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Thursday, August 27, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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12:35 PM BBT  Feeds are back, and Dani laughs about Nicole's goodbye message to Janelle.  Dani told her to start with a compliment, then tell her the rest.  Nicole said she didn't give a good compliment, she started saying she came into the house wanting to work together, but apparently Janelle didn't want to.  Dani tells Cody that was Nicole's compliment.  They laugh that it wasn't a compliment.  She goes on to tell she uninvited Janelle to her wedding.  Nicole is having remorse, so she wants to do it over (she did it 3 times already).  They tell her it is too late, but she is going to try.  Tyler and Christmas are in the room with them.  Christmas tells them she has to put David up if she gets HOH.  She was talking with someone in the LR this morning about how he doesn't know the game, and her trying to help him, but he didn't learn anything.  They found out he was upstairs, she thought he went back to bed, so now David is mad at Christmas.  Dani already knew this, but acted surprised.  Earlier she told Cody about it, but he said it doesn't affect them, just Christmas.  Tyler puts his clothes away and leaves, Christmas asks if he is mad at her.  Dani and Cody both reassure her he isn't.  And....we get star/music again.

I am out

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12:49 PM BBT Dani says the good morning was not the best today. Cody says they woke him up at 8:30 this am for DR. Dani asked him what he looked like he said puffy and hair all messed up. 

12:54 PM BBT Janelle has a facial on laying down in the KBR talking to Memphis and Dani Cody are in the PBR general chit chat. Not a lot going on. 

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12:59 PM BBT

Cody talks with David in the PBR. David apologizes for his "rookie mistake" by mentioning his name to Da'Vonne regarding a supposed all guys' alliance. David said he felt pressure

Cody: I told you not to be emotional about it! I told you not to be emotional! Did I not tell you she was not targeting you? Did I not tell you it might just be hee paranoia and  and did I not say that I did not see it myself? .... Did I bring up her name or did you bring up her name about the all guys' alliance, because she made it seem like you came to her and I was fucking crushing her.

David: I am on an island   [more like realizing he is on a sinking ship  -MamaLong]

Cody: How many times have I told you...you can't play the game like that

Tyler comes in and Cody leaves. Ty asks David if COdy is okay. He says yeah, he was laughing about it

Tyler: everyone is spreading it across the house...I don't know who. I'm trying to squash it.





1:08 PM BBT

Nicole is telling Christmas in the PBR that she redid her goodbye message for Janelle "I didn't want to stoop to her level"

Christmas tells her that was really big of her to do.



1:36 PM BBT

Janelle and Christmas talking in the PBR. Christmas tells her the same thing would have happened if Josh would have been in there "they would have seen us together and ...(she makes a cutting motion)"

Janelle: Obviously there were supposed to be more pairs. Kacey was supposed to be here and Josh but then because of COVID  *feeds cut*


Janelle tells CHristmas that Nicole is good friends with Dani outside of the house, and Cody too. "I mean she has already won the game"

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1:42 PM BBT 

Bayleigh tells CHristmas that she thinks her boobs are too big. Christmas tells her she is really tall

Bay: okay, so that helps  (she grabs her boob and says, 'look, it's like a whole head')

Christmas tells her she is well proportioned and Bayleigh says 'as long as you think so'

Christmas: well, it's your body...perfectly yours

Bay: so let's cut it up and get rid of that.....no





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12:59 PM BBT.  In the PBR, David tells Cody he messed up and let his name slip.  Cody says he told him not to act on emotion.  Cody says u can't run up to Da'Vonne bcuz she is smart & she can pick it apart.  David says he's an island.  Cody says no you're not an island.  


1:02 PM BBT.  Tyler and David in the PBR.  David says it was a rookie mistake, it's all new to him.  Tyler tells him it's spreading around the house.  


1:05 PM BBT.  The HGs are getting ready or getting something to eat.  No game talk right now.  


1:07 PM BBT.  Enzo says they need a barber to come in on Thursdays.  One of the girls says we are all stars.  In the PBR, Nicole tells Xmas she wants to fix her goodbye message but she doesn't know if they will.  Nicole says it wasn't vicious but it wasn't her.  She says she didn't sleep well.  She doesn't want to sink to Janelle's level, well she didn't.  In the loft, Da'Vonne tells Kevin she is trying to win tonight.  Da'Vonne says if it's not me and Bayleigh it'll be you and David.  Da'Vonne says she is not getting the vibe that it'll be Kaysar, she thinks he would be backdoored.  


1:09 PM BBT.  In the loft, Da'Vonne and Kevin.  Da'Vonne says she doesn't think any of them will go home this week but she isn't going to ne a pawn.  Kevin says that's the beginning of the end, you will always be a pawn.  Da'Vonne says she'd put up Ian and David.  Da'Vonne asks who Kevin would put up.  He doesn't want to say, he says I'll know it came from you.  She says "SAME"!  Kevin says he'd put up Kaysar and Cody, telling Cody he's a pawn.  Da'Vonne says she is the only person she's telling this to, she's not even telling Bayleigh.  Kevin says he doesn't trust Bayleigh as much.  Da'Vonne says I don't either.  


1:22 PM BBT.  In the PBR, Tyler and Xmas.  Xmas says David for sure heard them this morning.  Xmas says she doesn't feel bad about it, she'll put David up and a pawn.  Xmas says Kaysar is locked in with her.  She'll tell him he needs to lay low for 2 weeks so people forget about his association with Janelle.   Tyler thinks Kevin and David have something.  Da'Vonne and Kevin still talking in the loft.  


1:23 PM BBT.  In the loft, Kevin and Da'Vonne in the loft.  Da'Vonne says if she gets David out this week, that gives Kaysar another week to win and go after the boys.  


 1:38 PM BBT.  We are getting stars intermittently.   Janelle tells Dani in the PBR.  Janelle says that she's not going out without kicking and screaming.  


1:42 PM BBT.  Xmas and Bayleigh talking in the CBR.  Several HGs hanging out in the KT.  


1:44 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Bayleigh, Janelle and Kaysar.  Kaysar and Janelle are packing.  

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1:45 PM BBT

Jaynelle and Kaysar are packing their suitcases

Jaynelle: why is your suitcase so big

Bayleigh joins them to watch them pack..."If tonight's a double you will be back tonight"

Janelle shows her fuschia velvet dress and Bay is in love with it "I loooove that"





Bay asks her where she got it, and Janelle tells her "it's the French designer I can't pronounce Alexandre Vauthier"

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1:50 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Janelle shows Bayleigh and Kaysar her finale dress.  It is velvet & hot pink.  She says she likes to go out with a bang.  Bayleigh tells her she could wear it tonight.  Janelle says she could wear it tonight bcuz the mask they gave her is pink.  Janelle asks what else Bayleigh wants.  Bayleigh wants the perfume.   

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1:54 PM BBT.  In the KBR, Bayleigh, Janelle and Kaysar.  Kaysar says there is some tension with "them" (the other side).  Bayleigh tells Kaysar the rumlr is you told David that Da'Vonne was trying to flip the vote against him.  

2:05 PM BBT.  The girls are raiding Janelle's stuff.  Da'Vonne says Janelle's a** is bigger than hers so she can't take her pants.  They say and it's all real too. 

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2:08 PM BBT

Janelle has been offering Bayleigh and Da'Vonne her cosmetics and clothes if they want to borrow anything. She offers Da'Vonne some shorts

Da'Vonne says "I can't fit that, your booty too big"....Bay, disagrees. Da'Vonne says   "her ass pokes"  Bay tells Da'Vonne she has some booty, too.

Da'Vonne: She ain't sittin' on flap jacks, but she ain't sittin' on back it up and dump it either

Janelle admits she has silicone in her breasts.

Da'Vonne says that when she had Cadence "my titties said ooh milk"

Bay asks if you can breastfeed after a boob job?

Janelle: I did


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 2:14PM BBT Janelle and Day whispering. Day asks her if they try and work with Memphis will he work with them? Janelle says for her to just ask him. She says he will say he doesn't work with alliances. He has to work with someone. Janelle tells her that he likes Bay and is friends with Day. Day says they are friends but do not talk. Janelle says he is not going after the guys. Janelle says that NicF has to leave. 


2:19PM BBT HG in the WCA getting ready. We get puppy reels.

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2:16 PM BBT

In the kitchen Dani, Cody and Memphis are talking about books. Cody only read Cliff Notes in school but no reads the books if he likes the movies. They complain about when they were in school they were assigned boring books they couldn't understand. Memphis makes a statement that teachers have been assigning the same books for centuries  [not this teacher  -MamaLong]

Dani says she loves books but sticks with audible because she doesn't have time these days


*Interesting note: Janelle suggested to Day/Bay that they throw votes to her to throw off the votes and keep others from knowing where the votes are (risky), and late last night, Dani made the same suggestion to Cody to try to "create chaos". Wouldn't it be magical if that actually happened and somehow this vote flips???? [don't count on it, though]


Janelle has loaned Da'Vonne a green dress and some star leggings that have a butt lifter 

Day said she didn't bring anything with stars and Janelle said she has something for her because 'you are an All Star"

Da'Vonne: I'm going from little to big just like that.... Little Booties Matter and they become Big booties. Okay, I'm happy!




Janelle: I hope I am going home (instead of sequester) but I don't think so




2:18 PM BBT

The feeds cut to Rancho Coastal Humane Society

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watching live show.


believe it or not;;;;;;;Danielle voted to evict Kaysar!!!!!!! Niicole F voted to evict Janelle. Enzo voted to evict Kaysar

vote is 2 -1  favoring Janelle.

commercial time

Davonne voted to evict Janelle.  Memphis voted to evict Janelle. Baleigh voted to evict Janelle.

Cody voted to evict Janelle.  Christmas voted to evict Janelle. 

That makes it official that Janelle is evicted.

David voted to evict Janelle.  Kevin voted to evict Janelle. Ian voted to evict Janelle.


all votes are now in.



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5:59 PM BBT

Carnival Quick Shot Competition for HoH: roll three balls up ramp in attempt to sink all three balls in the  holes. Houseguests are divided into two groups.

Group 1: Nicole, Da'Vonne, David, Ian, Enzo, Kaysar

Group 2: Dani, Kevin, Cody, Bayleigh, Memphis, Christmas

The first three players to sink three balls in their round advance to the final round.

The first round gets underway

Just before the live show ended, we could see that Kaysar had already placed all three balls in the HOH competition. The others in the first round were still rolling.

Nicole and Ian both had one ball in.

David gets a ball in then the show cuts to commercials.

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9:29pm Big Brother Time


Cody is giving Tyler a trim on his neckline.


Nicole F, Danielle and possibly Kevin are in the key bedroom.  We hear them say the comp was "too hard".


Christmas is wondering if Big Brother wants the baby stars back.


Ian and David are also in the room.


Ian and kevin tease Tyler about a "spot" Cody messed up.  They all laugh when they tell him it is fine and looks good.


General chatter.


Cody and Memphis cleaning the kitchen area.  No conversation.


The key bedroom has filled with house guests now.


Conversation indicates that Danielle may have been very close to winning and was upset after the competition ended.  In any case, it sounds like at one point the competition was so close Big Brother played it back for the house guests in slow motion so they could see who got three in first.  They haven't said in which round, it could have been any of them.


Enzo is in the upstairs lounge area alone.


General conversation continues in the photo bedroom.


Kaysar and Memphis are in the key bedroom. More general conversation.




Cody has joined Enzo in the upstairs lounge.'


Enzo says he will put up Kaysar and one of "those two girls" up.. He wants to know which one will throw the other one under the bus.  He thinks someone has a plan to tell Janelle they voted for her and tried to flip the house in the event Janelle comes back. He doesn't specify who "the two girls" are, but he could be talking about Nicole F and Daniellle.


Cody thinks Ian seems to have a lot of information, he is pushing for Ian to go on the block, he deflects when Danielle's name comes up.


They both say Christmas is getting close to Kaysar.  Enzo says Davonne was cheering Kaysar on during the competition. Enzo says Davonne is hooked up in some way to Kaysar, and has been talking about Tyler, Cody and him (Enzo).


Enzo plans to talk to Kaysar, Cody says Kaysar will probably stay quiet, but Enzo says he wants to know what Kaysar's plans are.


Enzo is wondering who his letter will be from, he says he submitted photos of his kids and his father. 


Enzo mentions Danielle again, Cody tries to deflect again. Enzo says he is going to talk to all of them by himself.  He is really upset about the cheering, he calls it weak gameplay. They are also upset that Kaysar threw all three balls at the same time and two went in--during the first round.


Enzo says if someone comes up he is pretending to be asleep. He says it is funny that people are throwing each other under the bus.  Cody says if someone says his name he is going apes**t.


Cody leaves the upstairs lounge.  Enzo sighs and fiddles with the square puzzle pieces. Enzo is called to the diary room.


House guests in the key bedroom are playing "password".


They are complaining that there is no real food in the house.


Danielle, Kevin and Davonne are in the kitchen area.  They are making jokes about being have nots. (I think it is possible that have nots are Danielle, Tyler, and Ian.  Danielle says she cannot do slop, she says her energy will deplete daily.  (It is possible, but I have not yet been able to confirm, that Davonne might be a fourth have not.  I believe she is because she is giving Kevin a hard time for eating chips and ice cream in front of her.)


Danielle and Davonne are looking at the list of "may haves" to confirm that they could have brown sugar.


Camera moves to washroom


Cody and Baleigh are talking about the two votes to keep Janelle.  Cody tells her not to worry about it unless her name comes up.


Camera returns to kitchen area.


Every time Kevin eats something Danielle complains.  Kevin is getting garbage from the girls, all he did was look at the slop and say "ooooh, bubbly." (I think Danielle is going to be very entertaining this week.--Grannysue)


We get stars











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11:19 pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return, Enzo is installed in the HOH room.


Enzo is hoping for vodka and beer, house guests tease him that he is being rationed.


Camera moves to the kitchen.


Kevin, Baliegh,Davonne are around the counter.


Camera returns to the HOH room.


Enzo seems to have been drinking the beers he did receive.


Camera returns to kitchen.


Cody has joined the group in the kitchen. They are talking about Enzo drinking all the beer he received.


Camera goes back to HOH room.


Ian is telling Enzo that he won four HOH competitions in his season, but they were at the end.  Nicole F says she won maybe two, and the rest of the group shares how many they have won in different seasons.


The group mentions that Enzo has already won three competitions this season already.  He tells them that he will not win an endurance.  Ian says if you drop off in those competitions you sometimes get a surprise box that can be good. They think the prize competition might be soon.


Enzo lies to everyone in the room, he tells them he did not vote for Janelle to stay.  It seems that earlier today Janelle took everyone to the downstairs lounge and asked them for their vote.  Enzo says Janelle went out with class, Nicole F makes negative noises (people seem to shut that down).


Topic changes to possible "rooms" coming in the next weeks.


Christmas calls attention to Enzo's three wins again.  Everyone leaves the room, Christmas stays.  Enzo tells Christmas he wants to work with her, he will be loyal to her, she needs to be loyal to him.  He says he made her his plus one, they have 13 kids (baby stars).  Enzo gives a shout out with her boyfriend.


Camera moves to the kitchen, people notice that Christmas is still "up there."


In the cartoon bedroom Danielle is whispering in Nicole F's ear.  Ian comes in and she stops, no idea what she said, but Nicole F says, "I just don't understand that."  They mention that Christmas is up there plotting with Enzo.


Ian tells them that he found out that Enzo will not nominate two of them, he is still fixated on Tyler and Cody.  Danielle says she knows he has focused on them for a long time.  NIcole F says it is easier that way too.  Ian says Kaysar will probably be nominated, he doesn't know who will be next to him, but he doesn't think it will be Danielle, Nicole F, or himself.  Ian says he is leaning towards David being nominated because he has been erratic lately.


Enzo and Christmas continue to talk in the HOH.  Christmas is talking about who might have given Janelle the votes.  Christmas thinks it was David, and Enzo encourages her to think that.  He plans to ask everyone who they think it was, and he will act on it, although it doesnt matter.


Christmas says Nicole F is close to Cody and Ian, and Cody is close to Danielle.


Enzo says Ian doesn't talk game, Christmas calls him analytical, but he was working alongside someone who was very good, he should not be underestimated.  Enzo says he wants to talk to Ian to see what he is thinking.  Christmas says when you see him rocking or fidgeting it means he is in his own head.


The two of them are tearing up the HOH looking for the HOH.  They want to see who is with who downstairs. 


Christmas says Davonne is good, she gets her facts together. She adds that Davonne will do well with mental competitions. They mention Baleigh in passing then return to Ian.


Enzo says he didn't feel pressured during the competition, he just rolled the balls and they went into the slots.  


They talk about the possibility that Danielle threw a vote to Janelle to blame it on someone else.  She has played three times and she is a strong player.  She was last to be a have not. She is always in the right place at the right time.  She gets what she asks for and nobody thinks twice about it.  She has face time with every person every single day.


Enzo says he knows all this, he knows what goes on in the house. He says your senses have to be up or why are you even in this house.  Christmas says Kaysar confides in her, Enzo says if the whole house is telling him to put Kaysar up what should he do.  Christmas says she has told Kaysar to lay low.  She tells Enzo if he has a plan and a reason, then he should make his decision. Enzo says when he picked Christmas as his plus one it rattled people in the house.


Cody comes into the HOH, conversation changes to the HOH competition. They talk about the photo finish this evening. (Production had to play in slow motion to see who won, Enzo won by 1/2 second.  Stay tuned to find out who the other player was, all we know now that it was "she")


Enzo thinks if there is a "room" they will know before the nominations, Christmas says all they know is that something could happen.  They go over possibilities for powers.


Enzo says he doesn't want to talk tonight, he wants to wait until tomorrow. He will talk to people in the morning after 10am.  He just wants to chill and listen to his music, read his letter, and look at his photos tonight.  He wants to enjoy his win this evening.





12:00am Big Brother Time


Enzo tells Christmas she is safe this week, she can just chill and cook her good food like she does.  He wants to talk to everyone.


Christmas says she has seen David lie, she is trying to figure out quirks when people lie to her. Christmas tells him thank you. Enzo says "you are my baby's momma in this game."  They laugh about it, Christmas says she is keeping the "star babies", but she is giving back the equipment. 


When Christmas leaves Enzo says, "they are all f***in' fip floppers, every one of them." He grins at the cameras.


When Christmas comes out Danielle asks her if anyone else in in there, Christmas says no, but doesn't tell Danielle he is out for the night.


Danielle tells Kaysar she thinks David will be on the block, everyone is feeling that.  Kaysar agrees, he says that Tyler and Cody are very nice, he thinks they are safe.  Danielle says she sees Enzo as a loner.


Kaysar says David is being aggressive and he rambles about conspiracy theories, but he won't explain any of it because he thinks if he tells it someone will "come after him".  Kaysar says he has no idea what David is talking about. Danielle promises to try to deflect Enzo if he mentions Kaysar.


Tyler tells Danielle that something in the oven is nearly done, she goes downstairs.


Tyler and Kaysar are at the HOH door, Enzo doesnt' answer, so they lean over the railing and talk about their need for specialized snacks.  Tyler brags about Angela's creativity in the kitchen.  


Camera move to washroom area. Davonne and Christmas are getting ready for bed and talking about what move Enzo might make.  Baleigh joins them and asks if they know what Enzo is doing.


Camera moves to cartoon bedroom, Danielle and Kevin are talking about Janelle. Tyler joins them.  Conversation is general chatter.


Grannysue is going to bed kids.  Someone can pick it up at about 12:25am!!!!








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