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  1. Thanks for the info! I think I'll try it out.
  2. Just out of curiosity, how does the BBLite player recognize that you're a subscriber to the live feeds? If you downloaded it to a new computer without signing into RealPlayer first, would it prompt you to log in?
  3. I'm not sure how many of you are Twitter users, but a friend of mine and I recently started trying to find as many former Big Brother HouseGuests who use Twitter as we could. If any of you are interested, I've put all the former HGs that I've been able to find into a single list, which can be found here: http://twitter.com/akhelms/bb-houseguests And if you see anyone who I've missed, please let me know! I'm always on the lookout for more former HouseGuests to follow. :-)
  4. Around 1:30PM BBT. Several House Guests are in the bathroom - some getting ready for the live show, some just chit-chatting. Around 1:40PM BBT. Enzo and Matt leave the bathroom (as does Lane) and go to their bedrooms to plan their wardrobes for the evening.
  5. 1:17PM BBT Monet is in the have-not room sitting alone in her bed. (She looks upset and based off the use of tissues, I'm assuming she has been crying.) She is occasionally whispering a phrase or sentence to herself, but it's not loud enough for me to hear. She gets up and examines herself in one of the one-way mirrors - first her face and then her stomach. She leaves the have-not room (at 1:23PM BBT) and gets something from the storage room. The camera man zooms in on her packed bag waiting by the door before turning the feeds to the cabana room and the bathroom. 1:25PM BBT In the bathroom, Britney walks into the bathroom where Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are talking. Matt is in the shower. They're all chit-chatting, including what is going on tonight and how nobody knows.
  6. 8:30PM BBT Regan, Rachel, and Britney are in the Cabana room talking about television. Britney is giving Regan trivia questions about Sex in the City. Brenden, Matt, and Enzo are also in the Cabana room but carrying on their own conversations. Meanwhile, Monet and Kathy are in the bedroom with palm trees. Monet starts crying while discussing game. Kathy says that what Matt said about being bullied didn't happen. Monet doesn't believe anything Matt says.
  7. 8:15PM BBT. The camera man is showing some pretty intense close-ups of some of the House Guests on the feeds. The House Guests are talking about reality show celebrities. (It impresses me how much they can remember off the top of their head. Also: I really don't understand why the camera crew is using such extreme close-ups on the feeds.)
  8. 1:50PM BBT. Rachel is in the HOH bathroom alone posing for pictures in her HOH bathrobe. (She going to look pretty ridiculous in these pictures, if you ask me). Once she's finished, she starts looking through the pictures on the camera before returning to her bedroom. She sits down and starts typing on the laptop in her room (presumably for the HOH blog) before the feeds switch and show downstairs scenes. 1:55PM BBT. All four of the feeds are on the Cabana Room, where the House Guests are discussing sports.
  9. Around 1:35PM BBT. A group of House Guests are posing for pictures with the HOH camera, discussing the HOH blog, Twitter, etc.
  10. 9:00PM BBT. Kristen, Matt, Hayden, and Lane in the hot tub... not talking game, mostly talking about alcohol and their favorites. Kathy is sitting on the deck area.
  11. Around 8:05PM BBT. Outdoors after the big House Meeting. 8:10PM BBT. Regan and Britney go inside to discuss game.
  12. 7:15PM BBT. (Very, very intense.) Rachel, Kathy, and Regan were just in the HOH room discussing some drama surrounding Matt. They all decide to hold a house meeting, so Rachel comes down stairs calls a house meeting and asks everyone to come to the living room. Everybody is there, except Andrew (who "can't come"). Rachel explains that she thinks it is only fair that everyone knows what is going on so that everyone knows who to evict. She feels someone is playing both sides of the house right now. Rachel hates being put in this position as HOH, but someone is telling her one story and others a different story. Regan interrupts and asks that the group avoids accusations like this, and only stick to the facts. Rachel says that she wanted Monet to go home. She talked to people bout securing votes, so she wanted to put up a safe person as a pawn against Monet. Matt approached her and agreed to be a pawn. Britney claims that Matt told her she was very upset and didn't realize that he was being put on the block, and acted like he had no idea he was going to be put up. Britney was completely surprised when she heard that Matt had agreed to be a pawn. Matt claims he feels like he was strong-armed by them and was told that Andrew was being put up as a pawn and he should vote out Monet. He wanted to avoid being bullied into voting Monet out when he wanted to vote out Andrew, so he agreed to be a pawn. He is down playing that he agreed to be a pawn, but Brenden points out that Rachel wasn't planning on using him as a pawn and he kept encouraging Rachel to use him (Matt) as a pawn. Matt says he is more upset that Rachel is strong-arming people in the game. He says that is the only reason he is upset is because he felt bullied. Matt keeps saying he is not playing both sides. Matt claims that Rachel told him - hours before the veto meeting - that she didn't know what she was going to do as far as a replacement nominee. Brenden thinks that Matt wanted to be put up as a pawn so that one side of the house would owe him a favor, then he could run to the other side of the house and get pity from them in case they were in power the next week. Matt admits that Rachel and Brenden are definitely a target next week, and Matt claims that everybody in the house should feel the same way unless they have "zero strategy" or been bullied. Matt, Rachel, and Brenden are talking in circles. Matt is denying most of the things that are being said against him. Regan adds his interpretation: Matt couldn't tell Rachel and Brenden that he was going to evict Monet, so instead of lying he volunteered to be a pawn against Monet so he wouldn't have to vote. Rachel says this is okay, but his exacts words were that if they wanted Monet to go home they should put him (Matt) up as a pawn - but he wanted to go up autonomously. Britney is asked what Matt said to her, but she avoids answering the question. Matt jumps in and tells everyone that he told Britney that he was going after Rachel and Brenden next week, like everyone in the house should. Matt adds that he likes Rachel and Brenden as people, but it's just a game. Britney and Regan confirm that he has said this. Matt says that, if anything, he is playing NO sides (not both sides). The best thing for him in the game this week was for him not to have a vote. Brenden goes back to his theory that Matt is playing both sides, and that is why he volunteered to be a pawn. Enzo asks what the "sides" are. Rachel clarifies that Matt is playing Rachel/Brenden against the rest of the house. Monet's voice is cracking (like she is crying). She says the show he put in the back yard was "shitty," if he actually knew he was going up on the block. Monet claims he was just trying to get his sympathy. Rachel points out that the point of the meeting was to make sure that everybody had all the same information. She says the cast gets along well and everybody seems to like each other personally, but it's important that they're playing fairly and have a season where everybody is playing as competitors. Rachel, Matt, and Brenden talk over each other. Matt is claiming something completely different from Rachel/Brenden. Matt says that Rachel keeps saying that she didn't know what she was going to do, so he didn't know either. Brenden keeps claiming that Matt kept volunteering and insisting he be put up as a pawn. Matt points out that he has never attacked someone in the house personally, only someone being a strong competitor. Rachel claims that she almost felt like Matt was pressuring her to put him up as a pawn, but Matt claims this is a lie. Brenden theorizes that Matt's plan all along was to go to the others in the house and put a target on Rachel/Brenden because they put him (Matt) up for eviction since they didn't know he had asked to be put as a pawn. Rachel/Brenden say they were trying to clear the air, not argue. Brenden points out that the vote will show what the people want - if they want to eliminate the drama (by voting Matt out), or if they want to keep it. It then comes out that Britney was supposed to throw an HOH competition, so Matt could win HOH, and get his personal revenge on Rachel/Brenden. However, Matt refutes that he never asked anyone to throw an HOH competition. Britney backs down, saying she doesn't want to directly be involved in this, but Rachel points out again that Britney just came up to the HOH room and told this. Britney hates that she has been spotlighted, but Rachel says that she wants all the cards on the table. At this point, the meeting starts to break up. Some go into the kitchen. Finally, Matt gets up and says "I'm done here." before walking away. Monet: If you want to vote me out for $10,000 that's fine, but watch out for Matt. She then walks away. Britney goes on about how she hates that she has been involved with this, but the fact of the matter is that Matt acted surprised to her that he went up on the block. "Everything just got really crazy, really fast." She keeps saying that the entire situation "sucks." Matt comes back. Rachel, Brenden, and Matt argue again. Matt is basically repeating what he's already said. Matt says that, if anyone, Rachel is the liar. Matt talks about how Rachel is sneaking around and talking behind closed doors. Matt continues to claim that he only asked to be a pawn once, and after that he only said things like "whatever you need to do." Rachel denies this. Rachel: "You're just mad I told the whole house what you did." Matt: I'm not mad, at least it gave me a chance to explain what I did. Rachel then walks away.
  13. Around 7:00PM BBT. Regan, Kathy, and Rachel in the HOH room discussing strategy (particularly Matt).
  14. 6:50PM BBT Outdoor LD is over. Rachel, Brenden, Kathy, and Regan go to HOH room. Rachel explains that Matt has been talking to Britney, Monet, Enzo, and Lane about how he's mad that Rachel and Brenden nominated him without telling them. Rachel also says that Matt has claimed he's going after Rachel and Brenden. They all talk about the entire situation. Regan starts to defend Matt, saying he likes him and thinks he's a good person and has never heard Matt say anything bad or untruthful about Regan. Regan suggests a meeting with everyone involved. Regan would have a very hard time to just sit back and watch Matt get thrown under the bus if he hasn't actually done anything. Regan thinks the fairest thing to do is to have a conversation with everyone, he feels that is the right thing to do. Kathy agrees. Brenden says that Matt is going to deny it.
  15. Around 8:30-45PM BBT. Monet and Britney in the hot tub. 8:50PM BBT. Kristen doing her hair in the bathroom, with Kathy, Brendon, and Rachel chit-chatting in the background.
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