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July 14 Live Feed Updates

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wow... just heard Dr Will say on his mic... knowing nothing and it's not my specialty, Erika might need an xray... you guys might want to call ahead for that... Erika is sitting next to him (she looked depressed, at first I checked the list of winners/losers in the food comp thinking she had lost... did she get hurt during the comp or fall while washing off after?)

went back and listened again... he started off earlier saying to her... it's ok, cough it up and spit it in a bucket... sounds like she did swallow something...

also, Howie made a comment of "so it's a tie?" (there were the usual complaints during the comp of people cheating/using their hands)

and Jase talking to Howie in front of everyone suggeting the two of them for 'final 2?'

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feeds back again, HGs are back in the house, showering... Nakomis says the slop is 'a lot better than bugs'

Janelle out of the HOH shower, Marcellas says she can't walk down to get clothes wearing just her robe

Will just said he smashed Erikas ribs into the trough during the comp

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will just said he was playing the game being a jackass jase or boogie says on purpose and he says yea to livin up the game and smashed erikas ribs on the trough...the good dr doesnt seem to be showing much remorse for trying to kill erika though hes all laughing about the game.

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Kaysar/Janelle/Howie in HOH

J:what are you going to do?

K: stick with the plan

Discuss the reason they lost is Nakomis lost it for them because her first 'rat' turned out to be a bandanna

Will/Mike/Jase in bathroom discussing what it takes for BB doc to say you have to leave...

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will and boogie are in workout room boogie saying to will remember the thing i whispered in your ear....yea.....remember...yeah and then flames? (does anyone know what thast about or atleast catch it?)

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Jan worried that it doesn't have good nutrients and that her skin is going to break out.

E looks like she's in extreme pain. She's laying with ice on her ribs.

Jase said the Dr. said that she should rest & relax and that she'd probably be ok.

Jan trying to give the slop some flavor, she's going to put Honey on it.

James talking about what his performance will be like in the gym and in competitions.

They are talking about putting hot sauce & salsa in the slop. That's ok.

Chicken G suggests the chocolate powder from the protein shakes. How thinks Chocolate Oatmeal could be good.

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Kaysar talking with Boogie and Will in HOH.

Wants to come to an understanding that if he puts up floaters this week, if either of them gets HOH next week they'll put up floaters.

He doesn't want to tell them who he's thinking of.

Will says that when Howie and Janelle ran up and hugged him after winning HOH it put a huge target on them as a group.

Will asks him not to put up Erika because he feels terrible, her situation is because of him, it wasn't a game play.

Kaysar says he wants to stir things up.

Chicken George is the only other name that's been mentioned.

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Dr. Will is now eating the oatmeal too... Says he loves oatmeal... He and Howie pertending they don't like it... Howie has mixed strawberry protien mix in with his... Dr. Will put honey...

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kay and janie in hoh

kay, they said, wont how and jan be mad if you do this?

kay, i acted like a hard axx and told them that i was hoh and what i said goes

knock on door

james comes in

they tell him that he is going up as a pawn

they swear that they have the votes to keep him

james starts freaking out

they laugh and tell him they are kidding

kay and james hug

now talking about a book....about napoleon

jan and kay and james in hoh

james talking about marcellas hanging them out to dry by going around and calling them THE FOUR over and over to everyone

james says if i get veto you are going up

james told him that veto holder gets to put someone up

but he is lying

james has no problem sending marc home

kay tells james if he wants to send someoen home then he needs to win hoh

jani says marc wont send them home

james disagrees

kay thats why its important for us to take out the straggleers, cuz the stragglers will try to take the stragglers to the end

james says he wants george to go, he is annoying and shouldnt be here

james doesnt want to win against chicken george

james says he still has a code of competition ethics

says you cant cheat in the game, it is bullshit

you can lie and manipulate, but you cant cheat

kay says that james was disgruntled after the food comp

they talk about boogie using the hand they werent allowed to use

and something about nakomis having a bandana in her mouth

they say they were cheating

and jase didnt call them out on it

james...i dont cheat in competitions

they all agree they would have won if the other side hadn't cheated

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Discussion from James of putting Boogie up with Nakomis.

Kaysar not sure that's a good idea.

Talk about how they don't even want stragglers in sequester.

James randomly states that he liked the slop.. "that stuff is good!" Janelle's like "uh, no it's not"

More game talk, about taking out stragglers.

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james, diane and boogie are starting a showmance

james asks if it is still boog and nak going up

kay shakes his head

jan says he wont tell us

and kay doesnt tell, he is obviously keeping it a secret...at least in front of james

they talk about will and boog being dangerous

says boog can become an alison, someone who is willing to do anything

they think boog is more dangerous than will

they all like boog, its not personal, but he is more dangerous than will

james, dr will strategy is to bring ppl down, i dont care, let him depress everybody

but boog wants to be the mastermind, pull off the grand scheme

james ...but if you put up boog and nak

kay...we are a team

james but you want to keep it secret so im just giving my opinon

kay, who is more dangerous, boog or nak

james, its on diff levels

james..wants to get naks word when she is on the block

he says boog will lie to your face, nak will keep her word

kay, i think they house needs a little chaos

james, you dont think boog on the block will be chaos?

james with boogs manipulations also comes dr. wills charisma

kay they are a huge target thats why i brought them in here in front of everybody

james, they are not as huge a target as us

james i dont trust them at all

kay neither do i, trust is not necessary in this relationship

we are putting dogs in a cage and kicking it and then letting them out and saying...go

james...just count the numbers..theres 2 of them...4 of us

kay either way, whether they are here or not, there are still 4 of us, plus we have jase and marc and all these extras

james, they will give us votes when we are hoh, and they will put us up when we are not

james marc is a joke

kay we have a core, and all we need to focus on is the core keeps hoh

james, our mistake last season was not taking out the core on the other side and i see the core being boog more than dr. will

kay, dont go after the most salient, go after the true brains

go after the brains and the straggler, the stragglers will win

james, i dont even want straggler in sequester

jan and kay agree

they say there is so much paranoia in the house no one will believe us about anything..it would work one week then fall apart

jan says if she gets hoh next week she is going after cg

kay you always want to be the source of hysteria, otherwise you will be the victim of it

its the prisoners dilemna

talks about getting offers of money etc to leave

kay says nak going home is the best possible outcome for this week

james is adamant that he wants boogie out


its cg

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cg looking for his shoes in hoh

he leaves and james says that that was recon as there is no way he took his shoes off in there

they watch the cam to see where cg went

james doesnt know if cg is playing dumb or if he is really dumb

james looking at pics of sara that kay got as hoh and jan had one too

they ask james why to send boog home

kays says he agrees, but not now

james says once boog is gone, will will only have howie

janie laughs

james thinks will will go with them if boog is gone

kay and jan both say he is the biggest liar ever and they dont see that happening

jani...if you get rid of the stragglers...who is honsetly going to give boog or will the half a mill..they are already multimillionaires....

james says he wants to be beside one of them

jan says, but you have to go with the odds

james says well we keep it us 4

james who do we keep between erika and marc

jan says marc,,erika is an amber, she didnt do anything her season

james and kay agree they are looking too far ahead

james says kay is a smart guy, he is not worried about kays noms

kay, this is what i like about our team, we are really well balanced

jan wins comps

james wins vetos

cant figure out what howie does yet

they all say he is their re- con guy

but ppl are catching on to him

but they still let their guard down with him

kay, we need to spice things up..we need a little more chaos dont you think? (for the hundredth time)

they talk about how scary alison was and how bad the last week was

james says ali is bi-polar

kay, she plays to win

they say dani would have gone home if she were up with anyone else

james cant believe that alison told him that he was safe and that she was going after erika jan and kaysar

they all laugh and cant believe she told james that

they are proud of themselves for acting like they hated james at first

james talks about how he cant believe that danielle told him about the plan to get rid of janie

jan and james talk about seeing each other totally naked

in the shower, last summer

janie went inside, took her bikini bottoms off and put shorts on

janelle went outside and took her shorts off thinking she had her bikini on still, james was the only one looking at her

and saw her hoohoo

then they talk about james dropping his pants when there was no camera on him

in front of marc and janelle during food comp

so now jan saw james hoohoo too

kay, glad we got that out, i saw your thing and you saw my thing

jan, its ok, we are in an alliance

they are all impressed with how howie is doing this year

they all think they are doing good

james says he has done a great job of staying away from them and he shoudl leave now

kaysar brings up the name thing again

sounds like it is driving him nuts that they dont have a new name

james tells him to stop worrying about it

they all say something about being americas choice or team america

kaysar is dancing around in his overhauls

james leaves

janie lounging in a chair

kaysar thinks he is micheal jackson...he says

kay, no offense to james, but his strategy sucks

jan, what, go on both sides

kay, no that he wants to go after boog

jan, well boog wants to go after him

kay really

janie, YES i told you guys that already

kay wonders if james will share this conversation with dani

janie doesnt think so

kay tells her that nak and diane were ali's 2 votes...janie (who told kay this yesterday and he didnt believe her) tells him that she knew it

kay talking about THE ART OF WAR

never attack the enemy head on

attack their resources and their allies

if we corner them and start taking out their sources of power......all of a sudden, they wont even realize what we are doing....then they get in power and they have no moves left, the are screwed and wont know what hit them

thats how you play smart, its like chess, you have to think 2 or 3 moves ahead, if you dont, youre screwed

kay, we are not going to make the same mistake as last time

jan, i dont think going after eric was a mistake, he had to go

key, but it put a huge target on me

jan, but i think eric enjoyed it (maybe she said america enjoyed it)

start doing shout outs to america and such

and we have


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Marcellas just finished making up an extremely elaborate soap opera involving all of the houseguests. It was too elaborate to possibly keep up with the details! :)

Mike says Will should offer a trade to someone on the other side - Will would eat the slop for a week and let the other person have real food. Will says he'd do it, he didn't care but he didn't think anyone on the other team would care. Mike said Marcellas would.

I've heard at least 3 people complaining about their eyes hurting/not being able to see after the food comp. Nakomis said she got milk under her contact lens.

Mike says BB could have been an amazing show if they had done this format from the beginning. (I'm not sure what he means by this.) He says CBS is after the 18-49 year old demographic. Mike says if this current show isn't good (with the all-stars) then it can't be good. What makes the show good is that they are all expressive, Type A personalities, which also means that they whine sometimes.

George says Survivor is in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the most watched show. Mike questioned him about this and George said he couldn't remember exactly why survivor was in there - he would have to look it up again.

Danielle was just sitting by herself in the bathroom.

Kaysar & Howie are asleep in the HOH room.

1:56 pm BB time - the lockdown is over!

Danielle just reassured George that if he is nominated she won't vote against him because of the agreement they made previously.

1:59 BB time: FoTH

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2:30 BBT

Boogey and Jase in pool.

Boogey says that Kaysar told him that who's going up is no secret but that he is HOH and HE will make the decision. Then Jase says that he thinks James controls Kaysar -- "to a point" he adds. <got that wrong!>

Boogie says that Danielle passed him in the bathroom and quickly told him that he and Will are safe. Jase says he thinks he's a possibility.

Will and Nakomis moved over to pool and ended conversation.

ETA: It's now almost 3:00 BBT and we've had FOTH for almost 1/2 hour.

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Mike told a story about appearing on a game show (Super Market Sweep?) He and his partner beat out two housewives, but Mike got stuck on the 'bonus round', couldn't get "marshmellow" from the given clue (what is round and puffy and found at campfires?)

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Nom's haven't happened yet, MArcellas, Diane & Nakomis are talking about who they think will get nominated. They seem to think it will be Will & Mike Boogie

Nakomis says that she doesn't like that Kayser pulled Will & Mike out of their room earlier to talk - she said that she doesn't think they are going up, unless Kayser was pulling them up there to give them warning of the nominations to be nice.

Marcellas thinks it would not be smart for them to leave Mike & Will in the game, since they are clearing going after BB6. Also, he said it wouldn't make sense that they would fight so hard to get out Alison to leave more enemies in the house.


Feeds back,

Diane says "Am I crazy, or..Howie's attitude changed in the past day or so"

Marcellas "Nicer or more Arrogant?"

Diane - "More arrogant, like he feels safer in the house"

These three are commenting how they totally outed their alliance when Howie and Janelle were congratulating Kayser on his win.

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3:30 BBT

James sat down with Marcellas, Nakomis, and Diane, interrupting a conversation about Danielle. <The girls are a bit suspicious of her.>

James is eating slop and says it's "the perfect meal" because of its protein content and low fat. Says they should be feeding it to the troops. Marcellas says he won't eat any of it until at least tomorrow.

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MArcellas talking about hist "super clean" salt + water combonation, cleans out your system. Marcellas called to storage, he comes out with an ear cleaning system. he comments "they are really listening to evrything we say"

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