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July 14 Live Feed Updates

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Boogie, Will, & Danielle sitting by pool talking strategy. (I come in on the middle of it)

Dani: is this BB season 6 or all-stars?

Boog: you can't compare Jase & Nak to say me & Will (in terms of alliance) that would be like U & Jason being in here

Dani: so where does Jase stand? is he with them or not with them? the season 6 group

Boog: I don't think he likes them at all

Will: I don't think he likes them at all

Boog: I think he just went along with them last week

Dani: Let me tell u what Ali said...she told me to stick w/Diane & Nak so I know those 2 were obviously together & Jase was part of that group. Ali said everyone thinks I am a floater

Howie comes up & the subject changes

Dani says she's having trouble pooping. She says something about a peeping turtle :blink:

(switching feeds)

James & Diane sitting outside on the sofa. James tells Diane that from what has been told to him she doesn't have anything to worry about (nomination wise)

& we go to Trivia. (is trivia the new fire?)

update: We have had TRIVIA for over 10 minutes

(are they MBE doing the nominations now? is that going to happen tonight?)

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Some are in the bathroom primping. Howie & Marcy are cleaning the dining table really good. No one is cooking. (I wonder if the nom ceremony is about to happen & they are cleaning for TV)

Marcy & Nak sitting on the sofas outside & Nak just said "after noms I am going to get on the treadmill" so noms haven't happened yet. Diane joins them. Now James sits down. Marcy talking about shows he has either been cast for or done casting for.

Will, Dani, Jase, Boogie, Howie sitting by the pool.

Howie: anybody want any of my slop? I am about to dig in. Hey an ant just crawled into my slop is that a penalty nomination?

Jase kids around about being nominated.


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Just overheard Nakomis say "I'm completely in the dark"

(she's not on a feed, so I'm not sure who she was talking to)

Nominations have not happened yet

Now it looks like Marcellas is on the couch with Nakomis- they are talking about what they will do after Nominations, so they have not had them yet. Diane said "Poor Erika" (Maybe the fish had something to do with Erika?) Erika is no where on the feeds currently

Someone is singing...now FOTH

Erika is on the feeds now, in the bathroom with Janelle

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We're back, and it looks like Diane is for sure on the block.

Diane is crying, and she says "if my sister is watching, she is probably so embarassed."

Diane said she was sure if she was going up, she was sure it would be against Nakomis or Jase.

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Feed are back and Kaysar was talking in the room with Nak and Diane. Didn't know what he was saying but Diane and Nak are laying on the bed. And Diane is crying and telling Nak that she's sorry. So it looks like Nak and Diane are up on the block.

Nak is telling her not to cry and cause she'll make her cry.

Diane is still crying.

edit: maybe Nak isn't up with her? But I know for sure Diane is up on the block.

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Nakomis said, well, when no one talks to you, then you know that's when it is your week.

Marcellas came in.

Diane said "I told you, I don't belong in here, I'm not an all star, I'm not cut throat.

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Nakomis tells Diane it is just as much her fault as it is Diane's.

Diane says she wants to stay - she says she doesn't complain, she doesn't bitch.

Nakomis just confirmed they are both up. She said Kayser saw something in them that shows they are all stars.

They both want to win the Veto. Diane wants to go to sequester, because she has nothing outside of the house, she goes home to nothing.

Diane wonders if them voting for Alison to stay was what did them wrong. Diane says again that she wanted Alison to stay so that she could have stayed longer.

Diane wished she smoke right now, she wants a cigarette - Marcellas says that would be bad, she can't.

Diane apologizes to her sister for crying again.

Sounds like they both think that Diane is the target, rather than Nakomis.

Nakomis just said that it looks like Boogie & Will have gone to the other side (looks like Kayser's plan worked - Kayser called Boogie & Will up to his room earlier, hoping it would give everyone the impression that Boogie & Will were moving to the BB6 side)

Diane : God, I knew I'd go out early, but I didn't think I'd go out this early"

Predictions are being made that someone will be brought back into the house. She said that if she was one of them, she would say "hell no"

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BBT: 6:00 pm.

Kay,Dani,Jan are in the Kit and Jan says, "Thanks for not nom me Kay" and he says, "Your Welcome". I see Ericka and CG now. There was some talk between Dani and Kay about how it feels to be on the block. Dani says that you almost just want to quit.

James comes in and tells Kay about the girls crying. Kay said he didn't think she took it too well. (Not sure what she he's talking about).

Jan asks where the "Slop stuff" is. Then she and Dani go into the storage room to get a bucket of it. (Yuk)

Switching Feeds.

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Nakomis is fantasizing about making alcohol out of the oatmeal (oats)

Diane is begging for alcohol.

Diane says she is glad that she got nominated by someone like Kayser, because he's intelligent. She's glad she wasn't nominated by Howie

Nakomis tells Diane that if she gets the Veto, save yourself.

Marcellas says that is the one constant in this game - if you get the chance, save yourself, and the other person will understand. And if they don't, they're stupid.,

Diane said she's not sure if she could even last another week, knowing she'll just get put up on the block again

(lots of whining about the game - didn't they remember what they signed up for?)

Diane asks Nakomis how she holds her composure so well, Nakomis says she sticks it way down deep so that it doesn't come out until the end, like when she was on her season.

MArcellas says "oh, God"

Nakomis - "It's just a game"

Diane is trying to rationalize why she was nominated.

James came in, and tells her he was sorry that he told her earlier that she was safe, when she wasn't/ Diane says it's okay, she still thought she was going up. James said he didn't know. Marcellas says he didn't know either, and he feels like he was on the short list. James says he now feels like he doesn't know what's going on with the group.

Diane said that she knew all of the keys, in the order they were pulled.

6:18BBT Veto Comp Talk -

Diane says she hopes they are going against crippled Erika and Chicken George

Nakomis says, "We'll clean up shop, easy as that"

Diane says she's not here to right a wrong, she's hear to change her life. She's not sure what to do when she gets out - she suffered through extra work to get her SAG card. She thinks she will just go bankrupt and live with her sister.

Then a lightbulb goes off in Diane's head, and she realizes that now she is complaining about life outside. They all laugh. Nakomis reminds her it's just a game.

Diane says it's going to take hours for her face to de-puff. They all laugh again.

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BBT 6:10pm

Diane said atleast she was nom by Kay, she would feel terrible if she was nom by Howie!

Di says she's cool and then wipes her eyes again.

James comes into the rm and Di tells him she fine.

Di, If you don't know what is going on in the house then you know you are going up.

Marc, I didn't know what was going on.

J, I thought it would be CG.

J, Are you going to be okay?

Di, Yes, Im just upset. Now Im embarrassed.

Nak, Says that maybe they will get the Veto. Maybe one of the boys will pull something out lifting weights.

This makes Di laugh.

Marc, It should be CG.

Di, Thats why I can't look at the SOB.

Nak, But its just a game though.

Di, I know its just a game but.

Marc, Its not just a game, everyone in here wants the chance to change their life.

Di, I am in her to change my life. (She complains about the outside a little)

Nak, Your not even gone yet.

Di, I know its just weird.

Nak, Just keep on living Dude.

Now there is laughter in the rm.

In the BY, Will,Mike,Howie,Kay and James playing kick ball.

Di comes out and tells Jan and and Dani they willl have to forgive her. She is totally cool, its just weird. Kay comes in and gives her a hug and tells her she is breaking his heart. She tells them she is okay and this isn't a strategy either.

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Most of them outside, Will working out. He asks Howie to spot him, they say that you should bench 100-150% of your weight - he tells Howie he should be benching 300lbs, so maybe Howie's weight is 200lbs?

Danielle, Marcellas, Nakomis talking about fighting with parents, etc. Nakomis tells a story about a time when she hit her dad - she thought she was "man enough"


- Howie is singing a line he made up for some rap song.

George and Janelle in the Kitchen. George tells Janelle that he will be careful cooking when she's around. Janelle is trying to make some sort of chip thing out of the slop. Doesn't sound like it's working all that well. The eating houseguests are making a pizza.

Boogie with Diane. Boogie tells Diane that he did not have an agreement with Kayser, Diane says, it's okay. Boogie says no, but Kayser said he was going after the "floaters" and he would have had assurance.

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Will approached Diane in the BY & sincerely tells her that this is just a game & good things will happen for her afterwards & not to let this upset her. He tells her he is the loudest MF she will ever meet but he is also a good listener & if she ever needs to talk he is there to listen. (awww the Evil Dr. Will does have a heart. I knew it :lol: )

Diane joins Nak, James, Erika, Danielle & CG (I think) on the outside sofa. She apoligizes for crying & tells them she is OK & there is always the veto.

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Howie & Kayser in Storage room:

Howie to KAyser: You're stuff's working. Boogie said "this morning Diane saw me walk out of Kayser's room, and Diane's like "you made a deal, you made a deal, didn't you" and she walked away all pissed off at me"

Kayser chuckles

Howie: "Then ahh...Jase was in the Hot Tub saying it was to early in the season to use the Veto. Then I said to Jase, if you get the veto, JAse, who are you saving, Diane or Nakomis? Jase said, "I'm not using it, I'm not using it" And then Dr. Will goes, "stop, stop, stop" because he was starting to f**ing spill stuff to me"..."they're chill town"

Howie: It's working but, it's working dissention - They're wondering why I'm hanging out around them.

Kayser - It's causing chaos.

(they hit fists)

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Howie goes in the storage room w/Kaysar & they talk of how their plan is working. That Diane accused Boogie of making a deal with them. Howie is soo excited & says something about one more (kinda like then the game is won)

Will & Dani meet walking down the hall & Dani whispers that if she wins veto she is taking off Diane. Will says yeah but remember if you take her off someone else goes up.

Marcy acting silly. Talking about his imaginary soap opera :rolleyes:

Howie & CG in kitchen. Howie is trying to explain Naks 6 finger plan & how to backdoor someone using the veto. CG is having a hard time understanding it & Howie is having a tough time explaining it. CG finally gets it. OK now CG still doesn't get it. OK now CG gets it.

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Howie in the kitchen with Chicken George explaining the "backdoor" eviction. Howie has to explain it again (sort of like the blind leading the blind :) )

Howie ends it with, "so don't Backdoor me, Georgie"

George says "I don't think you have to worry about that Howie"

I spoke too soon - George doesn't get it yet, he asks more questions.

George asks Howie if he was backdoored, Howie says no, he was put up and he got voted out. George says "you got frontdoored"

George tells Howie that it was pretty good he made it to the final 5, Howie says it's because you only put up the good people (implying he wasn't that great).

James comes in, grabs a bottle of water on the counter and drinks it, says it is pool water. He says's that's a penalty nomination. Howie asks who would put pool water in it.

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