote.

Carol is telling orthadonist stories in the kitchen. Apperantly she was suposed to have her braces on for 6 months longer but she made the orthadonist take them off before she left for college.

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Dick is still talking outside, to Eric and Joe. Dick says that people are saying that the people with enemies in the house have double the power if they team up. However, any person in the house could team up "to the end" with anyone else, and they would have double the power, just as much as him and Daniele.

Dick asks who Joe would vote for, and Joe says he would vote for Amber to stay, and he says that Carol knows it.

Dick says that if they are honest, if it was possible to put him up on the block this week, he would be up.

Dick says that he doesn't feel he could support Carol to support him in the game later on, but he could trust Amber. Joe says he feels the opposite.

Dick says that he fears Daniele would put him up.

Joe says that Daniele was the one who brought up the alliance of six (enemies) to HIM. So that proves Daniele is thinking of teaming up. Dick says Daniele hasn't talked to him in two years. It is her way of control. Joe says he needs to talk to Daniele again, then. (Eric is listening to ALL of this, and yet he is not in the alliance of six, if it ends up existing! --ed)

Dick says Carol asked him flat out if he would support her, before noms. He told her yes. But then as soon as he got done talking to her, she "marched over to Nick." So, he feels he can't trust her. Joe says she is not a good player of the game. Dick says that Carol claimed that Dick and Daniele have an alliance, and Carol told Dick it would be easier on her if Daniele wasn't there. Dick says that the thing is, he couldn't see himself as putting Daniele on the block. FOTH

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Even though Joe had claimed over and over that he was voting for Amber to stay, he keeps naming Carol to Dick as someone who would be a vote to keep him later on. (Joe definitely wants to try to keep both Carol and Amber, and he claimed earlier he would use veto to save them if he got it, but they would owe him--ed).

Eric goes inside.

Dick says he told Amber to stop campaigning, because things could change after POV, and then she would have done all of this campaigning.

Dick says that only SIX people will compete in the POV.

Dick says that he and Dustin cannot compete in the POV.

Joe says that they "need to work harder at the six, Dick."

Dick says he doesn't know if he can trust Dustin.

Joe says you can't trust Dustin at all.

(Joe keeps going back and forth--lots of doubletalk --ed)

Dick says he caught one person, whom he will not name, in the worst acting job ever, in a lie. Joe wants him to tell him who, and he won't. He asks if Dick doesn't trust him yet? He says he trusts him, but doesn't know if he can "keep his mouth shut," and he is just being honest, as his own (Dick's) mouth is his downfall in the game.

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First night so i may get names confused.

Amber and Dustin in the storage room discussing who is going to voye for her to stay.

Dustin: "I am sick of people thinking joe and I are together" also he's worried people think they are communicating on "a decent level" Keeps saying it makes him "sick inside"

Amber tells him that Joe hates him and has said so.

Dustin tells here if she wins POV don't expect him to be excited or show that he's excited that she won. Amber understands.

Amber leaves camera goes to

Jessica, Jameka and Eric talking about making up names for the bunnies

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Dick says that Amber could work with them really well. He says that Amber is also "on that other side" and she could "work as their double agent" and she wouldn't know it, but could feed them info, plus she's really close with Nick.

Dick: Nick would vote me out as quick as f--ing possible to make it possible for him to play around with Daniele.

Joe doubts that, as Daniele has a live-in boyfriend.

Dick says that he knows, but he feels the thing holding back Nick is the father being in the picture, so he can't fool around with Daniele.

Joe tells Dick he is really funny.

Dick: Daniele is like the Alice of the house.

Joe: Yeah, totally.

Joe says he will have to talk to Amber.

Dick asks how close Joe is with Jen. He says not at all! Dick says he isn't, either. Joe says this is why Amber is pissed with him. Dick says that f--ing Kail has told Jen that the house is against her, and she is trying to be nicer to her.

Dick: That whole don't touch me during the competition! Putting my f---ing foot in your ass is the only way I want to touch you!

Dick says keep her around and watch the implosion, meltdown. People like to "watch her t--- bounce up and down...

Dick says it is in his best interest to get Jen the f--- out of there. He came in the game not wanting to win, but he feels he needs to make a move.

Joe and Dick feel they need to solidify the "six thing." Dick says it won't be six--it will be five. But with Amber, it will be six.

Joe says he is getting close to Jess as his bedmate.

Dick: Even if the six is a five, we could still have numbers, you know? The thing is, if two of the six are on the block, there are no f--ing numbers.

Joe: Right.

Dick: Honestly, dude...the nominations need to stay the same, and Amber needs to stay. You know as well as I do that there is no way Dustin is going to vote...

Joe: Amber out.

Dick: No way! I love Amber to death.

Dick says it would take "something really, really drastic to turn Amber against" him.

Dick says if Joe approaches Amber quietly, maybe in bed, and makes a deal, before POV, if it is in her head that he will support her, when it is his turn that she has to promise that she will help them. They need to make an agreement that they will support her, and she has to support them in the next, when it is their turn. They need her to guarantee it.

Dick: And then, Carol will be gone for sure. And then we're down to five, and it's not really five. It's six.

Joe says if it is a house majority and it will go down that way, he wants to give Carol one vote. Dick says that he better be sure. Dick says it won't be a shut out vote. Joe wants to know who would vote to keep Carol? Dick says the people like Zach and Nick who want to watch her ass around the house.

Dick: I think there is a very good possibility, and I might be making a mistake by saying this, because I've been wrong about everything so far, but I think if one of them gets off, then you will end up going up, because she can't get to me.

Joe: You think so?

Dick: Yeah. But it will also show what a f--ing hypocrite that Kail is.

Joe: But you know what, Dick, and here's my little information, because what was the thing ===specifically that you told me?

Dick: I can't even remember now. But it was something obviously that I haven't told anybody.

Joe: Do you know where she went the "Fair" route, and where she got the idea for fair?

DicK: No, absolutely---Are you asking me like you KNOW?

Joe: It was me.

Dick: Really??

Joe: I had a long talk with Kail about it. I said there is a way you can do this, and everybody will be pleased, and it is all about fair. She grabbed my arm and goes, "Fair?" And I go yes, think of fair, and just do it based on that. There is a way to please everybody and a way to get yourself out, and when you leave the HOH you'll be completely safe.

Dick: How did you...I figured that she wouldn't want to make herself a target and she would go with house consensus, was what I was thinking.

Joe: I talked to her about Jen, but I said you could also go fair with the route of competition, and that's the way she chose.

Dick: Has she talked to her about what you would think if the POV was used?

Joe: Yeah, a little bit.

Dick: What did you say?

Joe: I told her I didn't think anybody would use it, but that if I win it, I want to have a long talk with her.

Dick: What if one of them wins? What if it is used?

Joe says he didn't talk to her about that. Dick says she approached him and asked about it, if it was used. He told her that she would look really bad if she did the same thing again. She will look like she is full of shit.

Joe: No that was my word, fair. I wrote her speech for her, practically.

Dick says that if Joe gets a chance to talk to her alone, maybe he could reiterate what Dick said.

Joe says he would.

Joe: I need to know who you heard she wouldn't put Jen up from, and you know for a fact that she won't put up Jen.

Joe says Jen has two strikes against her--she was on the losing team, and it's still "Fair."

Dick says that he can't tell who told him that. He swore he wouldn't and he won't break the trust. But he knows for a fact that Kail will not put up Zach or Jen.

Joe seems disappointed that Dick won't spill the beans --ed

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Dick says if Carol could vote out Jessica, she would in a heartbeat, as she is superior to Jessica. He talked to her and said so many girls came out there to be models or actresses, and then it doesn't work and they end up looking for a rich guy to marry, then look for a sugar daddy, then they end up cocktailing, then stripping, then porn. It's like the collapse of their life or expectations in life. She said something about, "All the girls that are looking for rich men in college are majoring in communications." Jessica is majoring in Communications, and she said she was, and Dick doesn't know if Carol knew that or not, before she said that.

Dick says that Daniele is being standoffish to him. He says that when they are together, people think they are talking game, instead of about life.

Dick says that he feels he talks too much sometimes.

Joe: Just say it.

Dick says that Dustin and Joe said the exact same things about each other, like they talked before coming into the house. They were lucky that people on t.v. couldn't hear both. He says that they heard both of them say the same thing. He says that the three in the HOH heard Dustin say all of those things before they joined the others. So, it was like Dustin and Joe had talked before they went on the show.


I'm out for a while--my wrists are not used to this. LOL!

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joe jameka and jessica are the late night crew

they say they do it each night

they all in bathroom brushing their teeth

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12:10 BBT Dick ,Eric, Jessica, Joe and Jameka sitting around talking.

Jameka is insiting about naming the rabitts. Jameka wants to name one Bugs. Dick wants to name one Cadbury. Another name by Joe was Babs.

I gues they settled on Bugs and Babs or as dick spelled it "B- A-B-B-S"

Talking about Mike snoring.....right now

Dick and Joe. Dick looking for the lighter to smoke.

Dick and Joe talking about Belly button ring. Dick talking all his piercing mishaps. How Delta Airlines requires him to take all his piercings out. Joe going to bed and Dick remind him "the deal with Carol"

Dick moves to the hammock with Eric and talkis about the cameras and the live feeds.

They are talking about Carol andd Eric says how she acts like she's never watched the show. Eric mocking Carol for saying theat BB would never make women shave their heads for a veto comp. Eric is upset set because Carol has told him he cusses too much.

Dick thinks there will be target on "the six" but Eric disagrees. Dick said he's heard it from different people that their targets. Dick wants Zack to get next HOH because he would be safe but Eric said he wouldn't because Zach "doesn't get him"

Dick thinks Zach is supporting Amber more than Carol. Eric thinks people thinks that Carol will not win POV because she's a non threat. Eric said POV will be physical rathet than how well you know your housemate.

Eric talks about how he thought Amber didn't like him and now have had talks to clear the air and now enjoy her company.

Now Dick is saying he likes Carol but down the stretch he wouldn't trust her but he could trust Amber til the end. Their talking how Carol has lied about her boyfriend and how she wants to go home and she's going back to school in August and going to a friends party in late july.

Eric has said she's the worst player in BB history and will be a lopsided vote for eviction.

Eric said if she doesn't really want to be here than his gut instict is to keep her in because she's a non entity in the game. But his second instict is that he's had a ggod convo with amber.

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Dick and Eric are back on the hammock. Eric's every other word is the "F"-bomb. He is telling Dick how much he dislikes Carol. He says that she is a "non-entity" and he says that she acts like she hasn't seen the game before. Dick thinks she is pretending. Eric thinks there is no way that Carol will win POV. Dick tells him not to kid himself--Carol is very athletic.

Eric tells Dick that "since his conversation with him about Amber," his relationship with her has done "a completely 180 degrees." He says he talked to Amber and told her that at the beginning she made him really uncomfortable, as he felt she didn't like his sense of humor. But now, he doesn't feel that way. She told him she didn't understand him either at first, but now they understand each other.

Dick talks about how much he likes Amber, and he feels that Amber would "support him until the end," and he would very much like to keep her in, and "obviously you (Eric) feel the same way."

Eric says that Carol has lied about her boyfriend to everyone, she has told everyone she is miserable and wants to go home, and told people she is "going back to school in August," and going to someone's birthday party in July.

Dick says Carol talked about something happening "in a month or so," and he couldn't figure out what she meant, as she should think she would be at the house. He feels this may be the "most lopsided" vote in the history of BB.

Eric says that Carol said "I miss the touch of a man!" Dick laughs and says that then Dustin is the one who touched her! Eric laughs, and says that probably the Internet people are watching them, only because they are the only ones talking right now. Dick feels they (we) are chuckling.

Eric says initially he thought it would be best to "hold Carol hostage" as she didn't want to be here, and get rid of the good player. But he had a good talk with Amber last night, and she "could really do something" for him in the game. Carol keeps telling Eric to watch his cursing. Eric says he tried to help her and told her to do some of the things she has been going around doing today, and then she ends up yelling at him.

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Eric and Dick on hammock outside. Eric thinks the slop is affecting Danielle's mood. Dick says that Danielle was surprised because she thought she was going up.

Joe said he thought so because Kail wouldn't look him in the eye so he thought Danielle was going up. Eric said he was positive that she knew exactly who she was putting up and didn't say so because she was fishing for info from HG.

Dick said about Mike hanging out in HOH with Kail..That when he referred to him and Kail as "Mrs Robinson" he stopped going upsatirs to HOH.

Dick thinks it sucks because they can't play POV . Eric says its fair since they can't be nominated.

Eric is worried who Amber is aligned with the "gonorrhea guys" and she insists its not like that.

Feed switched to Joe and Jessica in bed on all four cams giggling..so ridiculous!

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12:48 BBT

Back to the hammock and Eric and Dick talking how they think the eviction will be next thursday.

Eric said that they have been their 5 days and a ton of shit has already happened.

Dick thinks with the twist they will be highlighting "the six"

Ragging on Jen.

Dick thinks he'll be on the block sooner rather than later. Eric doesn't think so. Dick thinks jen will put him up. ERic thinks 100% Joe will go up next.

Eric thinks Joe will put him up.

Dick paranoid about "the six" thing ans says he would never be apart a big alliance.

Eric believes Joes "is the biggest shiestiest fucker" in the house and wouldn't trust him and knows he would put him up.

Eric thinks if POV is used he could see Kail put up Zach up because he's a little aloof. Now back to Joe talk and how Eric thinks he's a better player and doesn't suscribe to his bullshit.

Eric talks how Dustin and Joe are always together and he belives that they aren't really broken up. Eric doesn't believe he would never ever put up dustin in a second.

Dick tell Eric he's in good standing with Joe. They have good convo and when Joe pulls his "queenie act" he tells him to chill the f out.

Eric asks who Dick thinks who he's not in good standing with. Talking about Nick flirting with everyone because he loves attention. Eric back to Dustin and Joe putting him up.

Dick believes Jameka would be a good ally. They talk abot how she has a bad temper. Eric going on how she acts carzy and a "psyco path" and mumbles to herself. Dick says she's gone out of her way to befriend himself.

Dick asks Eric who would have the first fight or blowout. Eric says it would be him Dick and Jameka would probably be the first to go off.

Eric says how 2 days have xchanged a lot. How people he felt safe with he doesn't feel safe and people he was worried about he's not anymore. Eric says he doesn't want to be in POV and doesn't care who gets offf because he says he feels completely safe this week. He says people has forgotten that he won the first HOH comp. and that Kail would be a goner if she didn't win it. He insists he would be out the next week.

Dick asks if he won HOH who would he put up. Eric doesn't answer. Talks about he thinks nick is Bi. Dick says no.

Eric thinks Mike and Zach will never try to win HOH.

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1:15 AM BBT

BY- Dick talking about Nick. That he's had 6 concussions and that he's smart and an artist even though he's a football player.

Eric says that Nick has said that nick said that he's going to win because he's a pro athlete. he laughs because the game isn't geared just for athleticism.

Eric has said Jameka has called him Joe 6 times and evertine she calls him Joe he just says 5-6.

Talking about slop. How nick is slopping bowls of it down.

Eric says half will fight really hard for HOH and the other half will not.

Dick says that he would put up Nick and Jen and tell Nick he's the pawn to get Jen out. Eric says that if anyone puts him up as a pawn he'd spit in their face. jokingly...

Dick tells Eric Joe is worried that he may a replacement and Dick told him not too worry and that Eric says "let him worry" Eric believes that no one would keep Carol around. Dick believes they guys would and Eric refers to her as "captain no fun" "debbie downer" and that she's go even if Joe is up against her.

Dick asks if he's talk to Danielle at all. Eric says that too many people around and that he can't whisper and both their voices carry.

Eric believes Claribell (Carol) has no chance to win and Amber does. Eric believes that if Carol were up against the chess piece at the end the chess piece would win. Dick syas not really and that he told her not to campaign too much and that he wants her to stay around. He says he told her to make her rounds and just get people to know her. Eric tells Dick she's a good player.

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Eric thinks the girls will eat themselves and Dick says its always a girl that gets evicted first.

Eric keeps referring to Carol as "Clarabell"

Eric says he's ready to go to bed and Dick says that he will be up for 4 hours.

ERic thinks Carol is socially inept and that Carol is just making herself look like an idiot.

Both Dick and Eric are back inside.

Dick and Eric in Bathroom and are the only two up.

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1:43 BBT I think Dick is studying the house no convos going on.

Both Eric and Dick in kitchen talking..music and bubbles They were doing something though I missed it because Dick says "always taking my fun away" "damn it ..it could have been really fun" laughing

Anyone elese see what he was doing???

Dick now making himself pancakes..mumbling to himself

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Dick moved the humping bunnies upstairs(I think nobody knows he is the one moving them every day), and he found the doorbell to the HOH laying on the ground. He was going to use it to play some practical jokes until BB made him give it back during a FOH.

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Thanks Jfetch 2:00 am BBT Nothing interest to report.. Dick still making pancakes. signing out and be back tomorrow.

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2:00 BB time:

Dick looks to be the only one awake. It has cameras 1 and 2 on beds, and I really can't tell who is who in the beds. I can tell that one of the beds is occupied by a male and female, but I'm assuming thats Dustin/Joe in the bed. Camera 3 is on Dick playing a little golf with the over sized stick, with Camera 4 zoomed in on the pancake maker.

That's about it right now, haven't seen anyone else for a little bit.

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Dick is putting rubber gloves on the giant rabbit sculptures. He's finally eating his waffles. Somebody else got up for a minute, but I don't know who. There was a quick conversation about someone snoring.

Dick is now writing something in mustard on the dining room table. It says "Mom sends her love, Evil Dick".

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