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July 14 Live Feed Updates

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Howie asks Janelle if her shorts are some sports team logo & she says no they are cashmere & she can't help it if she is a high class bitch.

Howie takes Janelle in the storage room & starts telling her how their plan is working but Diane walks in & catches them. They change the subject (in a painfully obvious way). Diane leaves & Janelle asks if they should go after the floaters next week. They think some will join Will & Boogie & form the new Chilltown. Then it will be Chilltown vs them. Howie says he's going to destroy everything in this house.

Janelle says they have to keep an eye on James & she is concerned about him switching sides. Howie doesn't think James will nominate them but if his ass is on the line he will go against them. Howie says if they don't win HOH they will threaten the HOH that the SOV will go after them if they nom any of the SOV.

Janelle says the only person she would want to make a deal w/is Nak. She doesn't trust Will, Diane, or Boogie.

Jan: if Nak comes off the block who would we put up

How: chilltown

They do baby talk, website shout outs, & people shout outs

I can hear a huge GO GEORGE chant in the background then the feeds switch to CG running towards the pool. He does a bellyflop then FOTH

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There was some type of chanting or yelling in the background. The feeds switch to the backyard. And Chicken G. is running across the yard and does a huge belly splash into the pool.

Then we get FoTH. (Guess BB didn't like that, lol)

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7:35 BBT

Howie and Kaysar go into storage room to talk.

H: So Boogie walked in and said this morning Diane saw me walk out of Kaysar's room and said "You made a deal with him, you made a deal with him! Didn't you? Will's all pissed off at me" He said "No of course I didn't make a deal with him" and she walked off all mad.

H: Then, uh, Jase was in the hot tub and said "It's too early in the season to use the veto." And I said "Who are you gonna save if you win the veto Jase, Nakomis or Diane?" and Jase says "I can't I'm not using it, I'm not using it" and then Dr Will says "Stop stop, before you spill something."

H: Obviously they're in with Chill Town. It's working man, dissention's working.

K: It's causing chaos. Perfect.

H: I am going to do everything in the power of anything to win HOH.

H: Good job, Bro. What up Kaysar!

K: Everything's under control, Howie.

H: Yeah, we just gotta get one more next week, and boom!

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...Still all four cameras in the exercise room (ugh!) Janelle and Marc exercising and talking every now and then about the votes for Alison and if Kaysar's move was a mistake. Marc sings that he loves his new gym shoes. Jan chuckles a little in response. He's talking to her about something but the darn machine is so loud I can't hear...then we get fire :(

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Marcy & Janelle in workout room.

J: so what do you think of Kaysar's noms

M: it broke my heart

J: I know... it's awful

M: Diane needs it so bad, to stay til sequester. She is living in a fucking car. She had this crazy roomate & she had to get out of the house

J: Tony?

M: yes

J: yes but everyone needs to stay as long as they can

M: I know everyone has a sob story

M: but why not boogie & will

J: I think they made a deal

M: but you realize that that puts the 4 at risk...they aren't going to honor a deal

J: I dunno what Kaysar did

M: & I though Danielle was going on the block (Marcy should be regretting that vote switch about now)

J: I know

J: I am beginning to rethink if it is wise to keep all guys in the house, those guys are going to smoke us in the finals if we are there.

M: did you see them outside playing kickball? we can't compete with that. It is like HS all over again except in HS I was homecoming king & I was playing straight. & Kaysar did exactly what Howie did he went after the floaters instead of going after the direct targets

J: I know

M: floaters go where the power is this early in the game. you take out the people that will go directly after you

Marcy says he got trapped in the room w/Diane crying. They say it's funny how Will & Boogie are now out there talking to Kaysar now when they never talked to him before.

We got FOTH (this Foth chit is getting old no one did anything, no reason for Foth, all 4 feeds were on Marcy & Janelle :angry: )

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We are back. Still Marcy & Janelle working out. Saying something about Ali.

M: I think Mr & Mrs Smith has proven itself to be a fallacy

J: what's that

M: it can't exist

J: so it's like what the hell are we doing

Now all 4 feeds switch to CG making toast in the kitchen :rolleyes:

Now 2 feeds FOTH 2 feeds on BY. They are playing golf?? They have huge golf clubs & ginormous golf balls. (I think they are practicing for some comp, veto MBE?)

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Nak and Diane are playing some kind of golf game.

Diane said that they know it's not going to be on grass and it's going to be much more complicated.

So from that I'm guessing it's practice for the veto comp.

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Now all 4 cams on James and Jase in bug room. Jase is talking about his little girl. He says she calls him "Daddy Jasse" ...James: awwww! James says he can't wait to be a father... Jase says that's what he'll do when he gets out of the house. Then he says he has a plan, his girlfriend knows, but he's not saying it (on camera I guess)... Kelly (his little girl?) is 3

*switch* ...Marc, Danielle and Nakomis on red couch talking about mosquitos and milk shakes(all 4 cams on them).

...Marc just said that the people in the diary room keep telling them : "All you do is sit around and bitch, bitch, bitch...If I were there..." Then Nak says "well, we've been there". Marc says "I won't be excited to see either of you leave..." They're discussing now the price of the feeds. Danielle says she doesn't get the feeds because she heard they're addictive...Marc says "that's kind of true" (LOL!)

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