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  1. 10:17 AM BBT. The feeds return. Cameras 1/2 are on the KBR. The lights are on but nobody is up. Cameras 3/4 are on the HOHR. Enzo gets up, gets dressed and goes to the SR to change his battery. 10:23 AM BBT. Enzo is back in bad in the HOHR. Nobody else is up yet. 10:27 AM BBT. BB calls Christmas to the DR. 10:28 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are in the WA. Christmas asks Nicole if she slept ok. Nicole replies “yeah I did”. 10:29 AM BBT. Nicole is back in bed in the CBR.
  2. 9:50 AM BBT. We still have sleepy HGs. 10:03 AM BBT. The feeds change to stars for the wake-up call.
  3. 10:06 AM BBT. The feeds go to stars. BB is likely giving the HGs their wake-up call. 10:20 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are up and in the WA. 10:23 AM BBT. Christmas is getting the coffee started in the KT. 10:24 AM BBT. BB tells Nicole to put on her microphone. She says to Christmas “Do we even need our microphones anymore? They go to sit out in the BY. Christmas says it was so weird that she dreamed that Nicole won the veto. 10:26 AM BBT. Nicole and Christmas talking in the BY. They both think they could beat Enzo in the F3 comps. They say no matter who stays, it’ll be that person and Cody in the final HOH comp. Christmas thinks Cody would take Enzo to F2. She asks Nicole “Do you think he’d take you?” She answers no way. Nicole says her only hope is to stay this week and then win out. Christmas says that’s what I need to do too. Christmas gets called to the DR. BB tells the HGs there are fresh batteries in the SR. Nicole, now alone in the BY, whispers that if she had won the veto, Christmas would’ve expected her to save her this week and that would turn ugly and Christmas would probably hold that against her. She says so everything worked out and I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that.
  4. 10:25 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs. 10:55 AM BBT. All cameras on sleeping HGs. BB is letting them sleep in today.
  5. 9:20 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs. 9:50 AM BBT. All cameras are on sleeping HGs.
  6. 10:55 PM BBT. All cameras are on Nicole curling her hair in the WA. 10:59 PM BBT. We get stars. 11:20 PM BBT. The feeds are still on stars.
  7. 10:25 PM BBT. Feeds are still on stars. 10:41 PM BBT. The feeds return to all cameras on Nicole doing nightly ADLs in the WA.
  8. 5:44 PM BBT. Christmas has finished eating but is still sitting at the table. Nicole is still making food. There still has not been any talking. 5:48 PM BBT. In the KT, Cody asks Nicole if Christmas is livid. She says she asked if she was ok and she said yes but that was it, she wouldn’t talk. She says she ate her sandwich and said nothing. Nicole says Christmas is going to pretend to be doing things but she’ll really be studying. Nicole asks if Christmas was blindsided. Cody said she kept asking Enzo if she was going up. 5:55 PM BBT. Enzo is still in the HOHR. Cody is in the KT prepping food. Christmas is in the KBR reading the bible.
  9. 5:29 PM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are in the KT preparing food. Enzo is in the HOHR listening to music and flipping through the stack of pictures from the PBR. 5:36 PM BBT. Christmas and Nicole are still making food in the KT. There has been no talking at all. 5:38 PM BBT. Christmas takes her grilled cheese sandwich out of the pan and puts it on a plate. She then puts it in the microwave. Then, she takes it to the table to eat.
  10. 5:25 PM BBT. Christmas is in the KT. She is standing at the refrigerator with both doors wide open just staring into it. She puts a couple of things in and takes out a couple of things. She finally shuts the doors. Nicole is still in the CBR. She is saying out loud some things she could make to eat.
  11. 5:17 PM BBT. Christmas is out of the shower and getting ready in the WA. The feeds cut to stars again.
  12. 5:11 PM BBT. Nicole is still laying in bed in the CBR. Enzo is in the HOHR trying to listen to his music. He says it is still broke. Soon after we can clearly hear the music play & Enzo starts singing, so the feeds go to stars. When the feeds return, we can still hear Enzo's music, it's less loud than before but still easy to hear. 5:14 PM BBT. Cody is called to the DR. Cody says that’s messed up I am trying to do this (prep dinner). The feeds go to stars.
  13. 4:51 PM BBT. Nicole and Christmas are in the WA. Nicole says this nomination journey, I just laugh, it's my defense mechanism. Christmas gets in the shower & Nicole leaves. Cody is doing dishes. Enzo says Christmas is going to snap on me. Enzo and Cody discuss having dinner at 6 and what to have. There is rice and... Enzo says I have that soppressata from my basket and that crab meat, we can do crabcakes if you guys can make that. He goes upstairs to get them both. Nicole has left to go rest. 5:06 PM BBT. Enzo and Cody are getting things prepared for dinner. Nicole is laying in bed in the CBR.
  14. 10:32 AM BBT. Enzo gets some water in the KT, then carries a blanket to the HOHR and says hello to Nicole. He then goes to the WC downstairs. Memphis and Christmas are talking about fishing. Christmas likes the act of fishing but she doesn’t want to catch and eat a live animal and she feels like catch & release is more cruel. Memphis says he likes it. Enzo passes by the KT and Memphis says they have to be up there (for lockdown) at 11:00. Enzo goes to the SR to change his battery. In the KT, Memphis tells Christmas “this is going to be some random s**t”. They all talk about how dry it is in the house. Enzo gets cozy in the loft. 10:38 AM BBT. Alone in the KT, Christmas whispers hello to her family. She says she needs to curl her hair and study, and study, and study, and study, and study, and study. 10:40 AM BBT. In the KT, Christmas says “did I make the coffee strong enough”? Memphis says it’s fine. She says he’s lying, her coffee is terrible. Enzo is laying down in the loft. 10:44 AM BBT. Nicole tells Enzo to go sleep in the HOHR. He says he didn’t want to bother her. He says he’s dehydrated. He goes into the HOHR. 10:54 AM BBT. Enzo is laying in the HOHR. Christmas is in there also. Nicole has been bringing her stuff downstairs. She notices that BB has already turned off the HOHR spy cam. Memphis is brushing his teeth. 10:58 AM BBT. BB says “Cody, there are fresh batteries in the storage room”. He is the only one who hasn’t been up yet. Memphis goes in to wake him up and says “party boy, it’s that time get upstairs”.
  15. 10:30 AM BBT. Just general chat between Memphis and Christmas in the KT. Enzo appears to be getting out of bed. We get stars.
  16. 9:50 AM BBT. Memphis is up. He gets a new battery, goes to the WC and then to the KT. Enzo is snoring in the PBR. 9:58 AM BBT. Memphis gets back into his bed that he has made on the floor in the KBR. 10:02 AM BBT. Christmas and Memphis are getting out of their beds. He says “So coffee”? She replies “coffee”. They go the KT to make it. Christmas says “Oh yeah press the button”. 10:07 AM BBT. In the KT, Christmas says it’s like an ice box in here. She tells Memphis she can’t believe he slept so much better on the floor. He says “So much better”. 10:13 AM BBT. In the KT, Memphis and Christmas are having coffee. Memphis says he did a cleanse once and got down to 185 lbs and he looked sickly at that weight. He said he lost 30 lbs. She tells him that is so unhealthy. He said he drank like 8 juices a day. Nicole is up and walks by the KT and they all say hello to each other. She leaves. Christmas says on her last season she was 115 lbs and that was too tiny. She says she is good at 125 lbs. Memphis says 200 lbs is good for him. He says he has been the same height since 8th grade. Christmas says Loyal will be stacked and his father is 6’ 3”. Nicole walks by again and Memphis asks her if she is with us. She says not yet. She says she can’t believe Memphis slept on the floor. He tells her it was great. 10:19 AM BBT. In the KT, Memphis and Christmas continue to talk about their bodies and what has changed from when they were younger. Memphis mentions what he was like when he was modeling. Christmas says she likes having a big butt. She says she doesn’t have one here but she usually does. Memphis chuckles. We get stars... 10:21 AM BBT. The feeds return and Memphis and Christmas are discussing the triple eviction. He says “let’s go to the table”. They move to the table after Christmas gets more sugar. 10:25 AM BBT. Christmas and Memphis have been discussing a tv show. Christmas says when she gets home she wants to watch tv, at night. She says she doesn’t want to drive. They discuss being locked down and people watching a lot of tv. Christmas says she was working a tin and filming all the time.
  17. 9:03 AM BBT. Feeds go to stars, most likely for the wake-up call. 9:15 AM BBT. The feeds return to the PBR and HOHR with the lights on but nobody up. 9:20 AM BBT. The feeds are on the PBR and KBR with the lights on and nobody up. In the PBR, Enzo has Moolan “tucked in” in the bed next to him. 9:30 AM BBT. The lights are on in the PBR and KBR, but there hasn’t been much movement.
  18. 2:21 PM BBT. Memphis leaves the KBR and goes into the PBR with Cody and Enzo. He says that he was just chatting with Christmas. They ask what Nicole has said. Memphis says I think she wants Christmas to go. He then tells them that one of them will obviously be HOH and they just need one of the guys to win POV. Memphis says they’re good. He thinks Christmas knows she is going because when he asked when she was going to start campaigning and she said they already have their minds made up. Memphis leaves and says they’re making tacos tonight. 2:28 PM BBT. Enzo and Cody talk in the PBR about what Memphis or Christmas would do and what will happen. 2:32 PM BBT. In the PBR, Cody says he doesn’t trust Christmas or Memphis but he trusts Christmas more. Enzo says he trusts Memphis more. Enzo thinks Nicole could win. Cody says Nicole isn’t winning this game again.

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