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July 5 & 6, Live Feed Updates

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Zach is weighing himself. Dick says he doesn't like the scale being in the bathroom.

All 4 feeds on dick and mike discussing left overs and the people who eat them.

alert alert!

Back in the LR Carol is crying with a pillow over her face while zach consoles her.

C muttering to zach about something.

C: I HATE ALL these camera on me!! ughhh

Z: wanna use my sleeve.

C: I have like snot all over me.

C: Amber cried when she got nominated, I'm crying now that I'm a loser.

Jen says something,

C: you know what jen, if you were in this position you wouldn't be happy either.

J: did you watch previous seasons?

C: just season 7

J: I noticed when people were sad they often went, and whe nthey were happy they stayed.

Jen gives her the stay happy it's not over yet speech

C: all I wanna do is knock those cameras with a baseball bat. GOD! I would get SO much pleasure out of that right now.

Carol announces she know shes going home this week to Zach and Jen.

Z: now you gotta start campaigning.

C: I could never go to people and be like "be my friend!"

Z: want water? wanna get up and start moving around?

C: I wanna shot.

Z: A shot gun?

Carol gets up, goes into the round bed room, lays on a bed alone and puts a shirt over her face and continues to cry. She's alone in the room.

feed switch to BY and Dustin, Joe and Zach are shown. Sounds like others are outside also, in another part of the yard.

Switch to Jamecka and Jen in small bed room talking....

J: comps they've been having... haven;t been like 1 person to be good at. Like who is better at hiding your video? who has long hair?

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7:55 BBT

Mike and Carol are on the couch. Carol is crying and saying how she is sad. Her and Jen get a little agitated at each other, and Jen tells Carol that in past seasons lots of the people who have cried after being nominated end up going home. Carol also says how she is sick of the cameras and wants to "knock at them with a baseball bat."

While Mike was comforting her, his hand was rubbing very close to her butt, (possibly some showmance?)

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Camera switches over to Zach holding Carol while she cries into the big green pillow. She's talking into the pillow but she says that she's ruined her shot at the game....and then looks up at the cameras and says "I hate the fact all the cameras are on me" (Um, you signed up for this...). Jen walked up and then explains her observations with last season about people who got emotional when on the block ended up going home. Carol states that she can't win and that she really "hates losing". Jen goes super philosophical stating that "Everything happens for a reason.....everything" Carol states that she'd enjoy taking a baseball bat to all the cameras. Zach advises that she needs to start fighting. Zach asks if she wants a water and after stating no says "I want a shot" (don't send her home guys she's an emotional drinker which could lead to a good internet feed). All three walk off into the kitchen.

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Jameka talking about food comp - she's curious if there will be a comp on Saturday - since there was one on the day they went into the house - last Saturday. Finally definite confirmation that the houseguests went into the house on Saturday June 30th.

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(sry boards went down for me for a bit so...)

8PM(ish) BBT

Jessica was dogging Carol a bit to Jameka in the RB room & telling her how Carol said she was gonna come out & compete & she's prob mad that Jess outlasted her.

Feeds pop to Eric, Kail, Jen in the HOH. Eric is telling some story that ends with don't piss on my leg & tell me it's raining (his 2nd favorite thing to say just after the F-bomb)

Carol is in the BY practicing a dance squad routine. Carol sits in the hammock with Joe & he tells her she has his vote no matter what but he tells her that in all honesty Amber has the votes to stay & there is nothing they can do about it. She asks him to help her get some votes & they start running through who she might be able to turn. Carol things she has Joe, Daniele, & Jen for sure, but Zach & Nick are MBE's. Joe says he really wants to help her but he doesn't want to give her false hope. Jen really thinks she can get Zach (hmm MBE by crying all over him some more?) Carol says Jen is so wierd but she needs to be nice to her because she needs her vote.

Carol goes to the Lil Bedroom to join Jameka, Jessica, & Eric. Eric is talking about how he was told to keep cussing all the way through the BB interview process because that was how he was to them in the 1st place.

Mike & Kail are in the Kitchen talking about how bad it was in the HOH for the 5 hours durign the POV.

The cleanup is almost complete.

8:45 BBT

Dick, Nick, Zach, Carol in the HT talking about past relationships. Talk turns to movies. I just noticed Zach has a tattoo on his back that looks like a boiled shrimp. Dick just went to get Carol some wine. Carol says Dick really wants to see some boobies. Nick says he does too. Carol says that's sick & she could never flash because it's disgusting because he (Dick) is horny & that's like gross because he's a perv. Zach & Nick say they are all pervs. They say the only difference between Dick & them is that he is a little older. Carol says that makes you guys more acceptable.

Feeds switch to Dustin/Amber in the Big bed room. Amber says that Carol didn't start being nice to her til they both got put on the block. She says Joe told her he was going to give Carol a sympathy vote but she asked him why he would want to go against the house. She says if she gets HOH next week she is putting up Joe & Jen.

A loud BB female voice comes over the intercom & says "HG if you are on slop this week you have to stay on slop. Ummm the..." FOTH

Back at the HT... Jessica has joined in & is pretty muchly giving Carol the cold shoulder.

Amber & a shirtless Mike are in the bath talking (man Mike has some nice muscle tone going on in his ab region but he also has alotta moles) Mike is spraying his hair & getting dressed to go on a date with Jen (eyeroll)

9:11PM BBT

Daniele is up in the HOH room telling Kail she is not going to use the POV & talking about how hot it was during the comp. Jen is in there straightening her hair.

Back at the HT only Jessica, Carol, & Zach are in. Carol is saying how she just can't campaign. Dick is setting up the slip-n-slide. Carol asks if anybody wants her win because she doesn't want it but Zach & Jess say they can't have it because they are on restriction.

Back in the HOH Jen is laughing (a goffy lil laugh) & saying "I should have told Mike to come get me. Haha Haha"

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Heart to heart with Amber and Dustin - Amber is really shedding light on how much of a jerk Joe is being. Making people step back and listen to how Joe is portraying the past relationship.

Strong alliance between Amber and Dustin.

FOTH - BB (Girl voice) telling hgs if they are on slop, they need to stay on slop - duh.

Back to hottub - Dick, Carol, Mike and Zach (I think) are chatting about movies. Carol is starting to sing, so I'm thinking we'll get foth soon.

Joe and Amber now talking in big br. Joe rambling about some story of a sawed off shotgun being held to his dad's head? FOTH then the story is over.

8:55 BBT - Back to hottub - almost everyone is out there except Amber who is in kitchen pacing and snacking and Mike who is primping in the bathroom. Zach has an unattainable Unicorn - a beauty blond cheerleader who turned him down in High School.

9:03 - Jen says she's going on a date with Mike - that explains his primping. She's dressed in a mini dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.

9:04 BBT - Kail and Daniele in hoh talking about veto comp. Sounds like Carol didn't make much of an effort, just followed others around looking for her vetoes from the discarded ones from other players. FOTH

9:11 BBT - guys set up slip and slide into pool. Nick went first - landed in pool and then FOTH again. Sounds like BB said "Knock it off guys." The HGs are mocking BB. "Houseguests, please don't put the slip and slide in the pool." FOTH. Back with guys mocking again - "Knock it off."

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