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July 14 Live Feed Updates

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boogie, will, jase,george doing ADL's .

now back to FOTH

Various houseguests in kitchen. No real talking.

7:57 BBT Back to FOTH

Foth didn't last long. I think Jani was singing.

Back to ADL's and Kitchen for most HG.

Edit note:If there is a food Comp it will still be awhile.

my feeds are choppy doing the best i can. Sound is good visual stales.

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I can hear them outside, we're on indoor LD. They're setting up the food comp.

Kay being sarcastic w/ Howie saying "Looking Good Howie"

Dani talking about how Jason takes soaps and samples from Hotels. James says he does that too.


Going in and out of flames because Boogie keeps singing.

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Feeds are back, Will is lying on the table and everyone is talking about the rules and the BB voice saying "stop that".

Will is lying on the lasy susan and as they are turning him BB says "STOP THAT", turn, "STOP THAT". They stop and BB say's "THANK YOU"

Back to fire because of people singing... AGAIN!!!

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Will on the kitchen table, on the lazy susan part and the HGs are spinning him around.

BB: Will, stop that!

Will: Nah.

Joking around about how BB should tell Howie "stop that" when he puts on jean shorts.

Nak spins Will around again.

BB: Stop that! ... pause... Stop that!

Nak stops.

BB: Thank you.

Boogie sings, we get fire.

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Danielle was sleeping, Kaysar had to go wake her up.

Kaysar: Ok, we're ready. Looks up... (as if he's talking to BB). Fire.

Kaysar: HG, it's time for BB Allstars Food comp! [clapping]

I need everyone to divide into 2 teams. [no one moves]

Now partner up with someone from your team.

As HOH I won't be competing in today... [bb interrupts] Fire.

Feeds back, HGs are changing into overalls.

Marcellas complaining that wearing overalls will mess with his street cred.

Producer starts saying "So Kaysar, if you could go and get --" and then fire.

10:45am BBT still fire.

Back -- Kaysar: it's feeding time in the BB Barnyard!

The tradition of the PBJ diet has come to an end!

[sorry, missed some of this]

Rats have infested the slop. Today you're going to help get rid of the vermin. Here's how it works. One leg is attached to your partner and one arm behind your back.

Each team runs to the slop, using mouth you must catch a rat in the slop. Drop the rat in the container and return to the corrall. The first team to retrieve 12 rats wins and gets full food for the week. The losing team gets the slop.


11:08am BBT finally starts

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10:19 BBT

They are gathered in the living room getting ready for the food comp... They divided into two teams and each team will have 3 two man teams... Kaysar as HoH won't play today... We come back from fire to see them putting on overalls...

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They seem to have had to choose partners, and now they are changing into overalls. Boogie keeps complaining about his lack of sleep since BB made them get up so early, but the food competition is only now about to begin.

Someone (I think Will) just yelled, "Jase, I wish I could quit you."

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Food Comp Instructions read by Kaysar:

It's feeding time in the BB barnyard. The first food comp is like no other? Why? Because the tradition of JBP is no longer. I now have the honor of introducing our new food. Packed with a nutritious blend of blandness in this Big Brother slop! (HG: what?)

We have a little problem though.. it seems that rats have infested the slop. In today's challenge, you are going to help get rid of the vermin.

Here's how it works... one leg will be attached to your partner, and one arm will be behind your back. When I say go, the first pair from each team will exit the corral and enter the slop.

Using only your mouths, you will have to search the infested slop to find a rat. Once a pair finds two rats, drop the rats in the wire container and return to the corral. Once you are back in, the next team can go.

(Erica: are they real rats? K: no. James: what's the new food?)

The first team to retrieve 12 rats will receive full food priveledges for the week. The losers, you will have that trough, full of slop, all for yourself... Awww rats! It's time to play 'Slop Til You Drop!'

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The HGs are outside looks like 3 legged race tied to each other and they have to go though pig troughs filled with some nasty looking slop looking for rats and they can only use teeth no hands allowed. Chicken george looks like hes have a great time though! it appears to be a timed(?) compitation red agaist blue team. there are alot of flames inbetween and you can hear BB telling kaysar and the HGs what they can and cant do.

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Sorry my quad cam is not that clear, but here's what I could gather of the teams:

Boogie and Diane

Janelle and Marcellas

Nakomis and James

Danielle and Howie

Will and Erika

George and Jase

Lots of prompts from producers "No hands!"

Fire... then producer "Ok, Kaysar now it's time to announce --"

Fire again

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Competition went in this order...

James/Nakomis started for one team, Will/Erica for the other team.

Next up was Janelle/Marcellas, and Jase/George in a slight lead.

Third pairs were Howie/Danielle, and Mike/Diane.

They all went a second time, same order... Mike/Diane finished up with the win for their team. The HGs made some references to a show-mance forming between Mike/Diane...

Winning team:Will/Erika/Jase/George/Mike/Diane(Kaysar as HOH)

Losers: James/Nakomis/Janelle/Marcellas/Howie/Danielle

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