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July 14 Live Feed Updates

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BBT: 9:00pm

Ericka and Jan talking in ant rm. giving shout outs. Ericka gives a shoutout to Survivorsucks and says even though they hate her. Jan asks why they would hate her and she said she thinks it because everyone thinks she had something do do with taking down her "spot" ( not sure what she said) and she didn't.

Feed went briefly to loft and now back to Jan and Ericka.

E: I think everyone has their strengths.

J, I'm just glad they didn't get it.

E, I know I looked at you.

J, But I like her, I like her a lot. (Not sure who)

E, I do too, thats why she is so dangerous.

E, I say we send CG home.

J, I don't know its so hard.

E, Come on DR, I want to take my makeup off now.

Now talk of their dogs.

James comes into the rm. He must have been lifting weights because he is talking about an old injury and giving it a rest. They talk about weather in Chicago and James leaves the rm.

Kay just called to the DR.

Feed changes to Nak,Di and Dani in loft.

N, Do you know what they were talking about?

Dani, No

Di, That was number 2 in less than five min.

Whispering I can't hear.

Di, Again, my strategy is confusion.

Now they are counting ants in the house.

Dani, Because we are saying it, they prob won't even do it.

Di, I love the furniture

Dani, I have dogs, I couldn't have it. Any car I buy has to have leather.

Di, I hope Kay gets the Huka. I love it.

Dani, I tried it at the rap party, it was like Applie/Cinnamon.

Di, When do they do noms?

Dani, Tomorrow.

N, So what do you think he's going to do.

Di whispered something I couldn't hear and then begins talking about chess.

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howie running around yelling...who wants to see my hoh room

hoh room

totally different

all new furniture

black and gray and chrome

different bed ...at least different head board

does not look the same AT ALL

black chairs where the blue chaises were


everyone scoping it out

marc and janie hug for some odd reason

marc does not look excited

neither does will or boogie

marc and janie hug again...wtf?

all talking at once

diane looks very strange

pictures of bb6

they all talk of cappy

is a finale pic

he got a bunch of cookies and looks like some brownies or cakes to bake

how and boog hug for some strange reason

my feeds are so choppy

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Janelle, James, Howie, and Kaysar are in the HoH room talking about who they can trust and who they can't... Who they should put up... They are talking Diane and Nak at the moment...

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K: Jase has a problem with me, he doesn't know what i'm thinking

Kaysar wants Janelle to keep an eye on Jase and watch his reactions to things, Jase is telling them he feels depressed and missing his family, but Kaysar thinks it more about the game.

K: keep them all busy and distracted, if they are busy thinking about other things then they won't be thinking about what we are doing

K: After Alison left, I think that was a very good move, we became a lot stronger

Jan: James has Danielle in his back pocket

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10:25pm bbt -F1 & F2 - Will in hot tub, surrounded by Nak, Danielle, - Jase and CG have their feet in and Boogie is on the side deck hangin out.

F3 & 4 Janelle and Kaysar strategizing. They seem happpy that things have worked out this way with kaysar as hoh. Janelle thinks diane is getting emotional

K - danielle will never work with us, she's gonna be a target always. Nakomis knows the game. Diane plays more like a "game" type of person, Will and I (K) also play that way. The social game, trying to be social with everyone, etc.. Marcellas is 50/50 Marcellas is very dangerous.

J - Marc is not dangerous to us

K - not to us, but he's a really good player.

They talk about Diane and how predictable/unpredictable she may be. Janelle talks about the woman who called her and put her onto the Mr & Mrs thing and about how diane had been watching all the seasons, had charts, and everything. Erika received the same call. It worries Janelle, there has to be some truth to it. Kaysar and Janelle both know that Jase and Danielle were spotted hanging out a lot outside of the house.

10:32pm bbt - F1 & F2 - lots of kitchen acivity with james, nak, will, marcellas, diane, and jase

feeds switch to by F1 - Diane and james getting rady to play pool.

F2 - CG doing exercises with Howie

F3 & F4 - janelle and kaysar still talking. Kaysar thinks for sure that putting Diane and Nakomis against each other will upset the house less. They think that Nak is a BIG part of the Mr & Mrs Smith alliance. Janelle is still really bothered by the whole phone call and that Marcellas talked to her about something with CBS having something to do with it. Kaysar wants to set the house up like dominoes and watch how they fall. ( I forgot too earlier that Kaysar and Janelle were laughing at Howie's new name for their alliance - The JediCouncil...they both think it seems nerdy and agree that Howie never gets to name anything as they laugh)

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10:41pm bbt - CG, Erika, Howie around pool table as Diane and james play pool. Typical banter back and forth. Apparrently Diane is winning although James was supposed to be the teacher (lol). She acts as if she hasn't played much pool, but she's doin pretty good.

Erika is now doing weights off the deck, Howie doing his usual and CG pacing between sets working out with Howie.

Janelle has come out to see what everyone is doing. marcellas is watching the pool table as James and Diane play.

Apparrently, Howie has bad gas and GEorge says he is NOT cooking him steak again. Howie keeps calling marc his little beau beau, which marc never seems to enjoy. Howie then comes over and kisses marcellas and calls him his little marcy doll...marc just kind of recoils lol

F1 - pool table

F2 - jase(?) kicking around beach ball

feeds then switch to Erika and kaysar talking in the hoh (which really is different from the other...downscaled? less stated? - weird)

Erika tells Kaysar that she thinks Diane and Nak are the ones to put up and Kaysar agrees.

F3 & 4- Dani washing her face. Janelle in and Nakomis has just finished showering.

Kaysar and Erika remark how the house seemed to slump when kaysar won hoh. He thinks that isn't what they wanted. Erika says she thinks they're worrying about him breaking up their partners, like will/boogie - nak/diane. Erika asks Kaysar not to seal her fate and he says he won't.

10:55pm bbt - F1 & F2 - HOH with kaysar and erika - they both dont know what for sure to do with CG, but they have to do something. Kaysar points out that CG has been doing a lot of cooking and stuff..really trying to stay

feeds switch - F1 & F2 Marc, Diane and Will playing pool(?). diane leaned forward and smelled Nak's hair. Nakomis said "you just smelled my hair, i'm not sure i'm comfortable with that" Diane: "well it's just that you smell so good.

F3 & F4 - Janelle and Danielle in the bathroom. Danielle and janelle discuss the dental damn - that are flavored and what they are used for. This is the first time that Janelle has seen one and didn't know it was there this whole time. Dani is tempted to lick one just to see if it actually tastes like the flavor it says it is (lol)

out for me for a lil bit

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11:28pm bbt - All 4 feeds are on janelle and nak talking and smoking outsie on the red couches. Nakomis says after this cig, she really needs to quit. They talk about how weird it is that the house is so depressed. nak says that Alison was neck deep in the game before they even had their heads in and she was puzzled as to why Ali would spend 2 hours hiding in a pot. Jan asks Nak if she voted to get dani out and Nak said that she did as a sympathy vote. they are talking a lot about all the conspiracies that alison stirred up before she left. Nak is saying to Jan that outside of the house alliances wouldn't work. Jan wants to know from Nak who Ali thought were in alliances and Nak said she didn't know who they were, Ali wouldn't tell her. They discuss how HOHs will work from now on? Will there be multi HOHs again?...They don't know.

N- did you want ali to leave?

Jan - yeah, alison was after me

N - why didn't you tell me? before when i asked you?

Jan - it just came up

Janelle says that things happened so quickly and so much happened that she had a hard time even breaking it down for DR.

Jan - ali would go around the house and say 'you haven't heard about this? that?'

Nak - i thought she was going for CG

Jan - no, she was coming after me

Nak - I was pretty sure you were all voting one way, so I just threw Ali a vote.

Nak says she caught Alison in multiple lies and that she has caught Erika in some lies also. nak is glad that ali is gone

Jan - she was just too intense

Nak - did you see her skitzing out last night?

Jan - no, thank god I missed that

Nakomis just doesn't want to be singled out and hated.

Nak - will and boogie scare me

Jan - they're crazy

Jan and Nakomis go over the scenarios for food competition. Nak says she can eat something gross once, like for a competition, but she isn't sure she could long term it.

Janelle wonders what the three lights do, (that line up in front of a door) she thinks that they must light up...but she doesn't know what is behind the door.

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11:50pm bbt - All 4 feeds are on the kitchen with Nak, Dani, CG, Erika, jase, and Howie milling around..small talking.

E to Dani - you're the one that nicknamed her Ally-Bear

Dani - soft and cuddly,like a bear, but she'd take your head off, like a bear (lol)

Jase is goin afer cottage cheese while DAni eats chips, Janie wants some of the cottag cheese too. Dani is talking to Erika. They all agree that Ali really brought the game and that if she had pulled it off she would have gone down in infamy. Jase talks in his marvin voice and says 'so you got the hohs to nominate each other?? you are one bad bitch'...they all agree that allison was the ultimate player but Jase says you gotta be crazy to spend 2 hours in a pot. Dani and Nak are telling how hyped up and crazy she was last night. Nak says Ali wanted to talk all night and had so much energy, but all she wanted to do was sleep.

11:56 dani tells howie that she wont trash allie, she played the game and she had to make her moves and she played her game. She isn't crazy, she's a competitor. Erika isn't completely sure and still thinks there might be some crazy there. They go back and forth how allie is like a football player before he hits the field, like she was an athlete and played the game that way.

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12:05am bbt - all 4 cameras on James and Jase in the yellow bug room. The camera keeps zooming in and out on the bugs...over and over stopping on each different bug for a pause. James and Jase are talking what they think that Sarah is doing right now...on the live feeds?

feeds switch (all 4) to a brief of the backyard with pool playing and then to ....Fire

Back to the pool table ...I thik Boogie is playing Nakomis & Will(?) - with Erika, Marcellas, and looking on.

Erika and Nakomis discuss that they will be woken up at 7am tomorrow, so they want to go to bed soon.

Boogie: that's right cause tomorrow you gotta be a beast!! - lol prepping for the food comps tomorrow.

12:15am bbt - All 4 feeds on jase, james and janie in the bug room. Janelle is talking about how luxurious things were when they came in..even more luxurious than their season. Jan says she thinks it's weird that they played and things were "like military style with cots and everything and pillows this thick". Jase says "it's crazy"

Jan gets up and leaves while James and Jase talk about how it's weird that people hate or love them from the internet. Jase says he barely logs on cause he just doesn't care. But he says that there has been some funny stuff done that he appreciates.

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12:25am - James, Kaysar, janele and Jase in the yellow bug room talking. Janelle is bringing up how nice everything was in the previous HOH - that she loved the blue chaise' and all that. She doesn't understand why they changed it. It seems odd to her.

(ed note: it's my opionion that janelle seems to be dropping hints and stuff that they may be going lower and lower in luxury as the game continues.)

James - are we gonna nominate howie this week please?

Janell - yeah, ok...howie, we'll nominate howie as a pawn

James - isn't every time howie goes up he's a pawn. I think you're a bigger pon than busto. - making fun of howie like they do between themselves.

Howie is in the background and goes on to trash talk previous season guests from bb6.

12:33am bbt - howie walks past janelle and farts in her face. She's grossed out and goes to the door cause she says he reeks. She says he's disgusting. Howie had just sprayed his bod cologne, I guess to cover the smel and howie asks which is disgusing...the bod or the fart (lol)

Howie says he's sleeping in Kaysars room as HOH and

K - oh hell no you aren't

H - yes i am

K - look at yourself!! youre a mess (lol). there is no way you are sleeping with me

laughs all around

James says watching howie is like watching a 3 legged dog. It's entertaining to watch, but all it really does is run in circles.

Janelle tells the others that Howie had a sexual dream about a squirrel last night. Howie recounts the dream and explains the odd dream he had about the squirrel." Jan wants to know now if she has a pet ferret, might Howie mistake it for a squirrel and fuck it?"

Howie: ha haaaaa..maybe

Janie: you're gonna have the animal activists on your ass

Howie: Christ! It was a fucking dream! Jesus

- all laughs

Howie leaves the room and Jase says that it is calm now.

K - he really is a hurricane

Jan - that was just a thunderstorm

James - sometimes i wanna tell him to calm the fuck down

Jan - he can't though. he can't stop.

They compare him of the character "Lenny" of "In Mice & Men" - a retarded character that Janelle says is 8th grade reading. Janie tells him not to tell him he is lenny or he will be offended. James says he doesn't even think Howie has ever read the book. Janelles bets $5 that he has. They call him in and ask him and he says "no".

James - ya just lost $5 Janie

James to Howie - we're gonna start calling you lenny. is that ok?

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Howie think that STDs came from people "banging" animals. He thinks that all STDs originated from this.

H- Don't you think??

Jan - I think that's a question for Dr Will

12:46am - Howie going on about nothing (lol) Sexing himself again. Janelle laughs and Jase looks amused. He's like their entertainment.

All 4 feeds switch to boogie, will, erika, danielle, diane in the bathroom doing nightly groomings/cleanings. Will and Boogie complain about not getting sleep and Nak and Diane tell them to come up and sleep with them.

Dr will stops, turns, and announces...ahhhh hhhhha...and now THAT is how a showmance happens.

Boogie is entertaining the idea though.

12:54pm bbt - BB: Marcellas, please come to the diary room

Diane - they are still doing DRs?

Dani - yeah, they still are

Marcellas walking through - who calls someone into the DR at 1am?!?

CG and Howie doing their nightly bathroom routine

Cg = good jedi training today

Howie agrees

Dani comes through and says "what are you guys doing? plotting a jedi alliance?

H - yep, and it's strong

CG - It's gonna be a really good one

they all laugh. Danielle entering stopped Howie & CG going back and foth

1:02 - all 4 to the HOH with Kaysar and janelle lying on the bed talking strategy

K - nakomis is still a good player. who do you think are more dangerous? people who are rogue players not in alliances or people in alliances who have a structured thought out plan?

Jan - well the thing is like.....I dont know......

K - i still think we should stick to the plan to get out nakomis?

Jan - you do?

K - yeah, i mean what really are our options? what is your hesitation? I dont understand

Jan - you wanna split those three up right?

K - yeah...

Jan - if we got rid of closest ally jase would be more willing to work with us

K - if you give jase no other option, he'll have to come to us

Howie comes in to join them. Janie munching from the HOH basket.

F1&2 - james, jase in yellow bug room lights out, talking back and forth about nothing really.

1:09 - feeds are jumping all over the place. F1 & 2 - Diane and Nakomis, and Erika in big bed talking. Talk is mostly about how Ali is really cutthroat. Diane thinks they were right to get ali out.

F3 & F4 - Howie, Kaysar and Janelle in HOH laughingly trying to pick a new name for themselves. Everything Howie suggests is immediately turned down and Kaysar tells him to stop thinking of comic book things (lol) Kaysar says that all th names that Howie has picked so far have been appropriate for the names of flag football teams.

Janie - howie, you are never good at brainstorming

Kaysar tells howie to stop picking such stupid names (lol)

K - why did we leave howie in charge of picking a name?

Jan - cause we thought he would be creative

H - dont worry, i'll think up something (but nothing is coming)

Janelle desperately wants kaysar to think of a "big word" that they can use again this time. Something like sovereign. Kaysar says he has trouble thinking of a word with howie coming at him with all his suggestions.

Janelle - howie, just stop

Diane, Nak and Erika are in the big bed talking about them not being able to eat gross things. Nakomis is sure she doesn't want to eat reproductive organs or 100 year old eggs or the baby chick that develops in the egg (very popular delicacy in the phillippines - Balut)

out for a lil bit for me

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1:45am bbt - F1 & F 2 - sleeping HG

feeds switch to Marcellas in the bathroom doing a manicure/grooming his nails. I can't tell if he is talking to himself, but i dont see anyone else around. Yeah, I do think he's talking to himself. Or to his mic....I dunno

Marc - 'you are such a liar'....."no i am noooot" (odd)

F3 & F4 - Kaysar going over and over with Howie and Janelle what the plan is. They are recapping what they were talking about earlier

K - it's not gonna hurt us to make this deal. go after the hoh every week like your life depends on it.

Jan and H agree.

Jan - i loves james, but once we get rid of danielle, he has to work with us completely.

K- James is making her feel safe for us

Jan - yeah. Marcellas is paranoid about her

K - I know and I hope he doesn't start an episode this week

Jan - he wont ...I'm able to talk him down. He's just a big talker

K - he says it big and he's very emotional

Jan - he's flamboyant

K - can you just make sure he's in control?

Jan - I know how to talk to him. He's my friend.

1:56 - 1:58am bbt - fire on all four

Back to Marcellas still talking to himself filing his nails on F1 & 2 in the bathroom. Still Howie Jan and Kaysar talking about Chill town

H- boogie, jase and will are chill town

He said something about them coming up to him and wanting him to be in their alliance. Janie looks at him oddly.

H - i think will is nervous

Jan - no way, bullshit, no way he's nervous, you really think that?

H - yeah, i could see it in his eyes

Jan - no. not will. he's not nervous. i dont believe that

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1:55AM BBT

FoTH for about 5 min

Howie & Janelle sitting a talking about Busto & the nerd herd (again :rolleyes: )

Marc sitting in the bathroom alone, filing his nails, & talking to himself.

Marc: oooh cut that at a crazy angle

Marc: you can't be fast & loose with the clippers bitch

Marc starts to sing & FoTH

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Janelle tells the others that Howie had a sexual dream about a squirrel last night


Dam Howie. I know you like tail but cmon? I know you like Canada, but wtf, squirrels don't have big boobies.


btw, fire is gone now,, marc talking to Jannie Doll.. Kaysar in doing his hair in bathroom, Howie bitchin

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2:09am bbt - after brief flames (and that horrible music)

F1 & F2 - Janelle is whispering in the bathroom with Marcellas. Janelle is doing her nails with Marcellas

M - I think boogie, will, everybody is scared cause they dont know what is going on. I mean..we're in 'your' house

Jan - laughs...marcellas....

M - what? well it is.

Jan - who are you scared of?

M - Danielle, george, james, a little weary of jase

Jan - I just...yeah

M - I'm not scared of Nak and Diane. I think they would go after alliances not me

Jan - yeah, i'm not worried about them either.

Jan - is the whole house scared?

M - yes

Jan - why?

M - why wouldn't they be? From the outside looking in, it's funny cause like....feed cut out

F3 - looks like Howie laying down to sleep in HOH bed

F4 - Kaysar combing his hair in HOH bathroom

2:15am - kaysar prays

feed back on Marc and Jan

Jan - what do you think kaysar would do?

M - I think he would go after will and boogie. there is a bunch of things he can do. it doesn't hurt him to leave will and boogie in the game cause they aren't that big of a threat right now. He could take care of others now..floaters

Jan - floaters....

M - Danielle aint no floater though, shes the master of the game

lost my feeds for a bit - keep goin guys :)

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Marc asks Janelle who the biggest threats are/who she would put up. She says Danielle & Diane. Marc asks if it would be smart for her to go after all the girls. She says yes that they (the guys) would never vote her or Marc out. Marc & Janelle acting like they are an alliance of 2. The sound of the nail file scraping on Janelles nails is very loud. Back & forth scrape scrape (UGH I can't stand the sound of the nail file rasping across Janelles nails)

Howie & Kaysar have just gone to sleep in HOH bed together.

Janelle & Marc say they are going to bed since BB is going to wake them up at 7:30 in the morning

Marc lotioning himself up. He is talking to himself like a :wacko:

Marc (talking to himself :wacko:): fine I shall get up at 7:30 in the morning & I will like it. Oh God what is going on with my skin.. Uh I can't. This is the wrong lotion

Marc walks outside to put his towel in the dryer.

Marc (talking to the washer & dryer :wacko:): Are you kidding me. That stinks. Frigging vermin. You fucking bloodsucking bitch you've been busy.

Marc (talking to the hot tub :wacko:): Is this supposed to (can't understand) me off? Will (???) knock it off

Marc (talking to the washer & dryer or something above them :wacko:): Get away from me you monster. You scary thing that goes bump in the night.

Janelle comes out & they talk about how bad it smells. She says it is a skunk. Marc can't believe they will be woken up at 7:30AM for the food comp. They both say they look forward to a week on (whatever the bad food will be) because they both need to lose some weight. They go inside to get some cuticle cream. They say Janelle brought a lot of products.

(Lost my feeds)

BB Feed female voice: We're sorry the big brother feed you are trying to access is temporarily unavailble.

(I tried 4 more times no feed so I am out)

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3:54 BBT Howie and Kay still up in HOH. They are both too pumped up to sleep. Kay is staying up so he can do his morning prayers.

Now going over the number of things in the house.

Talking how Nak is a strong player. Talking about how Julie messed up during the live show when she said Nak won. Howie went from his lowest point in his BB career to the highest at that moment.

Kay doesn't want Diane to come after him if he puts her up. How says she is coming coming after you.

(hard to keep up, my feeds are choppy this morning)

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4:11 BBT Howie and Kay still up. Howie just put some type of lotion on Kay's back. (I missed what it was). Howie still eating. Kay told him to stop eating all of his food. Howie asked if he can have one more. Kay says yeah.

They want to fall asleep but can't. Kay says he can't fall asleep because he has to get up in 45 min for his prayers. Howie just can't fall asleep. They are just walking around the room talking about random things. Now talking about the possibility of a luxury comp. Kay wants one where they would cut his hair. How wants a hair cut, a massage, or a chiropractor.

4:20BBT Howie on his rant about Nak again. He doesn't like people that bully the house, like a Cappy.

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(I imagine we could hear about this later today, so I'm going to recap from memory)

Just before going to bed, Janelle and Marcellas stood at the memory wall for at least 10 minutes. Marcellas was doing most of the creative "storyboard" as they developed a soap opera based on the houseguests.

Janelle offered the name of the show: BRADFORD PLACE (she had some connection for the name but I couldn't hear it)

-- George owns a cosmetics firm, but Will actually owns more stock in it.

-- Janelle is in advertising and is dating Will, with no idea of how evil he really is.

-- Jase, George's son, is in marketing.

-- Diane is the country bumpkin who is actually the illegitimate daughter of George (and therefore half-sister of Jase). This is her secret and she's out to take down her father's company.

They had more characters placed but I don't remember them now. Marcellas said if he were on Housecalls this is the type of thing he would throw out to the fans and they would just run with it. For example, "Give us a name for this show." That's when Janelle came up with Bradford Place.

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4:26BBT Howie and Kay finally going to bed. Howie sprays more of his cologne and Kay says he's going to have nightmares about Howie spraying and the squirrel. Howie wonders what he's going to dream about tonight. Howie was laying too close to Kay and Kay says "Hey you're getting too close".

Singing the What up Kaysar song again. Going over the HOH comp again and how Julie screwed up again.

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