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Dr Will


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Let's sum up the game so far.....

Will came into the house as target #1. He is the only previous winner in the house and was widely known to be an extraordinarily smart and shrewd player (the best ever, imo). Prior to the start of the game, everyone said they were going after him. At this stage of the game he has been nominated once but only because he suggested it to the HOH.

This latest flurry of disarray in the house is his handy work. It all started when he convinced Janelle to nominate Diane. He has managed to convince Janelle that he and Boogie are her only real friends. She's even beginning to question Kaysar. He has manipulated Janelle so much she doesn't even know what the heck she is doing most of the time.

He has managed to fracture the BB6 folks somewhat and has formed an alliance with Danielle and James that noone knows about but still keeping close ties to Janelle and controlling her more and more. He is constantly working her.

Everyone keeps talking about Chilltown this, Chilltown that. The truth is that other than Marcellas, CT isn't really on anyones radar. And now they have Marcellas as such a marked man that whomever gets HOH next week will most likely be nominating him first.

I realize there are some out there that dislike Will. That's fine. You can't like everyone. But like him or not, you have to admit that he plays this game brilliantly. No matter how he finishes in this game, he is the best that has ever played.

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I don't see how Will b*tches any MORE or LESS than Diane(did) or Marcellas,etc. about being STUCK in the BBH.At least he does it as a ploy.The others are just huge snivelers. <_<

OOOOOOHHHHH I want a CT shirt!

And CT IS Will plus sidekick Boogie.Mike is always asking Will what the master plan is.(Batman & Robin)

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